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IKEA Duvet Cover Reviews

Updated July 15, 2019

If you own a duvet or comforter, and prefer to change up your decor without having to invest in an entirely new cover of sorts, a duvet cover is exactly what you need. They also are much more easy to launder than the duvet itself, and protect your duvet from wear and tear to extend its life.

IKEA is a popular retail store that first made its appearance in Europe and has opened its doors throughout North America to provide affordable, quality home options. IKEA duvet covers are only a small part of what the company offers, but their selection is quite impressive overall. If you have been on the hunt for a quality cover and have not been impressed with where you have been looking, IKEA is a great place to consider.

What is IKEA?

As mentioned, IKEA is a popular retail store now found in over 40 countries worldwide- but started in the founders own backyard in southern Sweden during the 1920’s. Driven by catalog and mail orders in its early years, by the 1950’s the first store was opened and specialized in self-assembly furniture. By the 1970’s IKEA had crossed oceans and could be found in both Australia and Canada, with the first US stores opening in 1985.

Today IKEA has expanded their business to include all home good products from their original self-assembly furniture popularity, to cookware, storage, electronics bedding, and more. Delivery services are available, but the company is based on in store-shopping for the most affordable selections and to provide you the personalized service they are known for.

Choosing a Duvet Cover

A duvet cover is an excellent addition to your bedding choices to protect and elongate the life of your duvet or comforter. What makes them even more worthwhile is how easy they are to launder and swap out for decorative purposes. Obviously you want to choose a cover that will last, and you will find most are constructed from a quality cotton, cotton blend, or polyester blend to form a microfiber. These are fibers that breath well to provide a cooler, healthier sleep environment as well.

IKEA offers an excellent selection of various materials choices in all sizes, including for children’s beds. Their covers also come in sets with pillow cases, and display a wide variety of colors and patterns from which you can pick from. They also provide some unique material blends for even further personal comfort.

IKEA Duvet Cover Material Choices

The duvet cover sets offered by IKEA may offer just about every color, pattern, and size you can think of, but they are more or less categorized by the materials they come in. It is not hard to find a good selection of cotton, cotton blends, and even linen in their selection lineup. This is especially important because linen is not a material that is often found in bedding options.

100% Cotton
By far the largest selection of covers can be found in this category. IKEA prides itself in the use of sustainable cotton sustainable cotton that uses little water and limited pesticides for a more environmentally friendly, renewable resources. They also use a single-ply, thick thread to provide the best thread count possible without including thinner, multi-ply weaves that result in weaker, less durable products.

60% Cotton/40% Lyocell : 55% Lyocell/45% Cotton
This cotton blend is woven with natural cellulose wood fibers that are softened to create a textile when woven with similar materials. It provides a smooth, soft, and silky feel and is naturally hypoallergenic.

52% Polyester/48% Cotton Blend
With the soft feel of a brushed microfiber, this cotton blend is selectively offered up to provide further options, and allow for a wrinkle free, non-shrink, easy to care for choice.

100% Linen
Linen is derived from the flax plant and has long been used as a luxury option that provides a thick, cooling, and drape-like feel. This is a material that is not as widely offered due to limited resources worldwide and the effort that goes into the process of breaking down flax to a fiber that can be woven.

IKEA Design Options

The company also allows for a unique selection of covers to choose from, with all variances in colors and patterns provided a personalized name to distinguish it from similar products. Some even have individual designers behind their look, which is shared with consumers for a more personal touch. This attention to detail so consumers can pick from a wide range of prices, style, and material is what makes them a popular place to shop.

IKEA Return Policy

A generous return policy also comes with each product and allows you 365 days to return or refund your original purchase with the original receipt. Of course dirty, stained, damaged, and abused items cannot be accepted, they are found to abide by this policy more often than not. This provides you peace of mind for gifting too, especially if you like to shop in advance of upcoming events!

IKEA Duvet Cover OverView

The following cover sets showcase some of what the company offers to allow you a highlight of their materials, colors, and patterns. These are popular picks, many of which also come in various other colors as well found under their own, unique names. There are MANY more options to choose from, including variances in color or pattern similar to the ones shown here, or even fun sets for children than mix and match solids and patterns.



  • Material: 100% Linen
  • Thread Count: 104 TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

The soft texture and distinct matte lustre of 100% linen lends an air of luxury and quality to this set. Temperature regulating, IKEA is one of the only companies to offer a selection of linen bedding choices, and their duvet cover is especially comforting. Decorative ties keep the pillowcases and cover in place on your choice of bedding size.



  • Material: 52% Polyester/48% Cotton Blend
  • Thread Count: 120 TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen

The soft, poly-cotton blend of this cover is reminiscent of a microfiber and provides a smooth, rich feel that is naturally anti-wrinkle, anti-pill, and anti-shrink for easy care. This is a perfect option for travel, college, and kids beds as it washes easy, is durable and long-lasting, and requires very little care to look wonderful.



  • Material: 60% Cotton/40% Lyocell
  • Thread Count: 310 TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

This is a sateen weave option that combines natural cotton and cellulose fibers to provide a smooth, almost silk like feel to the material. Lyocell is a wonderful fabric for moisture wicking, making this weave an optimal choice for hot sleepers to help maintain body temperature. Decorative stitching and button closure add an elegant touch to the overall look.



  • Material: 100% linen
  • Thread Count: 102 TC
  • Sizes: Full/Queen

Specially designed for IKEA, this 100% linen patterned cover buttons closed and provides a touch of art deco to your decor. The unique, soft texture of the material, and breathable weave makes it a luxury item for a cooler, more comfortable sleep.



  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Thread Count: 200 TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

This crisp, 100% cotton chambray provides a double sided option: stripes or solids for your decorative needs. Cool and modern looking, this is a thick cotton percale weave that is luxurious and quality. The cover zips closed with a hidden zipper and provides a clean edgy look to your bedding.



  • Material: 55% Lyocell/45% Cotton
  • Thread Count: 207 TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, King

Colorful stripes define this 55% Lyocell and 45% cotton silky soft sateen weave cover and pillowcase set. Hidden buttons keep your duvet in place, while you sleep under moisture wicking, cooling comfort all night long.



  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Thread Count: 144 TC
  • Sizes: Twin

One of many lively patterns and color options, this twin bedding set is made specifically for your little ones. A fun selection of alphabet and number combinations formed by characters is both entertaining and decorative in a child’s room. Various other colorful choices can also be found for children’s rooms.



  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Thread Count: 152 TC
  • Sizes: Crib

This crib sized duvet cover and pillowcase is perfect for your little one and will last from infancy to their toddler years. Made with sustainably grown, 100% cotton, it provides a tight, breathable weave that only softens with each wash. Tested for chemicals, this is a substance free material for safe use against delicate skins. The simple design also makes it easy to match to other various linens for even more versatility.


If a unique, fun, quirky, and quality duvet cover is something you have been searching for, IKEA may have exactly what you need. Their long standing popularity due to their huge selection of products, and ranges of styles to fit various needs and budgets continues to serve consumers well, even after almost a century of doing business. Although we have only showcased a few styles of duvet covers to provide an overview of material use and decorative ranges, an even large selection is offered through the store itself.