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Slumber Cloud Nacreous Mattress Pad

If you are searching for something that is going to take all of your sleeping frustrations away due to overheating while you are catching some Z’s, you’ve reached the right place. Slumber Cloud sent me the Nacreous Cooling Mattress pad to test out, a product that is guaranteed to help someone who sleeps hot, like myself, sleep cooler. Does it live up to its promise? Read on to find out.

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Presenting The Nacreous

What Is The Nacreous Promise?

Other mattress pads claim to make your bed more comfortable and that they can prevent against moisture, but what is the point of a comfortable mattress pad if you still overheat at night? The Slumber Cloud does not promise a more comfortable bed or protection, they promise a better night’s sleep. The way this is done, is by regulating your body temperature while you rest.

As you are sleeping your body heat gets trapped under the covers causing you to sweat, toss, turn, and finally push the covers off. With the Nacreous pad, it will take that body heat you are releasing and absorb it for when your body temperature starts to drop. It will then release that heat and keep your temperature regulated. Watch this video for a better understanding.

How Is This Better Than Other Versions?

Another version of this cooling mattress pad offered by Slumber Cloud is the Cirriform. So what makes the Nacreous better than the Cirriform? Well, since it is a newer product, there have been changes. Instead of having a Gold rating, the Nacreous has a Gold + for rating and the top layer has an Outlast viscose fabric rather than 100% cotton. This makes the heat managing technology stronger than the Cirriform. Whereas the Nacreous is recommended for those with nightly temperature regulation issues, the Cirriform is for people with less of a heating problem and is a little lighter on the wallet.

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 Is It For Everyone?

The Nacreous Mattress Pad is the ideal solution for anyone who has a problem with sweating the bed at night, hot flashes or for thermally incompatible couples however, it is going to cost you a bit more than something that you could pick up at your local retail chain store. Don’t let that steer you away though. It has its reasons for being a bit more pricey and they are definitely worth it.

Of course with any product, there is going to be those few people who don’t think that it is working. This isn’t something that you should take to heart. When I received mine, I was impressed from the start. It came in a nice package and was placed in a box that was the perfect size for shipping, here is what the product looks like in the package and how thick it is:

If you can see it, there is a convenient carrying handle on the top. I liked this because instead of having to carry it like a baby or pinch the sides of it to carry, I could just use the handle. This will also make it easier for putting it in and taking it out of storage.

Features & Benefits

As with any other product on the market, the Nacreous mattress pad offers more than just one feature and benefit. It’s main benefit, as discussed earlier, is it’s ability to regulate temperature. So, did it do what it was suppose to?

Heat Transfer & Cooling

The first night I slept on it, I could not believe how well it kept my body temperature regulated. I am the type of person who is constantly throwing the blankets off because I overheat. With this mattress pad, there was no overheating. The pad stayed a decent temperature under me and once my body temperature started to drop, I could feel the change in the mattress pad. Throughout the night I could feel the temperature of the mattress pad change with my adjusting body temperature.

This is what it is suppose to look like if the mattress pad truly does its job:

In figure one, the female sleeper is the one who has the higher body temperature, as shown by the color red. Traditional bedding would trap that heat and cause her to sweat and move over to the cooler side of the bed where the male sleeper is.

In figure two, you can see that with the mattress pad, it has adjusted to their body temperatures and kept them cooler.  This worked very well for myself and my husband.

Pad Construction

This mattress pad has a 350 thread count and is made with a 50/50 blend of Outlast viscose and cotton. The outer cover is made of the 50% cotton and to me was very comfortable. The fill is made with 100% polyester that adds a little bit of fluff. It is also made to be hypoallergenic. I do not suffer from allergies so I really can’t say if it works better than others in that category or not.

The construction of it is pretty simple actually. The pad is attached to a stretchy material that wraps right around the bottom edges of the mattress to create a tight fit so that it isn’t sliding all over the place as you move around. I received a California King size and it measures 72” x 84” which turned out to be true to size.

Below are 3 pictures showing how it fits, how it wraps around the bed and how far under the mattress it goes to ensure it stays in place:


Other mattress pads on the market are either scratchy, noisy, move around the bed or just aren’t comfortable. As soon as I opened the package I could feel that it was going to be soft to lay on. After I laundered it, I placed it on my bed and it was finally time to try it out.

