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Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress

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One of the first things, other than the bassinet in the hospital, that your baby is going to sleep on is their crib mattress. So, why shouldn’t it be both safe and comfortable? This is what a lot of parents and caregivers look for while creating their baby registry or setting up a room for when they babysit, I know it was for me.

Now you may be asking yourself where you can get a mattress that is going to give you and the baby a sleep filled night. Let me tell you all about the Newton Wovenaire crib mattress!

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Video Review

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Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress Review Video

The Newton Promise

Newton promises you and the baby a healthier sleeping environment, you can’t really ask for much more than that. I know that I don’t want my child sleeping on something that smells like a chemical plant. Newton puts the safety of your baby before anything else, which is why they created such a revolutionary crib mattress. It is free of biocides and toxic fire retardants toxic that can be found in other mattresses.

Newton is well aware of how many babies unfortunately succumb to SIDS and SUDS each year, which is a whopping 2,000+. This could be from a number of factors which includes suffocation from a mattress that isn’t breathable. Newton promises to keep baby as safe as possible while on their mattress.

Presenting The Wovenaire

The Wovenaire, to me, is one of the safest baby crib mattresses I have come across. This mattress has a significantly lower suffocation risk than other breathable and organic mattresses on the market.

The Wovenaire is also 100% recyclable, has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification, is hypo-allergenic and are you ready for this? It is completely washable! That’s right, you can wash it from top to bottom, inside and out.

Thoughts About The Box

This box was by far the most marketed I have come across for crib mattresses. When I received it, I could immediately tell who it was from. The box had all kinds of information written all over it such as how it’s breathable, washable, and recyclable.

Once you open the box, you will see the mattress wrapped in plastic with their logo and the words “Safer, healthier, better sleep”. When you remove the mattress from the box, you will then see an information insert inside of the plastic. It tells you all about the mattress and what it is made from, along with all of its certifications. On the other side, you will see a picture of a cute baby on the mattress, touching their toes. Who doesn’t love a picture of a cute baby touching their toes?

This box definitely had great marketing and I hope to see some more boxes like this in the future.

Features & Benefits

I am super excited to tell you all about the features of this one of a kind crib mattress!

What Sets It Apart?

Other crib mattress have claimed that they are organic, but they are probably wrong. If you look closely at the packages, you may be able to see certain ingredients commonly found in non-organic mattresses. They also can have hidden dangers since they are sealed in a plastic, airtight, waterproof cover that doesn’t breathe. This is a breeding ground for mold and harmful bacteria. The Wovenaire is completely different since, get this, the inside is made with 90% air!

That’s right, the inside of this mattress is made from a breathable Wovenaire material and 10% food-grade polymer. There is no foam, latex, springs, or glue that is commonly found in “organic” crib mattresses. There is no off gassing, toxic fire retardants or allergens. The Wovenaire also loves bath time! You can completely wash away mold and bacteria for a more hygienic sleeping environment.

This is also the ideal hand-me-down crib mattress. You can feel safe knowing that it was cleaned inside and out and down to the core. You’ll have years of happiness knowing that your child is on a safe and revolutionary crib mattress.

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Construction & Composition

The Wovenaire is compiled of just 2 simple layers, technically three, but it is just the bottom part of the cover. There is nothing in between that just takes up space and does nothing. The Wovenaire has just these two layers:

3-D Spacer Cover

The 3-D space cover encloses the Wovenaire layer in a highly breathable spacer fabric. These layers have been quilted together in a cute cloud pattern to create soft and safe pillows of air. If you take a gander at the picture below, you can see the close up of the cover. You can see that there are noticeable holes that allow for breathability. My son was able to stuff his face right into this mattress and still be perfectly safe.


The Wovenaire layer is a big block of woven safe plastic, well, food-grade polymer. The inside layer is 90% air and 10% food-grade polymer. There is a picture below that shows the material up close. It does look like string, but it is actually a very safe and flexible type of plastic. This layer was created in a pool of water when the highest quality food-grade polymer was extruded into it. This created the three-dimensional shape that is 90% air by volume.


Nothing is more important than the safety and comfort of a baby and toddler. I don’t like to listen to my little boy cry because he is uncomfortable, which is why this mattress was such a relief. My son loved to sleep on this mattress more than any other one I have tested so far. It is firm enough for a baby, yet comfortable enough for a picky toddler.

Although the inside is made from woven plastic, it still has just that small touch of bounce so that it does not feel like the child is sleeping on a rock. A lot of these crib mattresses are just so firm that it would be uncomfortable for even the best sleeping baby to sleep on, in my opinion. If you want something that is going to give the child just the right touch of comfort, the Newton Wovenaire is an optimal choice.


The Wovenaire has an ideal support level for both infants and toddlers. They specifically designed it to match the recommended firmness to support the baby and keep toddlers comfortable. As you can see from the photo below, I have my 3 year old daughter laying on the core of the mattress. There is absolutely no sinkage and having the cover on will just add to that support.

