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Best Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

Updated May 19, 2020

The Beautyrest line of mattresses from Simmons is a household name when it comes to high-class bedding – being the venerable brand that Simmons is, they are able to incorporate all the technologies and expertise they’ve gained from their extensive tenure in the mattress industry (which spans decades!) into this flagship lineup. They are a gold standard of mattress luxury, destined to be around as long as there is a need for beds to exist.

Recently, they’ve consolidated the Beautyrest series into three categories of hybrid foam/innerspring mattresses: Silver, Platinum, and Black. This is quite an improvement over their convoluted product line of the past (which often required a map and an experience sherpa to navigate), but it has still left many people wondering which mattress they should get now. With so many intriguing and unique Beautyrests out there, how can anyone choose?

I’ve written this guide to reflect the changes in this series, and I’ve supplemented this with particular Simmons Beautyrest reviews of my own to give you an exact idea of what to expect from this product update. If you are still confused about which Simmons Beautyrest is right for you by the end of this article, you’ll never be able to decide. So relax, have a scroll through this article, and let the right Beautyrest choose you.

A Brief Introduction To Simmons

Simmons has been producing mattresses for over a century, so chances are, you’ve already heard of them before. If you love mattresses, then you love Simmons. It’s as simple as that. Companies like this don’t retain their reputation for over a century without good reason. Simmons is known for producing innerspring beds and has recently diversified into hybrid mattresses that combine their innerspring technology with different kinds of foam.

It is among the top 5 bedding businesses by sales and is known for its Beautysleep, Curv and Beautyrest product lines. Simmons can be regarded as a ‘traditional’ mattress brand since it sells exclusively through retailers, as opposed to the direct-to-customer sales mechanism that many newcomers have adopted. So, you’re going to have to go to an actual store and deal with actual humans if you want to bring home a Simmons.

Presently, both Simmons and its chief competitor, Serta are owned by the same investment group.

Breakdown of the Three Categories


The Silver is Simmons’ solution for consumers on a budget (the name is actually based on the memory foam variety it uses that incorporates silver for thermal dissipation). It lacks many of the sophisticated features found in its costlier siblings, but it yields a fairly respectable hybrid sleep experience through the combination of gel memory foam and a Pocketed Coil support core. While this obviously isn’t the finest mattress in the Simmons lineup, it offers a pretty impressive sleep service with incredible value. The coil count for Silver mattresses ranges from around 815 (queen) to 1000 (queen) depending on the model you choose, so keep that in mind.


The Platinum is the middle-ground between price and performance, deriving its name from the patented PlatinumICE™ heat dissipating material incorporated into the viscoelastic layers of the mattress to reduce heat retention problems. This is the middle class edition of this mattress, comfortable and classy.

Platinum series mattresses generally have maximum coil count up to 1000 (queen), and they used Simmons’ signature Pocketed Coil technology for providing a springy yet adaptive support surface.


The Black mattresses offer the most advanced features that Simmons has to offer – and the highest possible coil count at 1850 (queen). It comes with the promise of unparalleled comfort and support to suit your exact needs. It gets its name from the sophisticated BlackICE™ cooling mechanism present in its foam layers. Simply put, sleeping on the Black mattress just might change the way you think about mattresses. You will never want to go back after a sleep on the Black.

Like the other two, Black mattresses are available in a variety of firmness levels and prices, but in general, the starting price for this category is the highest among the three. You pay for quality here and every extra dollar will be well spent.

However, it is worth pointing out that the upper limit for the coil count of the Black subset is substantially greater 1850 (queen), compared to the 1000 (queen) of the other two. Further, the Black series uses Advanced Pocketed Coils instead of the regular Pocketed Coils that are featured in the Silver and Black series.

What Features Are Present In All Beautyrest Mattresses?

As hinted above, Beautyrest products have features that are specific to their sub-category as well as those that are shared between all three. It would be impractical to group them based on the sub-category (too much repetition and jumbling there), so I’ll categorize the features according to their most likely locations in the mattress structure:


SurfaceCool Plus Fiber
Present right beneath the cover fabric of the mattress, this is a proprietary technology developed by Simmons to boost the heat dissipation at the surface (where your body touches the bed). It transports the heat to the side and lower layers of the bed, where other cooling mechanisms remove it altogether. It takes effort to sleep hot on one of these big beautiful mattresses. Good luck.

Pillow Top
A standard pillow top is featured on some models (irrespective of category), which gives the mattress a plusher and more relaxing initial feel. It also increases the product’s height a bit, and of course, escalates its price. You pay for quality with these mattresses.