My husband and I laid on it and we couldn’t even tell the difference between the pad and a sheet. We could feel the rivets from where the individual pockets are sewn together, but hardly, especially while we were sleeping.  Comfort definitely gets an A+ rating in my book.

Order Experience & Procedure

You can order this mattress pad right off of the Slumber Cloud website at 10% off using discount code: SLUMBERPARTY and can choose from three different colors; blue, dew drop, and mauve. Your product will arrive with the help of Fedex or the USPS and they will leave your package at your doorstep if you are unavailable to pick it up, no signature required.

If you need to make any corrections to your order, you can do that before the product is shipped by emailing them or calling. The package and product is lightweight and the box itself was easy to open. Once you open the box you will find your securely packaged mattress pad in a clear, plastic,zippered encasement with a convenient carrying handle.

Here is a shot of the product inside of the package from Fedex, see how securely it fits in there?


Shipping for the Nacreous Mattress Pad depends on where you are located unless your product is over $200, then it is free. For me, where I am, shipping would cost me $31.51 for FedEx Home Delivery or $56.57 for USPS Priority Mail. Express delivery is also available for a fee at checkout. From start to finish, my package arrived to New York from the manufacturer in Golden, Colorado in just 6 days.

It could vary depending on where each individual is located, usually 5-7 business days for products that are in-stock. Shipping weight was 9 pounds and it came in a 20x17x9 inch package. International shipping is also available and you are responsible for any custom duties, taxes, tariffs, or VAT’s that are collected by the carrier during delivery.

You will get a tracking number once your product ships so that you can see exactly where it is and get an estimated delivery date.

Consumer Feedback

Since I am only one person, I cannot speak for others. I may have loved this mattress pad and thought everything about it was fantastic, but others may not think the same way as I do. I managed to find some other consumers who had something to say about this pad and I am willing to share them with you.The overall feedback I’ve found is quite positive.


  • Holds up well in the washer and dryer
  • Solid stitching
  • Seams stay together


  • Had a mild odor but it went away after laundering

Customer Support

  • Customer support is wonderful.
  • More than happy to help
  • Representatives are very friendly
  • Promptly take care of issues

Promised Features

  • Most people said it helped them sleep cooler
  • A select few people said they saw no difference
  • Complaints of no difference in comfort level (not meant to add comfort to the mattress, just sleeping temperature).
  • Can be hard to fit around deep mattresses

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The Verdict

I cannot stress this enough, this mattress pad is not meant to add comfort to your mattress, it is meant to regulate your body temperature as you sleep. Yes, in a sense it adds comfort, but to your body, not bed.

This is definitely recommended for those who are hot sleepers such as myself. This is because the pad is suppose to take that heat and trap it then release it as your body temperature drops. You will no longer find yourself throwing the blankets off of you or sticking a foot out from under the covers to release some heat.

I absolutely love this mattress pad and it is working well for my husband and myself. We haven’t opened a window to cool us down since we put it on our bed.

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Nacreous Specs

Material Thread Count Hypoallergenic Washer Dryer Safe Warranty Returns Price(Queen Size)
50/50 Viscose and Cotton 350 Yes Yes 60 Day Manufacturer 30 Day Return 217.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Maintain?

Yup, it is quite simple actually. When I got my mattress pad, I put it on my bed first to see how it fit and felt before laundering. Then, I threw it right in the washer per manufacturer recommendations and put it in the dryer on delicate. I took it out and put it back on my bed and it was the same fit and actually felt softer. None of the threads came loose and it was still stretchy.

Is There Protection?

Your protection is the Slumber Cloud Promise. This protects you from bad products essentially. They guarantee that you will love your product or you can contact them within 30-days upon receiving it. You can wash it, sleep on it, and really try it to make your decision. If you don’t like it, you can return it and receive a refund, exchange, or store credit.

How Is It Cared For?

Pretty much just wash it per manufacturer instructions and keep it away from spills and accidents to keep it in top notch shape so that you can get the most out of it for as long as you can.

Is There A Warranty?

There certainly is! You are covered by a manufacturer’s 60-day warranty that covers defects. If your product has a defect of any kind you can send it back for either a full refund, exchange, or store credit based on an inspection after return.

How Easy Are Returns?

Easy peasy! If for any reason you need to return your item, simply send them an email or give them a jingle with your name, order number, name of your product, and your reason for return or exchange. They will then send you a return authorization number and instructions or they will send you a denial letter with the reason why. For more specific information on how their returns work, feel free to visit their website and click on the customer service link.