Support is important for babies and toddlers because as they grow, they rely on that firm support to help them through their developmental milestones such as rocking on their knees, standing, rolling over and bouncing up and down. You don’t want something that is going to make them sink in because that’ll lead to a suffocation risk. You want something that is going to bounce right back into place, like the Wovenaire does.

Overall, it supported my son just fine and he bounced up and down on it every morning for a week without it losing that flexibility and support.

The Two Finger Test

The crib mattress safety standards calls for a two finger test to be done on mattresses once they are placed inside of the crib. If you are unsure as to what this test is, I will explain it to you. When you put your crib mattress inside of the crib, you should not be able to put more than two fingers between the mattress and crib rails. If you can do this, it is a suffocation risk to the infant. If it passes the test, then the mattress is an ideal fit for that crib.

If you take a look, you can see that this crib mattress passed the two finger test in my old school Delta crib. There is absolutely no suffocation risk here. The Wovenaire is made to fit all standard sized cribs. If you have a mini crib as well, Newton offers a mini crib mattress.

Edge Support

Edge support may not seem like a huge deal while the infant is using it in the crib, but once you get it out in the open and on a toddler bed, that will all change. Toddlers are known for moving a lot in their sleep, trust me on this one. And once they are free to flop wherever they want without hitting the crib barrier, they will find themselves on the edge of the bed. This is where the edge support comes in.

The Wovenaire has very good edge support. It does have some slack to it, but that is to be expected with such a flexible material. It isn’t so much that your child is going to fall on the floor, but they will be able to sit on the edge of their bed without the edges digging into their legs.

I do, however, suggest a bedrail or safety stopper for the toddler bed, at least until they have learned their boundaries and how far they can go before they are at the edge. If you take a look below, I took a picture of my daughter sitting on the edge. There really is quite a bit of support and I do not believe that this mattress is going to cause problems with toddlers falling out of bed.


Corners can cause quite the stir amongst parents and caregivers. The reason for this is because depending on what kind of crib you have and how the crib fits, certain corners may create gaps. Square corners tend to fit better and more snug, while rounded corners could create gaps but they are less likely to have sharp edges.

The Wovenaire has square corners on the inside, but the cover turns them into rounded corners, but not too rounded. Take a look at the picture below and you will see what I am talking about. Even though this mattress has rounded corners, it did not create any space between the mattress and the corners of the crib.


Checking the security of the seams is a big part of my tests. I hate to see a new product with loose threads or pulled threads. So, this is why I go over the entire mattress to check for loose threads and tight seams.

From what I can see, the Wovenaire has very tight seams, almost invisible. So the likeliness of the child finding a pulled thread is slim to none. They have this cover sewn so tight, it would be almost impossible for anything to catch on it and pull the thread.

I also checked over the seams of the zipper and they also appear tight and intact. Again, almost impossible to pull any of these threads out to bust the seams.

Ease Of Transport

You’re going to move a crib mattress around a lot, especially for those midnight or naptime accidents. You’ll have to take off the water resistant cover and wipe down the core. In order to do this, you’re going to have to lift the mattress out of the crib. Let me tell you something, this crib mattress is extremely lightweight and easy to move around.

Since the inside is made from that woven plastic, you can just stick your fingers right through it and carry it around as if it has a handle on it. Check out the picture and you’ll see what I am talking about.

I can say with 100% certainty that the Wovenaire is going to be easy for just about anyone to transport whether it is from crib to shower, crib to toddler bed, home to daycare or wherever else you need to take it. If it won’t fit in your vehicle, it is also flexible enough to be folded.

How Does It Feel?

The way a mattress feels is important to myself and for my child. If my child does not like the texture of something, they won’t sleep on it. The fact that the Wovenaire is meant to be used without a crib sheet makes the comfort of the cover that much more important.

If you run your hand over the cover, it will feel almost like mesh. I like the feel of mesh which makes this cover a huge success for me. My son didn’t really seem to care how it felt and he usually wasn’t awake long enough to even pay attention.

Motion Transfer/Bounce

One of the things I cannot stand about mattresses is when they have too much bounce and they keep moving even though you have stopped. The Wovenaire has some bounce to it, but nothing that would disrupt baby’s sleep. All crib mattresses should have a little bounce to them in my opinion. The reason for this is if it doesn’t bounce, it’s probably as hard as a rock.

I did a motion transfer test on the Wovenaire using a very lightweight plastic ball and my daughter. She is jumping as hard as she can and the ball barely moves. You can see that there is a little bounce to the bed, but yet the ball stays in place.

When my son was in his crib, I noticed that there was very little bounce while he was moving around. When he was awake, he would jump up and down, which he loves to do first thing in the morning, and there still wasn’t a whole lot of bounciness. This, to me, makes for an ideal sleeping surface.

Heat Regulation Features

Yes, this mattress actually does have heat regulation features! One of the main things Newton kept in mind was the child’s safety. They created the Wovenaire with maximum breathability. The cover is filled with breathable holes to reduce the suffocation and overheating risk.

