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SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector

I just purchased this mattress protector. But when it arrived, I realized it was not the type to encase the mattress. I have to say that I searched for a 6 sided mattress protector on Amazon, and this came right up. After checking for all of the features I wanted, like cotton —& this is only 80% cotton-hypoallergenic, etc, I missed that it was not 6 sided. How can this product protect against allergens if it does not cover the entire mattress? Does anyone know?


What do you mean by it doesn’t fit the bed quite right?


Jess RJ

While bed sizes are standard, there are slight variations. Furthermore, some are thicker than others. That’s what leads some people to report the protector doesn’t fit quite right. This is typically the case for mattresses under 10 inches thick since protectors are designed to fit a wide array of sizes.

Joan Garrett

I just bought a Beautyrest Black Ice hybrid for its cooling technology. It felt great in the store, but when I put a lightly quilted mattress pad on it, the cooling technology no longer works and I’m back to sleeping in a hot nest. Is there any kind of mattress protector that will serve to protect the mattress and the warranty, but not interfere with the cooling layer? Would appreciate any advice.


Frank Apodaca

Hey Joan,
Any layer you are going to put ontop of the mattress is going to affect that mattresses cooling abilities but their is a mattress protector that has its own Outlast cooling abilities and that is the Slumber Cloud Dryline. See the review here.

Mark Schultz

Thanks for a thorough and balanced review. THe only thing i did not find was the price.

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