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Updated August 13, 2019

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Great review, very thorough and helpful! However, you said you are reviewing the “small” pillow size when you are in fact testing the “standard/medium” size. This is clearly stated on the picture of the packaging that is the first picture in your post. Also, I knew there was something off with your measurement and sleeping pictures as that height of the pillow is much higher than a real “small” sized pillow (i own all three sizes). Nevertheless, very accurate review- I would just change the size to avoid confusion).

Catherine Maddox

I have been suffering with neck pain sleeping on my goose down pillows for years. The last 2 weeks have turned into migrains. I finally purchased the Tempur neck pillow, wow! woke up feeling great. What a great investment! Thank you!


Jess RJ

So glad to hear this! Thanks for sharing!

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