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Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement Review

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Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement

Believe me when I say that I absolutely cannot stand a dirty mattress. Do you enjoy sleeping on dust mites, dead skin cells, and other allergens? I sure hope not. Protecting your bed against stains, bugs, and just extending the life of your mattress can be quite beneficial.

The main thing that worries me is voiding my warranty because I wasn’t careful with that glass of wine I had in bed. So, what better way to remedy this issue than to invest in a good quality mattress encasement. I was able to get my hands on a Utopia Bedding waterproof & bed bug proof mattress encasement. Let’s check out what it has to offer and how it performed, shall we?

Presenting The Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement

The Utopia Bedding mattress encasement extends the longevity of your mattress by completely encasing it in a stretchable knitted polyester fabric that fits your bed like a fitted sheet. Not only does it protect the wear of your mattress, it also protects against bed bugs and dust mites on all six sides of your bed. This hypoallergenic material can fit mattresses 15” deep.

This encasement is for those who need to protect their bed from spills and bed bugs. If you are an allergy sufferer, this is an ideal product for you because it keeps allergens away and helps ease Asthma and other respiratory conditions. If you are easily bothered by noises on your bed as you move around, I don’t suggest this encasement for you. The sound is very minimal, almost like the sound the top of a sleeping bag makes, but it may be bothersome if you are sensitive to sounds.

Features & Benefits

Mattress protectors help conserve the life of your mattress, especially against spills and other moisture. However, they don’t fully encase your mattress, which can leave it susceptible to other problems. For example, while you won’t get the same buildup of dead skin on your mattress, you can’t negate the presence of dust mites and other pests, including bed bugs. This is something you should definitely consider, especially if you live in an apartment building, since one person’s infestation of beg bugs can become every resident’s problem.

A mattress encasement can protect against bed bugs and a number of other issues that become problematic. With a complete mattress encasement that is removable and washable, you don’t get buildup of dead skin, dust mites, pollen and other allergens that can wreak havoc on breathing and respiratory conditions, or anything that might lead to compromising your mattress’s integrity (or warranty).

Especially think about a mattress encasement rather than just a standard top protector for children, since they often have food and drink in their rooms that can be spilled, have accidents during the night from time to time, and could have other issues that make their mattress smell or become uncomfortable or unusable. While it may cost a little more than a standard mattress protector, a mattress encasement is far less expensive than replacing an entire mattress, and this definitely the case with the Utopia Bedding mattress encasement.

Here is where we get down to the nitty gritty. In this section, you’ll learn everything you need to know about what the Utopia Bedding encasement has to offer and how it stood up to my tests.


The Utopia Bedding mattress encasement offers optimal protection for your bed. It has a 100% waterproof barrier on all six sides of the mattress. It also protects completely against bed bugs and allergens. Let’s check out how some of these claims held up in terms of protection.


I personally tested the waterproof claim, and this is what I found-it’s truly waterproof.I poured 8 ounces of colored water on the encasement and observed what happened every two hours for a total of eight hours. Each time I entered the room, I saw the spill getting larger as the encasement soaked it up. I also lifted the area where the spill was to ensure it wasn’t leaking onto the mattress, which it wasn’t. Overall, the encasement held tight and didn’t allow any colored water to leak through to the mattress, even after sitting for eight hours. My bed remained protected.

Bed Bug Protection

One of the main features of this encasement is that it repels against bed bugs. Let me tell you something-bed bugs are nasty beyond belief. Once you have one, you have hundreds, if not thousands. I’ve never dealt with it personally, but I had a close friend that did and she wishes she had one of these protectors on her bed. Instead, she had to throw her mattress out and get a new one.

The Utopia Bedding encasement features a zippered closure that has a velcro flap to secure it. These nasty critters can enter even the tiniest hole to get into your bed. The velcro flap keeps the zipper protected. It’s like protection for the protection, if you get what I mean.


I personally don’t suffer from allergies, so I can’t say for sure if it helps, but I can fill you in on what it’s supposed to do. This encasement is made from an easy care hypoallergenic material. You won’t wake up sniffly, puffy, or leaky from your eyes or nose. I didn’t notice a change in my respiratory system, so I can only assume that it worked.

Some materials can worsen the symptoms of allergies and other respiratory conditions, such as asthma and COPD. These symptoms, including stuffy or runny nose, itchy or watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and more, keep you from sleeping comfortably and getting the proper rest. You may wake up frequently during the night, have trouble falling asleep, or even if you are asleep, not get the proper rest and recuperation that your body needs. In order to avoid this, you not only need to protect your mattress from gathering allergens but also use materials that won’t aid and abet such problems.


