30 Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom should be a place of rest, relaxation, and romance if you are so inclined- and the decor you decide upon can influence much of what happens behind closed doors. When looking to either redesign your bedroom area, or starting fresh for the first time, you want to find furniture layouts, color schemes, and comfort details that reflect your personal tastes. Romantic decorations for the bedroom do not have to be about certain colors, shapes, or other iconic influences that represent love and togetherness. Rather, comfort and style can be about what you find relaxing, sensual, and put you in a state of ease. What your room looks like is entirely up to you, and the following decorating tips and decor ideas are sure to help influence your planning.

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#1. Traditional Design

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Celebrate the holidays with a more traditional take on comfort with hearts and sayings that represent your love. Lighting choices also cast shadows for a different perspective on without brightening the room too much.

#2. Comfortable Scene

Whatever you decide upon should make you, and your partner comfortable, cozy, and able to focus on one another even if all you are engaged in is a lively conversation. Your choices of decor should help you relax.

#3. Pops of Color

Your wall decor is very influential to your mood, and choice of color, amount of walls being painted or covered in patterns (i.e. highlight walls versus all wall coverage), and how it works with your furniture are all things to consider.

#4. Bedding Blooms

Make your bed a central focal point by providing unexpected pops of color and patterns that work with the surroundings, but also make an interesting statement. Quilts, pillows, and sheet choices are all a part of setting the mood.

#5. Setting the Mood

Celebrate in style and go all out with iconic colors and displays to let your partner know the meaning of your romantic getaway. If you plan on escaping to a location away from home then call ahead to your destination to see if staff can prepare a room for you.

#6. High Lighting

Take advantage of high ceilings by placing high lighting options to provide softer lighting to help set the mood. Also, take advantage of natural lighting opportunities when available – especially if it allows for nighttime stargazing.

#7. A Simple Detail

Just a simple detail can help send a message of romance. This Thai inspired bedroom is rich in color and texture for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The folded swans also help set the mood.

#8. Rustic Warmth

Embrace the rich, warm hues of natural wood with soft lighting, furniture that helps highlight the tones used in the room, and neutral bedding choices. The variations of wood grains as well as the natural lines of board layouts provide further interest and comfort.

#9. Draping Luxury

You don’t need a poster bed to hang luxurious drapes. Create a space above your bed for your own draping effect. You can even use crown molding to provide textural relief to the area to look as if they are hanging from the ceiling.

#10. Soft Curtains

You can also achieve the soft draping curtain effect by creating a curved valance to hang your long curtains from. These are easy to tie back and provide a romantic effect over the headboard.

#11. Boho Chic

Bohemian style decor is often fashioned with simple decor details that belay a sense of relaxation and rustic appreciation. The neutral colors of this room, as well as the soft drapes, are the perfect touch next to the original roughed out brick wall.

#12. Pure Image

White is a common foundational color (or lack thereof) that is popular to help bring attention to details. For example, the shadows of the rustic architecture of this room is highlighted through the use of white paint, and attention is drawn to the luxurious bedspread and romantic outdoor view.

#13. Surrounding Red

Decorating ideas do not need to stay within conventional boundaries. After all, your bedroom is your personal space, and the use of red hues can most definitely help you make a relaxed, romantic statement. This is especially true if you use other warm tones in your lighting and furniture choices.

#14. Flickering Shadows

Candles are an excellent way to add mood lighting to your space- especially larger master bedrooms that have shadowy, dark corners. Flickering candlelight and their soft shadows always help set the mood.

#15. Textured Walls

Large, undecorated walls can be a distraction from the rest of your bedroom decor choices. A neutral color, paired with a texture or relief painting can provide a soft, decorative effect without drawing your eye away from the main focal points.

#16. Poster Bed Details

Sometimes people avoid the use of a poster bed because they do not like the idea of hanging curtains or other fabrics around their bed. Fortunately, you can use the frame as is to bring attention to your bed as a main focal point. Plus- then it is always there if you change your mind.

#17. Customized Headboards

With platform style beds becoming more and more popular, the head and footboard have become more obsolete. Fortunately, a bed frame that leaves out a headboard opens up amazing possibilities for you to create your own for a customized addition to your room.

#18. Shades of Grey

The many hues grey can encompass is quite surprising to those who are not familiar with how it can be used. Silver, purples, blues, and soft pinks all look wonderful with a grey-based decor and allow for romantic lighting options.

#19. Rose Gold

Rose Gold is the hot color right now and is easy to translate into your decor choices using reds, rosy pink hues, gold, and champagne to mix and match decorating effects. It also works well with darker splashes of warm wood stains and furniture choices.

#20. Literary Inspired

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Make your room your template for inspirational and romantic quotes and sayings. Soft whites and neutral taupes are a wonderful way to brighten a space and create surfaces upon which your literary art can take shape.

#21. Bring the Beach to You

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Beach scenes are regularly used to promote feelings of relaxation and romantic getaways. Create your own DIY retreat on a budget with a pallet frame and beach colored inspired decor. Add a little lighting and you might even feel as if you are part of the sunset itself.

#22. Mirror, Mirror…

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Mirrors are wonderful additions to your bedroom. Not only do they help make a room look larger, but they also reflect lighting to create a more illuminated scene. Mirrors can fit just about anywhere in your decor, and a large one can become a major focal point.

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#23. Back to Nature

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If your romantic inspiration is found in the great outdoors, there is no reason why you cannot bring the outdoors in. A homemade poster bed, decorative branches, and beautiful lighting surrounds you in a dreamlike canopy.

#24. Lantern Lighting

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Lantern style lights cast a soft, romantic glow and are easy to move for use in various places. Fun accent details help complete the look, and a neutral tones base allows you to add any additional colors you wish easily.

#25. Tucked Away

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Create your own romantic spaces by blending the colors and details of one area to next. Take advantage of easy to move lighting as well as simple, eye-catching detailed decor to create the space you love to be within.

#26. Attic Space

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Reclaim your upper floor levels and create cozy, romantic spaces. Many attics and other 3rd-floor storage rooms are overlooked as bedroom possibilities due to layout design. But these make some of the best rooms to curl up in with an intimate partner.

#27. Natural Tones

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Rustic, natural woods mix well together and create a comforting surrounding that you can use with any sort of bedding and decor detail you can dream of. Using old barn wood and even pallet wood is a great way to recycle and upcycle an otherwise trashed away.

#28. Focal Points

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Take advantage of any interesting interior design your house may have to make your bed your main focal point. In this case, the inset wall takes on the role of a lavish headboard to help showcase the bed itself.

#29. Floral Arrangement

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Flowers speak the language of love and can be easily incorporated into existing spaces with simple arrangements and fabric choices. Creating your own DIY headboard is a popular way to personalize your bed and set the tone for the mood you want to influence.

#30. Gold Tones

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Create a space fit for royalty with the use of golden hues. Soft golds, bold golds, and even shimmering golds all work well together to provide detail and interest to your space. It also works well with brighter colors, as well as warm wooden hues if you feel like changing up your decor from time to time.


If creating a romantic inspired decor has been on your list of things to do, then it might be time to get motivated! Romantic bedroom decor does not have to be difficult or expensive to achieve. In fact, some simple changes to color schemes, furniture layout, and lighting may be all you need to create the space you desire. The above images all provide different ideas that you can apply to your own space and help set the mood whether for a special occasion or as part of your everyday look.

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