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Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

A thin pillow is often a rare commodity within most stores due to the fact that such a small population takes advantage of them. Plush, thick pillows look more inviting, and companies produce them to meet the average needs of their consumers. But what people need to pay attention to is how a pillow influences their sleep comfort, and how crucial it is to find one that gives you a better night’s rest.

Xtreme comforts pillow in original packaging

Your sleep posture needs to be supported by the correct pillow choice. Thin pillows allow back and stomach sleepers to support their spinal alignment through the night to avoid stressed, and sore muscles from occurring. If you have restless nights, or wake stiff and sore, then taking a closer look at your pillow should be a priority.

The Sleep Judge Team has purchased a series of top rated thin pillows and provided a closer look at the Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow below. Our honest opinions surrounding our sleep trials with this pillow should give you a better understanding of what this pillow can offer you and if it’s worth taking a closer look at.

Xtreme Comfort Bamboo Slim Pillow Specs

 Loft (Pillow Height): 5 inches

 Durability: Machine Washable

 Back Sleep Support: Excellent (9)

 Stomach Sleep Support: Very Good (8)

Breakdown of the Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

The Xtreme Comforts Company offers a series of pillows and cushions for use in your everyday life. They focus on memory foams to produce products to help you create comfort wherever you lay or sit, and are focused on the support of a healthy body.

Originally created by the company owners to address the personal back and neck pain caused from past injuries, the pillows offered by Xtreme Comforts are supposed to help with your sleep positioning and provide pain relief. The quality performance of their products are also backed by a 30 day guarantee with hassle free returns as they are sure you will love their products.

The SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is created with stomach and back sleepers in mind, and is a full 2 inches lower than their other shredded pillows. Although not adjustable, it is created with proper head and neck positioning as part of its design, and has become a popular pillow for these type of sleep preferences.


The pillows come rolled in a cylinder and wrapped in plastic. My first impression, as with similar products, is how such a hard, tightly rolled product can actually be a pillow. But as soon as the vacuum seal is broken, the pillow does begin to fluff quite nicely. The company says to give it at least a half day to allow for full plumping, but you can also toss it in the dryer to speed up the process.

Xtreme Comforts pillow unboxing instructions on label

I didn’t need to use the dryer as it seemed nicely filled within the first half hour, especially after giving it my own toss. There have been some complaints of an offgassing smell from other consumers, but I never noticed any at all- not immediately after unwrapping (when it is usually most noticeable), nor when I pressed my nose to it at any point shortly afterwards.

Features & Benefits

I feel it is important to mention that your personal comfort is dependent upon many factors unique to your own person. Your height, weight, and personal preferences are as different as the next person, and so what works for one person concerning comfort may not work for you. This is why it is so important to review the features of any pillow you may consider as you want any investment you make to be a benefit to a proper night’s sleep.

We’ve provided the highlights of the Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper below, with our own personal experiences to give you some honest feedback surrounding our own comfort and how it might relate to your own needs. What your ultimate goals should be concern your overall health- and getting the rest you deserve to be better able to live a healthy, productive life unmarred from the many issues that can arise due to poor sleep.


Most pillows come in a 20×26, 20×30, and 20×36 inch size pertaining to standard, queen and king sized pillows respectively. The SlimSleeper also comes in the three popular sizes found within the sleep industry, although their measurements are slightly less- which to my eye wasn’t very noticeable at all.

Measuring in at 17×23, 18×26, 18×23 inches, these pillows provide the slightly extra sizes needed for both body shape and preferences many people need for their own comfort. Although it is not recommended to get too large a pillow as the extra filling may create poor positioning- wider shoulders, or heavier, larger bodies may need the larger sized pillows.


The loft of a pillow refers to how high it sits when placed on a flat surface. Loft measurements can often be deceiving, however, as they do not take into account the type of filling the pillow has within. Although the average 5 inch loft of this pillow may seem high for a slim choice, the way the filling redistributes with applied weight truly does make it a top contender for a true thin pillow choice.

I will admit I was a bit skeptical when I saw the higher loft than expected for a pillow deemed a ‘slim sleeper’. As a stomach sleeper I couldn’t imagine that it would be able to compress comfortably in order to lay upon in it this position. I was surprised to feel it easily compress when pressure was applied, leaving only about a 1 ½ inch loft without it bottoming out or feeling too firm.

Shredded Memory Foam

The shredded memory foam filling is what allows the plush, compressible surface. Unlike regular memory foam that contours to your weight, shredded memory foam is better able to take on your weight and redistribute it without becoming too tightly packed together- thus creating a harder, unyielding surface.

This also allows for an increase in airflow as the space between the shredded foam supports pillow breathability, unlike a solid memory foam which has a poor cellular structure for a free flow of air. With the use of a shredded version you receive all the benefits of the memory foam contouring, without any of the heat retention it often has.

Sleep Comfort

This pillow is considered a medium plush comfort, meaning it has a soft, yielding surface with an underlying support. Although not considered firm by any means, it does allow for a the proper contouring to keep your head from bottoming out through the pillow. The shredded memory foam filling allows for a redistribution of the material within to give you just the right amount of support when laying on your stomach.

