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Viscosoft Select High-Density Mattress Topper

Finding the perfect mattress comfort can be a challenging task, especially if you sleep with a partner. Your sleep position, body types, and sizes, as well as personal preferences, can all be hard to match to an ideal night’s sleep. Luckily, mattress toppers can create subtle differences often needed to create a perfect fit but soften pressure points and add support where needed. It also does so without having to buy an entirely new mattress.

If you are looking for a new sleep surface, but are unsure of whether buying a new mattress is worth it, consider the following:

  • Do you have an older mattress that needs a bit more support for comfort?
  • You sleep with a partner and feel you need a slightly different mattress feel overall?
  • You need a softer, or firmer, mattress surface?
  • You need a way to cushion joints without sacrificing support?

A Viscosoft Select High-Density Mattress Topper may be an excellent solution. This lower profile, memory foam option is cooling and comforting and comes at a great price. The Sleep Judge Review Team has had the chance to personally review this product, and our findings are detailed below!

About the Viscosoft Company

Based in Charlotte, NC, The Viscosoft Company was launched in 2007 in order to provide quality sleep material and innovative technology to the sleep industry. With a global reach, they include sustainable construction and affordable prices for a comfortable sleep, and price point.

They also support the community they live and produce within; donating and supporting charities within the Charlotte area is part of their philosophy. They currently offer a variety of mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress protectors, pillows, and bedding options to help you find your perfect fit.

Feel & Performance

The Viscosoft Select High-Density Mattress topper provides a thick enough surface for support without feeling like it adds too much to the top of your mattress; in fact, it feels fairly low profile overall without sacrificing comfort.

The soft, memory foam feel has immediate weight response and conforms to your body shape to provide joint cushioning without sacrificing support. It works very well for any sleep position and doesn’t compress too much under critical body areas- such as shoulders, hips, and knees.

I felt this topper was a perfect solution for when you need something that provides minimal overall body support and a softening of joint pressure points. It really does conform well to your body and has an excellent ‘bounce’ back without holding the typical memory foam imprint. The initial soft response feel provides a first impression that may bely a topper that offers minimal support, but I found this to not be true at all and was pleasantly surprised by the overall support it lent.

Firmness & Contour

Although soft feeling, this is a topper that offers a decent underlying firmness due to the higher density foam used in its creation. Heavier, denser foams often feel ‘hard’ and generally take time to contour under your body weight and heat. It has a 3.5 PCF rating, which describes the density per cubic foot. This falls well within what is considered a quality, long-lasting foam option.

This topper is different. Although the firm, uplifting feel is very obvious when you lay upon it, a soft cushioning feel immediately responds to your body shape. This patented foam is designed to do just that, and avoids creating a memory foam sink that can be uncomfortable and slow to respond to your needs.

The foam is also heavy, with the king topper option weighing in at 40 lbs. This weight reflects the density and quality of the foam being used. The company claims it lasts longer and is less likely to compress under your weight over time. From what I could tell over the time I slept on the topper, and from third-party feedback, these claims seem to be true.

Shipping and Unboxing

Viscosoft products ship from North Carolina and arrived within a few days after being ordered. It came in a branded box and was tightly compressed and wrapped. It was easy to unwrap and open and immediately decompressed once the plastic was removed.

There was a slight off-gassing smell after unwrapping, most likely due to being stored in a plastic wrap that didn’t breathe. It wasn’t very strong, but the smell did take about 48 hours to completely disappear. However, it wasn’t a noticeable smell after the first few hours, but I do recommend opening it and then allowing it to air out before use- especially if you are sensitive to synthetic smells.


The company feels it is important to offer quality materials and comfortable support. Because of this, they use a simple construction design to create a cooling, supportive sleep surface.

High Density, Gel Infused Visco Foam

This high-density foam doesn’t feel like traditional memory foam and is ventilated and gel-infused for a cooler night’s sleep. I personally loved both the responsiveness of the foam which was not like traditional memory foam and the cool feeling it provided. This is a patented foam blend to provide support where needed, and cushioning in all the right places.

3-Inch Profile

The topper has a 3-inch profile which is a perfect height for support without lending too much depth to your bed. In fact, it seemed even lower and I was surprised it measured a full 3 inches as it effortlessly lends itself well to your mattress without standing out.

Removable Bamboo/Rayon Blend Cover

The bamboo and rayon blend cover provides a soft, stretchy, and breathable surface. It was comforting against the skin and didn’t create any friction with the addition of a cotton sheet. It also didn’t create any sort of surface that lent itself to snagging, and it washed well without pilling.

Breathable Nylon Mesh Cover Bottom

The bottom of the cover is a highly breathable rayon to allow excellent airflow. When combined with the gel-infused memory foam and ventilation, this creates a cooling and comforting option and avoids heat sinks. It also is slightly textured to help create some friction to help stay in place.

Corner Straps

To further keep your topper in place, each corner has adjustable straps that fit nicely under each corner of your mattress and can be tightened or loosened as needed. They are well sewn with double stitching and very easy to adjust without slipping. They provide more than enough room to slip them under each corner and I anticipate can work with mattresses up to an 18-inch depth with no problem. I used it on a 12-inch mattress with plenty of slack left over.

4- Sided Zipper

One of the biggest challenges I have come up against when removing covers and placing them back on is the placement of the zipper. This topper is unique in that it has a 4-sided zipper that allows you to unzip any 3 sides and corner combination. This makes removing the cover a simple task and putting it back on even easier. No more tugging, pulling, and shoving foam back into the case!

Features and Benefits

Obviously, the features and benefits of this product are highlighted through the details of the topper construction. To explain further the comfort behind this topper, I am recapping them here with why they are important to consider and help set them apart from similar, competitive choices.

