Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover

Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover

Duvets are a popular comforter choice for many people as they provide lightweight warmth and comfort for any time of year. Designed to be used with a duvet cover, they also are highly versatile to provide an easy way to change up your decor, as well as protection from seasonal changes.

Hot sleepers often struggle with finding the perfect balance between their internal temperature and the types of covers they use to sleep with. Even though duvets are a lightweight choice that provides excellent insulation for both warm and cold environments, sometimes a little extra help is needed. This is why the Sheex company has created a cooling duvet cover option to allow you to take advantage of their patented cooling technology to sleep under. The Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover review below provides all you need to know to decide if this is a product worth considering.

Sheex Company Overview

The Sheex Company started as a vision in 2007 when two college basketball coaches made comments on the cooling, moisture-wicking properties of the fabrics they were wearing. It was mentioned that they would love to have the option to sleep upon something similar- and hence the idea for Sheex Sheets was born.

Through the years the company has expanded to include a wide range of bedding and sleepwear options, including mattresses and pillows. All their products boast the Sheex fabrics that are able to transfer body heat up to 2 times as quickly as traditional cotton. This helps yield a deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Breakdown of the Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover

Designed to be used with the Sheex duvet, Sheex sheets, or as a stand-alone, the Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover is your answer to a cooler sleep comfort each night. Made with an exclusive SLEEP-FIT Technology, it provides comfort enhancing benefits to help you get more restorative sleep. It also comes with 2 shams for an even more comforting, cooling experience.

Features and Benefit Claims

Sheex designs their products surrounding a cooling experience. When you sleep your body naturally begins to drop in temperature for a healthier, deeper rest. A cooler environment is a start to help influence your body’s temperature to drop, but supportive sleep products are often crucial to help keep your body’s temperature from fluctuating through the night. These fluctuations are often very disruptive to your sleep cycle and interrupt your sleep- making you wake feeling both mentally and physically tired. 

The following features of this product are reviewed in the details below to allow you a more comprehensive understanding of what it might be able to do for you. Since many people require a cover of some sort for personal comfort reasons, finding one that provides breathable, moisture-wicking properties can go a long way towards supporting a better sleep.

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Sizing Guide

You have a choice between a twin/twin xl, full/queen, or king sized cover and should choose the product based on what duvet or comforter size you already have. These are made to fit perfectly with your existing duvet or comforter to provide a secure fit and keep from having too much material along the edges.

Many people like to size their quilts and comforters up from their traditional bed size to provide extra drape over the edges of the bed, so be sure to measure your comforter or duvet prior to purchasing a duvet cover to ensure the proper fit.

In general you will find the following measurements to be approximately universal with slight variations to length or width:

Twin: 68” x 89”

Queen: 88” x 90”

King: 104” x 90”

Color Options

The company provides a decent range of solid colors from which to choose in order to fit any decorative style. Neutrals and pastels dominate but include both white, black, and a small selection of more bold options. One of the most popular selling point behind duvet covers is how easy it is to trade out the cover to change your decor based on preference or season without having to replace the entire larger, bulker duvet.

Material and Construction Design

As mentioned, Sheex fabrics use a patented SLEEP-FIT technology to provide a more restorative sleep, but what exactly does this mean? Temperature control, moisture transport, and ventilation are all the key claims made by the company using evaporative cooling. This means they breathe up to 50% better than comparable cotton sheets, and reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations.

The fabric is made using a circular-knit microfiber technique and is a blend of 87% microfiber polyester and 13% spandex to provide a cool, smooth, giving surface. It also washes well and is pill resistant. It has a hidden zipper that lays flat and provides a stylish look. It also includes ties in each corner to help secure your duvet in place and prevent shifting.


Sheex materials are easy to keep clean and dry quickly. All you have to do it wash in cold water without any sort of bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low without a dryer sheet and no ironing needed since they are wrinkle resistant! They do not fade or pill, although it is suggested to keep your cover zipped up during the drying process to avoid added wear along the zipper seams.

1-year Warranty/30 Day Guarantee

The company offers a thirty-day guarantee for both quality and comfort. If you don’t like the product, simply return for a full refund. This also includes exchanges. All Sheex products also come with a 1-year warranty to protect against manufacturer defects. The company will send you a shipping label for the defective item and provide a full refund or exchange.

What Consumers are Saying

In general Sheex products are highly rated for their cooling, comforting feel, and silky-like texture. They are incredibly popular with people who naturally sleep hot, and hold up to their claims of moisture wicking and breathable benefits. The word “Luxury” is used consistently in consumer reviews across a variety of online platforms, supporting the quality of the product, as well as the comfort.

Complaints seem to surrounding manufacturer defects that are more than covered by the 30-day guarantee and 1-year warranty. There seems to be little to no complaints about the comfort or benefit claims not holding true, and in general people seem to absolutely love their Sheex purchase.


If sleeping hot is a problem for you or your partner, and you are tired of searching for bedding options that are cooling, yet comfortable- then the addition of a Sheex Performance Cooling Duvet Cover may be an excellent solution. These specially designed fabrics were made by athletes to address body temperature fluctuations to help create a more relaxing, comforting sleep environment. The duvet cover is especially helpful as it can work with other Sheex products, or even as a stand alone to aide in a more restful sleep.

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