Comfort and Contour Layers

• AirCool Memory Foam
This proprietary memory foam is a staple in all three categories (with a few minor augmentations in some cases). It is used in the comfort and contouring layers (depending on the mattress), and its purpose is to let the mattress adapt itself to the shape of your body. This contouring adds immeasurably to the comfort of the mattress and it’s hard to go back to any other mattress foam once you’ve had a taste of memory foam.

The pricier models incorporate AirCool Gel and AirCool Max memory foam variants that offer better breathability and thermal dissipation. This can be a rather important addition as the only downside to memory foam mattresses is that they tend to absorb heat.

Dynamic Response Memory Foam
Yet another type of memory foam that is common to all three categories, which, judging by its name, is added to enhance the responsiveness of the mattress – it is normally present above a layer of AirCool foam, so it can be deduced that it is softer and more contouring than the latter.

Unfortunately, big brands like Simmons aren’t always transparent about the composition/functionality of the materials they use in their mattresses, so we can only make educated guesses at some points.

DualCool Technology Memory Foam
Leveraging the heat conduction properties of natural silver in its composition, this viscoelastic material is exclusively present in Silver models and works to keep your bed cool as you rest. The use of silver also comes with the added bonus of the metal’s inherent anti-bacterial qualities, which stops the growth of mold and bacteria in your mattresses, thus keeping it fresh for many years.

PlatinumICE Memory Foam
This material is only found in the uppermost layer of Platinum series mattresses and ensures a cool-to-the-touch surface for you to sleep on.

Micro Diamond Memory Foam
This advanced comfort material combines the contouring nature of viscoelastic with the cooling properties of millions of microscopic diamond crystals – as you may have guessed, it is only present in the most expensive models from the Black lineup that Simmons has to offer.

BlackICE™ Memory Foam
This is one of the more advanced viscoelastic foam varieties (again, only found in the Black series) that Simmons uses in its mattresses. It is basically their Micro Diamond foam discussed above but in conjunction with an innovative breathable gel technology. The purpose is to establish an optimal temperature for your sleep.

Micro Coils
Featured in some of the more expensive models in the Black category, micro coils present in the contour layer are responsible for adding bounce to the mattress (which negates some of the deadness caused by the liberal use of memory foam).

Since these are but miniature versions of normal independently wrapped pocketed coils, they are able to react to your weight independently of each other, and they do not have an adverse effect on the contouring capability of the upper layers.

Comfort Response Latex
This layer of latex foam is incorporated into some high-end models to enhance the conformity of the mattress without sacrificing its responsiveness (like in the case of memory foam). It is ventilated to improve airflow.

Simmons does not provide detailed specs about the density or origin of the latex they use, so I cannot tell if it is organic or synthetic (or a blend thereof) for sure, or how long it will last (organic latex is one of the most durable and comfortable bedding materials in the market, whereas the synthetic variant is quite poor in both regards).

Support Layer
• Energy Foam
This is a polyurethane foam that provides extended deep support for your body in combination with its succeeding innerspring layer, to ensure that a correct posture is maintained throughout the night.

By placing a stiffer type of foam between the plush viscoelastic upper layers and the tough steel coil layers, the manufacturer ensures that the former doesn’t end up being damaged by the latter due to continuous impacts from your body.

• Pocketed Coil
This is the original pocketed coil technology developed in-house by Simmons that is found under one name or another in a plethora of brands. Each coil is encased independently of the other and thus able to offer personalized support to your body that doesn’t impact the neighboring regions.

Through this Pocketed Coil system, Beautyrest mattresses yield the resilient response of a classic innerspring without the associated motion transfer problems. Note that the manufacturer varies the stiffness of the steel coils to correspond to the desired firmness level.

Advanced Pocketed Coil
This is the latest iteration of Simmons’ innerspring Pocketed Coil technology, and it builds on the conformity and durability of the same to provide even better pain relief and motion isolation.

Edge Support

• Ventilated AirCool Beauty Edge

This feature serves two purposes: first, it stabilizes your body as you sit on the edge of the mattress, thus eliminating the sinking concern that usually accompanies products with plush memory foam layers. Second, it has holes all along the sides to allow for the passage of air into the surroundings (and vice versa) – this facilitates the mattress in maintaining the right temperature throughout the night. Strong edge support is important in a memory foam mattress to ensure that sleeper feel supported and safe, without any fear of rolling off their mattress.

