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Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Safety 1st is one of the leading manufacturers of baby safety products. I have owned countless items with their name stamped on them which includes baby gates, nail clippers, thermometers, nasal aspirators, and even car seats. Honestly, I trust their products more than any other company out there, which is why I speak highly of their crib mattresses, which is something I didn’t even know they made until recently.

After I found out about their mattresses, I just had to try them out. This review will focus on the Heavenly Dreams mattress and everything good and not so good about it.

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Safety First Heavenly Crib Mattress Video Review

The Safety 1st Promise

Over the years, Safety 1st has made it their priority to keep our babies safe with their innovative products. If you walk down any baby aisle in any store across the world, you’ll probably be bombarded with their product labels. They are here to help new parents get through their baby’s “first’s.” They also go by other names such as Cosco, Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, and Tiny Love.

Ever since their creation of the “BABY ON BOARD” sign 30 years ago, their name has been found around almost every home with a child across the world. Parents and caregivers trust the name because they have promised to keep children away from chemicals with their baby locks, off of stairways with their baby gates, out of the toilet with their toilet locks, and secure in cars with their car seats.

Safety 1st has been trying to introduce amazingly innovative products to parents. These new products give us parents the power to keep our babies safe. They are also supporters of such groups as Cradles to Crayons, March of Dimes, Boston Bruins Foundation, United Way, Operation Shower, and many others.

Presenting The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress

The Heavenly Dreams mattress has a Greenguard Gold certification to ensure good indoor air quality and low chemical emissions. It features a water resistant vinyl cover while remaining phthalates and lead free. It also meets federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633 without using potentially harmful chemicals.

The mattress can fit into standard cribs and toddler beds, although not dual sided. The cover is hypoallergenic, which is ideal for babies who may be sensitive to allergens, it’s super easy to wipe clean, as shown in my video below, it can withstand wear and tear, and it’s super lightweight.

Thoughts About The Packaging

This mattress came packaged in a brown box and wrapped in plastic. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the informational insert. It told me what features the mattress had and provided me with its certifications.

Features & Benefits

Are you ready to learn all about the Heavenly Dreams crib mattress? I ran a ton of tests so that I could provide you with everything you would need to know before purchasing. I did a heat retention test, bounce test, water resistance test, and can give you some insight as to how my son slept on it.

What Sets It Apart?

Well, Safety 1st is a brand that I can trust and you can’t say that about too many other mattress companies. Most of them make just mattresses, but not Safety 1st. When they make them, they are making them with the safety of our children in mind. They aren’t just slapping some foam inside of a cover. They’re doing their research and making their mattresses affordable.

Other mattress companies want hundreds of dollars for something that’ll only last a few months, maybe a year. Safety 1st is giving you a mattress that will last until your kids are toddlers for a lower price.

Construction & Composition

The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams is composed of just a few simple layers:

The hypoallergenic vinyl cover is built to last. It is tear resistant and withstands wear. This makes it so that your child can use it over a period of several years without it ripping or staining. The vinyl cover makes it easy to clean. Check out the video and see for yourself how easy it is to wipe up a spill.

The high-density, thermo-bonded core is also built to last. It’s also Greenguard Gold certified and healthy for your baby to sleep on. The core is also firm enough to properly support babies and toddlers alike.


As far as comfort goes, my son slept relatively well on this mattress. My son is usually really picky about where and what he sleeps on, so when he sleeps well on something, it’s definitely a keeper in my book.

I observed him while he was sleeping and I did not notice him tossing and turning like he use to. Once he wrapped himself in his blankie like a burrito, he drifted off within a matter of minutes. He didn’t fuss for hours and didn’t seem uncomfortable.

Overall, I would have to say that this can be called comfortable. I do not recommend using it without a sheet, though. The reason is because it does make a slight sound because of the vinyl cover. It may disrupt sleep


The support of the mattress is ideal for a toddler or baby. I did not notice my son sinking in or bouncing while he was rolling over. Thanks to the high-density, thermo-bonded foam, he was able to sleep without being swallowed by the mattress.

Proper support is ideal for a crib mattress because while your child is using it, they are also hitting their milestones such as walking, crawling, sitting, standing, etc. Do you think a baby is going to learn to stand well on a squishy mattress? Probably not. Firm mattresses are our babies friends.

