Best Daybeds

Candace Osmond

A daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that can serve the purpose of both a bed and a couch. Many daybeds have frames on three sides of the bed rather than having a head and footboard like a traditional bed, while others fold from a couch to a flat sleeping surface. Daybeds can come in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Many daybeds on the market are just the frame, but some have built-in cushions. Some daybeds are more versatile than others, while others offer more comfort. Some daybeds are geared for small children, while others are more appealing to teenagers or adults. There are daybeds for sale that are made from all different kinds of materials, such as metal, manufactured wood or solid wood, which provide all different sorts of benefits and price points. There are many different daybeds available on the market, all with subtle, yet distinct features. You spend a lot of time sorting through all of the information available on the internet researching different kinds of daybeds, but you don’t have to. You can get the information you need to make a good purchase just by reading this article! Our Sleep Judge experts have done the research for you and compiled a great list of top-selling daybeds on the market today and put them together for you right here in this condensed article. We have sifted through the product information and details and have highlighted notable product features along with pros and cons that will help you make your product comparisons.

1. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle – Editor's Choice

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2. Giantex White Steel Bed Frame

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3. Civil Furniture Daybed

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4. Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed

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5. DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed

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6. HCWORLD Modern Convertible Futon Sofa Bed

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Best Daybeds

1. Novogratz Her Majesty Upholstered Daybed with Trundle – Editor's Choice


  • Attractive design
  • Accommodates two twin mattresses (sold separately)
  • Comes in four color options (blue, grey, light green, light pink)
  • Supportive design, wooden slats support mattress


  • Colors options are have been reported as not true to the color in the images posted online

The Novgratz Her Majesty Daybed is a great choice for both style and function. This daybed has the additional feature of a trundle bed, so it accommodates two twin mattresses and can sleep, two individuals. This daybed has a sturdy design with wood slats that support the frame and locking casters. This daybed also has a stylish look with a backrest and wingback arms are upholstered in premium linen, providing style, comfort and durability.

2. Giantex White Steel Bed Frame – Runner Up


  • Low price
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • High weight capacity
  • Lightweight


  • Can be wobbly if not assembled correctly
  • Does not come with pictured cushions, just the frame

The Gigantex brand steel daybed frame is a budget-friendly option for a versatile, multi-functional piece of furniture. This daybed frame comes in two colors (black and white) that you can customize to fit your decor with your choice of mattress or cushions. If you are looking for a solid, lightweight daybed frame at a reasonable price, this is a good pick.

3. Civil Furniture Daybed – Best Upholstered Twin Daybed


  • Elegant design
  • Convenient storage drawers
  • Attractive color


  • Constructed from manufactured wood, which is not as durable as solid wood.

If you are looking for an elegant looking twin-size daybed, be sure to check out the Civil Furniture brand Twin Size Upholstered Daybed. This daybed has both style and function with grey linen fabric, a diamond-tufted backrest, and two riveted armrests. This daybed also comes with two storage drawers and is easy to assemble.

4. Dream On Me Toddler Daybed – Best Toddler Daybed


  • Constructed from solid wood
  • Four color options
  • Safe, toddler-friendly design


  • Limited weight rating

If you are looking for a daybed for your toddler, look no further than the Dream on Me brand toddler day bed. This bed, designed for children 25 pounds to 50 pounds is a safe pick for young kids for a transitional bed from a crib to a twin bed. Constructed from solid New Zealand Pine wood it is solid and sturdy. It sits low to the ground and also has a removable side rail for added safety for your toddler. Another great thing about this daybed is that it has a large, roomy storage drawer for convenient storage.

5. DHP Dale Upholstered Daybed – Best Corner Daybed


  • Attractive design
  • Ships in one box assembles quickly and easily
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Heavy-duty, accommodates up to 450 pounds


  • Can only be oriented one way (headboard on the left side)

A corner daybed is a great space-saving solution. The DHP Dale Upholstered Full-Size Daybed is a great pick for comfort and style. This daybed accommodates a full-size mattress and because of the solid construction, no box spring is needed. With a classic 18th century modern design, upholstered nailhead trim, and soft linen fabric, this daybed works in a bedroom, living room, guest room, or for extra seating. It is a great pick, especially if you are looking for a daybed that accommodates a full mattress