Comfort and Support

It goes without saying that with the degree of comfort and support you get from a Beautyrest mattress will depend on the category it belongs to, as well as the level of firmness you choose. In this regard, Simmons deserves some praise in that they have given plenty of options to consumers of all budgets and all sleep preferences. If you can’t find a Simmons mattress that suits your sleep preferences, then chances are that’s your problem and not the result of anything that Simmons has done wrong. They have truly taken every subset of sleep in mind with their wide array of mattress designs.

That said, you can generally expect a respectable comfort level from the multitude of proprietary bedding materials present across the Beautyrest line. The support can similarly be expected to be decent as a result of the durable 13- to 15-gauge thickness of the innerspring pocketed coils used in these products.

On a personal note, if you’re borderline overweight or obese, I would advise against getting an expensive Beautyrest product since they suffer from durability problems (discussed below) that, in your case, would mean an early demise for the mattress and a lot of money down the drain. Unfortunately these mattresses aren’t built to last if there’s a great deal of weight put on them every night.


Simmons has effectively dealt with the heating problems that normally arise with the use of lots of memory foam in a mattress by incorporating heat dissipation mechanisms into the foam at the molecular level e.g. DualCool with its silver crystals and BlackICE with its diamond crystals.

Then there is the SurfaceCool fiber found in most mid-to-high-end models as well as the AirCool™ BeautyEdge boundary with small holes for ventilation. It is also worth pointing out that the innerspring core enhances the air ventilation of the mattress by its very design.

Durability Concerns

In light of the fact that Simmons does not disclose the densities of the materials they use, I feel the only safe way to gauge durability is to discuss what the users say about the durability of the product as I came across them without making any hypotheses of my own. It feels like the only fair option.

The general view is the Beautyrest mattresses are highly comfortable and supportive (as advertised) for the first couple of years of purchase. However, after that, they suffer from a rapid decline in their support capability with many users complaining about how they feel their bodies sink right through the soft memory foam layers and into the spring core. It’s surprising that a mattress so expensive wouldn’t be built to last. We’re used to this sort of replaceable design in the electronics and cell phone industry, but it’s undeniably disappointing when you can’t depend on your mattress to last.

This implies that Beautyrest mattresses, despite their high asking price, do not use high-density foam which is essential for the longevity of any mattress. Moreover, the extensive use of viscoelastic foam in any mattress can make it weak since the material is inherently non-supportive.

As a result of all the durability issues, you may find third-party user ratings of these mattresses to be quite poor (as compared to the ones that are advertised on Simmons’ own website). So, keep that in mind.


Simmons offers a 10-year warranty with all mattresses from the Beautyrest product line, which is quite stingy considering the price point of some of these products (indeed, there are cheaper mattresses that have better durability and longer warranties). Obviously, this is yet another sign that this company doesn’t build their products to last for a particularly long time and depend on customers having to replace their mattress and return to Simmons every decade or so.

Since they are only sold through retailers (and not by Simmons themselves), no money back guarantee/trial period is offered by the manufacturer. I have come across some online retailers that offer money-back guarantees of their own, but it isn’t that common and is ultimately a further burden on you as the client to deal with a third party besides the manufacturer for your support claims.

Environment Friendliness

All mattresses in the Beautyrest lineup are CertiPUR-US® certified – this certification attests to them being free from harmful chemicals such as banned phthalates, heavy metals, flame retardants, and formaldehyde. Furthermore, they adhere to low-VOC stipulations for indoor air quality.
In other words, sleeping on these mattresses will not compromise your health or your loved ones. Simmons has taken the time and care to ensure that these mattresses have been constructed safely.

SmartMotion Technology

All Beautyrest mattresses are compatible with Simmons’ SmartMotion Bases. These adjustable bases let you specify your bed profile to match your activity like reading, playing video games, or just sleeping. They also have a massager and various preset positions for healthy sleep, and it even comes with a smartphone app to track the quality of your sleep. So, if you feel the need to expand the use of your bed beyond horizontal activities, this product will fulfill a need.

A Note on the Pricing

I have said before that one of the strong points of the Beautyrest lineup is that it has solutions ranging from extremely cheap to extremely expensive to suit consumers of all budgets. However, I should point out that, at the price of their cheapest offering, you could get a much more luxurious, better-performing product if you’re willing to forego the ‘Simmons’ tag in favor of relatively obscure, newcomer brands.

In other words, if you are looking for bragging rights based on the respect commanded a venerable mattress brand such as what Simmons commands (or if you find an established brand more trustworthy), go for a Beautyrest, but be aware that there are better offerings out there in the market. It all depends on what you value most in a mattress.