Personally I loved the feel of the pillow and found it to be ‘squishy’, easy to manipulate, and a very shapeable pillow for overall personal preferences.

Cooling Claims

The combination of the shredded memory foam with the bamboo cover (explained below), allows for a wicking of moisture and excellent airflow to keep you from experiencing any sort of heat retention, or heat related discomfort, through the night. This is especially important if you consider yourself a warm, or hot, sleeper. Just be sure to use a cotton, low thread-count (400 or below) pillow case to allow this air flow to occur.

I had no issues with heat during my trial and found it to be a comfortable surface temperature at all times. I did make sure to use an open-weave, 240 thread-count pillowcase to take full advantage of the bamboo cover benefits.

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Safety Claims

Like many products, safety comes first to meet a growing demand from consumers who want to know what, exactly is in their purchase. Since memory foam is a synthetic product, the process to make it can be riddled with some pretty nasty stuff while in its raw form. Luckily, through the years, the making of foam has evolved to include safer materials and processes to create the end product.

This company uses eco-friendly construction processes, and also ensures that their materials are CertiPur-US Certified. This means that the memory foam is made with no heavy metals or formaldehydes, and also ensures that they emit very low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for indoor air quality.

Kool-Flow Bamboo Blend Cover

Bamboo is a natural fiber that is naturally moisture wicking and breathable, which makes it a good candidate to weave into materials to help with air flow. Naturally antibacterial, dust mite and microbial resistant, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly- bamboo also has an unparalleled softness, which you can feel immediately upon resting your head down upon it.

The cover is thick and provides a plush surface that is dotted with the Kool-Flow design to increase air flow through the pillow. The seams are sewn to the inside on three sides with the closing seam to the outside, although it is double stitched for durability. Since it is washable, it practically stands as a pillowcase on its own, and you honestly could use this pillow just with this cover as a protective barrier. Obviously I love it. In all my trials bamboo covers, to me, are the most comfortable!

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Fully Washable

Xtreme Comforts Pillow close-up of tag

Prepare to be amazed at this next little fact: despite the use of memory foam (which is typically NOT washable), this entire pillow is washable. You did read that right, and that makes this pillow part of the reason why it’s one of our top choices. Usually memory foam products need to avoid water and other liquids as it can break down the foam at a cellular level.

However, due to the open airflow design, how the foam is shredded and the fact that you have to dry your pillow immediately afterwards, this pillow is able to withstand cool washes without getting damaged.

Consumer Reviews

Overall this is quite a popular pillow with stomach, back and even smaller side sleepers. The pillow is definitely a favorite with stomach sleepers since it has such a low, compressible profile. And since it also shapes well, it meets the needs of those who tuck their arm up under the pillow, or even like to angle their pillow for comfort. Many stomach sleepers say this pillow takes the strain off their neck and helps them sleep.

Back sleepers also get an excellent head and neck support without being too soft, which allows the head to drop too far back. Consumers also praise the plush, comfortable surface and the fact that it doesn’t raise up too high around their ears despite the soft comfort. Reviews have mentioned that it works well as a side sleeping option due to how well it shapes to tuck between the head and shoulders to allows the neck to rest. This seems to be most popular with smaller, less heavy bodies.

Some smaller sleepers have found it to not work as well as a stomach pillow, and others complain that it feels lumpy to them due to the shredded memory foam. Others believe it is a bit too soft – meaning that personal preference determines much of a buyers overall satisfaction, rather than construction or even proper support.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A great selling point of this product is the 30 day money back guarantee the company offers with the pillow. Even if you have slept on it for a while, you can easily return it hassle free for your money back. This is a nice option since many times a product sounds, and even looks, great- but when used just doesn’t produce the expected experience.

My Trial Experiences

I am a firm believer that body size and shape very much can influence the comfort of a pillow, and as a shorter, average sized woman, I don’t always compress pillow filling as much as others may. With that being said I had a very good sleep experience with this pillow, although not as expected, and highly recommend it as explained below:

Stomach Trial

Although I found this pillow to be very comfortable to fall asleep on while laying on my stomach, I caught myself inching towards the edge of the pillow as the filling lofted up a bit and I do not like anything even close to my face while I sleep. I also usually woke having tucked it up under my head to sleep on my side without actually waking to do so, making me think I did this before truly falling all the way asleep. Obviously this was a naturally more comfortable position with this pillow despite preferring to sleep on my stomach.

Because of this I may not have quite the size to make this a truly comfortable stomach sleeping pillow despite the initial comfort. I never did wake sore or feel unrested, making it a proper pillow for my position, but I possibly may not have the weight or width to make this pillow work perfectly on my stomach. It does definitely compress well and has a very thin profile to support a stomach sleeping position, but for me my personal comfort leaned more to the side with it.

Since stomach sleeping is the hardest on your body, I view this is a great thing as I have been trying to get more moved into my side while I sleep for better body positioning. The natural tendency to sleep well on my side with this pillow choice may be a great step towards an overall better sleep position.

