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The Smartduvet

This product is no longer available. Check out the Best Duvet Covers for our top recommendations.

Disclaimer: Some customers who have ordered this product have alerted us to the fact that they haven’t received ordered product, and emails sent to the company went unanswered.

Every productivity book will tell you that it’s best to start your day by doing one complicated thing. Then, every other daily challenge will seem a lot easier. As you helplessly try to find your slippers and head to the bathroom, what could possibly seem more difficult early in the morning other than making your bed? But what if we told you there’s a bed out there that makes itself?

Straight up the “this is too good to be true” alley comes with Smartduvet, a box thingy/app that’s meant to revolutionize bedding accessories as we know them. From the ability to straighten your duvet in the morning to the capacity of heating or cooling each individual side of the bed, Smartduvet is an item that will never leave couples fighting over room temperature ever again.

What Is Smartduvet?

Similar to the idea of a heating mattress pad, this product works like an electric blanket. One would argue that Smartduvet is a product for lazy people. A box controlled by an app that can make the bed for you? Pf, what’s next, stoves that cook an entire meal from start to finish? But the Smartduvet is more than just a smart bedding item that sets the sheets back in place: it’s a heating/cooling system that regulates the temperature on each side of the bed.

Ever since its IndieGoGo campaign launch, Smartduvet gatherer more than $1,000,000 in funding and how now brought what press and influencers all over the world call a revolution in bedding accessories.


  • Ships worldwide.
  • Safe to use.
  • Dual-side climate control.
  • Customizable under the bed ambiance light.
  • Android and iOS compatible app.
  • Programmable.
  • Internal memory.
  • Low noise output.


  • Dual-sided climate control only available on Queen size up.

Available Sizes

Smartduvet is available in all standard bed sizes, with the mention that dual-zone climate control is only available in the Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. If you want to know if the Smartduvet is compatible with your current bedding accessories, this light will help:

  • Twin size: 59 x 79 inches
  • Full size: 80 x 80 inches
  • Queen size: 90 x 88 inches
  • King size: 90 x 102 inches
  • Cal King size: 94 x 104 inches


There are two main components to the Smartduvet kit: the box and the sheet. The box has a very sleek-looking design, and can easily fit almost under every bed that’s slightly elevated. The casing of the Smartduvet box is made from resistant ABS plastic, which means that wear and tear is not likely to happen, especially when you store the box out the way.

The Smartduvet box is where the electronic board and the blower are stored. It is also this box that connects to your smartphone, allowing you to access that different setting that will forever change the way you sleep.

The Smartduvet sheet has a very grid-like pattern and is made with lightweight and this space-age material. The design of the sheet is no random occurrence, as the grid pattern allows air to naturally circulate inside your bedding, while also dissipating any excessive amount of heat. Remember that Smartduvet acts like a bedding add-on, and does not replace your actual duvet or its cover.


The connector is what links the Smartduvet box and the sheet so that you can start enjoying your new bedding experience. What the connector actually does is create a link between the box and the sheet, so that air can be blown into the bed, to fill the sheets.

Smartduvet has also created an intelligent attach system. This helps the top sheet and the bottom of the duvet cover stay attached to one another, while also attaching the duvet cover to the fitter sheet. The entire system is meant to keep each of these three items connected because only when each element is properly aligned will the bed-making system function properly.

Smartphone App

When everything is in place, the controller box uses a wireless connection so that it can then be controlled by the smartphone app. Available for both Android and iOS based smartphones, the app is available for download in each of the two stores and provides access to the features of your Smartduvet.

One of the things you can do with your Smartduvet app is to control the climate feature. For sizes Queen and above, the Smartduvet has two separate climate control areas on each side of the bed, allowing full customization of the temperature desired by each individual sleeper (more on that later). The app uses a smart touch dial so that couples will never have to argue about room temperature again.

Another thing you can control with your Smartduvet app is the ambient lighting. The box that goes under the bed also provides ambient lights, which are useful for a number of different scenarios:

  • If you often get out of the bed to go to the bathroom, it may be difficult to reach your destination without stabbing your toes in the dark. And since no one wants to turn on the lights in the room in the middle of the night, a light installed under the bed is a wonderful feature to have.
  • Some people are huge fans of midnight snacks. But when you think about crossing the bedroom all the way to the kitchen in pitch-black darkness, the munchies disappear almost instantly. With under the bed light, the trip almost seems like a walk through a fancy-lit dance area.
  • Also, finding your slippers into the dark has never been easier, thanks to ambient lighting.

With the Smartduvet light control, your smartphone displays a very wide color spectrum, giving you full control over the color options, and allowing you to customize the box to emit just about any light color you can think of. You can also adjust the light intensity with the in-app slider.

But let’s get down to what’s on everyone’s mind right now: how does this app help me make the bed? Well, not only can you control the box and set it to blow air inside the Smartduvet sheet so that the entire bedding ensemble unfold right before your eyes, but you can actually set a start time for this to happen.

