Slumber Cloud Dryline Mattress Protector Review

Updated October 5, 2019

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I’ve tested a few mattress protectors before, and I was really looking forward to trying this one. Slumbercloud sent us the Dryline protector to test out. It looks and feels a little different to what I’ve reviewed before. Thick, comfortable looking and with a great heat-managing technology, I was eager to see what the Slumbercloud product offers that other sheets don’t.

Breakdown of the Slumbercloud Dryline Mattress Protector

The Slumbercloud dryline mattress protector is a thick, plush mattress protector that is high in price, but even higher in quality. I was really impressed with this product and I think you would be too. The temperature technology Outlast is build to manage fluctuation in temperature throughout your time asleep, and the smooth, comfortable surface will make for easy sleeping when you’re getting your head down. Where other protectors are made from a vinyl material, meaning it makes a noise when you move in the night, the Slumbercloud is made from a blend of lycra and polyester which makes it great for protection and silent to boot.

Slumbercloud offers a full range of sleeping and bedding accompaniments including pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and blankets and duvets. They’re an upmarket brand with dedicated customers thanks to their Outlast technology, which users state helps regulate the temperature that they sleep at.

We’ve reviewed a fair number of Slumbercloud products here at The Sleep Judge, and we’ve never been disappointed. So I had high expectations going into this one.

Features & Benefits

Here’s a layout of the many features of the great product.


The protection offers with this cover were great. I would expect so for the price it retails at, but the overall package from Slumbercloud is magnificent. After putting the liquid on the bed while the mattress was covered,

I look note at multiple times from 10 minutes to 8 hours, and throughout the whole period, the mattress was protected perfectly. The liquid took a little while to soak up, but because of the size and thickness of the product, this isn’t a surprise. Unlike a lot of other protectors within this niche, there is no mention of the bedbug/allergen protection. I can only assume they do not offer this, which is a disappointment. For myself personally, this is one of the main reasons I would buy the product.

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Spill Test

For the spill test, I left 8 ounces of liquid there for about 8 hours, I came back to check on it periodically throughout, once at 10 minutes, 2 hours, 4, 6, and then finally 8 hours. The results were great. Although it took a little while for the liquid to completely seep into the cover, the mattress stayed dry throughout. I like when the sheet absorbs the liquid because I imagine waking up to a puddle would be most uncomfortable.


Usually, it’s very tough to really comment on the construction of the product, both from a material standpoint and a user standpoint, but this is different. The product is made from a thick polyester and lycra mixture which makes the cover really comfortable and soft.

As long as your bed is the appropriate size when you purchase, and your bed is no deeper than 16 inches, you will find using this product to be easy. To keep it in place the cover uses the classic elastic edges. The thickness of the product makes it even comfier, even if this does lead to liquid seeping into the sheet taking a little longer than competitor products.


Plain and simply, one of the comfiest protectors I have tested. The price suggests a premium product and that’s what you’re getting. The mixture of softness stems from the material it is made from, and you won’t find it hard to sleep on this product because it is silent throughout use.


This feature is one of the most exciting things I find with the Slumbercloud. I have serious trouble sleeping, and a lot of the time it is because of being too warm in bed. The Outlast material is something special. It regulates the temperature while you’re sleeping, so it keeps any extra unwanted bodily heat from being absorbed in the sheets. They also offer this feature in their pillow and duvet products, something I’ve never come across before.

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Maintenance, Care and Warranty

The warranty of the product is a Slumbercloud standard of 60 days, so just a little under 2 months. Compared to a lot of the other manufacturer’s warranties, that’s pretty decent. Some products I’ve reviewed in the past have no warranty to even be found. But Slumbercloud always has it displayed, front and center.

Upon purchase, the cover is guaranteed for 30 days, in which you can return it and get your money back if you are not satisfied.

To wash the product, use warm water, in a machine, with minimum detergent. Do not use bleach, as this will void the waterproof material. To dry, use a low temperature in your tumble dryer as any high heats will, again, ruin the waterproof feature.


I would argue that one of the biggest bonuses of this product is the Outlast heat regulator. It is such a great feature and actually brings this product into a different market altogether, covering a few different bases.

The waterproofing is excellent, but it is the combination of everything that makes this product worth the money, even if the price is quite high. The comfort of the protector is a big plus too, as it is soft on the skin and makes no added noise.

Online Consumer Feedback and Reviews

I liked the Slumbercloud, but let’s take a look at what the online community had to say.


All of the customer feedback I have found is overwhelmingly positive. Seems like there is a real dedication between the customers and company where users are loyal to the brand. In a way, this is the best kind of feedback, as customers are willing to spend their money on reliable, premium products. For people who have used the protector for long periods have noticed that they rarely notice it is there.


This product gives off no odor for me or any other user.

Customer Support

The Slumbercloud customer support team are on hand via email and telephone, and the company seems really keen to let you know that they are easy to get hold of. You can find their contact at the bottom of their website. They also have a FAQ section that may help with any smaller questions.

Feedback on its Features

The feedback on the features of this product is almost entirely positive. The Outlast feature seems to be a particular point of interest, with a lot of customers being especially pleased with their results. The waterproof layer seems to work unanimously and customers are generally pleased with this.


This product is really great. There is a combination of features that make the protector so much better than it’s competitors. For a start, it never leaked in the whole 8 hours I tested it. This is the main reason we’re testing it, so naturally this is pleasing. The comfort too is very pleasing. There is a soft texture to the Dryline Mattress Cover that will certainly help you sleep better if you choose to use this as a lone sheet on your bed. The customer service methods seem easy and approachable and the brand is premium. While the price is quite high, this is a reflection of the quality of the product and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

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The Slumbercloud Mattress Protector Specs

Material Sizes Odor Warranty Shipping Weight or Weight
Polyester/Lycra Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King None 60 Days About 2lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is protector attached with corner anchors or fitted like a sheet?

Attaches like a fitted sheet.

Is this protector machine-washable?

Yes, wash in warm water with minimum detergent, tumble dry on low heat.

Will the pocket depth be enough for my mattress?

Fits mattresses up to 16 inches.

Is there a warranty?

60 days.

Is it waterproof?