Suffocation is the leading cause of injury-related death among children under the age of 12 months old. Traditional mattresses are covered in a waterproof plastic that prevents circulation of air and increases the suffocation risk. Newton reduces that risk with their Wovenaire design and breathable cover.

Newton also puts a stop to overheating. Overheating babies is a huge concern for SIDS. The Wovenaire allows air to circulate and body heat to disappear. This creates a much cooler and safer sleeping environment. Look at the picture below. You can see my son’s bright blue shirt right through the cover of the Wovenaire. You can also see the light shining through the entire mattress in the other picture.

Heat Retention

As stated above, overheating is a huge concern. This is why I do heat retention tests on all of my crib mattresses. What I am going to do is heat up my sock to 130 degrees (give or take) and see how long it takes to cool back down to normal body temperature, around 98 degrees (give or take). So, let’s see if the Wovenaire is really as breathable as they say, I don’t think we are going to have a problem here.

Okay, so starting at 130 degrees, the temperature dropped to 98 degrees within 20 seconds. A lot of it has to do with that breathable plastic on the inside and breathable cover on the outside.

I can say with 100% certainty that a child should have no overheating issues on this mattress. My son, who sleeps hot, had no night sweats, was not waking up with a damp shirt, nothing of those sorts, which makes for a very happy mom.


Not much to be said about this one. The Wovenaire does not emit a foul odor like some other mattresses are capable of. Memory foam mattresses, especially, are prone to smelling like a chemical plant. And even though the Wovenaire is made from plastic, it does not smell.

Since it is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, I did not expect it to smell bad, and all of my expectations were met. This is a huge part of why people prefer organic mattresses over traditional mattresses, they tend to smell less or not at all.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here is what some other parents and caregivers had to say about the quality of the Wovenaire.

Construction & Composition
  • Tightly sewn
  • No complaints of pulled seams
  • Zippers are nice and tight
Comfort For Baby
  • Babies seem to sleep well on it
  • Not as stiff as other mattresses
  • Seems more comfortable than others
Water Resistant
  • Cover is water resistant
  • Moisture stays on top of the cover
  • Large spills or accidents will leak right through
  • Extremely breathable
  • Babies do not overheat
  • Toddlers do not overheat
  • Little heat retention
  • Has great support for stomach sleepers
  • Great support for back sleepers
  • Does not sag even after months of use
Comfort For Toddler
  • Toddlers sleep generally well on it
  • No indentations after quite a bit of use
Ease Of Movement
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to take out of the crib

Is The Newton Wovenaire The Right Fit For Your Baby/Toddler

In my personal opinion, the Newton Wovenair is the right fit for anyone. Since I cannot speak for everyone, if you fit into any of these categories, it may be the right fit for your nursery or bedroom.

Do you want a healthier sleeping environment for the child?

The Wovenaire is breathable, made from no foam, latex or adhesives and is hypoallergenic. It is also safe from bacteria and mold since it is completely washable.

Do you like a clean mattress?

The Wovenaire is 100% washable. Can you think of another mattress that has that capability? I can’t. You can take the cover off and wash it AND you can wash the core, as shown above. This prevents bacteria and mold buildup which aids in that healthier sleeping environment.

Plan to hand it down?

You can feel safe knowing you are giving your mattress to away without it being infested with mold and grossness. You can also feel better about using it for many years and many children.

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This is without a doubt one of the safest crib mattresses for babies and toddlers. I can recommend this mattress to anyone with 100% certainty. You will feel a lot better knowing that the child is sleeping on something that is highly breathable. There are no hidden labels, no hidden chemicals or ingredients, and no hidden issues. I have yet to read an actual bad review about this mattress and as far as my own child using it, I will definitely be using this once he transitions to his toddler bed. You can carry this mattress on for years and not have to worry about it growing molds and bacteria. This is definitely a wonderful crib mattress fit for everyone.

Newton Mattress Specs

Material Organic Degassing Period
10% Food-Grade Polymer, 90% Air Not Quite None


Firmness Level for Baby Firmness Level for Toddler Weight Warranty
9 7 11 pounds Limited lifetime warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work in all cribs?

It will fit in any US standard sized crib. This mattress measures 28” x 52” x 5.5”. There is also a mini crib mattress that will fit in mini cribs.

Is a protector needed?

For the Wovenaire, a mattress protector is not recommended. This will take away from the breathability and can cause overheating. This is why the Wovenaire is water resistant and completely washable from top to bottom & inside and out. You may purchase an extra cover so that you have a backup in case of accidents.

Does it work on convertible cribs?

Yes, this crib mattress will work on a convertible crib, as long as it is a USA standard size.

Is there a warranty?

There sure is. You get a limited lifetime warranty.

Is it dual sided?

No, but it is made to grow with your child.

How easy is cleaning?

All you need to do is take the cover off, throw it in the washing machine and rinse off the core of the mattress if it is a big spill. If there is a small wet spot on the cover, just wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Can it be recycled?

Yes! Just give them a call or send an email and they will give you the scoop on the nearest available recycling facility. If there isn’t one close to you, they will be more than happy to send return packaging and they will will take care of the recycling.