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OstrichPillow Light Travel Pillow

If you have ever traveled by plane, then you are probably well aware of the traditional horseshoe-shaped neck pillows so popular with travelers. They sit around your neck and provide head support both to your back and side to allow for a more comfortable resting position. Through the years, companies have tried to approve the design, but other than changing the materials used, there has never been too much variation- until now.

Not to be confused with the Original Ostrich Pillow (you can read our review of that here), the Ostrich Lite is designed to meet the needs of a larger variety of consumers. The Sleep Judge review team purchased one of their own to try out, and our review of our experience can be found below.

Ostrich Light Pillow Specs

 Case material: Viscose elastane

 Comfort: travel

 Adjustable: yes

 Warranty: 2 year

Breakdown of the OstrichPillow Parent Company

Started as a Kickstarter investment in 2012 by a UK based company, the OstrichPillow not only made the money they needed to begin manufacturing the original design, but it has also survived to add new, innovative ideas to their line up of office and travel comfort. Committed to ‘outside the box ideas’ that address personal rest within places of work and within public areas, the company has gained a faithful following of their products.

The OstrichPillow Light Overview

The OstrichPillow Light was created to address consumer feedback surrounding the original design (a style that essentially turns your head into a pillow) concerning the need to have something a little less bulky and encompassing. From this, a line was born- the adjustable Light Version that can be used in various ways while at rest to support the neck and/or head, as well as serve as a sleep mask. This has been well received by daily commuters and long-distance travelers. It is less bulky than many U-shaped pillows, and you can easily stuff it into purses, or it can even be worn around the neck as a type of infinity scarf to free up your hands.




The Light came in a well-packaged sliding box that provided the information about use and care. It wasn’t wrapped in plastic within the box, which is actually a good thing as it wasn’t stored in a non-breathable plastic which can increase off-gassing. Although some consumers have complained about off-gassing, I noticed absolutely no smell at all upon unpacking.

First Impressions

I was super excited to try this pillow out as we are a traveling family, and upon opening, I was happy to see that it looked and felt as I expected. Made with similar materials to many of the micro-bead U-shaped neck pillows, the Ostrich Light is malleable and fits easily over your head. I especially loved that you can reverse it and adjust it.

At first, it felt a little bit large around my neck, and I wondered how I could get it up under my head without it slipping, but then I used the adjustable toggle to tighten it, and it snugged up without being too tight.


Features & Benefit Claims

Every product has a series of claims made about it to better help consumers make decisions surrounding it. This is also a way to highlight the features and make a good sales pitch concerning the benefits it may lend to your life.

Adjustable Infinity Shape


Unlike a U-shaped travel pillow, the Ostrich Light in an infinity design sewn in a circle to fit over your head. There is an elastic pull cord secured by an adjustable toggle located through the center of the pillow, which can be accessed through a well-placed opening in order to take advantage of the reversible cover.

At first, I thought this might create some issues with how well it fit over a variety of different size heads, but it is large enough to fit a variety of body types with ease. The elastic cord pulls easily, and it provides a pretty decent range of adjustability. It also secures very well with the toggle and stays put.

Viscose Elastane Reversible Cover

There are a variety of color combinations available, including solid choices that these pillows come in. Most are both material and color reversible. My pillow was a soft cotton feeling, gray and cool, smooth, red Viscose elastane reverse to take advantage of both how it looked as well as how it felt up against your skin. The elastic cord is centralized in the pillow with a circular cut out in one area to allow you to easily adjust the toggle from one side to the next.


Since the pillow can also be ‘worn’ around the neck for ease of carrying or for simple comfort as a sort of scarf, you can color coordinate with these choices. I actually thought this was kind of a fun design idea to better serve the needs of more people and its multiple uses.

Micro Polystyrene Foam Bead Filling