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Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed Review

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Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed

Looking for an answer to how to move a Sleep Number bed is a responsible step to ensure you keep your bed in warranty and are get it from one place to another.Technological growth and application are a given in this day of age. We watch on a regular basis the leaps and bounds innovative approaches to all we do helps bring further understanding to our needs and an ease to our lives. It is so ingrained into our society, even our comfort can be monitored for insight into our own sleep patterns.

Gone are the days when you required a specialist to tweak your own sleep. The Sleep Number Bed p6 review below highlights the control you can take over your own sleep space to create an adjusted, personalized experience in order to get the rest you deserve.

Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed Specs

Height: 11 inches

Comfort Layer: 5 inches

Trial Period: 100 Night Trial

Warranty: 25 Year Limited Warranty

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About the Company

The founders of the Sleep Number Company was not impressed with the industry standard approach to comfort related to a ‘one size fits all’ mentality. Struggling with this problem himself with his wife, he felt there was a better way of going about making both people comfortable, and thus happy in bed each night. This was in 1987, and since then the patented Sleep Number Bed design has become a leader in the mattress industry in its address of unique, customizable comfort.

The premise of the bed is to allow each sleeper to individually adjust their sleep area for support, spinal alignment, and pressure point reduction. When combined with one of their split top beds and ergonomic bases, you can even adjust for head and foot height as well. The company continues to grow and apply new ideas to their products, and have expanded to include pillows, temperature balancing bedding, and even bed designs specific to growing children’s needs.

Quick Run Down of the p6 Smart Bed

Of all the bed designs offered by the company, the p6 falls into their Performance category and is made for enhanced pressure relieving comfort. This is a plush sleep surface with an integrated cooling technology and falls within the mid-range of the beds offered in terms of overall profile height. This is considered a firm support bed with a highly contouring top to help balance pressure relief with needed uplift.

This model is integrated with the SleepIQ Technology that allows you to track your sleep movements, breathing, heart rate and other details with an app that syncs with sensors in the bed. This also allows the bed to adjust to your needs as you sleep, especially if you take advantage of the FlexFit base.

Benefits and Features

Sleep Number has basically included a Smart Bed technology with just about all they have to offer. These features and benefits are important to review prior to making an investment to ensure that you are familiar with all the bed have to offer. The choices you have in reference to bed size, base options, and the tracking your bed can provide are all details to consider. If technologically advanced products are new to you, you most likely want to be prepared with the knowledge of what questions you will need answered and support you may want to get everything set up properly.

• Size Options

This particular bed is available in a Twin XL, Queen, King, or California King size. The Twin has only one air chamber, while the Queen is available in a choice of single, or dual air chamber control. The dual chambers allow for independent adjustment to sleepers on opposing sides of the bed. These work with the remotes and app to adjust automatically to pre-set sleep numbers (as explained below).

• Mattress Layering Design

The p6 has an 11-inch mattress profile – which is fairly average height for a mattress. This provides an overall firmer feel and is topped by a 5-inch comfort layer for improved pressure point reduction. Thicker, deeper comfort layers are available and are often preferred by larger bodies for more overall support. The flexible cover is an 83% polyester, 16% polypropylene, and 1% elastin materials to move with you. It is easily spot cleaned and is highly breathable to avoid any heat sinks.

The 5-inch foam layer that tops the bed is made from 2 different types of foam. This helps both with contouring pressure relief, as well as a way for heat to move through, and dissipate away from your body. The Coolgenex foam is temperature regulating and infused with graphite to help draw away heat, while the Ergonomic foam works in a similar manner to memory foam but provides excellent response.

This layer sits over the 24 vulcanized rubber air chambers that you control for pressurized comfort through the remote, or app (depending on your preference). These chambers can be preset to specific sleep numbers and allow for automatic adjustment through the night. Plus, they work in conjunction with the aerodynamic bases for even more personalized support- such as snore control. A one-inch base pad also runs along the bottom for a cushioned protection of the chambers.

• Responsive Air Technology w/ Dual Comfort Options

Responsive air technology is what first made the Sleep Number Company famous. These air chambers can be filled, deflated, or adjusted to meet the needs of your specific body type. This personalization is called your sleep number and is measured on a scale of one through one hundred. You can work through customer support either at a store or online to help get an idea o where this number is, or work through trial and error.

