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Updated March 11, 2020

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Larry Yadao

When ordering, I am given the options of enhanced support or ultra soft support. Which one are you doing the review on? Thank you


I just made the purchase after days of research,of the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam 4-inch Dual Layer Mattress Topper,Queen.My husband and I recently (3 months) ago purchased our 1st brand new mattress.Loved it instore.After sleeping on my new mattress that I though I’d be so happy to have,I was waking up with the most excruciating back pain I’ve ever had in the middle of my back area(it’s like my spine sags down in a U shape)..I knew the pain was from my new mattress,because the back pain only happens when I wakeup and was the only change I made.I gave it 3months I was going to return this terrible mattress.Im running out of time,as they have a 120night sleep trial but what they didn’t tell me is if I return the mattress there’s a 20%restocking fee and $100 delivery fee to pickup this mattress,which I believe is ridiculous.I paid over $1100 for this hybrid beautyrest mattress.If I decide to return it I’d only get a credit of $640 towards another new mattress after all stocking and delivery fees(Unbelievable right!?).So over the weekend I intensely searched for a remedy to my new mattress causing my horrible new back pain problem.And came across this a few times on websites like yours.Read the reviews and more reviews and just ordered today.Im hoping this will be the solution to my problem my back pain.Im turning 30 this year and have a 2.5yr old to keep up with,I shouldn’t be waking up with this pain as I never have before,maybe a little but would go away within say 15mins,but never had pain that lasts for hours after waking up.I really hope this is the fix I desperately need.Ill post an update after I recieve it and try it out.Bought from directly through sleep innovations for $109.00.Do you have any advice for me do u think I made the right move?lol hope so..


I am a male, over 300lbs, side sleeper with pain in my hips every night when I slip into my bed. Would this topper ease some/all of my pain?


We purchased an off-brand tempur-like mattress on an adjustable base 2 years ago. In the last 6 months, my low back and hips are killing me when I wake up. Chiropractor suggests a new mattress, but we are still in warranty on this one, as well as still paying on it. Is there a topper for me? I feel like I need more support as a side sleeper, to keep my hips/back from hurting.


Frank Apodaca

A topper can’t fix a worn mattress with indentations if that is the case. If your mattress is fine and keeps your spine inline, and you just don’t like the comfort or pressure relief of the mattress, a topper can work great. If your hips are hurting a soft mattress topper could provide a little more pressure relief.


I just purchased an icomfort bed and after sleeping on it for a couple of months its a tad firmer than would have liked, but I am getting a better nights sleep which is what its all about, right?. I want to add a topper for a few reasons. 1. Our current mattress is not high enough and we’re losing pillows behind the headboard. In this case the 4″ of loft would take care of that issue. 2. We’d like just a touch bit more of a softness feeling without giving up any of the firmness or adding to the firmness (medium firm) of the mattress. 3. I sleep hot and though much cooler with this mattress anything to cool me off or not retain heat is a win. Thoughts on how this product fits into any of those areas?


Frank Apodaca

Hey Erik,
1. Yes this would help as it is 4 inches in height.
2. This will give a softer feeling, but you’ll most likely notice a change in firmness due its thickness and that its the first layer your body will come into contact with.
3. Our reviewer didn’t find this topper to have any heat retention issues.

Deb Fox

I used one of these on my hospital bed for a couple of years on top of a temperpedic mattress. It’s the only thing that made it remotely tolerable! In fact, I just got a c4 sleep number bed and find I miss the plushness… so I think I have to get a new one to fit the new bed or else will have wasted thousands of dollars because I’m in more pain than I should be for this hi tech bed, (though I do have profound spinal issues). Because of one of my fusions, in my lumbar spine at L4/5 I have trouble getting support in the small of my back… I find a lot of plushness with a firm mattress under it can push the tuft up into those hard to fill curves. This product is malleable and plush like a luxurious feather bed, without the problems of one. As for longevity, I had to dispose of my twin product because I just didn’t have a use for it or room to store something I didn’t need, so I put it out in our community “share” spot for someone else to take if they want it… because it still was like brand new, even after a couple of years of my hospital bed adjustments stretching it every night. It held up great. It even has enough space to slip in another 2″ gel foam pad if you want to tighten it up a bit. I had a sleep number one already, so I just zipped it in – it was wonderful!

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