The Best CBD Oil Reviews

Jessica Jones

CBD oil is a concentrated liquid extract from the marijuana plant called Cannabis sativa. While this extract does come from marijuana, it does not give users the typical high which makes marijuana illegal.

CBD oil is found to have beneficial factors to it and is becoming increasingly popular. Since it is not an illegal compound to use, it’s serving in the medical industry which is likely to escalate great heights of 2.2 billion by 2020.

For everyone interested in CBD oil, we present you with a list of some of the best CBD oils on Amazon.

#1Panacea Life Sciences Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pain Tablets

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#2R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil 1000mg

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#3British Columbia Concentrates Hemp Company Bold Original Hemp Concentrated Extract

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#4Evo Nature Hemp Oil 30000mg

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#5Neurogan Hemp Oil Supplement for Pain

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What is CBD Oil?

As mentioned before, CBD comes the cannabis plant, or the more commonly known marijuana plant. CBD is marijuana, without the high. The compound that creates the ‘high’ sensation is THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive part of the plant. Without it, there is no high to experience but there are some health benefits that CBD oil can yield.

Unfortunately, CBD is still in the primary stages of research and though there is proof of beneficial properties, there is no solid assurance to using this compound. The fact that marijuana is not identified as a legal drug in many states makes it hard to bring it in for studies and further research.

CBD Oil: Legal or Illegal?

The legality of CBD oil is still up for debate, though many companies have already started piggy-backing this sudden medical trend. There are two parties in which one sees CBD as a desirable medical product, while others remain skeptics of the actual effect CBD has on a person.

One thing is for sure though, there are beneficial properties hidden inside of this newly studied compound. Some places still recognize CBD as part of the cannabis plant therefore not trustworthy while others have embraced the CBD oil for medical purposes.

Hemp Oil VS CBD Oil

To lay down the bottom line, hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same things. They can be placed into one oil together and can hold some similar benefits and effects, but they are not the same. Yes, they both come from the cannabis plant (marijuana plant) but they come from different parts of the plant. Brands will try to confuse you by making it seem like they’re the same thing to lax your opinion when picking up the product.

Cannabis and hemp are two different plants that come from the same plant species, cannabis Sativa. This is where the confusion starts. Cannabis, or marijuana, and hemp both create CBD which creates even more confusion. CBD comes from the marijuana plant while the hemp-derived CBD compound is the one that comes from the hemp plant. ‘Hemp-derived’ does not mean hemp and CBD have been combined, it only means the CBD came out of the hemp plant.

Marijuana-based extracts are aimed towards medicinal uses. It has definitely been proven to help sleep-related issues such as depression, insomnia, and even anxiety. Some illnesses may not be specifically sleep-based issues, but they can lead to a lack of sleep or even too much of it.

Hemp comes in handy with many other things besides medical use. Clothing, rope, paper are all examples of things that can be made out of the hemp plant. Hemp seeds can be used in cooking products, beauty products, and higher quality paints.

Uses for CBD Oil

When using a CBD oil that is 100% clean of THC compounds, there are a lot of uses you can find in CBD.

CBD is found to treat chronic medical conditions such as;

  • Anxiety, a natural reaction your body has to stressful situations. Anxiety can reach dangerous levels of apprehension which can result in panic attacks and poor health.
  • Depression, a common yet severe illness that tampers with a person’s entire lifestyle. It leads to many concerning habits such as weight loss or gain, sleep related-issues, fatigue, negative and sad overwhelming feelings, and in the worst cases, thoughts of death and suicide.
  • Insomnia, which is the inability to sleep, or constant sleeplessness. Usually, people with insomnia will be incapable of rest even when they’ve been up for long periods of time. They’ll feel fatigued and not perform well during the day.
  • Parkinson’s disease, which affects your movements and nerves. It creates rigid, slow, imprecise movements and more commonly affects the elderly.
  • Epilepsy, which is the recurrence of sensory disturbances that create episodes. These episodes can be a loss of consciousness and convulsions.

CBD oil reaps other benefits such as sounder sleep, reduced inflammation, and pain, improved heart health, calms down acne, and protection from forms of cancer.

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Notice from Sellers

There is one particular issue when it comes to purchasing CBD through online retailers. Most of them, until the general thumbs-up is made, will not sell CBD products under the claim that they are not safely-certified products.

There are, however, some qualified hemp-derived CBD products that provide almost if not exactly the same result as CBD oil would. These products are easier to find online since hemp-based medical products have been around much longer than CBD oils.

Top 5 Best CBD Oils

Keep in mind that all of the listed products are made from hemp-derived compounds since they are safer and easier to sell. CBD oils found from the cannabis are much harder to come across.

Panacea Life Sciences Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Pain Tablets

Best CBD Oil for Pain

Panacea presents their hemp oil tablets, that have been tested and proven to help consumers with their pains. It can also perform as anxiety support and relief. For fast relief and performance, the tablet dissolves quickly underneath your tongue.

It’s easy to take with you in a bag, there’s no running oil that can create a mess, and there’s no lasting taste when you consume this tablet. It’s easy to use, easy to transport, and helpful with its hemp oil extract.

