The Best Sateen Sheets for Your Bed


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Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

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  • Luxuriously soft
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps you cool or warm
  • Long return policy
90 days +
Lifetime guarantee

Mayfair Linen Sheet Set

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  • Get softer over time
  • Elastic all around fitted sheet
  • Thicker sheets
  • Won’t pill
30 days

Royal Hotel Queen Bed Sheet Set

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  • Thick, heavy sheets
  • Fully elastic fitted sheet
  • No pilling
  • Durable
30 days

California Design Den Queen Sheet Set

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  • Super soft
  • Elastic around fitted sheet
  • Tags on the fitted sheet
  • Wash to make softer
30 days

Pizuna Linens 400 Thread Sheet Set

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  • Soft
  • Affordable
  • Good value
30 days

Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sheet Set

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  • Smooth, Silky feel
  • Moisture-wicking for a cool feeling throughout the night
  • Designed to fit mattresses from 11” to 14” thick
  • Free shipping and returns
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There’s something incredibly luxurious about slipping in between the best sateen sheets when you crawl into bed. They have that undeniably appealing satiny sheen to them, and they feel softer than they should. These sheets are typically thicker and warmer than other sheets you’ve used. And when you run your hand across the top, it almost feels like you’re petting your sheets the way you might with a long-haired cat. What makes the best sateen sheets so amazing? The answer lies in the process, the cotton – and the weave. To find the right set of sateen sheets for your bed, keep reading. You’ll learn more about whether sateen sheets are what you want, and which ones would be perfect for your mattress.


Why Would You Want Sateen Sheets?


If you’ve ever looked at a piece of satin and thought how amazing it might feel to sleep on, then sateen sheets might be the answer for you. Of course, sleeping on satin isn’t all it seems. Satin tends to be slippery and sweaty. It may seem romantic and sexy at first but spend a few hours with satin sheets wrapped around you, and you might be begging for release … from the sheets, that is.

Sateen sheets share the lustrous sheen of satin because they’re made in a similar fashion. Threads are laid on a loom vertically, and this is called the warp. In a sateen weave, there are several threads that make up the warp thread section. The weft thread is what is woven on top and underneath the warp threads. The difference is that more of the weft thread is exposed than the warp thread, which contributes to the shiny look of a sateen weave. It sort of catches the light.

What that weave also means is that you’re going to feel the waft thread first and foremost.


To ensure your sheets are super soft when using a sateen weave, most manufacturers use combed cotton or a strong, soft single-ply long-staple cotton. The yarn used is generally thicker, too. Those details matter because it means your sheets are going to feel thicker, heavier, and generally warmer.

Sateen sheets are meant to be incredibly soft, beautifully shiny, and noticeably warmer. These are the sheets you want to sleep on and under during the cold winter months. You shouldn’t slip and slide on these sheets, but you will feel as though you’re gliding into bed (especially with freshly shaved legs).


Percale Sheet

On the opposite side of the spectrum are percale sheets. They’re just as luxurious and well-made as sateen, but they have a looser weave and are not made of combed cotton, therefore they aren’t quite as soft. Rather, they’re crisp and have a matte feel to them. They’re perfect for those who tend to sleep on the hot side.

Are Sateen Sheets Only Made from Cotton?

The short answer to that question is: No. Sateen is more of a process, a weave, rather than fabric-specific. However, cotton is the most common fabric used for sheets, especially for luxury sheets. Sateen sheets come in a variety of fabrics that are still considered luxurious, and people pay a pretty penny for them. For example, modal is an up-and-coming fabric that produces a sumptuous feel and is often made with the sateen weave to get that shiny look to the sheets.


There are also budget versions of sateen sheets that are typically made from a cotton blend. You can find these sheets at a price point well below the typical 100 percent cotton sateen sheets that are on the market – like, less than $50 for a set. The benefit of these lower quality sheets is that they still have that super-soft feel to them at a lower cost. However, a cotton and polyester blend is going to sleep a bit warmer than a 100 percent cotton product. Polyester is synthetic, and it doesn’t breathe the way natural fabrics do. There are other benefits to a cotton blend, though. One, colors appear deeply saturated, and they don’t fade as quickly after being washed several times. Two, these sheets are typically quite durable, and they’re wrinkle-resistant.

So, there are benefits and drawbacks to any fabric you choose. It’s important to just pick a fabric you know you like or that you will like based on the properties of the fabric. Then spend a little more, if necessary, to get exactly what you want.

Features to Look for in the Best Sateen Sheets


The best sateen sheets are sleek, thick, and softer than you could imagine, but they’re also breathable. You should be able to use them year-round, but they still may be warmer than other sheets. The tight weave should resist snags, tears, and pilling, but lesser quality items may still show early signs of wear.

Thread count isn’t a big deal when it comes to sheets anymore because many manufacturers have goofed the thread count by counting triple- or double-ply threads as being the same as single-play threads, when in fact, they are not. A good thread count to aim for would be somewhere between 300 and 600. Finally, it’s important to read through the best sateen sheets reviews to get an idea of how others felt about the sheets before you add anything to your cart.


The 5 Best Sateen Sheets Reviews

1. Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection 600 Thread Count Bedspread 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Dimensions (queen): 90 x 102 inches (flat); 60 x 80 inches (fitted)
  • Finish: Sateen
  • Deep pockets: 16 inches
  • Colors: White, ivory, blue, taupe, teal, chocolate, navy blue, silver, dark grey
  • Return policy: 30 days


A set of sateen sheets from Mayfair Linen Bedding Collection like this 600-thread count set comes with that lustrous sheen you’re looking for but at smaller price tag than you might expect. These sheets are made of 100 percent cotton, and they’re thicker and heavier than others like them. Although these sheets were made with the sateen weave, they manage to be a bit crisp, too. It’s almost like a blend of the best worlds from percale and sateen.

Several people who have bought these sheets said they were a bit scratchy at first, but they soften as time goes by (and the more you use them, wash them, and dry them). The fitted sheet has a fully elastic edge, so it should fit your mattress well even if your mattress is thicker, or you have a mattress topper. Some people have had issues with defective sets of sheets, but the service from the manufacturer seems to be good and swift with replacements.


  • Get softer over time
  • Elastic all around fitted sheet
  • Thicker sheets
  • Won’t pill


  • Not super soft
  • Several defects reported

If you’re looking for soft sateen sheets that are a bit thicker, these might work for you.

2. Royal Hotel’s Solid Sage 600-Thread-Count 4pc Queen Bed Sheet Set


  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Dimensions (queen): 92 x 102 inches (flat); 60 x 80 inches (fitted)
  • Finish: Sateen
  • Deep pockets: 18 inches
  • Colors: Black, white, ivory, sage, blue, navy, lilac, burgundy, gold, taupe, chocolate, gray, tan, periwinkle, sea, sky blue
  • Return policy: 30 days