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Silk and Snow Mattress

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Good sleep is underrated. We all know how much a good sleep affects our general wellbeing, yet we take it for granted. It’s important. Never to be overlooked. And nothing facilitates a good sleep quite like a comfortable mattress. Speaking of comfortable mattresses, it’s time you learned about Silk & Snow. This Canadian company has made a big splash in the mattress world in a relatively short amount of time. The company was founded in 2017 by a group of friends who are passionate in their belief that a perfect mattress was possible. Their goal was to focus on combining premium materials and paying close attention to even the smallest of details in mattress design. The result is a mattress that provides maximum comfort and support. How did they achieve this new level of mattress magnificence? Read on to find out…

Silk and Snow Mattress Specs

Free Shipping

100 Night Risk Free

1 Year Warranty

All About Silk and Snow Mattress

• Firmness and Feel

The Silk & Snow mattress offers the feel of memory foam without that awkward sinking-in feeling. It has a soft exterior with the layers of memory foam providing a balanced and comfortable sleeping surface. Silk & Snow comes with a universal firmness option, designed to appeal to a wide variety of sleepers. The firmness level is midrange and the mattress is suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The layers of memory foam do an impressive job of adapting to bodyweight, contouring to the body, and providing pressure relief. Yet even though there is memory foam, the mattress has a nice bounce back response. It won’t bottom out easily and provides excellent support. Universal firmness is not for everybody (especially couples with different firmness preferences), but the Silk & Snow mattress can support the weight and firmness preferences of almost everybody. It will take a particularly picky sleeper to dismiss the Silk & Snow. This comfortable mattress is a crowd pleaser.

• Motion Reduction

Memory foam tends to offer strong motion isolation. Even when sharing a bed with a noisy sleepers, this mattress should provide a a peaceful and quiet sleep. The brains behind Silk & Snow clearly went out of their way to ensure that their bed offers the best motion reduction in the industry. Your sleep partner could likely leap onto the bed from a trampoline without disrupting your shuteye. We don’t recommend ever doing such a thing, but it’s still nice to know you have the option, right?

• Edge Support

Memory foam giveth and memory foam taketh away. While a mattress that depends on memory foam like the Silk & Snow might offer incredible motion reduction, it also sacrifices edge support in the process. Unfortunately, the Silk & Snow has poor edge support. The mattress offers far more support in the center than it does on the edges. If you sleep on the edge of the bed, you will likely feel like you are slipping off. You might even fall off in the middle of the night if you like to hug the edge. Sure, we’ve seen mattresses with worse edge support. The Silk & Snow team put far too much attention into the construction of this mattress for it to be a disaster. But, if strong edge support is vital to your appreciation of a mattress, you may want to look elsewhere.

• Temperature

Normally memory foam mattresses trap the heat released by the body as a sleeper sinks in. This can lead to sweaty discomfort. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with the Silk & Snow. The responsive layer below the memory foam provides extra support that prevents the sleeper from sinking too deeply into their mattress. It keeps the body on the mattress rather than in the mattress, which allows for airflow. To make things even better, the mattress cover was made with a breathable material to provide added comfort. Nothing to complain about here.

• Off Gassing / Smell

Silk & Snow mattresses are compressed and shipped in a box. That means that there will be a new mattress smell and off-gassing period. It’s nothing to be concerned about. This happens with all mattresses and if anything is a positive sign that your mattress is factory fresh. The only time that off-gassing can present an issue is when that smell lingers for an uncomfortable amount of time. Thankfully, the Silk & Snow has mild smell and that will dissipate within a swift 24 hours. Airing the mattress out in a well ventilated room or using a mattress protector can help minimize the odor, but honestly there’s nothing to worry about here. The off-gassing is minimal and the mild odor is even faintly pleasant.

• Delivery and Set Up

Silk & Snow ship their mattresses across Canada and the US for free. Free shipment on premium mattresses in Canada is quite rare, but since this mattress is manufactured there the company proudly provides free shipping to their fellow countrymen. Delivery is guaranteed within 2 to 7 working days, depending on the area (again, faster in Canada). Sadly, there is no premium white glove delivery service or old mattress removal service available.

• Trial and Warranty

Silk & Snow offers customers 100-night free sleep trial. During this trial period, customers can return their mattress for a full refund (or in some cases, the mattress will be exchanged for another). The warranty period for the mattress is 15 years. During this period, any defective mattress will be replaced or repaired by the company. However, any defect that is as a result of misuse on the part of the customer will not be addressed. The warranty package is exclusively for the original buyer. The trial period is generous, but while the 15 year warranty sounds good, the industry standard is 25 years. That’s a little worrying, but given that this is a new company that is forgivable. We would have liked to see a longer warranty, but won’t dock this new company too severely for that oversight.


