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SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

Let’s face it. We’re all looking for ways to better our lives, especially when it comes to better health. But a lot of us forget the importance of a good, healthy sleep. Enter into the world of mattress protectors and encasements. These help reduce major issues, such as the build-up of sweat and dust mites, as well as hassles like spills on the bed.

It can be difficult to determine the right product to meet your needs, but I’m here to help! I’ve gone through the process of reviewing the SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement myself, as well as dredging through all the research to get the 4-1-1 on the product. Hopefully, I can help you decide if this is the right way to go for your situation.

SafeRest specializes in mattress encasements, protectors and protected mattresses, helping to ensure your sleep is restful and not filled with dingy and smelly build-up on your mattress. I spent time reviewing the SafeRest mattress encasement and have broken down the results for you.

Breakdown of the SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement

The mattress encasement goes a step further than a simple overlay protector. With an encasement, you get full coverage of the mattress on all six sides, and in the case of the SafeRest, you get more than just waterproofing. The encasement is independently certified to be proofed against bed bugs in all stages.

I was impressed to find a 10-year warranty on the product. While some manufacturers offer a longer warranty, they don’t fully back the product. SafeRest has a full replacement clause, so if you have a problem, you’re guaranteed a solution.

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Features and Benefits

I started my investigation with a search of the website, to make sure all the information I might need was at my fingertips. The site was well organized and had images and videos to help better explain construction of the product and show its capabilities From there, I was ready to begin my own at-home lab tests of the encasement.


I believe it’s important to test the main function of a product first. Since SafeRest claims its mattress encasement is 100% waterproof, I thought this was the place to start the action. What’s the best test against spills? In my opinion, it’s to put the product to use by spilling something on it.

I slept on the mattress encasement for a night first, to determine its protection against sweat. I can be a pretty heavy sweater during the night, and that sort of build up leaves its mark on a mattress in stains and odors that can’t be washed out or disguised. I woke up in the morning and checked the mattress to find not a drop, which suited me just fine. I did, however, sweat a little more than usual, though the amount was negligible.

So, I went ahead with my spill test. In order to get the most accurate results in terms of preventing liquid and odor from seeping through, I chose to spill white grape juice on the encasement. I didn’t want the stain, if there was a problem. I let the liquid set for 8 hours, checking back every 2 hours, and throughout the process, nothing leaked through.

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Spill Test

Overall, I was beyond pleased with the outcome of the spill test. I tend to find the bold claims of ‘100% waterproof’ a bit sketchy, until tested. In many cases, the manufacturer does the quick test but doesn’t hold out for the extended version. However, in the case of SafeRest, they have every right to make the claim!


The SafeRest premium mattress encasement is made up of a cotton terry surface coupled with a breathable hypoallergenic membrane backing. This allows for comfort and protection all in one. It surrounds and protects the mattress with a 360 secure zipper closing, as well as a Velcro flap made to protect the zipper end from coming loose. The extra layer of protection there actually gave me a great deal of comfort and actually made some of the other claims more plausible.

I was quite pleased with the noiseless construction as well. I’ve always hated mattress protectors of any kind that have a plastic smell or that make noise every time you move. Thankfully, that wasn’t a problem here.


To find that there was no noise related to the use of this mattress encasement was a relief and added a great deal of comfort for me. I literally can’t sleep through those squeaking sounds. Moreover, I really enjoyed the cotton fleece top material, which was soft and comfortable. It allowed me to sleep pretty soundly in comparison to other similar models.

Heat Retention

One problem I did have with the SafeRest mattress encasement was that only the top layer of cotton terry is really breathable. There is so much waterproof protection all the way around that it holds heat fairly well, and I tend to sleep hot and sweat quite a bit anyway.

Over a couple of nights, though, I made adjustments such as not tucking my covers into the bottom of the bed and leaving the sheets thrown back while I got up for a drink of water. This allowed for less baking and a cooler sleep, mostly remedying the problem that comes with any mattress protector.

Maintenance, Care and Warranty

The SafeRest premium mattress encasement comes with a full replacement 10-year warranty. The company asks that you machine wash and dry any returns for warranty purposes. This could be anything from a tear to no longer being ‘spillproof’ or anything else covered by the warranty.

The product is easily cared for. It is designated machine washable, and you can dry it, too. Just be sure never to dry it on ‘high heat’ since that can damage the material. It’s a quick way to kill the waterproof layer. I personally suggest letting it hang dry whenever possible.

For a refund, send back an unopened package within 14 days of the initial order. This will get you your money back. Simply call the number listed on the website and ask for a Return Authorization. When it is given, ship the original package back to start the return process.


Though I haven’t tested it – and hope I never have the chance – the encasement is independently certified to be proofed against bed bugs, which I feel is a pretty major bonus. After all, especially if you live in an apartment, you want to make sure no one else’s problem affects you!

But also, I’m personally attached to the Velcro flap. The zipper can easily be pulled loose when it’s not covered, especially since these are sort of ‘one size fits all’ in terms of mattress height. That means your encasement could be quite loose or incredibly tight. The Velcro flap helps protect that weak corner from damage.

One more thing to look forward to is that you can actually choose from more than one color option for the encasement. You aren’t stuck with a basic white.

Customer Reviews and Feedback for the SafeRest Mattress Encasement

Here’s what most of the online consumers has to say about the product.

Feedback on its Features

In the case of the SafeRest premium mattress encasement, I feel it is fair to brush off the majority of the nay-sayers. The product ranks well for all its features and lives up to all its claims, as far as I can measure.

Customer Support

The SafeRest website is easy to navigate, gives lots of information, and lists the number in several places. Calling that number gets you through to support with no issues. You can also find SafeRest on all social media, which makes them easily accessible to the world over.


As with protection, I feel that reviews stating the product isn’t durable are based on poor quality treatment. Most consumers rave about how long the encasement has lasted.


I found no odor lingering in my bed, on the encasement, or anywhere in the room. There was no sweaty funk, no remaining grape smell, and nothing else to displease my nasal cavity.


From what I can see, the only complaints about not living up to the claims about protection come from people who haven’t adhered to the directions for care or those who are too rough or neglectful. None of the negative comments seem to reflect on SafeRest as a company or any of its products, and the premium mattress encasement gets almost entirely excellent reviews.


It’s always nice to be able to recognize a product for living up to par rather than having to trash a company’s robust, overconfident claims. With the SafeRest mattress encasement, there is really nothing to detract from trusting in it to do what you need, and that’s to protect your mattress from liquid, dirt, dust, allergens, and even bed bugs.

If you found this review to be helpful in any way, or had some further questions, feel free to comment and share below!

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SafeRest Premium Mattress Encasement Specs

Material Sizes Odor Warranty Shipping Weight
or Weight
Cotton Terry Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King None 10 Years 3.0lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is protector attached with corner anchors or fitted like a sheet?


Is this protector machine-washable?


Will the pocket depth be enough for my mattress?

Fits mattresses between 9-12 inches.

Is there a warranty?

10 years.