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TEMPUR-Pedic Contour Supreme Review

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TEMPUR-Pedic Contour Supreme

For many years mattresses were viewed as simply another piece of furniture, and marketed for visual appeal over comfort. In fact, descriptive words such as orthopedic were used to tote the importance of your health, without explaining how it influenced your health. In 1992, a new material was introduced to the mattress industry by The TEMPUR-pedic Company, a business founded upon the new technology of sleep comfort. The patented Tempur memory foam took the industry by storm and provided an entirely new way to look at sleep comfort and health.

Most mattresses prior to this were constructed of an innerspring system that provided a more firm sleeping surface, softened by layers of material to meet consumer needs. With the introduction of memory foam, surface comforts could be better varied for a more individualized sleeping surface.

Features & Benefits

Early in the company’s history the address of both firm and softer sleeping surfaces were incorporated into mattress series models. The Contour Series is one of their older comfort lines, and addresses the needs of back and stomach sleepers who need back and spinal support through a firmer, upholding surface. Available in all sizes, including split designs, these mattresses also work well with any of their available bases.

Memory foam was born from inventive design surrounding NASA’s Space Flight Programs in the 1970’s. Although the materials were never used, the scientists involved eventually used it to create the memory foam we know today and founded the Tempur-Pedic line of mattresses.

Memory foam is a temperature sensitive material that contours to your body as you sleep upon it. This helps distribute weight and alleviates pressure points in any position, which has made it a very popular material due to how it better supports your spinal health. Tempur-Pedic uses a patented viscoelastic polyurethane foam of varying densities and softness level to attain the comforts available through their differing mattress options.

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The Contour Supreme is the most firm of the Contour mattresses, and is amongst the most firm offered by the company. This is achieved through the foam mattress layers that allows for memory foam contouring to help provide the best possible sleep position unique to every body weight, height, and shape. But without sacrificing the firm support needed for correct spinal curvature and alignment a back and stomach sleeper needs.

If you are curious to know the differences between a Tempur-Pedic memory foam and other brands, you can compare them at a local showroom. Personally I’ve never noticed a difference other than between the price tags.

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Foam mattress constructions almost exclusively a layered process to help customize sleep experiences and allow for an increased airflow since spaces in foam help draw heat away from the body and better circulate outside air. In a Tempur mattress the first layer you come in contact with is the quilted cooling cover to help keep you cool and dry, and also protect the mattress beneath.

The Contour Supreme Mattress is 11.5 inches thick and has four total layers of foam. The first layer is a 1.2 inch TEMPER-HD (high density) comfort layer that weighs 7.1lb/cu.ft. and is supported by a standard 2.8 inch thick TEMPUR foam that weighs 5.3lb/cu.ft. Beneath comes two additional layers of a general 2.0lb/cu.ft poly foam totalling 7 inches in all. These base layers are to help support and distribute the top layers, and also help circulate air.

Foam Density Explained

As the competition in the sleep industry has increased, combined with more transparency of product value with the use of technological advances, many complaints have risen surrounding material quality concerning many brand name products. The Tempur Company has not been without it’s fair share- mostly surrounding the densities of their foams. Foam density is important because it relates directly to the quality of the product being used. High density foams are of higher quality and will last longer, and compress less over time.

The foams used in the Contour Supreme described above are of higher quality with densities that are heavier in relation to many other competitors. This should help distribute weight evenly over the life of the mattress. It is important to take note of the fact that this quality of memory foam is only seen in the first 3 inches if an 11.5 inch mattress, with a base of a regular poly foam. A poly density of 2.0lbs is entirely acceptable as a decent quality for the support base and foam type, but generally overall mattress cost often reflects the surface comfort quality.


As mentioned, the Contour Supreme is the most firm of the mattresses in this series, and of the most firm offered by the company. Laying on any surface can have a direct influence on our spinal health, and since our spine protects the most important part of our bodies- the central nervous system- how we treat it is important. Sleeping on your back or stomach often pulls your spine out of alignment, or puts pressure on the surrounding muscles, when hips and shoulders sink into too soft a surface. The firmness of the Contour Supreme helps to hold up these areas and distributes the weight to allow a natural spinal curvature.

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Through the years this attention paid to consumer health and comfort has kept the company as a leading manufacturer of mattresses within the industry. Plus, their continual approach to new technological application for this company has been well recognized.

Since memory foam is known to sleep hot, this has been a popular mattress due to a memory foam that isn’t as enveloping to keep body heat closer to the body. Many reviews claim it sleeps cool combined with how well it contours without sacrificing support. Negative comfort reviews surround how long it takes the high density foam to contour to your body due to how it must soften to your body heat first, which can then make for uncomfortable movement if you shift positions through the night.

Heat Retention

Memory foam in general has some pretty high heat retention complaints, however there were no complaints about this particular model, mainly due to the shallow sink that allows heat to better escape from around your body. Excess heat seems to be drawn away from the body through the SmartClimate cover system and circulates well away from the body as it is drawn through the foam layer construction.

Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

The purpose of mattress rotation is to keep your surface from wearing unevenly and resulting in a poor night’s sleep. This is especially true of memory foam mattresses that are expected to contour and compress slightly as it breaks in over time. If you sleep in only one area that spot is sure to wear more quickly than the rest of the mattress. Be sure to rotate your mattress at least twice a year, if not more. Some people claim rotating with the seasons will give you the best sleep possible through time.

Any moisture within material has the potential to create an environment ripe for mold growth and decay. Keeping your mattress free of spills, which not only stains and can void warranties, is a must with memory foams to keep the foam pliable and responsive to your body each night. Consider using a quality waterproof mattress protector to extend the life of your mattress and keep it fresh and protected.

Tempur-Pedic offers a limited, 10 year full replacement warranty on all their mattresses. Be sure to review the details of this to make sure you are in compliance with care and maintenance, as well as how you support your mattress. Using the incorrect supportive base can also void warranties. Also review the 90 day sleep trial offered by the company.

TEMPUR-Pedic Promise

From the start The Tempur Company has promised a unique, individualized night’s rest, and through the years they have worked to uphold that statement. Their constant advertising evolution and addressing of needs have kept customers coming back year after year. They seem to stand by the motto of your best night’s sleep, or your money back, offering many choices and opportunities to fall in love with their products.

Consumer Proof

Firm surface lovers, and people of heavier weight, seem to best enjoy the Contour Supreme mattress. It may take time for the memory foam body contouring to occur due to the high density of the foam which some people found to be problematic if they changed position during the night. There were no issues with heat retention, although complaints were raised about pressure points for side sleepers.

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The Contour Series is the firmest set of mattresses offered by The Tempur-pedic Company, and the Contour Supreme is one of the most firm offered overall. This is a good choice for back and stomach sleepers, or anyone of heavier weight who needs a bit more support but still appreciates the slight contouring of memory foam this model affords. Reviews are overall positive for firm mattress lovers, although some complaints rose due to the length of time it takes for the foam to soften to your body heat.

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