That means that Smartduvet can make the bed even when you are not around. You can set the timer up pretty much as you would set an alarm clock to wake you up. Just input the desired hour, and have the box activate at the given time. It’s as simple as that.

Because it has built-in memory, the controller box can actually memorize your preferred settings. Everything about the app is very intuitive, and it literally takes a few minutes to understand how to use it to activate each Smartduvet function.

Heating & Cooling

Most people are super thrilled about the idea of having such a product that can make the bed for you. As for myself, I’m far more interested in this dual-side climate control feature, because I feel this is what really revolutionized sleeping. Some people sleep too hot, while others are constantly cold.

Ever since we can remember, couples have argued over the perfect room temperature for sleeping, as one prefers a cooler ambiance, while the other likes the room to be warm and toasty. You’d think that a solution was to somehow adjust the temperature level inside the room to a number that both partners were happy with.

But really, the solution was to warm up the duvet on one side of the bed and make it cooler on the other. MIND-BLOWN!

With the Smartduvet app, you can actually preheat or precool each side of the bed, so that the temperature is just the way you want it the minute you tuck yourself under the sheets.

People that are craving for the extra degrees when getting into bed should know that the technology is based on heated air which is pumped from the control box inside the Smartduvet sheet, on the desired side of the bed. The heat is evenly distributed on your half of the bed, so you will be equally warm from head to toe.

Thanks to the openings created in the sheet’s layer, excess humidity is eliminated, to keep the sleeper warm without making him feel hot, sweaty, or cause temperature discomfort throughout the night.

The intelligent thing about adding the cooling feature for the other side of the bed is not necessarily tied to the idea that the sleeper feels the room temperature is too hot but is rather meant to balance potential heat that one might feel from the heated side of the bed. Simply put, you might feel some of your partner’s sheet degrees if you don’t activate the cooling feature on your side of the bed.

Here’s how it works: Smartduvet doesn’t actually act as a fan or an air conditioner of sorts, but uses an evaporation cooling technique, based on the air temperature inside the bedroom. The process is pretty similar to our body’s natural temperature regulation ability.

When water is evaporated through our skin’s pores, the body naturally cools down as it eliminates hot air vapors. Smartduvet actually blows room temperature air through its channels, pushing the body’s natural evaporation cycle to the cooling effect desired.

This entire process eliminates the need for noisy air compressors and has a soothing cooling effect that allows the sleeper to enjoy an optimal temperature without actually exposing it to a lower temperature.

Other Useful Information

Amongst the many things that people want to know about the Smartduvet is how safe it is. The sheet, which is the closest part of the entire system that you’ll come in contact with, doesn’t contain any electronic components or heating elements that could pose a hazard. Actually, it’s even safer than the traditional electric blanket.

Another common concern is whether the motor that operates inside the controller box is loud. In terms of noise levels, neither the heating nor the cooling function activates noises louder than a small table fan. What’s particularly noisy is the bed-making mode, but since you’re already up, that shouldn’t be too much of the bother. Oh, and don’t forget that you can activate in when you’re away.

While Smartduvet is a Canadian brand, you can order to product from pretty much every corner of the world. Of course, shipping fees will apply. Upon ordering, you will receive an external power adapter to match the standard power outlet of your country of residence.

Smartduvet in the Press

Even when it was just in the prototype phase, Smartduvet began to attract the interest of many press sites, gadget enthusiasts, and online influencers. The idea itself was so unique, many people thought it couldn’t be done.

Business Insider –

Business Insider wrote about Smartduvet when the campaign was freshly launched on Kickstarter. They showed readers a presentation video, speaking briefly about the product claims.

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Cosmopolitan –

Cosmo created a lot of hype around the launch of the Smartduvet, presenting it as a product that can prevent couples from ever fighting over room temperature again. They underlined the benefit of having an automatic system to the bed for you, underlining the word “lazy” quite a couple of times.

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Martha Stewart –

Can you honestly say that Martha Stewart never influenced any shopping decision in your life? On her website, editors have spoken about the wonder that is Smartduvet, underlining the fact that bed making can now be controlled with an app.

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The Sun –

The Sun was one of the few websites that presented the heating/cooling feature as the main headliner. They focused on the main features of the Smartduvet while quoting founder Tina Cayouette, as she talked about the problems that this smart bedding accessory helps to solve.

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Bottom Line

Smartduvet is a product that’s so simple to use and understand, that’s the whole genius of it. Or, could it be the fact that someone actually invented a method of making the bed with the push of a button? Because it was advertised as an automatic bed-making solution, some people never really understood that there are at least two more important benefits to Smartduvet aside from the inflatable air chambers.

The dual-sided climate system is a wonder amongst bedding innovations, mostly because room temperature is, indeed, a reason for argument in many bedrooms. With the controller, the bed sheet, and the app, one can personalize their side of the bed to be as warm or as cool as they like.

Then, there’s also the ambient light coming from the controller box under the bed, which is helpful in so many ways. It’s no wonder that the Smartduvet has received so much press attention, and was backed up by so many people on crowdfunding platforms.