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Updated August 19, 2019

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I recently had the opportunity to use the Rowenta Turbo Silence Pedestal Fan. While using it, I’ve discovered it’s a high-tech, super efficient, and somehow, through its modern design and customized features, seems to make the air colder.

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Simple in Design, Efficient in Use

I’ve had this fan used in several of my home’s larger rooms, mainly the sitting room. It is so efficient it is able to do what we all hope our fans can accomplish – making the circulating air even colder.

On any setting other than low, I don’t know that I could use this fan in a smaller room for fear of running the risk of actually being too cold. Some on the other hand, have the exact opposite problem and will absolutely love the option of blasting the cool air on them constantly.

I find that it has a very modern, high-tech look. It’s pretty sturdy, well built, and quite heavy in contrast with other similar fans. Because of the wide base it will take a bit more space than usual, but this in combination with how heavy it is will actually assist in not being tipped over too easily.

The features are easily used, and it even includes a turbo boost function that really creates an air circulation punch.

It’s an attractive fan, but will probably stand out from your decor.

It does come in a conveniently sized box. Please remember to recycle!

Assembly is required. It comes in several pieces and can be put together in about 20 minutes. The video says assembly is less than 3 minutes, however taking into account the fact it’s a professional video made by the manufacturer of course it is going to take a little less time.

I also count from unpacking the box, laying it all out, and following any diagrams/directions. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a process.

I will say it is also a process, because the manual is almost exclusively in black and white drawings. While the simplicity allows for this mode of instruction to be pretty easy, the moment a weird item pops up in a drawing, you’re like… whhaaaaat? And I found myself staring at the drawings longer than I should have.

The fan promises silence as low as 44 decibels. It also states airflow is strong enough to move 2436 ft per minute. That’s probably the perfect combination for someone who needs a fan to sleep.

Size and Stature

The head of the fan is 16 inches across. At full height, the fan measures 18” x 18” x 54”. It weighs 19 pounds assembled with a shipping weight of over 24 pounds. Quite the hefty fan. It is a bit awkward to move around because it isn’t balanced and a bit heavy.

The fan is easily adjusted from 42 inches to 54 inches.

The fan is made from heavy plastic and metal. The plastic is sturdy and durable and should hold up for quite some time. The metal is also sturdy. However, quite a few number of users state that the manufacturer though claims it’s made from stainless steel (and thus can’t rust) rusts very easily and quickly with use… even without being used in high humid or ocean air environments.

The base is quite wide, well built, and sturdy. In combination with it being heavy this should really assist in stability. Of course, little ones should still refrain from using it as a climbing tower.

The cord is less than 5 feet in length and is connected at the bottom of the back of the LED panel. You’ll have to keep this fan close to the outlet or plugged into an extension cord.

The panel is simple to use, large writing, easily used. There is a power button and a Remote button, which when pressed gives access to use the included remote.

There is a settings button that controls three power settings which when pressed continuously change the speed and power of the fan. The Turbo button lives up to its name, is separate from the other speeds, and really kicks the fan into high gear.

The Remote

In order to use the remote you’ll have to activate the Remote button on the fan in order to allow the remote to work. Once I got into the habit of remembering to hit the button on the fan, before sitting or lying down, I found the remote also very easily used and worked well with the fan.

The manual says it works up to 23 feet away.

Don’t forget the batteries, they aren’t included.

Pivot and Swivel

The head of the fan doesn’t only pivot up and down, but it also is supposed to rotate from left to right as well. While using the fan, I was able to easily tilt the head up and down, but the left to right manual manipulation wasn’t as easy to maneuver.

The fan does oscillate. You do have to manually pop the button up or down on the head of the fan, there is no oscillate button, nor can you change this from the remote. I found this a little old fashioned in contrast with the rest of its abilities. Just an old style fan feature. But it isn’t a deal breaker.

The Settings

The settings are simple, which is refreshing. This fan looks good, it works effectively, and it’s not complicated. It doesn’t have as much to offer in comparison with other similar, modern fans in it’s class. But really, what do you need a fan to do? Circulate air at a couple speeds. Done.

On the fan, there are a few buttons:

  • On/Off – press it to turn it on. Press it to turn it off.
  • +/- – press it to change the power for setting 1 through 3.
  • Turbo – This is the fourth power setting that is separate from the +/- settings.
  • Remote – give access control to your remote.
  • I took some photos of each of the power settings. See below for how much force changes between the four speeds.

Cleaning and Maintenance

A big component for me is how easily the fan is cleaned. Build up is going to occur and no home is free from dust bunnies under the couch, doubly so if you own pets (I own three).

With two simple drawings the manual teaches you to clean the fan cage, with what I assume is a damp cloth. It doesn’t show the cage being unscrewed to clean the blades, but as easy as it was to put together, it would be very easy to do this.

As mentioned before, according to many user reviews, and as we cover below, the cage will rust quite quickly and without being in a humid or salted air environment. This is quite frustrating, for the money one spends on this fan and how well it works otherwise. Users also show attempts to clean the rust, and it seems it is a lot of hard, sometimes futile, work.

That being said, the less water that comes in contact with the metal parts the longer the fan will last without rusting. Perhaps use a static cling cloth for cleaning.

The pamphlet does come with instructions on how to replace the fuse located in the base of the plug, in black and white drawings of course.

Warranty Info

A registration card is also included along with the fan manual. I would probably suggest to register any new item you receive for convenience of claims alone, let alone maybe some peace of mind that your product is covered under some definite circumstances.

The company holds a limited warranty and also promises to keep all replaceable parts for at least five years after the last date of production.

What Users Have to Say

While this fan has a lot of reviews, and the average review is very high, there are a few concerns.

Most people love the fan, and there are a lot of “I love the fan, but…” comments.

Upon first glance, the people love it! Getting into the details and we have some issues, like:

  • Rusting of the metal cage
  • Subpar customer service

When trying to fix issues like the rust

  • Filing a claim seems a bit tedious and a lot of work for a pricey fan
  • Some say customer service didn’t believe the customers were having real issues
  • Some users claim customer service had them try many many fixes before even starting the process of a repair or replacement
  • Lifetime of the fan seems to be 1-3 years
  • Pricey
  • Needs more features to be this expensive
  • I’d estimate for every 10 reviews, there is an average of 7 highly rated reviews and one or two negatively rated reviews.

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In the end, our hope for the fan we purchase, big or small, expensive or not, is that they move air effectively and efficiently. If you’re willing to spend a little more than average for a modern day, advanced fan – this will definitely fulfill your need for efficiency and use.

This fan definitely works well, and with the juxtaposition of highly modern design, yet simple in how it operates – it seems to be the perfect balance.

Now that I own it, and have looked at what other’s have to say, I’m a little skeptical on how long it will last and even whether or not I will replace it if it’s truly inevitable fate actually comes to be.

But, I do love how well it works right now! I have even had compliments from visitors asking where I got it, how much was it, and how much they love it.

If you’re willing to find out for yourself just how well it works, you can purchase it here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it noisy?

No, product is very quiet.

What precautions should be taken?

-Keep product 50 cm away from objects. -Never allow contact with water. -Ensure product is on a stable surface and in correct operating position before use.

Where can I place my fan?

Wherever space is available and you have 50 cm of clearance from objects.

How do I clean my fan?

Unplug and clean unit with slightly damp cloth.