Supportive mattresses also decrease the SIDS risk, which is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. These alarming statistics show just how many cases there were and what caused it. One of the causes is suffocation, most likely from a baby rolling onto their stomach and not being able to breathe. It’s scary to think about, but if the mattress is firm, there won’t be an issue.

The Two-Finger Test

If a mattress is too small for the crib, it poses an entrapment risk for your baby. They can get stuck in the gap between the mattress and the crib if they roll too close to the edge. So, I like to make sure there isn’t a big enough gap by doing the two-finger test.

The general rule of thumb here is that if you can fit more than two fingers, the middle and pointer, between the mattress and crib rails, it’s too big and unsafe for your child to sleep on. As usual, I tested my mattress using this method and it passed.

Check out the picture, you can see that I can’t even get one finger in between the two. This is a perfect fit and there is no chance of a baby becoming entrapped.

Edge Support

As mentioned above, entrapment is a huge concern when it comes to mattresses not fitting well. If a mattress lacks edge support, it just adds to that risk. As the baby rolls closer to the edge of the mattress and it has no support, it’s going to sink, sucking the baby in. This is why it’s important that they have solid edges.

The Heavenly Dreams mattress does have some pretty great edge support. I was able to balance a 16 pound bowling ball on the edge without it sinking. This is a good indication that the edges are solid and will hold up, even after moving it to a toddler bed.

Toddlers move around a lot and they will manage to make their way to the edge of the bed. With this wonderful edge support, it’ll be less likely that the child will have assistance falling out of bed from a sinking edge.


I love me some square corners. My reasoning? Well, they seem to fit in the crib better. Those rounded edges give the mattress room to move around, in my experience, especially if it’s a little too small for the crib. You just have to make sure those square corners aren’t sharp. It makes for some uncomfortable transportation for sheet changes.

This mattress has those square corners I love so much, which makes it more appealing. If you take a look, you can see in the picture that the mattress fits snug into the corners of the crib.


Seams are a huge issue for me, especially is they are prone to coming loose. I like to inspect all of my mattresses for loose seams, mainly because they are risky to a child’s health. If they were to swallow thread, it could become lodged in their stomach, or even their throat. This is very dangerous, which is why I check for them.

This mattress seemed very well constructed and all seams were tight. I didn’t see pulls or flaws that could wind up in the hands of a small child. The zipper was secure and easy to unzip and zip back up. I didn’t see any spots where the mattress could be compromised by bugs or other critters.

Ease Of Transport

Do you enjoy waking up to a screaming baby that just made a complete mess of the bed? Do you love lifting a heavy mattress for sheet changes? No? Neither do I. The Heavenly Dreams mattress is very lightweight, only weighing in at around 8 pounds. This makes it very easy to take it out of the crib for those inconvenient sheet changes.

I can pick this mattress up with just two fingers, which means that you won’t have any issues moving the mattress around whether it’s for sheet changes, rotating, moving from crib to toddler bed, etc. This is also ideal for those who may have issues with heavy objects or pain from arthritis or other medical conditions.

How Does It Feel?

This mattress has a vinyl cover, so yes, it does feel like plastic. It’s not a rough plastic, it’s a smooth feeling. You can feel where the designs are because they have a different type of pattern. Personally, I don’t the feel of it. It feels too much like plastic and I wouldn’t want to sleep on it. But, that’s not the case for my son.

My son slept well on it, even without the crib sheet. It does make a little bit of noise because of the material, but nothing too terrible. My son actually seems to like to feel of it. I have caught him numerous times running his hands all over it.


My findings are that if a mattress has a ton of bounce, it’s probably too firm and may disrupt a child’s sleep. If it doesn’t have bounce, it’s probably too soft and could be a suffocation risk, especially if it’s for a baby.

I like to take my trusty bowling ball and drop it on the mattress to see how much it bounces. This mattress has an ideal amount of bounce. It isn’t too soft or too firm, it’s just right. This could indicate that the it has an ideal firmness and is safe for your baby or toddler to sleep on.

If you are wondering, I didn’t notice my son bouncing around on the mattress other than when he is purposely doing it. He could roll around in his sleep without being disturbed.

Temperature Regulation Features

This mattress doesn’t have any type of special temperature regulation features, which is kind of a bummer. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is going to sleep hot or overheat, so don’t let that bother you.

I still got out my trusty temperature gun and heating sock so that I could see exactly how much this mattress retains heat. Let’s check out the results.

