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A lot of people talk about how millennials have eliminated the use for a top bed sheet entirely. If you ever questioned your necessity for a bed sheet, consider the following: humans shed a lot more skin than you can ever imagine. In fact, every 2 to 4 weeks, we shed out an entire layer of it. That means that there is probably a lot of dead skin on your mattress, unless you use a bed sheet.

So, aside from being very disgusting, eliminating bed sheets from your home is also very impractical. Think about how easy it is to switch between bed sheets and throw the dirty one in the washing machine. If you had to clean your comforter or your mattress as often as you do your bed sheet, how large of an effort would that be? But it’s not only about staying clean, it’s also about sleeping comfortably.

Who doesn’t want to sleep in the highest level of comfort possible? We often tend to focus our attention on purchasing the most customizable mattress and the best pillows, but often neglect the importance of bed sheets. Fitted or flat, a good set of bed sheets is like a wearing a comfortable piece of clothing while you sleep. But just as you pay close attention when picking new clothing, you need to know what the different types of sheets are, and which are the characteristics of a good one.

Tomorrow Sleep Sheet Specs

 Material:100% Supima Cotton Percale Weave

 Thread Count: 500

 Trial Period: 100 days

 Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Types of Bed Sheets

The most important thing to look for is the number of threads for every square inch of material. A number of 200 and above is recommended, because sheets that come with a higher count are softer and more pleasant to the touch. Aside from the flat or fitted classification, sheets are also divided according to the fabric used in their manufacturing process. The 3 main types of sheets are made of:


Even if cotton is believed to be the highest quality fabric for bed sheets, there are also different types of cotton. For instance, cotton can be measured by the length of the staple. A longer staple means a higher quality cotton. The best currently available on the market is Egyptian cotton. In fact, Egyptian bed sheets with a high thread count are considered to be a luxury item, representing a type of comfort that not everyone can afford. Not only is Egyptian cotton pleasant to the touch, it also has an increased lifespan and allows your skin to breathe during the night.

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This particular type of sheet has become very popular due to the delicacy of the material and how soft and smooth it feels when touching one’s skin. They are particularly popular in the summer, although the material does feel a little slippery because of its surface.

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Flannel sheets will always increase in popularity during the colder seasons, as their fluffiness is something we all like to feel when crawling into bed, cold and tired. A high-quality flannel sheet is generally made from a mix between cotton and wool which, combined together, ensure that feeling of fluffiness plus the extra warmth. It’s important to know that wool isn’t exactly a breathable fabric, so if your house is extra warm during the winter, the material may cause discomfort due to excessive skin heat.

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In today’s article, we’re going to review a set of bed sheets that promises great comfort, high levels of durability and a lifespan that’s backed up by a more than generous warranty period.

Tomorrow Sheet Set

Because we always insist on choosing the highest quality accessories for your night’s rest, we’ve chosen the Tomorrow Sheet Set for a review that points out the many indisputable qualities of a good set of bed sheets. For the cotton connoisseur, it’s enough to mention that the Tomorrow sheet set features Supima cotton grown in USA, with a thread count of 500. For those of you who are unsure about what means, bear with us. We’ll shed light on everything in the following paragraphs.

Features & Benefits

Navigating through the benefits of the Tomorrow bed sheet set, you will notice a combination of fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials that only have the user’s best comfort in mind.

Supima Cotton

The Supima Cotton used in the manufacturing of the Tomorrow sheet set is a headliner. This type of cotton is considered to be more than a fabric: it’s an American heritage which is put to good use by the manufacturers that focus on using only the best fabrics to create high-quality products. Since Tomorrow’s bed sheet use Supima cotton, they are twice as durable compared to other regular cotton sheets. The fibers are more resistant to wear and tear and can maintain their original shape for longer. They are also more luxurious, due to the long, staple fiber.

Thread Count

As we mentioned at the beginning of this review, thread count is a determining factor in the quality of bed sheets. The Tomorrow bed sheets have a thread count of 500. That means that every square inch of material will have 250 threads woven vertically and another 250 woven horizontally.

Combed Cotton

Another valuable characteristic of Tomorrow’s bed sheet is the fact that the cotton is combed, not carded. But what does that mean? Carding and combing are 2 different ways to get raw fiber ready for spinning. Through the process of carding, the result is fuzzier, with many of the fibers not being properly aligned. Combing cotton will result in more aligned fibers. It’s a more costly process, that creates higher waste, but also a high quality result.

Percale Weaving

Tomorrow’s set of bed sheets takes pride in the percale woven products they sell. Percale sheets are known for their tight weave, making the end products more smooth and elegant. When you come in contact with a percale woven sheet, you will notice that the material feels the same on both sides. This particular type of weaving makes the Tomorrow sheet sets more durable and offer a cooling sensation for your skin.

Available Sizes

Thankfully, the Tomorrow sheet set is available in a wide variety of sizes and here is a guide that will tell you if there’s one available for your type of mattress:

   Size    Dimensions
   Twin flat sheet    71 x 96 inches
   Twin fitted sheet    39 x 75 x 15 inches
   Full flat sheet:    86 x 96 inches
   Full fitted sheet    54 x 75 x 15 inches
   Queen flat sheet    96 x 102 inches
   Queen fitted sheet    60 x 80 x 18 inches
   King flat sheet    110 x 104 inches
   King fitted sheet    72 x 80 x 18 inches
   California king flat sheet    110 x 104 inches
   California king fitted sheet    78 x 80 x 18 inches

Trial & Warranty

As you know, when purchasing a new mattress online, you are often given the benefit of using the product for 100 nights, to see if it fits your needs. If it doesn’t, you can return it free of all costs, no questions asked. We’re very happy to announce that you can do the same with Tomorrow’s bed sheets. Aside from the advantage of testing this product for free, you also have a 3 years warranty provided, which is a great bonus considering that your average bed sheet can’t provide that.