Back Trial

Although not a position I often can fall asleep in, I do like to nap on my back on occasion. Usually I wake with a stiff neck due to too high a pillow that raises my head and causes stress to my upper back and shoulders. This pillow was an excellent choice for back sleeping and kept my head in alignment with my spine and also properly supported my neck.

I would highly recommend this pillow for back sleeping which very much needs a thinner, but supportive pillow. Many back sleepers wrongly believe they should have their head slightly raised above their shoulders, but this position can place a lot of strain through the neck and also cause lower back issues. This pillow cradles the head and distributes soft shredded memory foam to fill the gap between the head and shoulders for a true restful experience.

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Although not highly marketed to the side sleeping crowd, many happy customers mentioned they were impressed with how well it slept in this position as well. As a combo stomach side sleeper, I decided I had to check it out as I find most side sleep pillows to be a bit lofty for me for all night comfort. The biggest concern about sleeping on your side is to find a pillow that fills the space between the head and neck, all while keeping the head in alignment with the back. Too high a loft, or too low of one, can tip you head one way or another, or not properly allow your neck to relax.

The Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper allowed for great distribution of the shredded memory foam to fill that space and also give me the opportunity to shape it to my desired comfort level. I was also happily impressed when using it to sleep upon my side, and although it may not be the best choice for larger people who have a wider shoulder width, it was perfect for me. I also have a firmer mattress surface, and the combination is definitely a comfortable one.

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Other Uses

What many people do not realize is just how important a role a pillow can play in your overall sleep positioning. Your posture through the night is crucial for your rest and health, and pillows are able to help position your hips, lower back, and legs to reduce strain and tension to your soft tissues and spinal column. They also are great to reduce joint pressure.

A softer, thin pillow often works best when using it for places other than your head as you don’t often need much for than a few inches of support. Placing a pillow under your hips or knees, when on your stomach or back respectively, can help keep your lower back in better position for a comfortable night’s sleep. Also placing one between your knees when sleeping on your side can help reduce the strain your upper leg can cause as it pulls your hip downwards, and also reduce any pressure you may notice if your knees come in contact with one another.

Other Sleep Trial Opinions

I went ahead and shared this pillow with two other people, a stomach sleeper and a back sleeper, to get their overall take on comfort. Both are larger than me but also struggle to find a pillow that works well for their respective sleep positions.

– The stomach sleeper cannot praise this pillow enough as it provides just enough support for head and ear comfort without bottoming out, but also didn’t feel to lofty around their face. They also have a tendency to sleep with their arm up under their head and this pillow seemed to adjust perfectly around this added height and shape. The pillow also does not sleep hot at all, another typical complaint this trail run member also has, and they felt it was a good choice for anyone who may have heat issues at night as long as they use the pillow with a good, breathable pillow case.

– The second trail run with the back sleeper also had them praising the feel and comfort of the pillow, although they did wish it has just a slightly higher loft, or a little more fill for their body size. They described how they would start out sleeping on their back, but would actually shift to their side and tuck it up under their head and neck in this position- which they found to be very comforting. Our conclusion surrounding this is that the pillow may be a little thin for larger, heavier, and wider shouldered people, but that it still was available for sleep comfort due to how well it shapes.



The Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Shredded Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow holds up to the company claims pretty well, and we feel it more than deserved the high online ratings it has received, allowing us to give it a pretty hefty rating ourselves. Of course not everyone will find the same degree of comfort in certain positions due to personal preferences- which we illustrated through our own trial runs- but it does serve as a decently comforting, and well marketed product for stomach and back sleepers.

It seems it works best as a stomach sleeping choice for broader shoulder, larger sleepers, and serves well as a back pillow for a wide variety of body types. It also is popular for use in other manners than what it is marketed as.

The fact that it is a good alternative to solid memory foam thin pillows to provide a cradling of the head without a bottoming out effect, and that it is completely washable- makes it a great choice to take a closer look at. One of the most popular features of this pillow is how well it can be shaped – something polyfill and memory foam cannot do well – to fit specific comfort needs. This is a unique feature of shredded memory foam and a benefit for a variety of reasons, the most important being how well it can support areas that are often under stress or strain.

Slim pillows can often be hard to come by, and if you have been looking for a decent choice to consider- then the Xtreme Comforts SlimSleeper Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow is one that should make your list of top contenders. The plush shredded memory foam is an excellent filling to allow for a variety of comfort support and individual preferences. How well it breathes, compresses without losing support, and shapes for your needs is unique to the pillow construction. The Sleep Judge Team was impressed with the pillow overall, and would recommend it as a slim sleeping option no matter who you are.

New for 2022

  • Packaging has been updated to include unboxing instructions, images in this article have also been updated accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow best suited for?

Stomach sleepers

What is the loft of the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

5 inches

Is there any offgassing with the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

There is some offgassing when you first open this pillow (as is expected with most memory foam products), however it's very minimal and doesn't last long

Is the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow organic?

Yes, and it is also hypoallergenic

What’s the warranty of the Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow?

There's a 30 day money-back guarantee to return your pillow for a full refund