Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring Review

Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

Your bed needs a foundation. Whether you buy a traditional innerspring mattress, memory foam, latex, or hybrid bed, you need something to put your bed on, and there are several benefits to getting a box spring – especially the Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring. It’s a traditional box spring in a lot of ways, but it’s also completely different, but those differences are what make this a great buy. I recently got my Zinus Smart Box Spring in the mail the other day. After you read my review, you’ll see why you might want to get one of these right now.

Are All Box Springs Like This One from Zinus?

No two box springs are identical, and there are a few things about this one from Zinus that sets it apart from the competition. It’s good to start with a benchmark, though. What is a standard box spring? Once upon a time, it was a wooden frame with springs strategically placed throughout the foundation. These were typically sold with your mattress as a pair. In fact, back when innerspring coil mattresses were the norm, you’d be hard pressed to find someone to sell you a mattress without the box.
Models today, though, have changed quite a bit. Some are still made of wood, but the springs are gone. Instead, bars of wood or steel run the length of the frame to provide the support and stability your mattress needs. Some of these new foundations kept the name, but don’t come with a cover. That can present a problem for a few reasons.

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Without a cover, the frame is exposed, and if there are any splinters or bent pieces, you could potentially damage your mattress with your box spring. Aesthetically, it’s not great, either. Also, a cover helps provide more support for your mattress – especially with slats that are spaced far apart.
The Zinus 9-inch smart box spring manages to look and act like one of those traditional foundations, but without the springs. Plus, it’s made of steel, which makes it extra sturdy.

  • 6 standard sizes
  • Made of steel
  • 2,400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Tools included
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks like a traditional box spring
  • Includes long warranty
  • A bit heavy
  • May require a second person for assembly

My Zinus Experience

My Zinus box spring arrived soon after I ordered it, and it came in a well-packaged box. Why is it necessary to mention the packaging? If you’ve ever purchased something that requires assembly online, then you know how important it is that it comes neatly packaged to ensure all the parts are included. My Zinus box was free of any holes and all the parts and tools were included.

After noting how neat and organized the packaging was, I also noticed that there was no foul smell when I unwrapped all the pieces. The metal felt heavy in my hand and like it would be sturdy, but the only way to find out was to put it all together! Thankfully, Zinus included all the tools I’d need to assemble this box frame.

Assembly was easy enough, even if it was a bit time-consuming. If you have an extra pair of hands nearby willing to help, ask for it! It’ll make it much easier when you’re pairing slats up with the support beams and securing everything. For me, every piece fit in each slot perfectly – there was no need for me to strongarm any part into an ill-fitting slot.

Once everything was tightened and all of the slats were in place, I was almost done. I managed to get the cover onto the frame on my own, but this step would be much easier if you had someone around to help you. The zipper was strong and closed the cover around the frame easily.


I waited for help before placing the Zinus on my bed frame – I didn’t want to risk tearing the cover at all. It nestled into the bed frame and my mattress fit perfectly – it was totally flush.

I really liked the curved edges of this frame. If you’re clumsy like I can be at time, you’ll be grateful for no pointed edges or corners. Also, when I laid down on my bed, I noticed how sturdy the box seemed to be. Bonus: My mattress felt more comfortable than ever. This is one of the reasons using a box as your foundation is so important for foam and latex mattresses – the added support and flat surface allows the true feel of your mattress to come through.

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Features & Benefits

You may not think of these as having features, but if you’ve ever owned a subpar box spring, then you know how materials, craftsmanship, and warranties can be considered features with huge benefits.

Steel Frame

One of the big concerns is its sturdiness. With a steel frame and slats, there’s not much you have to worry about. Even when you’re performing more, ahem, strenuous activities, this box spring from Zinus stands up to it.
Additionally, this foundation has a 2,400-pound weight limit. When you factor in the weight of your mattress – even if it’s a heavy latex bed – you’re still looking at more than a ton of weight capacity. That means you, your partners, your pets, and your kids can all crawl on top and the foundation on a bed frame will easily support the weight.

Tools Included

Almost everything I buy these days has some sort of assembly required, so when a company includes all the parts and tools needed to assemble the product, I’m super grateful. I’m not even sure I know where my toolbox is right now, so I was glad that Zinus included an Allen wrench and all the wing nuts I needed to put this thing together.

