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Zinus Bed Frame

The investment in a mattress is one that pays back. That’s why, according to the Huffington Post, it’s advisable to replace yours if you notice problems such as tossing and turning as doing so can help reduce stress. However, the investment in one that will stand the test of time is dependent on the type of bed frame you have.

It can be easy to overlook your bed frame. However, you wouldn’t build your home on a sketchy foundation, right? It’s just as important to take the time to investigate your bedframe, and I’d love the opportunity to help you if you’re considering the purchase of the Zinus grey upholstered queen size frame. Over the past two months, I’ve had the chance to try out this product with two mattresses, and I’d love to pass on my knowledge to you so you can make an educated choice.

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Once you open the box, you may find yourself a little bit confused. What you see in this picture is what comes out, and it kind of looks like Zinus only gave you the headboard. However, don’t panic! When you turn the headboard around, you’ll find that there’s a very inconspicuous zipper. When you use it, you’ll discover that everything necessary to put the mattress together is tightly packed inside. I thought this feature was very convenient both in the handling of the product when it comes to your door as well as putting it together.

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A Look at the Company

When you shop with Zinus, you’ll appreciate their interactive website, and they seem to be highly responsive when it comes to answering consumer questions. Not only do they offer you the ability to ask questions on their interactive site, but they also make these questions, along with their answers, available for others to see. Therefore, if you have a question, there’s a good chance you can access the information you’re looking for quickly and with ease.

Bed Frames and Beyond

Zinus doesn’t stop with bedframes, and you can browse their company site for a variety of items geared toward the achievement of a restful night’s sleep. Aside from mattress frames, you can also browse from a variety of:

  • Mattresses
  • Bases and foundations
  • Pillows
  • Toppers
  • Modern studio collections

Overall, Zinus seems to be a customer-friendly company, and you can expect to receive the help you may need as you browse their selections.

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Price Expectations

Since shipping is free, it’s not difficult to get a good idea of price expectations from the website alone, and I was impressed. However, you may need a larger or smaller version.

There is currently not an option to accomodate a California king size mattress, so, if that’s the size you’re working with, you’ll need to shop for a different product.

Zinus understands that money can be tight, and they work with customers who qualify. If you need a bed frame now to preserve your mattress but don’t have the cash on hand, you can look into their financing options.

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A Versatile Look That Fits Just About Anywhere

One of the first things you’ll notice when you get your hands on a Zinus upholstered square stitched platform bed frame is that it is a neutral grey color, and this helps it fit nicely in just about any setting. Now, my bedroom features wooden panel walls, cream-colored carpet, red curtains, black and white photography, and floral arrangements. I felt the frame made a very natural addition to the room.

Now, the side panels circle the rest of the frame, and they match the pictured headboard. There have been some complaints by customers that they don’t enjoy the color of the mattress legs, and I can only speculate that it’s because they differ in color as they are black. I think they look just fine. If anything, they match the metal support base. There are no other options when it comes to the leg color, so, if this is a major issue for you for some reason, you may want to browse other options.

I was impressed with the overall quality of the headboard. Not only is it thick, but it’s reinforced with foam. When you push on it, there is a degree of sinking in, and this can prove helpful in the event you were ever to bump your head. Yes, I am speaking from experience. My nine-year-old daughter enjoys sleeping in this particular bed, and she jumped in a little too quick the other night. However, she was able to laugh it off as the foam acted as a buffer. Aside from the safety this can offer, it also adds a degree of depth to the headboard. When it comes to aesthetics, I was wholly satisfied, and you can even see that it accommodates in other settings as well.

If a corresponding footboard is important to your aesthetic standards, you’ll be disappointed. The Zinus grey upholstered bed frame does not come with one, and there currently aren’t any you can order as accessories. As you can see in the pictures, however, the bed still looks great with just the grey side panels that circle it.

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Simple Assembly You’ll Enjoy

Whether you’re going to be picking your Zinus bed frame up at a store or plan to take advantage of free shipping, you may be a little surprised when you see the box. It’s really not that big at 68 x 6 x 39 inches.

When I think of packing up a bed frame, I typically think that I’m going to need a few people to help, and one of them better have a truck! However, you can likely fit this frame in your car.

Once you open the box, you may find yourself a little bit confused. What you see in this picture is what comes out, and it kind of looks like Zinus only gave you the headboard. However, don’t panic! When you turn the headboard around, you’ll find that there’s a very inconspicuous zipper. When you use it, you’ll discover that everything necessary to put the mattress together is tightly packed inside. I thought this feature was very convenient both in the handling of the product when it comes to your door as well as putting it together.

Now, the product assembly instructions are very detailed, and they walk you through the process step-by-step. I chose to get a little assistance in the assembly of my Zinus bed frame to speed the process along, but, if you do it yourself, it shouldn’t really take any longer than around 30 minutes. It’s worth noting that the box with everything included weighs around 80 pounds, so, if this is too much for you to handle, definitely have someone on board to help.

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty

You wouldn’t still be reading if you weren’t truly giving yourself the full advantage of my experience before you make your final purchasing decision, and I commend you for that. All too many people wait until they are dissatisfied with a product to start looking into the little details that make all the difference. That’s why I’m going to break down the dimensions for you now.