Top-Rated Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

#1. Open Seas


  • Price (Queen) : $899
  • Sizes Available : Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, California King
  • Firmness : Luxury Firm
  • Category : Silver
  • Coil Count (queen) : 815
  • Overall Height : 12”

Despite its humble price tag, it incorporates several different kinds of foam over a core of 815 pocketed coils (w.r.t. queen size). First, there is a buffering layer of DualCool fiber which, as mentioned above, has silver to enhance the cooling and breathability of the surface, and repel the growth of microorganisms.

A combination of AirFeel foam, AirCool Foam, and AirCool Gel Memory Foam layers follow this, providing you with a contouring and pressure relieving experience the moment you rest your body. The AirCool Gel foam also assists with heat dissipation.

These layers lie on top of a just adequately dense layer of pocketed coils (815 for the queen size), so you can expect a reasonable amount of responsive support – but I wouldn’t stretch the bed to its limits if I were you.

Collectively, the mattress has a height of 12 inches, which is perfectly in line with its Luxury Firm feel that is geared towards the average sleeper. A 10-year warranty is included with the mattress.


  • Cheap.
  • Several different types of foam technologies used despite low cost
  • Respectable degree of contouring comfort and responsive support
  • Impressive cooling capability for a budget product


  • Coil count barely passes the lower threshold for durability

The Open Seas is one of the least expensive mattresses in the Beautyrest lineup and is evidently geared towards budget bound consumers on the lookout for a functional memory foam/ innerspring hybrid without any particular sleep preference.

#2. Austin Reef


  • Price (Queen) : $1,699
  • Sizes Available : Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Firmness : Plush
  • Category : Silver Hybrid
  • Coil Count (queen) : 1000
  • Overall Height : 13”

Simmons refers to it as a ‘Silver Hybrid’ which is a bit confusing in my opinion since all mattresses in the Beautyrest lineup are essentially hybrids – the nomenclature has little effect on functionality though, and the Austin Reef is able to yield a soft, cushioning sleep surface thanks to the use Of DualCool™ Technology Memory Foam, AirCool Gel Memory Foam, and GelTouch Memory Foam in its comfort/contour layers.
These foam layers also promote cooling with the silver in the DualCool foam being complemented by the dissipative action of the gel. Even the deep support of the mattress has been softened since the manufacturer uses 1000 plush Pocketed Coils for the purpose.

The plush designation ensures that these coils will have more give for lighter weight sleepers or those who sleep on their sides, whereas the higher count means better weight distribution which translates into more personalized contouring and enhanced durability. The combination of all these layers yields a satisfactory overall depth of 13”.
The Austin Reef is covered by Simmons’ 10-year warranty policy.


  • Average price
  • Amply plush and contouring response suited for side sleepers/lightweight sleepers
  • High coil count ensures better durability and personalized deep support
  • Respectable cooling


  • Not as feature-laden for its price as other similarly priced products

The Austin Reef Plush is a mid-tier Silver category mattress which you may want to consider if you’re a budget conscious side sleeper who has trouble finding a comfortable spot on firm mattresses.

#3. Austin


  • Price (Queen) : $2,499
  • Sizes Available : Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Firmness : Luxury Firm
  • Category : Platinum
  • Coil Count (queen) : 1000
  • Overall Height : 14.5”

The Austin (not to be confused with the Austin Reef mattress I’ve covered above) lies somewhere in the middle of the entire Beautyrest lineup as well as the Platinum lining of which it is a part of.
The mattress combines four different types of foam in its comfort layer alone: PlatinumICE on top for contouring and optimal heat diffusion, Dynamic Response memory foam which briskly adjusts the surface to your body’s initial impact, ContourFit Gel memory foam that backs this up with additional conformity, and lastly, Comfort Response Latex foam which gives the comfort layer a bit of bounce-back.

There is no formal contour layer in this mattress as found in other Beautyrest models, but this is already taken care of in the comfort layer. The support layer is comprised of Energy foam and firm pocketed coils, which bear your weight after the initial impact has been absorbed by the layers above. This mattress has a generous 1000 coil count for its queen size, which means better longevity and profiling too.

Thanks to the incorporation of Simmons’ high-end Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge technology, the Austin is also able to offer a decent degree of support when you sit on its sides – the same edge support mechanism also boosts the air ventilation, resulting in superior cooling.


