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TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Luxe Mattress Review

Updated August 14, 2019

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Our Rating

TEMPUR-Pedic’s Cloud Foam collection are considered the softest, most sinkable mattress line they carry due to an extra layer of their extra soft TEMPUR material. The Cloud Luxe is the softest of these models, and is popular with side and combination sleeper. It is available in a twin long, queen, king, split king, CA king, and split CA king to work with their adjustable bed bases.

The EasyRefresh mattress cover comes standard with all mattresses and is made with the patented SmartClimate system to help move body heat and humidity away from your while you rest. The fabric used is also hypoallergenic and deters both dust mites and microorganisms.

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Features & Benefits

In the 25 years since TEMPUR-Pedic first introduced its innovative foam memory line to the world, it has grown to be a standard against what other memory foam mattresses are held against. At the time it was an innovative measure, and changed the way people shopped for mattresses since not only comfort, but also sleep health became a conversation. The slow, sinking feel and contouring of the foam to applied weight is behind the claim that it will “change the way you sleep”.

Even though a growth in technology has increased the competition over the years, TEMPUR-Pedic continues to grow its business to build upon their claims of providing an individual sleep experience. To truly see if you can tell the difference yourself, head on down to the nearest mattress showroom and check it out. I, personally, was unable to. The most noticeable difference between the multiple designs I tried out was the price tag.

The secret, patented TEMPUR foam formula is only known to a select few and is not shared with the general public- even though it is what drives their entire manufacturing line. Despite this lack of material transparency, it is an open-celled viscoelastic polyurethane foam that envelops your body and conforms to your unique shape all while transferring weight away to reduce pressure points. This is where TEMPUR’s claim of “like sleeping on a cloud” comes from: due to the relative weightlessness you may feel compared to other, competitive mattress companies.

Optional, but suggested for warranty purposes, is their foundation base that comes in a matching gray upholstery that matches the mattress fabric as well. The fabrics used are also hypoallergenic and helps to deter dust mites and microorganisms that exist on most surfaces.


TEMPUR-Pedic prides themselves in their multi-layered mattress construction which allows them to personalize their mattress line to help meet your specific needs. Layered according to materials and softness levels, the Cloud Luxe is the softest of all mattresses offered, and is layered with two comfort layers, supported by an airflow base layer to channel away heat and air.

What this translates into is a 3.5 inch TEMPUR-ES layer that weighs in at 4.1 lbs/cu ft density for your softness factor, supported by a 2 inch TEMPER-HD layer at 7.1 lbs/cu ft. The remaining 2 layers are a general 4 inch, 2 lb poly foam for additional support, and I’m assuming are also layered to help increase airflow.

The densities are what equals the quality of the foam being used as it determines not softness, but rather longevity. Softness is determined by an entirely different measurement, and does not relate to the quality of the product as much as density measurements. A higher density material can take on more weight for a longer amount of time before creating indentations and breaking down. Lower densities will show more wear over time. A 4.1 lb density is a decent weight for a top layer, and the supporting layer is considered a very good quality foam by all indications. However, the bottom 4 inches are a low quality, low density foam being used as an overall support. Basically what you are paying for in this particular mattress is the top 5.5 inches of TEMPUR foam material.

The biggest concern surround TEMPUR products is the lack of transparency concerning their foam quality. For the most part it seems they use good to high quality foam in their TEMPUR line, but their cost factor is often drastically undercut by top leading competitors using foam that is just as dense, or even more so.


Back and stomach sleepers often need a more firm mattress with very little pillow support to help keep their spine aligned, although side-sleepers have found this to me more in their comfort zone. Therefore, this really is best for anyone who has a tendency to roll into new positions, or even sleep with a body pillow through the night. The mattress is available in every size from a twin to a split California king.

Positive reviews surrounding this particular product praise the softness for soft mattress lovers, and the overall comfort and lack of pressure points. This is especially true for side sleepers. Criticism surrounds, not surprisingly, how soft it is as many people are unsure of exactly how a soft mattress sleeps. Others feel it takes a long time to conform to their weight, and also have issues with the heat as it ‘envelopes’ your body so you sleep within it, rather than on top of it.

There were also concerns with overall comfort over time as ‘sinks’ and indentations may begin to occur over the years. Heavier bodies may experience a bottoming out to the second layer as well, which may become uncomfortable and create pressure points.

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Heat Retention

All of the TEMPUR mattresses have a built in SmartClimate system within their zip off, washable, mattress cover. Combined with the open cell foam design, heat is supposedly channeled down and out through the lower layers to provide a cooler night’s sleep.

Overall, the TEMPUR-Pedic lines have a high complaint rate concerning heat retention, mostly due to the fact that their memory foam is built to surround your body as you sink into it, making it more difficult for heat to escape. This is an issue that is very personal to the sleeper since each body is unique in shape and size, and will be affected differently. The Cloud Luxe does have quite few issues with heat complaints because of this.

Maintenance, Care, and Warranty

Every mattress TEMPUR-Pedic (or authorized dealer) sells comes with a 10 year warranty covering limited replacement and repair. This is specific to product defects that may arise over the years, but does not cover an increase in softness or consumer damage.

Providing a water-proof mattress cover is highly suggested to help keep from voiding the warranty in case any liquids are spilled in your mattress’ vicinity. Liquids can break down foam and can cause irreversible damage and a breakdown of the cell structure over time. All spills should be blotted up immediately and dried thoroughly.

Rotating your mattress every few months doesn’t hurt, plus it will help weight to be more evenly distributed over time. If you only apply weight to only one spot then it makes sense that you will increase the chances of getting indentations over time. Just make sure your mattresses is on a solid base, and not a box spring. They need a flatter surface to provide the maximum comfort and life expectancy.

TEMPUR-Pedic also offers a 90 sleep trial for all current mattresses in production. This includes 30 days to initially try out the mattress with approved credit, after which you will be charged the entire amount of the bed, but still have 60 days to return it minus shipping costs.

TEMPUR-Pedic Promise

After 25 years of being in business, The TEMPUR Company has held onto a top spot of innovative foam advances in sleep comfort. However, they have recently been given some stiff competition as other manufacturers have jumped on the proverbial memory foam boat with new technology in both creation and comfort. The biggest threat to the TEMPUR line is the affordability of higher quality foams found in leading competition.

Consumer Proof

Overall reviews of this mattress, and the Tempur-Pedic line of sleep comfort in general, are fairly positive with only individualized complaints gaining any attention. Online reviews praise the comfort for side -sleepers, the lack of motion transfer, and pressure relief. Complaints are generally focused on heat retention or a poor surface choice for sleep position.

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As part of their softest mattress line, the TEMPUR-Pedic Cloud Luxe is the softest comfort level available for purchase. Popular with side and combo sleepers, this mattress provides an enveloping softness supported by high quality memory foam for an individualized night’s rest. Those who found issue with the mattress were looking for a more firm surface, or were unhappy with how hot it slept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Foundation Needed?

A foundation is recommended to reduce chances of development of mold.

Is a Mattress Pad or Protector Needed?

Recommended, but not required.

Are returns hassle free?

Yes, within 90 day trial period.

Does it Work on Adjustable Beds?


Is There A Trial Available?

Yes, 90 days.

How long is the warranty?

10 years.

Does It Need To Be Rotated?

Head to toe every three months.