The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress Review

The Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ is a mattress manufacturer “born and raised” on US grounds. This family-owned business has topped the market’s expectations for the past 35 years, creating latex mattresses that are fully customizable and hypoallergenic. Their unique approach to the whole bedding concept has put them on the map, and are now the go-to brand for people who want to be able to switch the firmness of their mattresses halfway through their lifespan.

A Closer Look at the Sleep EZ Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ is known for its line of customizable latex mattresses. In this review, we’re going to focus on the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams model, a mattress that allows the sleepers to adjust the firmness level of a bouncy and supportive bed, to get the ultimate comfort and pressure point relief.

There are many different features that set the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams mattress apart from the crowd: the durability of the latex layers, the antibacterial properties of the mattress, and even the firmness customization for each side of the bed.


  • Fully customizable in terms of firmness.
  • Dual-sided firmness options.
  • 360 degrees removable cover.
  • Cover made with natural cotton and wool.
  • Free mattress protector and pillows included.
  • Oeko-Tex certified.
  • Highly breathable.


  • Average edge support.
  • Difficult to move around (unless taken apart).

Sizes & Options

Whenever you have your heart set on a mattress, it’s important to check the sizing options first, to make sure that the one you want is in stock. Generally speaking, you’ll almost always find a Twin, Full, Queen, or King size in the majority of mattress models.

The Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress is available in the following size options: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King, Split King, and Split Cal King (the latter options are two mattress pieces).

You can also opt for four different mattress heights: seven inches, nine inches, 10 or 13 inches. Naturally, depending on the height of the mattress, the thickness layers will also vary. If you want, you can also buy their Sleep EZ foundations, available as both a simple model, as well as an adjustable base.


The mattress debuts with one of the most comfortable cotton cover out there. The soft cotton provides a breathable surface, but it’s still not recommended to sleep directly on the mattress. Not to worry, you will still feel the softness even if you use sheets.

Also part of the generously thick cover, you can find natural Joma wool, which is quite the premium material. Aside from making the mattress stay true to its organic promise, the use of Joma wool leads to a cover with more cushioning, but also added pressure point relief.

Before buying the mattress, it’s important to know that as far as the next layers are concerned, you are the one who will be choosing the initial layout. The remainder of the mattress consists of three layers of either Dunlop or Talalay latex, depending on the information you select on the website, prior to your purchase.

There are four different firmness options to choose from: soft, medium, firm, or extra firm. You can select any configuration you want, but you have to know beforehand which is the best suited combination for your particular sleeping position.

If you’re not sure, Sleep EZ also provides a very short quiz that requires you to select your height, weight interval, and favorite sleeping position for each of the two sides of the mattress, assuming that you’re looking to buy a Queen or a King-sized bed.

Once you’ve entered the info, you will be given the right advice on what configuration works best in your case.

Firmness & Feel

Every mattress feels differently, depending on how much you weigh and how you like to sleep. However, there are some general observations that we can make because how latex beds feel and are constructed.

Latex is one of the best pressure point-relieving materials for bed construction. Despite it being firmer than foam, it is still excellent at contouring your body, but with one added benefit: because latex is very bouncy, it can quickly regain its original shape when no longer under the body’s pressure.

This means that switching between sleeping positions is easy, but so is getting in and out of bed. And one more thing: because latex does not permanently take the shape of your body, it is also more resistant in time. Latex beds are some of the most durable ones out there, and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve grown in popularity over memory foam mattresses.

So, there are three things that you can expect from this mattress so far: durability, pressure point relief, and ease of switching sleeping positions. But the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress is so much more than that.

The structure of each layer is designed to be adaptable, but also very breathable. Latex is much cooler than foam because it doesn’t retain body heat, and cools down almost instantly once you get out of bed. The pure cotton cover contributes to this breathability factor, plus the wool inside the cover, which has moisture-wicking properties.

Important note: Talalay latex is generally softer than Dunlop latex. Dunlop is the most often the choice of people who are interested in body support over everything else, while Talalay latex is better for those looking to get that plushy mattress feel. Because of that, one of the most popular combinations is a top layer made from Talalay latex, with bottom layers made with Dunlop.

In the end, the way how the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress feels depends on the configuration you’ve chosen. The cover is soft, and you can feel that by simply applying pressure with your hands on top of the bed.

If the upper comfort layer is Talalay latex, the mattress will feel softer, better for people who like to sleep on the side. Back and stomach sleepers might be more comfortable with a Dunlop upper layer, but that’s up to each individual to decide.

Keep in mind that you can move the blocks of latex to adjust the firmness of the mattress if need be, so don’t stress yourself too much with nailing the best configuration from the get-go.