There are 30 tablets inside of the bottle, it’s a certified vegan product, and is covered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Natural, organic, and high-quality product
  • Fast-acting performance
  • No mess involved with this tablet
  • Simple taste that doesn’t stick around in your mouth


  • The small amount provided in the bottle not enough for constant users

Who Should Purchase This?

People who suffer from chronic pain with sidelong anxiety can try this dietary supplement. It provides you with fast-acting relief and is completely free of any THC’s, so there’s no psychoactive reaction after you use it.

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R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil 1000mg

Most Versatile Option

R+R Medicinals managed to create a hemp oil extract that can be used for multiple purposes with the same amount of efficiency in each task.

Firstly, this hemp oil can be used to relieve pain. It alleviates chronic pain and inflammation. You can also use it to manage anxiety and stress. With regular usage, your hemp oil extract can also promote healthier sleep patterns. It can support your overall mood, and can even be used in skincare tricks.

This amount provides you with an exact 30-day usage. It comes with natural terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and addition of peppermint oil. To ensure this product is legal in all 50 states, the hemp is harvested from certified Colorado hemp farms and is third-party tested.

To keep the extract intact, the hemp is harvested through a CO2 technique that keeps the hemp oil extract fresh all the way through manufacturing to the shelf.


  • Versatile usage
  • Legal in all 50 states and safely harvested
  • Natural ingredients to enhance performance


  • Mistaken for CBD often
  • The dosage is not as strong as other medicated CBD/Hemp oil products

Who Should Purchase This?

As this is a considerably versatile product, users who are new to the whole CBD/ hemp oil trend can use these bottles to figure out how much use they find with it. Just as well, users who enjoy using hemp oil in multiple daily activities and desire something easy to use and reliable can look to this product.

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British Columbia Concentrates Hemp Company Bold Original Hemp Concentrated Extract

Best for Daily Usage

If you’re looking for something simple that you can use every day, then look no further than BC-Concentrates with their bold original hemp concentrated extract. This 100% natural hemp extract is great for daily ailments, pains, and aches.

Purity is a great factor in this bottle. It’s 99.9% sediment-free, and there’s no trace of THC so there won’t be any psychoactive aftereffects when consuming this hemp supplement. Everything used inside of this hemp extract oil has been filtered three times to ensure maximum extraction of all essential hemp compounds and cleanliness.

This product was made to help you with your overall health and provide you with peace of mind on a daily basis.


  • Gentle hemp oil supplement
  • The pure formula ensures a clean product
  • Can be used safely as a daily supplement


  • Bad taste/ burning taste for some

Who Should Use This?

There are some people that rely on daily supplements to help their daily ailments, whether it be pain, stress or even skin-related issues. This hemp oil extract is gentle and won’t harm you in any psychological way.

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Evo Nature Hemp Oil 30000mg

Label: Best Hemp Oil for Strength

With high-potency and efficiency, Evo Nature packs a punch of extra strength and reliability with their premium hemp drops. The strength provided from these drops come with depletion of anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia, making you a happier and healthier person!

This hemp extract is 100% organically grown, is third party tested, and free of any gluten or allergens. The drops are 100% vegan to ensure everyone can benefit. You can benefit from these drops, getting essential amino acids, antioxidants, omega 3, 6, and 9, and vitamins!

Non-GMO, cruelty-free, and entirely vegan, these drops are made in from Colorado hemp farms. These farms have reliable and psychoactive-free hemp ingredients.


  • Provides high levels of strength
  • Helps against other crucial disorders and diseases
  • Non-GMO, Cruelty-free, 100% vegan, 100% organic


  • Bland, fishy taste

Who Should Buy This?

Consumers who are looking for a boost of energy to help their strength levels can look to these drops. These hemp oil drops give you the right amount of hemp oil without adding anything chemical to enhance the benefits. You get the right amount of everything, and with monitoring, it can help long-term ailments like stress, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Neurogan Hemp Oil Supplement for Pain

Best for Sleep Aid and Pain

Sometimes, pain and sleep-deficiency are entwined. This supplement can provide you with pain relief. These drops come in a citrus flavor so the bland taste doesn’t overwhelm you when you consume the drop.

Without the help of any toxic pharmaceuticals, these organic hemp drops can help calm down inflammation and pain. The pain relief is almost immediate since your body absorbs the drops quickly.

Not only can you relieve pain with these drops, though, you can also get better sleep. Since anxiety and stress can interfere with your sleep at night, the Neurogan Hemp Oil targets these disorders to help make sure you do sleep.

If you’re not satisfied with this product, you can get all of your money back; guaranteed.


  • Pain relief
  • Promotion of better sleep
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The citrus taste is not appealing to everyone

Who Should Buy This?

Consumers who suffer from anxiety and stress, which interferes with their sleep can look to this product in order to find help. It does help with pain which can also cause restless sleep and not getting enough rest.

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In the end, hemp-derived CBD is the right place to go if you’re suffering from some sort of pain or sleep-deprivation. The only issue you have to overcome is the fact that many places still consider CBD to be an illegal drug since it does come directly from cannabis or the marijuana plant.

These listed products are all sold legally without any issue of containing THC inside of them, which is the psychoactive property that delivers the high of marijuana. Without this chemical, the CBD becomes harmless and more beneficial to your levels of stress and anxiety.