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Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress

Can this be used right away for a newborn baby?


Your discount code doesn’t work. I’ll just buy t from buy buy baby with their discount but would prefer the $125 off, if you can fix this. Also, why did your rating of it change from your last article on the top 5 mattresses? You listed it about 4.5 and #5 in the ranking, with naturepedic as #1, but then in the conclusion, you report that the newton is hands down the best of them all. Is this because of your affiliate status with newton, and if so, are your reviews biased based on your affiliate commission %, rather than your actual findings?

Martha Musser

Code don’t work. Would have bought it.

Joann Shams

The discount code shows on the Amazon link as invalid!


Is it ok to use a sheet with the Newton mattress or does that hurt its breathability?


How is Firmness Level for Baby 9 and Firmness Level for Toddler 7 if this is not dual sided?


Frank Apodaca

Babies are lighter than toddlers.

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