  • Creates a balance between pricing and features (within the Beautyrest line)
  • Ample contouring with a hint of bounce thanks to inclusion of latex foam
  • High coil count support layer for lasting deep support
  • Dedicated edge support mechanism
  • Decent cooling


  • Quite expensive, objectively speaking

It is thus intended for people who are looking for a Beautyrest product that is sufficiently luxurious without being unreasonably expensive.

#4. Katarina


  • Price (Queen) : $2,599
  • Sizes Available : Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Firmness : Luxury Firm Pillow Top
  • Category : Black
  • Coil Count (queen) : 850
  • Overall Height : 15”

This model strikes a middle-ground for the Black series in much the same way as the Austin does for the Silver series.
First off, there’s the SurfaceCool fiber underneath the sleek, patterned cover to yield an immediately cool sleep surface. Next, a pillow top provides you with gentle cushioning which makes way for the comfort layer made entirely from Comfort Foam. The subsequent contour layer is a combination of AirCool Gel viscoelastic foam, more Comfort Foam, and a thin layer of Micro Diamond Foam.

The support layer is comprised of extra-durable Advanced Pocketed Coils topped by a moderately generous helping of Energy Foam to slightly soften the springy feedback of the metallic springs. Collectively, the many layers of viscoelastic foam and the pocketed springs combine together to create a medium-firm sleep experience.

At a height of 15”, the Katarina has a profile that exudes luxury befitting its ‘Black’ designation, but it may hinder shorter people in getting out of bed sometimes.


  • Soft pillow top surface
  • Balance between affordability and luxury (in the Black series, that is)
  • Advanced Pocketed Coils offer better durability over regular ones
  • Micro Diamond Foam and SurfaceCool fiber ensure optimal cooling


  • Very high price if considered on its own
  • Height may be an issue for shorter people.

It contains all the necessary features to be considered a ‘luxury’ model without the bloat that ups the cost to an extreme degree, so you may want to consider it if you are interested in the advanced cooling and support mechanisms of the Black lineup but have been put off by the price of the top-end offerings.

#5. Tatiana


  • Price (Queen) : $4,999
  • Sizes Available : Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Firmness : Ultra-Plush Pillow Top
  • Category : Black
  • Coil Count (queen) : 1850
  • Overall Height : 18.5″

An extra thick 2.5-inch layer of Comfort Foam makes for the uppermost layer of the mattress, and together with the 3 inches of AirCool Memory Foam, it ensures a supremely plush, contouring initial feel. Thanks to a 0.5-inch layer of latex foam working in conjunction with micro-pocketed coils, the memory foam’s dead response is countered, and you get to enjoy all its conformity with a respectable degree of resilience.
The contour layer is made from BlackICE memory foam – an augmented form of Simmon’s Micro Diamond Technology that uses special gel to further improve the heat dissipation. This helps take away the heat from the thick foam materials present in the comfort layer.

A remarkably high number of 1850 (queen) Advanced Pocketed Coils makes up the support layer of the mattress. Together with 1.5 inches of Energy Foam, it yields an optimal distribution of your weight and a lasting support for your spine.

This mattress is unapologetically tall: 18.5 inches to be exact – so that even those who have an average height may find it difficult to get out of sometimes. Aside from that, the only problem anyone could have with the Tatiana is that it costs several times more than their mortgage!


  • Extremely plush yet responsive comfort
  • High coil count for maximum durability and optimum support
  • Presence of micro-pocketed coils improves contouring and enhances structural integrity
  • BlackICE memory foam for effective heat dissipation


  • Height may cause some awkwardness getting out of bed
  • Extremely expensive

The Tatiana represents the peak of decadent comfort with its lofty, ultra-plush design – it is definitely a mattress for those who want to turn their bedroom into a Ritz-Carlton presidential suite and have the money required to do so!


This review should have made you see that the Beautyrest lineup is a diverse and feature-laden collection of hybrid foam/innerspring mattresses, and it has the best of what Simmons can offer. However, I have also tried to objectively drive home the point that the prices that they ask for these features just aren’t competitive anymore.
However, if you’re sold on the Simmons Beautyrest brand and absolutely must get a mattress from this series, I would advise going for the Black category’s Katarina. It may not be at the top-most tier, but it packs the essentials from what the manufacturer claims to be their latest innovations – SurfaceCool Fiber, Micro Diamond Foam, and Advanced Pocketed Coils.

These innovative features gel with the staple ones found in all Beautyrest mattresses to create a highly cool, pain relieving, supportive, and luxurious sleep experience – all this at a price that is half of what Simmons asks for crème de la crème models such as the Tatiana.