6. HCWORLD Modern Convertible Futon Sofa Bed – Best Adjustable Daybed Sofa


  • Stylish and modern
  • Can be adjusted 3 ways
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Includes cup holder
  • Comes in two colors (dark grey and red)
  • You do not need to purchase an additional mattress


  • Best for occasional use for sleeping

If you are looking for a multi-functional daybed that has a modern design. Be sure to check out the HCWORLD convertible sofa daybed. This is a great choice for small spaces and also if you do not want the additional cost of purchasing a mattress for your daybed. Constructed with a metal frame, this daybed provides support, safety, stability, and durability. This daybed can be adjusted to an upright (couch), a reclined position or, flat for sleeping. It also has the added feature of a retractable cup holder when in the couch position. Covers with a surface fabric of velvet cloth, this daybed is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a daybed?

A daybed is a piece of furniture that can serve the functions of both a couch/sofa and a bed. Many daybeds are designed with a backboard and two sides compared to a traditional bed that has a headboard and footboard. Daybeds can be used for a sleeping surface and also as a piece of furniture to provide additional seating. Some daybeds accommodate mattresses, while others have built-in cushions and are adjustable.

Do daybeds come with mattresses?

Most daybeds available on the market are sold as just a daybed frame and do not come with a mattress as part of the purchase. This is an important thing to know because the product pictures show the daybed with a mattress. If the daybed does not come with a built-in mattress or cushions a mattress would be an additional expense.

Can a daybed be used as a bed?

Yes! Daybeds can be used as a bed for everyday use, or they can be used as a guest bed. Daybeds can be used to provide additional seating as well. Some people prefer the look, style, and function of a daybed compared to a traditional bed, it is up to your individual preference.

Is a daybed a trundle bed?

No. A trundle bed is a 2-in-1 bed design, meaning that a trundle is designed to hold two separate twin mattresses and sleep, two people. A daybed, on the other hand, is a type of sofa that is spacious enough and designed in a way that it can be used for both sitting and sleeping. Some daybeds featured in this article are daybeds that have a trundle bed accessory, but a daybed is not the same thing as a trundle bed.

Is a daybed full or twin size?

Most daybeds on the market are of the twin bed size. However, some daybeds, including some featured in this article are full size or even smaller, like a toddler size, which accommodate a crib mattress.

Do I need to purchase special bedding for a daybed?

You can use typical bedding on your daybed, or you can purchase a bedding set specifically made for a daybed, which is a little bit different, by design than standard bedding. A daybed bedding set, which can be found online or at most department stores, generally comprises a daybed cover, a bed skirt, and pillow shams. Sometimes a daybed ensemble includes euro shams, to accommodate larger square pillows since they look good propped up against the wall in place of standard couch cushions. Some daybed sets may also include accent pillows for easy decorating.

What to look for when you are purchasing a daybed.


The day beds in this article are constructed of either metal, manufactured wood, solid wood, or a combination of these materials. Each of these materials offers different benefits. Metal daybed frames are easier to clean and they are lighter weight than solid wood, so they can be easier to move. Manufactured wood (small wood pieces compressed together with a type of glue) is much less expensive than solid wood but is less durable. Solid wood is the most sturdy and durable, but it is the most expensive option. Some daybeds have fabric coverings and/or cushions. Considering the quality of the fabric materials will affect your daybeds durability and comfort.


Some daybeds are easier to assemble than others. If this is something that you are concerned about, seek out products that have high reviews for clear instructions and easy assembly.


Just like with any purchase, some daybeds will cost more than others. Higher price points often correlate with the quality of materials and function. When you are making your purchase just make sure you are getting the features you desire. Also remember that with most daybeds, you will be incurring the additional costs of a mattress.


Daybeds that are available for sale have passed manufacturing safety standards. Safety is something you want to consider, especially if you are purchasing a daybed for a young child. Daybeds that are low to the ground and have guard rails are the safest choice for a young child.


Some daybeds featured in this article have a fixed design and can be put together in one way, while others are more versatile and can be adjusted or reclined.


Daybeds typically are of the twin size, either twin measurements or accommodating a twin mattress size. But there are daybeds of different sizes, most often ranging from a toddler (crib mattress) size to twin to full, as the products featured in this article. Twin daybeds are the most practical and comfortable to be used for both a bed and a couch, but your purchase depends on your individual needs and preferences.