The Best Mattresses in 2021

Have you been sleeping on your current mattress for longer than eight years? Perhaps you’re starting to notice a decline in sleep quality. If your mattress just isn’t making the cut, it’s never been easier to find just the product to meet your needs at a price you can afford!

You don’t have to drive from one retail store to the next only to get hassled by pushy salesmen. The online business model allows you to compare thousands of options in the comfort of your home. Here at The Sleep Judge, we’ve made it even simpler to find the perfect match. Through our continual efforts, we’ve personally tested the hottest sleep products on the market to help you strategically narrow down your options.

Let’s face it… 2020 was a rough year. Get 2021 started off right with an improved way to rejuvenate each and every night.

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Zenhaven by Saatva

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Hope Latex Mattress

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Purple Mattress

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Top 5 Mattress Reviews for 2021

Best Mattress for Back Pain: Zenhaven by Saatva

Every year, around $100 billion is spent on issues related to back pain, and almost everyone will suffer with this problem at some point in life. While there are often underlying medical conditions like scoliosis or disc ruptures to blame, a mattress that doesn’t provide the right balance of comfort and support only makes matters worse.

Saatva made numerous considerations for proper spinal alignment in their Zenhaven model. While many mattresses feature a steady firmness across the sleep surface, Zenhaven was designed with the fact in mind that our bodies carry more weight in certain areas. It incorporates five zones of varied firmness to provide firmer support just where you need it.

A step above similar three-zone strategies, Zenhaven offers highly-targeted spinal alignment that’s perfect for people who suffer with back pain. You can even flip it over for different overall firmness options on each side. Qualified buyers can finance for as little as $92 per month.


  • Eco-friendly and highly durable
  • Great overall value
  • Versatility with firmness options
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Sleeps cool


  • All-latex construction difficult to maneuver

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Best Mattress for Couples: Helix

If you have a sleep partner, it can be difficult to find something that’ll meet your dual needs. This is especially true if you have very different body types. Furthermore, even if you find the perfect layer lineup for ultimate comfort compatibility, excessive motion transfer can create sleep disruptions that leave you feeling groggy if your sleep partner moves around a lot or has a different schedule.

The Helix mattress offers one of the most unique ways for sleep partners to customize the perfect product to meet the needs of both people. There are two options:

  • Dual Comfort
    • Both sides of the mattress are customized specifically for each sleep partner.
    • This option is a little more expensive.
  • Blended Comfort
    • The needs of each sleep partner are carefully assessed to create the best possible blend.
    • This option considers aspects like the age, weight, height and gender of each sleep partner in the creation of a custom sleep surface.

When you order, Helix takes you through a Sleep Quiz that makes customization simple. It only takes a couple of minutes to create a unique product you won’t find anywhere else.


  • Customization option ideal for sleep partners
  • Excellent support
  • Reduces back pain
  • Great motion isolation through memory foam blend


  • Cover is thin and sometimes bunches up

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Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers: Hope Latex Mattress

Hot sleeping makes a huge impact on sleep quality. Did you know your body temperature has to slightly drop in order to enjoy the most restorative stages of sleep? Many mattresses, especially those containing traditional memory foam in the comfort layer, envelope the sleeper and cause excessive heat buildup. Fortunately, most mattress manufacturers these days make considerations for heat transfer. In the case of the Hope Latex Mattress by My Green Mattress, there are multiple heat-zapping features at play:

  • Latex is naturally breathable.
  • Wool and organic cotton in cover feature heat-wicking properties.
  • Focus on natural materials encourages air flow.

The Hope Latex Mattress performed 35% better than average in our heat transfer test, making it a top contender for anyone looking for a consistently cool night’s rest.


  • Reduces pressure points
  • Highly durable
  • Keeps motion transfer low
  • Eco-friendly
  • Sleeps cooler than average


  • Difficult to move
  • Low edge support

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Best Bang for Your Buck: Nectar

We all want to get a good deal. However, there’s a fine line between low cost and good quality. When it comes to mattress shopping, buying something that’s easy on the wallet can come at the cost of poor sleep quality for years to come. However, when it comes to the Nectar mattress, you can rest assured you’re investing in high-quality materials for under $1,000.

This product is built to last six to eight years, so, for a queen, you’re paying around 25 cents per day for quality sleep! And that’s not all. When you order a Nectar mattress, you can often take advantage of special promotions for free or reduced accessories like pillows and sheets to go with your brand new mattress.

Oftentimes, less expensive mattresses aren’t really built to hold a lot of weight. However, once again, the Nectar mattress breaks the mold. It’s capable of offering the support and firmness necessary to accommodate individuals up to 400 pounds.


  • Keeps motion transfer low
  • Great stability and support
  • Superior sleep trial and warranty
  • Above average value


  • Some complaints of mattress sleeping too hot
  • Can be too firm to accommodate side sleeping

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Editor’s Choice: Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress is unique in that it takes the best features of latex and memory foam and combines them into a single, proprietary material that has a feel all its own. For more than 20 years, the Smart Comfort Grid™ material has been used in the medical industry to minimize pressure points and bed sore for patients.

Just how does the material mimic two of the most popular yet conflicting materials in the mattress industry? There are two main features:

  • The material offers terrific contour similar to the feeling of memory foam. It conforms to the curves of the body and keeps you feeling comfortable in any sleeping position.
  • Where memory foam often causes excessive sinkage, heat buildup and mobility limitations, the Smart Comfort Grid™ offers terrific bounce due to its high degree of elasticity. In this way, it is reminiscent of latex.

When you order a Purple Mattress, you do get a 100 night sleep trial to make sure you’ll love it, and I have a good feeling you will. Of the many mattresses I’ve tried out over the years, Purple stands out due to its superior bounce, fantastic pressure point relief, above-average cooling capabilities and overall feel and comfort. They even offer varying thicknesses in the comfort layer that opens up the option of a sleep surface that’s extra plush, medium or firm.


  • Good for pain relief in the hips, back and shoulders
  • Great bounce
  • Sleeps cool
  • Firmness options
  • No weight limit
  • Excellent motion transfer isolation for sleep partners
  • Latex-like bounce without latex allergy concerns
  • Recent improvements in edge support


  • Kind of pricey
  • Difficult to move

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Best Mattress for 2021: The Bottom Line

Yes, you get what you pay for, and you can expect to shell out at least around $1,000 for your next mattress if you want one that’ll hold up. However, considering the online business model allows you to eliminate so many overhead expenses, it’s now easier than ever to find excellent value. Considering you’re shopping for a product directly related to your quality of life that you’ll use every night, it’s important not to cut corners on the investment.

Getting a good night’s rest allows you to live your best life, and you only have one to live. There is no one-size-fits-all mattress, making it critical for you to know your needs and consider them as you shop. Our team is hard at work breaking down the many products on the market to help you make the best possible purchase. Make 2021 the year you take control of your sleep quality with the perfect mattress.