As mentioned above, there are two air chambers within each bed (in exception of the Twin XL, or choice you may make with the queen for a single chamber). The Smart Bed technology takes this technology to the extreme and allows for responsive adjustments as you move completely free from the remote. This is due to the sensors in the bed picking up on pressure points that are created on various points that adjust to proper body support and spinal alignment. This information is also sent to your app to better help you adjust for your perfect sleep number and take the guesswork out of the process.

• Base Options

Sleep Number beds do have some specific care instructions, and much of that has to do with the base you set it upon. You most definitely can use your own base as long as it is supportive enough for the unique design (a platform is recommended). The company also offers a very basic base, and also a series of FlexFit bases that are all ergonomic and include various features for your own comfort.

• Split Top Bed Options with FlexFit Bases

The Sleep Number FlexFit base options are an optional addition, but one that is fairly popular as they help you use the beds to their fullest potential. These beds allow you to take advantage of king size split beds for even more individualized comfort and comes with a head, head and foot, as well as head and foot + heating options as part of the overall experience.

Plus, snorers can take advantage of the snore sense feature that can pick up on possible snoring scenarios and gently lift the head of the bed to help open the airways. These also include integrated lighting that works via motion detection and can be controlled through the app as well.

• Integrated SleepIQ Technology

The integrated SleepIQ technology that this bed contains is pretty impressive overall. This is about as advanced as you get in reference to bed design, as it contains a series of sensors that sync with a smartphone app to create a wholly immersive sleep experience. The app works with both Apple and Android phones and is easy to download to sync both your bed and FlexFit base if you have one.

All of Sleep Number’s beds are integrated with this technology and are considered some of the only full smart bed systems available in the current sleep industry. Breathing and heart rates, and well as your movements, are all tracked through the night and displayed in detailed graphs to help explain sleep cycles and adjustments you can make for a night of better sleep. These graphs cumulate in regular reports so you can get a better idea of your sleep score numbers and find patterns in your sleep behavior.

• Health and Fitness App Compatibility

The app compatibility of the 360 Smart Beds is pretty awesome. Not only do you get all the info right on your phone to view, but you also get regular emails with reports. AND, you can sync the app to other compatible apps for a more comprehensive view of your own health and lifestyle. Currently, it is able to read your daily exercise and movements, diet, hydration, room temperature, and many others depending on compatibility with an ever growing list of applications! This information is then included in your reports to provide you with a comprehensive view of your lifestyle and to help you determine how they might affect your sleep and comfort.

• Warranty

Sleep Number Beds come with a 25-year limited warranty that allows you to have problems with the bed addresses, repaired, and/or replaced at a prorated cost based on when it was purchased. This warranty covers defects in the materials or associated hardware and includes your foundations as well.

They want to provide you with peace of mind that your investment is protected. They also provide a 100-night sleep trial to allow you to get used to your new bed, which, on average, takes up to 30 days for your body to adjust to any new changes. This keeps you from feeling pressure and limited in the time you get to play with adjustments to find what comfort works best for you. If for any reason you dislike your new Sleep Number Bed, all you have to do is contact customer service for the information to return your product.

Consumer Feedback

Sleep Number beds on a whole receive a large number of positive responses. The technological applications are popular, and fun, way to view your sleep in a manner that provides insight into your own habits. With softer to firmer choices available within the entire series of beds, consumer-like how they are able to pick and choose what their needs are and then adjust for further comfort. The p6, in particular, offers a medium-firm choice with a plush top and is popular with most average sized back and side sleepers.

The zones of support offered within the air chambers for adjustment allow for excellent pressure point relief, and the cooling effect of the foam layers is popular with many who take advantage of this particular model.

The app has few complaints surrounding its set up and sync, and the regular reports are commented on quite regularly as a good way to keep track of both lifestyle and diet. Many people report that the adjustments the bed allow help with pain reduction, and the addition of the FlexFit base is excellent for chronic pain sufferers to help with both getting into, and out of bed.

As for finding the perfect Sleep Number Score, some people say it may take some time and adjustment, and to have patience. Customer service can also help in this area if it is of particular concern. They believe there is a comfort point for everybody if provided enough time. The ability to have different sleep experiences for multiple sleepers is a popular concept with many couples choosing these beds for that specific reason. For some, it is a lifesaver (as well as relationship saver)!


Hopefully, this Sleep Number p6 review has been informative enough to provide you the details of all this bed has to offer. If smart technology applications and a fully customizable sleep experience sound like a great option, you should take a closer look at The Sleep Number 360 p6 Smart Bed model. The advanced features are highly rated, and when combined with an ergonomic base and the fact you have a dual control option, there isn’t much fault you can find with personalized comfort choices.

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