Other Features

One of the reasons why the Sleep EZ line of mattresses is so acclaimed is because of the plenty of other praise-worthy features that go beyond the layering of the beds. Some of the other noticeable features of the mattress include:

  • A 360 degrees zippered cover that will grant you full access to what’s inside the bed. This feature gives you the possibility to move around the different blocks of latex to customize your mattress as you want. The best part is that you have to put in little to no effort to make the pieces fit inside the mattress cover as you want them to, because you can open up the top of the bed entirely. The cover can also be removed if you plan to clean it, or when you want to air out the bed. This is a feature that you really don’t see in other mattresses, and taking apart the bed leads to more efficient airing.
  • The sizes Full and up will receive two free pillows, while the Twin size buyer will receive one pillow (assuming that you place your order directly on the company’s website, as third party retailers might not have this offer). The pillows are also made from latex, making them breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic as well.
  • Also when ordering directly from the company’s website, you will receive a free mattress protector. This is an important part in stretching the lifespan of a bed. The free protector that Sleep EZ throws in doesn’t contain any plastic, and keep that gorgeous cover in pristine shape.
  • Latex is a material that’s naturally hypoallergenic, and the fact that it is paired with a cotton cover and Joma wool makes the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress one of the best options for people with allergies. The antimicrobial properties of the mattress will make sure that the bed is free from mildew, bed bugs, dust mites, and mold, providing a worry-free sleeping environment not just for those with breathing problems, but for everyone who wants to sleep on a clean bed.
  • The Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress is Oeko-Tex certified, because of the fabrics and materials that are used to create the bed come from trustworthy sources and are of good quality. The mattress is designed to be free of any chemicals, while the Joma wool that’s integrated in the cover is naturally grown.

Who Should Purchase This?

Naturally, even the best mattresses out there aren’t perfect for sleepers that prefer each of three positions and have different body weights and configurations. What’s soft and comfortable for a side sleeper, will be too soft for someone who prefers to sleep on their stomach.

The Sleep Select Lifetime Dreams mattress, while customizable and decent for every sleeping position, is best paired with light and average weight side and back sleepers. That doesn’t mean that stomach sleepers won’t find a comfortable position on the bed, but the softness of even the firmest configuration allows a bit of sinkage into the surface of the bed.

Even if it might feel comfortable, it’s very important for the mattress to push the hips upwards, so that the spine can rest in a natural position instead of being forced to stay bent. Even with this aspect in mind, the Sleep Select Lifetime Dreams mattress is still one of the most comfortable and supporting beds for all the three main sleeping positions.

Overall, the Sleep Select Lifetime Dreams mattress is perfect for:

  • Couples who prefer a different firmness on their side of the best.
  • People who want a durable mattress, which will last them at least for the next decade.
  • Sleepers who have breathing problems, allergies, or skin sensitivity, and require a bed that’s safe to sleep on.
  • Those who have high humidity in their bedrooms and would benefit from the antimicrobial properties of latex.

Customer’s Opinions



If people who have undergone surgery will tell you that the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams is comfortable, can you really disagree with them? Because that’s when the body is more sensitive, and more in need of proper support. There are little to no complaints about how comfortable the mattress is, but I have to admit, these people must have gotten the configuration right as well.

Customer Service

We don’t usually pay that much attention to the customer service feedback that people give for a mattress, unless the reviews are either exception or really bad. And in this case, they are exceptional. Every customer who came in contact with the support team had their problems taken care of with professionalism, receive recommendations that were in the best interest of the buyers, and were easily able to make upgrades, when requested.


Because the materials are natural, starting with the cover and ending with the latex layers, customers didn’t feel any offgassing when they first unpacked their new bed. That’s almost a guarantee that there are no chemicals in the construction of the Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams bed, and it’s something we definitely appreciate to see.


One of the things that pleases buyers the most about this mattress is the fact that they can change the layers inside the bed and switch to a different firmness when they need to or feel like it. The assembly process itself takes about an hour, and the only “complicated” thing is the weight of the bed. Other than that, it’s all just advantages.

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Bottom Line

The Select Sleep Lifetime Dreams EZ latex mattress has many features that set it apart from the other contenders for the “best latex mattress” top. It is created with the best comfort of sleeper in mind, by eliminating the hassle of having to opt for one particular bed firmness and sticking with it for the next 10 years.

If we were to describe the product in a single word, it would be “ingenious”. Starting from the top, the mattress is clearly all about the comfort: with the Joma wool carefully wrapped in a soft cotton cover, which can be removed entirely with a 360 degrees zipper that grants access to the block of latex that make up the bed.

The inside the mattress is three layers of either Dunlop or Talalay latex, depending on which properties you’re most interested in having in a bed. And if you’re not sure which layout works best for you, the short quiz that Sleep EZ out together will put you on the right track towards a comfortable bed.