Cooling Measures

A foam designed with heat wicking, gel-infused abilities, combined with a breathable cover creates excellent airflow for a more comfortable night. Sleeping cool is highly supported by sleep experts to allow your body to drop in temperature, lower respiration, and reduce heart rate for a deeper, more productive rest.

Medium- Firmness

The medium-firmness of the topper is not only a durable option, but one that lends itself well to all sleep positions. Hip and shoulder areas are supported for stomach and back sleepers, while side sleepers are able to bellet support spinal alignment.

Washable, Easy to Remove Cover

An easy to clean cover makes the use of your topper much more dynamic. When you know you won’t have a struggle each time you need to do the laundry makes changing linens much more enjoyable. You also are more likely to do it more often for a healthier sleep environment.

Stability Features

Keeping that topper in place is crucial for your comfort! With a textured bottom and adjustable corner straps, this topper stays in place and doesn’t shift when you make the bed or move through the night.

Motion Transfer Reduction

The company claims this topper has excellent motion transfer reduction, and although there is a little that can be felt from one side of the bed to the other when you have two sleeping, it definitely reduces it. We tried it out with a variety of sleepers with great results.

Motion is definitely reduced no matter who is on the bed, but when sleeping next to a heavier sleeper slight movement can be detected. It isn’t highly noticeable and doesn’t create any sloping sinks or uncomfortable jostling. Heavier sleepers reported they never noticed their lighter counterparts, and when my own children climbed into bed I never noticed them settling themselves- supporting that claim.

Heat Transfer Reduction

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few materials used to help support a cooler night’s sleep. Memory foam is known for holding heat and creating heat sinks due to the tightly compressed cellular structure of the foam. This patented foam infused with heat drawing gel, airflow chambers, and is surrounded by breathable, cooling materials- all which lend themselves well to the cooling claims.

I found the topper to be comfortable and had no issues with heat sinks. COnsequently, other sleepers who tried the product felt the same way.

Maintenance, Protection, Care & Warranty

WIth a removable cover, laundering could never be easier, but if you need to wash the foam itself, only use a gentle soap and water and spot clean as needed. You cannot soak or toss the foam in a washing machine. Not only is it much too large, it also will degrade the material if harsh detergents and soaps work into the structure.

Toppers generally fit well under a mattress protector, and the lower profile of this topper makes it an ideal choice for most deep-pocketed protector. This allows you to reduce the number of times you need to wash the cover and helps protect the foam even more.


A 60-day sleep trial guarantee and 3-year warranty ensure you get the most out of your product. You can return your topper for any reason within the first 60 days. This allows you plenty of time to determine if it is a good fit for you. Materials and construction are also covered for 3 years! Just be sure to keep your receipt and make a claim within this time period.


Most toppers fall between $100 and $300 depending on size and quality construction. Viscosoft falls within this range and is quite competitive overall in its pricing. Not only do you get free shipping, but you are guaranteed to get it within 3 days.

Size Price
Twin $119.99
Twin XL $124.99
Full $149.99
Queen $159.99
King $189.99
Cal. King $191.99

Reviews and Feedback

This topper has been around long enough to garner decent attention and customer feedback. It is a popular choice due to its overall comfort that helps reduce pressure points and create spinal alignment. The pad is also praised for how well it fits and stays put- a feature that many similar products do not have.

The underlying firmness and immediate contouring it provides is also a popular reason to use it, as well as the fact that it does not compress easily over time. The softer feel it provides is not as popular with heavier side sleepers as they feel it doesn’t support the hip area as well, although lighter, shorter sleepers found it to be very comfortable.

Who We Recommend the Viscosoft Topper For

This is an excellent choice for back sleepers of all shapes and sizes. The topper was used by various reviewers for this article, and many other online reviews were explored to see how well our own experiences matched up with the general public. Lightweight stomach sleepers also preferred the topper more than heavier sleepers, as depending on preference the hip area may not have had the best support (which is a common problem with all sleep surfaces in this position)

Side sleeper reviews were also overwhelmingly positive. Heavier sleepers found it overall comforting, but a few said it was much too soft. We also found it to be very cooling without any issues pertaining to heat sinks. If you are a hot sleeper and are in need of a cooler sleeper surface, this is one to consider.

Our Final Verdict

The Sleep Judge Review Team definitely recommends the Viscosoft Select High Density Topper. It is not one that is designed to drastically change the overall feel of your mattress but certainly can help provide a longer mattress life and help distribute weight across a supportive surface. The underlying firmness allows for a softer top that is preferable to many sleepers looking for spinal alignment and hip and shoulder support.

Although not all larger-bodied or heavier sleepers preferred the softer feel it lent, it is certainly a choice a large number of consumers have preferred. Our various trials also found it to be overall comforting and well made.

The fair, competitive price point makes it a good choice, and the cooling features make it a great sleep surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this product harden or soften my sleep surface?

Overall this is a supportive sleep surface that should provide a firm support with a soft, overall feel.

How thick is it?

The topper is 3 inches thick.

Where can it be shipped?

The company currently ships within the 48 contiguous States

Does it include organic materials?

No, this topper is not organically certified

Is it easy to store?

The topper can be folded and rolled for storage. It will not fit back in the original box it came it, but it can be compressed again for portability if needed.

Does it include features to keep it in place like anchors or straps?

Four, adjustable corner straps are included.

Can I return the product?

A 60 day guarantee comes with all Viscosoft products. If you are unhappy start a claims process for a simple return.

How long will it take to get my product?

Shipping takes approximately 2 to 3 days.

The product has an odor, what do I do?

Most foams have an off gassing period of 24 to 48 hours. Simply allow your topper to air out for this time period, or until you are more comfortable with the odor.