High Profile

Although it may not seem like a feature, having a foundation that’s 9 inches tall is very much a benefit. If you’re not using a platform bed, you’ll need a bit of height from it to raise your bed off the floor. This makes it easy for you to get in and out of bed. Plus, a tall bed looks great in your bedroom, and sort of gives you that luxury feel you get from when you sleep in a hotel bed.

Organized Packaging

Sometimes I take for granted how a product is packaged, but when small pieces like screws and wingnuts are included, I’m much more grateful for tidy packages. If Zinus hadn’t taken such care to properly pack all of the parts, there’s a good chance I could’ve overlooked something. Plus, there’s just something about an organized and neat package that screams professionalism.

Quality Workmanship

My Zinus Smart Box Spring was definitely well made. The steel slats and sides were strong and welded at the joints snugly. I’ve had no issues with the holes for screws, the slots for each piece – all of it fit together just right. That’s quality craftsmanship.
You could file this point under sturdiness, but I think it also applies to craftsmanship: lack of squeakiness. I made sure to tighten each wingnut as well as I could by hand, and it seems to have done the job. There was no squeakiness at all when I laid on the bed, turned, got out of bed, or bounced around a bit.

Long Warranty

Even if I had gotten a defective part, or I was missing some pieces, I wouldn’t have worried much. Zinus offers a five-year limited warranty. So, if yours happens to have some sort of defect, you can make a warranty claim and get either a brand new one or get yours repaired. And that offers lasts for five years – a huge benefit for anyone.

Consumer Feedback

To be fair, I’m not the only one talking about the Zinus Smart Box Spring. Others have strong opinions about this 9-inch high profile box spring. The majority of those who have bought and used this spring-less model are happy with their purchase, but there are a few complaints here and there.


Most users reported easy assembly, but many agreed that it was a long process. Putting it together by yourself may take a bit longer – on average it seemed to take most people 20 to 30 minutes.


One of the biggest complaints about this Zinus was regarding the cover. The fabric, according to many consumers, is thin and tears easily. It can also be a pain to put the cover on by yourself. In a few cases, the wrong size cover is shipped with the box spring. Overall, though, most people liked the look and feel of the cover.

Height & Size

It seems most people who buy the Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart Box agree that it’s a perfect height – unless you’re buying a bed for a child. The measurements of this twin-sized box are slightly smaller than a standard mattress, but that allows your mattress to sit almost flush on the foundation.


Overall, most people who have bought this product agree that it’s incredibly durable. The steel frame makes a big difference in durability, so it makes sense that a lot of consumers compared this to the old types and noted how durable this one is in comparison. Those that complained that this model wasn’t durable also commented that pieces broke, which could mean they had defective units.

Defective Pieces

While defects happen, they don’t seem to happen often with the Zinus Smart Box Spring. A few people who bought this model said they got some pieces that were defective in some way: one piece shorter than the other; slats popping out of place; bent corners; and defective screws. However, when those people contacted Zinus, they got the pieces they needed replaced quickly.


The consensus on squeakiness is in, and overall, this particular model is as quiet as can be. A few people who reviewed Zinus mentioned squeaks, but they were few and far between. The key seems to be in making sure all the wingnuts are nice and tight. Those who said they noticed a bit of squeakiness just tightened everything and that seemed to fix the issue.


Buying a box spring isn’t the most fun purchase ever, but it’s one of those necessities that you want to get right the first time so you don’t have to do it again. The Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Smart design has no springs to speak off, but that’s because it’s an improved version of an old standard. The frame and slats are made of metal, and assembling it is easy. Pair this foundation with a metal bed frame and you’ll get more than a ton of sturdiness – that means you could put 2,400 pounds of weight on this and it’ll all be supported.

I noticed no squeakiness at all when I used this with a bed frame and mattress, regardless of how much I tossed, turned, or bounced. This box spring from Zinus is a great purchase, and it will work with any type of mattress you have, whether it’s a traditional innerspring type, memory foam, latex, or a mix of all three. It adds the height you need to make this a bed that’s easy to fall into and climb out of which is great if you suffer from back pain. Plus, this looks like a traditional box spring, so you won’t have to worry about the aesthetics of your bed.

Zinus 9-Inch Box Spring Specs

Weight Weight capacity Assembly required Tools needed Warranty
42 lbs. 2,400 lbs. Yes All included 5 years

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty?

5 years.

How high off the ground will I be?

9 inches, plus mattress height.

Is it hard to put this product together?

Assembly is relatively easy.

Will I need to use my own tools for assembly?

No, all tools needed for assembly are included.