After I was done with my colored water spill test, I threw the encasement in the washer to see if the stain would really come out. I did not use bleach, I washed it in cold water with Tide detergent on a delicate cycle, and I threw it in the dryer once it was done. The only downfall I came across was that it took two cycles for it to completely dry. This did not affect the integrity of the encasement that I could see.


The encasement is made from a solid knitted polyester fabric that fits easily. It has a TPU backing on all sides that’s waterproof and resists any leakage into the mattress. The extra tough seam construction makes the encasement durable.

With this encasement, you’ll also find that it’s fully breathable and does not trap body heat. As I was sleeping on it, I didn’t find myself overheating or becoming uncomfortable. The Utopia Bedding protector closes all the way around your mattress and is secured with the velcro zipper lock.

This protector is PVC and vinyl free.

The lack of heat retention is especially vital if you happen to suffer from night sweats due to medication you’re taking or an underlying condition you have. This is optimal, considering that a number of mattress encasements and protectors sleep hot.

Note that the Utopia Bedding mattress encasement fits up to a 15 inch thick mattress. Trying to close it around anything thicker will compromise its integrity, and it will rip at the seams. On the other hand, if you have an extremely thin mattress, such as 10 inches thick or less, you may also find that the encasement shifts too much for comfort, making crinkling sounds and not being taut beneath you as you sleep. This can cause discomfort and the disruption of your sleep, which is not ideal for your comfort. Consider either a different product for thinner mattresses or perhaps incorporating a mattress topper of some kind that will thicken your mattress.


Honestly, I didn’t realize it was there half of the time. I could sleep comfortably most nights. The only complaint that I have is that sometimes, it would bunch up and I could feel the fabric where it was lumpy. It wasn’t anything major, but it was still noticeable. As for the sound that I mentioned earlier, I could barely hear it when I moved around.

Maintenance, Care and Warranty

Maintenance & Care

Honestly, there really isn’t much to maintain. As long as the zipper lock stays in place, you should be 100% protected. You should definitely wash it once in awhile, which brings me to how to care for it.

This encasement is completely washable. You should take it off right away if something spills or leaks on it. You can wash it in warm water and it can be tumble dried on low heat. DO NOT DRY ON HIGH TEMPERATURE. I say this because it may damage your encasement, voiding the warranty leaving you without protection for your bed. You should also not use bleach, iron it, or dry clean it.


Unfortunately, you only get a 30 day money back guarantee with the purchase of this product.

To be completely honest, I’ve seen much better warranties on mattress encasements than what’s offered here.

How Easy Are Returns

If for any reason you need to return your item, you can simply request a return from the manufacturer or the third party seller you purchased it from. You may or may not have to pay for the return.

Consumer Feedback

Feedback on its Features


  • Helps protect against bed bugs, old and new.
  • Being hypoallergenic is helpful for allergies
  • Bed bug problems were solved
  • Zipper lock holds strong
  • Protects against large leaks and spills


  • Complaints about bugs still getting in (possibly a faulty zipper)



  • Seems to hold up well
  • Does seem durable
  • High quality


  • Complaint about holes after a few months
  • Flimsy material


  • No odor detected

Customer Support

  • Customer service representatives are quick to respond
  • Quick to solve problems


Overall, the Utopia Bedding encasement held up well while I was using it. It passed the waterproof test, the sleep test, and the machine washable test. I was quite impressed with the way it held up. I do recommend this to anyone who has a bed bug problem, has allergies, or who just wants protection from spills or leaks. Since the encasement does have that added velcro flap, I do believe that it will keep the bed bugs in or out, depending on your situation.

In terms of satisfactory performance, I don’t see anything left to be desired. While I’m not a fan of the warranty, as I don’t see a 30-day guarantee as a valuable offer compared to other similar products, this is probably the only real complaint I have about the product in general.

Utopia Bedding Mattress Encasement Specs

Material Sizes Odor Warranty Shipping Weight
or Weight
Polyester Twin XL, California, King, Full, King, Queen, Twin None 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 1.5 Pounds $

Frequently Asked Questions

Is protector attached with corner anchors or fitted like a sheet?

Encases the mattress.

Is this protector machine-washable?

Wash in cold water on delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

Will the pocket depth be enough for my mattress?

Works for mattresses between 10-15 inches thick.

Is there a warranty?

30 days.