My Slumber Cloud Stratus Sheets Experience and Review Comments

Updated October 26, 2020

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Our Rating
Bob Barker

Thanks, this is reassuring. I just bought a set of these and once I felt them I jumped online to see if there were any complaints. These being majority 60% of plain old cotton and made in china have me suspect that they’re not worth the $150 asking price, once I felt them I was even more suspect. They def. don’t feel like high quality material/sheets, def. don’t feel like $150. Though, I didn’t buy them for just the feel, I have psoriasis so sleeping cooler would be a godsend. Imagine having poison ivy (if you ever had it then it shouldn’t be hard) but everyday for 17 years. You really need something that works to relieve even a tiny bit against all the discomfort of psoriasis. Anyways, about to sleep on these for the first time tonight, currently washing on delicate cold and will ultra low tumble them. If they ball up then we know they’re pretty cheap sheets, I don’t care what kind of low percentage tech they throw in them and call it $150. Here’s hoping this was a decent purchase. Thanks for the review.

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