Mattresses made with breathable materials like cotton and latex tend to have a good airflow. Likewise, mattresses made from conventional memory foam are known to have good motion isolation, but trap heat. Most mattress companies try to combine these different materials to produce a mattress offers the best of both worlds. That’s certainly what Silk & Snow went for. The company layered in a variety of carefully selected materials to deliver a mattress that will offer all things to all sleepers. Let’s break down the layers, shall we?

The cooling and support layer uses ultra-dense and supportive memory foam (2 Inches). Silk & Snow claim it is 13x better than conventional memory foam and 16x better than latex. This layer offers cooling qualities and adapts to your body’s contours for optimal comfort. That’s a rare combination. This memory foam does not trap heat and allows sleepers to sleep on the mattress rather than in the mattress. It is a unicorn of memory foams.

The response and transition layer is also made from that ultra-dense responsive memory foam (2 Inches). This transitional layer offers bounce and spring, yet with with a focus on support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. It will help you achieve the best possible rest.

The bottom layer is made of premium support foam (6 Inches). This is the foundation layer of the mattress, providing the strength and structure that allows the layers above to work properly.

The mattress also has a soft cover with silver woven in. It is soft and flexible, while retaining the anti-microbial benefits that silver is known for. The silver used on the cover of this mattress acts as an antimicrobial, which prevents the growth of unwanted bacteria. So, this layer will actually help keep the mattress clean, which is an underrated a rare feature.

Popular Reviews

Ross and Kayla of Real Mattress Review wrote:

“The Silk & Snow Mattress impressed me for the following reasons.

A) To me the overall build and quality was good, even though I tend to like mattresses that are more than 10″. It uses good quality foams and cover fabric. All at a competitive price.

B) I like that it uses 4″ instead of 3-3.5″ comfort foams. Some brands try to pop in a poly transition foam in to save money.

C) It worked well in all sleeping positions.

D) It has a good medium feel that will appeal to most of you out there.

E) For a memory foam mattress, it still maintains decent bounce with a blend of memory foam on the 2nd layer being more responsive.

Our overall experience on the Silk & Snow was positive. I don’t have any complaints on the feel or construction of the mattress. As always, I recommend heavier sleepers (250lbs or more) to chose an option thicker than 10 inches. But Silk & Snow should be appreciated most by those who try it.”

Kayla wrote:

“I thought the balance of bounce and the “memory foam feel” was perfect. You get good body conformance and pressure relief without it being overwhelming. This also helps it sleep cooler than some of the memory foams we have tested. Being 125lbs, I have been liking memory foam a lot because it allows me to sink into the mattress and get that good support. Whereas latex tends to give me less pressure relief and more of a sensation of sleeping on top of the mattress. In conclusion, I loved everything about the Silk & Snow during our sleep trial.”

Overall Value and Recommendation

Silk & Snow did a great job of delivering a comfortable mattress made with quality materials and sold at a great price. The mattress was made made with a very high quality memory foam (which is unlike the conventional memory foam) that provides maximum comfort and support to sleepers throughout the night. In addition to the high quality memory foam, the innovative addition of antimicrobial silver in the mattress cover is commendable. It is an innovation I haven’t come across before and I am awed.

This is an ideal mattress for couples. There is minimal sinkage and the motion isolation is very good. The price of the mattress is also impressive. Compared to other mattresses of this caliber, the Silk & Snow is quite affordable. Here’s the price breakdown:

  • Twin – $475
  • Twin XL – $475
  • Full – $650
  • Queen – $750
  • King – $850
  • Cal King – $850

Sure, the Silk & Snow is not for everyone. If you are looking for a latex or hybrid feel; or if you prefer a particularly soft mattress or firm mattress, then this will disappoint. However, I recommend this mattress for anyone that:

  1. Wants a combination of pressure relief and bounce.
  2. Wants memory foam without sinkage.
  3. Values the unique properties of the silver infused cover.
  4. Likes a universal medium feel.

If that sounds like you, don’t delay! Buy this sucker today! The Silk & Snow is a great buy and the company already feels like a major player in the mattress world. Believe the hype. Especially if you live in Canada, since those unlucky Canucks so rarely get a premium mattress with free shipping.