BONUS: The Sleeptracker Monitor

Tomorrow doesn’t just make high quality bed sheets: they have developed a whole range of sleeping products, from pillows, to mattresses and beds. Because their premium line of products is focused on the quality of the buyer’s sleep, they’ve also created the Sleeptracker Monitor. It’s basically a gizmo that measures and provides a detailed record of your sleep. It will give out information such as your body movements, heartbeat rates and even breathing patterns, which help you understand what type of sleeper you are, what causes dysfunction while you sleep and how you can improve several factors that contribute towards you getting a good night’s rest.

You can get very detailed charts and statistics that show your sleep evolution every hour, while also providing you with an alarm wake up system. It can determine when is the best moment to wake you up, as it identifies your light sleeping stage, making it easier for you to get out of bed. One of the best features of the Sleeptracker Monitor is that it operates without ever being seen or heard. It doesn’t get in your way whatsoever. You can conveniently place it under your mattress, no matter which type of bed foundation you have. You don’t need to charge it and you can sync it with Alexa via the iOS or Android app.

Customer Opinions

The very first thing that caught our attention when we were looking to gather the most significant and relevant customer experiences and interactions with the Tomorrow bed sheet set was the fact that there are no negative reviews for this product. That’s right. Being offered the chance to offer a review between 1 to 5 stars, every customer has given at least a 3-star rating for this product and this is an extremely rare case. Let’s name some of things that stood out for the buyers of this particular set of bed sheets.


This is often a quality that people underestimate when they’re looking to buy bed sheets. However, one of the most displeasing scenarios is trying to fall asleep during the summer, but end up tossing and turning, frustrated with the heat in the room. You feel like that sheets are stuck to your skin and you want to take a shower even if you took one just before going to bed. That means that either your sheets or the mattress you are sleeping on is not doing a very good job in ventilating the air underneath you. That seems to be one issue that Tomorrow took very seriously and created a product that’s comfortable to use no matter the season or the temperature inside your bedroom.


Sweeping through the customers reviews for the bed sheet set, you will notice a frequent use of the words “soft” and “comfortable”. That’s because buyers are really happy with the quality of the materials used and the pleasantness provided by every touch of the sheets’ surface. We couldn’t help but notice that everything Tomorrow pointed out about delivering a high quality product was true. And every bed sheet set buyer can confirm that.


Even with the wide range of sizes available, Tomorrow sheet customers have reported an ill fit of the size they purchase, claiming they don’t match with the designated mattress type. In order to avoid such situations, you should always measure the mattress and then order a sheet that fits.


Sadly, the Tomorrow bed sheets aren’t that slip resistant as they are advertised to be. Even when using a fitted sheet model, customers have reported waking up to a bunched up sheet, no matter how well it was tucked. This could be a turn-off for fussy sleepers, who move a lot during the night and are more likely to drag the bed sheet along with them.


Aside from looking for bed sheets which allow the skin to breathe, most of us want a sheet that will keep our bodies cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Customer reviews have pointed out that the Tomorrow set delivers even in this aspect, as several sleeping partners with different warmth preferences were happy with using these products.

Other Feedback

If you’re interested in individual experiences, we’ve decided to refer to some particular cases of how users interacted with Tomorrow’s bed sheets and their overall impressions: One particular customer stated that the sheets felt too rugged, even after being machine washed 3 times in a row. Another customer said that the sheets felt a bit plasticky to her. One Californian buyer talked about how, in his experience, the thread count doesn’t seem to matter all that much, as he previously owned a set of bed sheets with an 800 thread count which weren’t nearly as comfortable as the ones sold by Tomorrow. A customer talked about how she would have loved for this set to be available in a wider range of colors.

Bottom Line

Considering its price tag, the Tomorrow bed sheet set is amongst the best ones that money can buy. In fact, if your previous experience with bed sheets has been negative, you’ll feel like the Tomorrow set over-delivers. Available in 5 different sizes for both flat and fitted models, these particular bed sheets were designed as a high-end product that meets the consumer’s needs for a durable, comfortable and easy to care for item.

Even if some people will tell you that thread count is not important, you will feel a major difference between a sheet with a count of 200 and another one, with a count of 500. This is one of those things you have to test for yourself. The Supima cotton used in the manufacturing of Tomorrow’s bed sheets provides an extra level of durability and comfort for the customer. Bed sheets are an item very subjected to wear and tear and when you finally come across a product that you enjoy using (or sleeping on) so much, you obviously want to be able to use it for years to come. That’s why Tomorrow has included a 3 years warranty and even a 100 nights free trial for this bed set.

Should you be satisfied with the job of the Tomorrow bed sheets, you can take things up a notch and upgrade your other bed-related items with new one from the Tomorrow sleeping comfort line. You can opt for their hybrid mattress, their extremely comfortable pillow and even purchase the Sleeptracker Monitor. All of these combines are aimed at taking sleep to a whole new level, by providing not only a suitable resting environment, but also a tool that help you understand how your body functions while you’re sleeping. Based on all the information given by the tracker, you can determine the hours when you’re sleep is deep and sweet, how your heart and breath function while you’re resting and can even wake you up at a moment that’s comfortable and easier on your body. Once you decide how much you’re willing to invest into the comfort of your sleep, you’ll notice that the Tomorrow sheets provide amazing benefits at a price that won’t break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

Machine wash and tumble dry low.

Do they include organic materials?


What sizes are available?

Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

What colors are available?