For starters, the overall dimensions of the Zinus upholstered bed frame are 87.5 x 65 x 44.5 inches. From the floor to the mattress target, you can expect a clearance of around 14 inches. From the floor to the headboard, 44.5 inches. I found it interesting when I delved into the floor-to-headboard distances on the other mattresses as I kind of expected them to become progressively larger as you move from full to king. However, they are as follows in case you need to know:

  • Twin- 40 inches
  • Full- 44.5 inches
  • Queen- 44.5 inches
  • King- 40.5 inches

I’m not sure why the king size version scales back in size, but that’s the height that was mentioned on the website in the question and answer section.

Under Bed Clearance

If you’re like me, then you may find that you keep a lot of junk under your bed. I have three small kids, and it can sometimes just be easier to store unsightly belongings there to restore order to my house!

If this is an important feature for you, then you’ll need to know how tall the legs are. Each leg of the Zinus mattress frame is 8 inches, and they allow you a total clearance of 7.5 inches. For me, this has allowed me to put things such as suitcases and backpacks under the bed. Not to mention the kids seem to enjoy squeezing themselves underneath the frame, so this may help put things into perspective!

Now, if this just isn’t quite the right height for you, you do have the option of putting your frame on risers or casters. After all, once you buy your frame, it’s up to you what you do with it. However, it’s worth knowing that, by doing so, you will void your warranty if something becomes damaged as a result. Zinus offers a five year warranty on their bed frames, so, for me, it’s not worth the risk.

Shop With Your Mattress in Mind

It’s recommended by the company to use a mattress that’s between six and 13 inches. The reasoning behind this logic is that when your mattress sits higher than this, it can begin to diminish the appearance of the headboard behind it. When the thickness is lower, the headboard may look too big. However, if you have something that’s slightly more or less, it shouldn’t make a significant difference. Again, though, this is all about personal preference.

A Word on Slats

I’ve received quite a few emails in regards to the positioning of the slats. Honestly, I really didn’t take too much consideration into them myself until many of you pointed out that heavier mattresses often have certain requirements for slat spacing.

Before you buy this frame, it’s worth checking to see if your mattress has this type of specification.

The spacing between the slats of the Zinus upholstered frame is 4 ½ inches. If your mattress requires slats with lesser spacing, you may want to explore other options, or you could truly transform your sleeping experience and take a look at the many mattress reviews on the market to be purchased alongside your new Zinus frame.

Slat Capacity

The Zinus upholstered bed frame is reportedly able to hold a capacity of 500 pounds, so you should take this into consideration when you shop. If you intend to regularly put a load larger than this on your frame, this isn’t the product for you. However, if this fits your needs, you’ll be pleased to know the slats are capable of supporting your mattress all on their own, so box springs aren’t even needed.

Out of curiosity and to provide you with proof that the 500 pound capacity is believable, I performed a test to see if it stood true to its claims. First, I placed an additional mattress on the one I already use as the 500 pound limit doesn’t include your mattress. I then piled my three kids and myself on top. This was a combined weight of 436 pounds, and it did just fine. Upon checking afterward, there was no bowing on any of the steel support legs as a result of the excessive weight.

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What to Expect When You Make Your Bed

While you’ll be spending most of your time with your frame relaxing, let’s not let the excitement of a new frame make you forget of some of the less pleasant moments you’ll encounter daily. (Okay, or at least every other day)! Whether or not you’re thinking about it, your frame will determine how easy or difficult the task of making your bed will be for you.

Think about it for a moment. It takes me around three minutes to make my bed everyday. In a year, that’s over 18 hours, or around two full average work days! I know I want to make sure I can shave as much of that time as possible!

To determine the difficulty level to expect, you need to check how deep the mattress will sit within the frame. With the Zinus bed frame, this number only around 4/10ths of an inch. As you can see here, this means you don’t have to push your fingers very far within the side panels in order to tuck your sheets in. However, it’s also worth noting that, if you move around a lot, this may not necessarily be a positive for you as it’s easier for the sheets to begin to ride up the mattress.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Everyone’s got their own opinions when they experience a product. While I hope I was able to offer the information you need to help make the right decision in your new bed frame investment, you should hear what a few other real-life customers had to say. Just a few of the pros and cons that have been shared include:

Who I Recommend This Frame For

With all things considered, this frame is a good fit for a large number of us. Its ability to hold a 500 pound load makes it accommodating for most of us if sleeping alone. However, if you sleep with a partner, this could become a problem. If you’re looking for a durable frame that will be used to hold less than the 500 pound capacity, it’s an option worth considering.

It also works well for those who expect to change their decor or move to a new home in the future as the grey color works well with most backdrops. Furthermore, if you are on a budget and want to get a quality product at a low price, look no further!

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Final Verdict

So far, we’ve placed various loads on the bed. With three kids who often nap on the Zinus frame and have friends stay the night, mine has already logged quite a few hours in the two months I’ve been using it. So far, it remains quiet and continues to offer reliable support. I enjoy the aesthetic quality it adds to my bedroom, and it can hold the weight necessary in my circumstances. To check out the product yourself or to make a purchase, click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to put this base together?

Easy if you follow the included instructions.

Does it have any special features?

Storage space available in back of headboard.

How long is the warranty?

5 years.

How much space is there under the frame for storage?

14 inches.