Heat Retention

So, I took that heating sock and warmed it up. I then placed it on the mattress and heated up to 130 degrees. I then took my temperature gun and calculated how long it took to get from 130 to around 98 degrees.

I didn’t expect anything spectacular out of this test since there aren’t any temperature regulating features and because of what the cover is made from. So, as expected, the mattress had an above average cooling down speed.

Most mattresses I test have a cooling down time of around 20-25 seconds, this one took 34 seconds. As I stated earlier, I did not expect this one to cool down at a high rate of speed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your child is going to sleep hot, it just means that the mattress retains heat for longer periods of time.


I am happy to report that this mattress did not have an odor when I took it out of the package. The only thing that was a little smelly, was the plastic it was wrapped in. A lot of this has to do with the Greenguard Gold certification. Remember how I mentioned earlier that it has this to ensure good indoor air quality?

I have come across many mattresses that smelled terrible. They either smelled like plastic or some kind of weird factory scent. I had to let them air out for a while before I put my child on it. With this mattress, you can put your child right on it without having to worry about them ingesting any nasty odors.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here are some comments about the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams that other users had.

Construction & Composition
  • Seems durable
  • Seams are tight
  • Great quality
  • Zipper works well
  • Ideal firmness for infants
  • Equally good support for toddlers
  • Not too soft or too firm
Comfort For Baby
  • Babies sleep through the night
  • Babies look comfortable
Comfort For Toddler
  • Toddlers falling asleep quicker
  • Sleeping better
Water Resistance
  • Water resistance holds true
  • Accidents were easy to clean
Ease Of Movement
  • It’s very lightweight
  • Easy to take out of cribs
  • Sheet changes are easier
  • Not very breathable

Is The Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Mattress The Right Fit For You?

If you say yes to any of these, this may be an ideal mattress for you and your child.

Do You Love Waterproofing?

I tested it myself, it’s waterproof and does wipe up easily. It’s not cloth, so it won’t soak up leaks. The leak will stay right on top of the mattress for easier wiping. This is ideal for when you have to do those middle of the night sheet changes. You don’t have to remove the entire cover to clean it. Take it from me, that’s the last thing you want to do at 1am.

Do You Want To Use It For Multiple Years?

This mattress was designed to be used with a baby and a toddler. So, thanks to the waterproof and tear proof cover, it has the potential to last many years. There have been many reports of this mattress lasting quite a few years. It will also save you money. You won’t have to go out and buy a new one once your baby is a toddler.

Are You On A Budget?

I understand how hard it is to buy baby products, especially when most of them are overpriced. This mattress is extremely affordable, you can click here for the price. For a good quality product, this price is unbeatable

Are You Not A Fan Of Heavy Mattresses?

Since this mattress is made of foam, it’s extremely light and easy to carry around and handle. I had no issue taking it out and putting it back in the crib. I was able to do it without breaking a sweat. The same cannot be said for some of the innerspring ones that I have encountered.


Wrapping this all up, I must say that this is a pretty good mattress for under $100. If it is taken care of, it has the potential to last quite a few years. It’s affordable, lightweight, waterproof, and it’s safe. It fits in my crib well and I have no complaints about it other than the heat retention. It gave my child the proper support he needed and it will give yours the same.

I feel a lot better knowing that this mattress is made by a company that has the safety of my child in the back of their minds. Like I said before, I have used a lot of their products and they are quite impressive. They products are high quality, durable, affordable, and most importantly-safe I definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a good quality mattress without breaking the bank.

The Safety 1st Specs

Material Organic Degassing Period Firmness Level for Baby (Scale 1-10)
Vinyl and High- Density Foam No None 8


Firmness Level for Toddler Shipping weight Warranty Cost
7 8 Pounds 2 Years $

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work in all cribs?

It will fit in any US standard sized crib. This mattress measures 27.5” x 51.4” x 5”.

Is a protector needed?

Since the mattress is waterproof, it isn’t really necessary, but if you want to protect the longevity of it, Pads/protectors may be a good option.

Does it work on convertible cribs?

Yes, this crib mattress will work on a convertible crib, as long as it is a USA standard size.

Is there a warranty?

2-years with certain restrictions

Is it dual sided?

No, but it is built to last throughout the baby and toddler years.

How easy is cleaning?

You can wipe it with a cloth and some mild soap.