Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with ComfortTech Controller Review

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Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with ComfortTech Controller

If you’re in the market for a heated mattress pad, then you’ve probably overwhelmed yourself with research in finding the best one. Am I right? I did the same thing. The winter months where I live are super cold and I wanted to get ahead of the game and find the perfect heated topper for my bed. Well, I think I found it. And to make the process easier on you, I’ve compiled the most detailed review I could muster up. Take a look for yourself and decide if the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad is right for you.

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Presenting The Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad

The Sunbeam heated pad promises that you’ll sleep soundly on top of the quilted softness regardless of size. It offers dual zone control which means that both sides can be adjusted to different temperatures which is great for couples. This is great for those who live in colder climates or for people who tend to run a little chilly on a warm day. In terms of the mattress toppers, this is a good one for the heated category.

Features & Benefits

What Sets this Product Apart

What really stood out to me about this particular heated mattress pad was the easy to use device. I was worried about having to fuss with buttons and features in the middle of the night, but this one has a small box that sits next to the bed and has two buttons; up and down.

I could adjust the temperature with my eyes closed if it got too hot in the middle of the night. That was a big plus for me. The boxes are also small enough to tuck away behind the headboard or to attach on the side, if need be. I know not everyone has a bedside table.


I’ll break the construction down into two sections; the pad itself and the electric system. First the pad. It’s made of 100% polyester and a 140 thread count, a medium on a scale of meh to great. The seam work is actually really good, nice and tight and holds everything together nicely. The side panels are a little thin, but I found it to be quite resilient when stretching it over the sides of my 18” thick mattress.

Now for the electronics of the pad. The entire system is comprised of a few simple wires. They really made this user friendly. The heating pads are placed at the top and bottom of the topper so the heat can find its way to the middle. The only thing I didn’t like was that the instructions said to place the device at the foot of the bed. However, who the heck has an outlet at the foot of the bed? So I had no option other than to flip it around and have the wires coming out near the head.


I wouldn’t say this mattress topper is designed for comfort, although the company states the pad is quilted and super soft. Yes, it’s soft to touch, but other than that it’s quite thin and I could feel the electric pads underneath the thin sheet.

What’s Promised

So, the Sunbeam promises to provide the sleeper with a soft, plushy surface to rest on while enjoying the added bonus of a heating pad. It definitely delivers on the heating pad side. I was thoroughly impressed with how fast it heated up and it then remained steady at a constant heat throughout the night. I had to adjust once, to turn my side down one level because the combination of the heating pad with mine and my husband’s body heat become a little too toasty.

In regards to the soft, plush comfort, I say think again. It’s very thin, offers very little in the way of plushness or support, and I could feel the electric pads and wires very easily.

Heat Retention

Heat retention was awesome. Like I said before, I plugged it in, tuned it to 5 (on a scale of 1-10) and it had heated up in a matter of minutes. In the middle of the night when I had to turn it down, I could feel it cooling within a minute or two.

Once I turned it off completely, it had cooled to room temperature in less than ten minutes.

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Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

In regards to maintenance, there really is none. It’s such a basic model. Just keep the wires clean and away from anything that could damage them.

For washing, I was surprised to read that it was machine washable. But it is. Just disconnect the cord and then detach the control from the pad. Make sure that everything is disconnected, no wires are shown, and there are no holes. Now comes the complicated part.

Soak the topper in warm water with mild soap for 15 minutes. Then toss in a low, delicate washing cycle (no bleach or other chemicals) and wash/rinse. Rinse in cold, clean water. Then, tumble dry on the lowest dryer setting for only ten minutes. Take out, stretch to fit, and then hang dry either outside or inside. Do not put it back on the bed until it’s 100% dry. I found this to be a very tiresome washing/drying process.

As for warranty, it’s 1 year limited which means that for one year they will cover any defects or manufacturing damage. Rips, tears, or damage caused by sleeping on it, misuse, or not following washing instructions is not covered.

How Easy Are Returns

According to the manufacturer warranty statement, all you have to do is call the 1-800 number and a customer service representative will assist you in your return. Sounds easy enough. I scoured the web to see what customers had to say and the few reviews I found that mentioned returning didn’t complain about it being difficult.

Bonuses If Any

The bonus, that I get from this heating pad, is the dual zone control. This means that I could adjust the heat temperature on both sides to different settings. I found this to be an awesome feature because I don’t like to sleep in the heat but my husband loves a toasty bed to crawl into.

For me, I slept on a number 2 setting and turned it down to 1 in the middle of the night. My husband used a 5 setting and turned it down to 4. I never felt the heat from his side unless I slipped over the line. So I say this is a great added bonus feature that really works.

Consumer Feedback


The majority of online consumers claimed that the pad was very durable, which is great because I’d hate to have to go through that washing process every week.


To me, there was no real notable odor upon opening the package. No plastic smell, and there was zero odor when the pads were heating up. So, I say that’s great. I couldn’t find anything online to argue otherwise, either.

Customer Support

I found no complaints about the customer support to talk about here, so I did the only thing I could think of and called the 1-800 number in the manual. I was brought through a quick automated service where I choose what I needed from a 1-5 selection. I was put right through to a rep, and I made up a bogus question about the buttons and they answered me with ease and knowledge. I was impressed. Not to say that someone else may have a difference experience, though.

Feedback on its Features

Everyone hates the fact that the device and wires are located at the bottom. A few customers complained online, but the problem can be rectified by flipping the topper around. That’s what I did. Yes, the wires are near my head, but I never felt them underneath my pillow.

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So, to sum up. If you’re looking for a great heated mattress pad for the heating purpose only, then this is definitely a great product. If you want heat and also comfort, then maybe not. You could, however, use an regular and more comfortable topper over the heated one to give that extra added plushness. It’s easy to use, provides a good constant source of warmth, and is super easy to set up.

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The Sunbeam Quilted Specs

Material Thread Count if applicable Type Sizes
100% polyester 140 Heated mattres topper Comes in Twin, Full, Queen , King. I reviewed queen


Odor Composition and Break down Warranty Shipping Weight Price
Next to nothing N/A 1 year limited 5.47lbs $

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this soften or harden the feel of my sleep surface?


Is it loud?

It does make a humming noise.

Is it easy to store?

No, it’s thin and relatively easy to fold up.

Does it include features to help keep it in place like corner anchors?

Stays in place like a fitted sheet.

How long is the warranty?

5 years.