Nectar Premier Mattress Review - See What’s Changed!

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Nectar Premier Mattress - See What’s Changed!

This Mattress Could be for You If:

  • You’re a side or back sleeper who weighs between 120-250 pounds.
  • You like the feel of traditional memory foam but don’t want to sleep hot.
  • You have a sleep partner who moves around a lot.
  • You tried out the Nectar Lush mattress but struggled with back pain.
  • You’ve struggled in the past with overly-sinky memory foam.

British economist Joan Robinson once said that, when admitting something’s wrong is forbidden, there can be no progress. In the spirit of this mindset, we always like to take a second look at companies that launch new versions of their original products.

About a year ago, we took a look at the Nectar Lush mattress and determined it to be a good fit for side and back sleepers who weigh less than 250 pounds. Today we’re going to review the new and improved Nectar Premier mattress. It mimics the feel and construction of the Lush while working out the kinks based on consumer feedback.

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A Look at the Nectar Brand

Nectar launched in 2017, and their 2.0 version was released in November 2019. I find it refreshing they have consistently implemented consumer feedback every couple of years to make their product better. This attention to detail has likely contributed to Nectar’s multiple recognitions including:

  • “Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2020” by Sleep Foundation
  • “Best Mattress of the Year of 2020” by USA Today
  • “Best Overall Mattress of 2021” by USA Today

Based on a randomized survey of Nectar owners conducted within the past year, 90% reported a reduction in overall aches, soreness, and/or discomfort. I’m really excited to see how the changes in the layer lineup and composition have improved the way this mattress performs, so let’s take a look!

Review Methodology

We strive to provide the most thorough and up-to-date information possible. For every hands-on review done here at The Sleep Judge, each layer is physically inspected whenever possible, and we complete a thorough analysis through careful examination of everything you need to know before you buy including the feel, thermoregulation, edge support, motion transfer, firmness, contour, overall quality, customer service response, and feedback from other users for the most well-rounded overview possible.

What’s the Nectar Premier Mattress Feel Like?

Let’s get straight to the main thing consumers want to know when mattress shopping. What’s the Nectar Premier mattress feel like? If you experienced the Lush version and found it didn’t offer the support you need, that’s probably because the old layer lineup was much more memory-foam focused with 40% of the layer lineup made of visco foam compared with around a quarter in the new version.

While you still get to enjoy that sinky, traditional memory foam feel that’s ideal for side sleepers or people who suffer with pressure points, there’s notably more support and bounce in the new version. The new lineup does an excellent job aligning the legs, hips, and shoulders, and I found it very easy to switch positions despite the initial memory foam layer.

— Back and Side Sleeping

Multiple users of the 2.0 version of the Nectar mattress reported back pain. If you were among them, Nectar has responded to this issue well with a significant boost in support matched well with the contour in the comfort layer. If you weigh between 120-250 pounds and struggle with back pain, the Nectar Premier mattress is a great choice, and you can expect excellent contour and comfort for back and side sleeping.

— Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleepers may find the memory foam to be too plush to keep their spine in proper alignment. If this is your preferred sleeping position, I’ll leave a link to our top recommendations for you in the description.

— Note for Heavyweight and Lightweight People

If you weigh more than 250 pounds, the effect of the transitional layer is minimized, and you’re going to engage too directly with the base layer. Not only does this increase pressure points, but you won’t experience the intended traditional memory foam feel and contour. If this describes you, check out our top mattresses for heavy people. They’re specifically designed to offer the right combination of comfort and support for people who carry a lot of weight.

On the other end of the spectrum, lightweight sleepers are more likely to perceive the Nectar mattress as being too firm, especially side sleepers. While Nectar could still be a good fit, you might consider the complementary purchase of a plush mattress topper.

In any case, you do get a 365-night sleep trial, so, no matter your weight, if you think the combination of the traditional memory foam and progressively firmer support layers could provide a good fit for your unique circumstances, you have nothing to lose to try it out.

Nectar Premier Mattress Firmness & Contour Testing

The mattress is in the medium firmness range, and, to give you a better picture of what that means, let’s take a look at the results we’ve gathered using our proprietary firmness and contour testing tool. You can see on the graph generated that Nectar did a great job recreating the overall firmness and contour of the Lush model even though there’s less memory foam. Let’s take a look at two key points this graph represents:

  • The Premier model is ever so slightly firmer as evidenced by its higher placement on the chart. Interestingly, you get to enjoy a very slight increase in the feeling of contour in the comfort layer before the transitional foam kicks in as you can see in the longer blue line in the Premier results.
  • While the feel of the transition foams in both the Lush and Premier models are perceivably similar, it’s the support core that makes the biggest difference. Independently of the blue and red lines, the yellow line, which indicates interaction of the heavier areas of the body with the support core, is more pronounced.

That was a lot to take in, so, what’s all this mean for someone sleeping on the Nectar Lush mattress? For starters, people who want to enjoy memory foam but don’t want an overly sinky feel will benefit from the way the transition and support layers kick in to prevent this while still allowing for excellent contour. Furthermore, the layer lineup is a great fit for side sleepers as well as for people with a lot of their weight consolidated in a particular area as is the case for women with pear or apple shaped bodies and men with triangle and rhomboid body types.

If you weigh more than 250 pounds, however, you’re going to begin sinking deeper into the support core, at which point you’ll begin to notice a difference in feel as heavier areas of the body dig deeper into the firm core layer. In your case, these great options will be a better fit.

Nectar Premier Mattress Layer Lineup

• The Cover

One of the big changes in the Nectar Premier mattress is in the layer lineup. From the get-go, you’ll notice the exterior of the Premier mattress version differs from the Lush with its purple accents. Aesthetics aside, though, there is a big difference in the composition of the cover.

One of our primary concerns with the 2.0 version of the Nectar mattress back in 2017 was the subpar heat transfer capability. That’s why Nectar incorporated new heat wicking, cooling technology through the use of a polyester/nylon blend where Tencel™ used to be used. The new polyethylene blend is well-known for its cooling sensation upon contact, and we’ll be making a direct comparison in a few minutes to see how effective this change was in heat transfer capability. The bottom cover is shift resistant, helping to keep your mattress in place.

• Comfort Layer

As we move our way beneath the cover, our first stop is the three inch, gel-infused layer of phase-change memory foam. It’s designed to auto-adjust to the rise and fall of your body temperature to facilitate REM sleep. The pressure-relieving memory foam works to conform to the curves of your body, adding support where you need it and comfort where you want it. If you’re looking for a product featuring the traditional memory foam feel of sinking into the material rather than floating atop, layer one really captures that sensation.

• Transition and Support Layers

To ensure you don’t sink in too deep, though, the next three-inch layer of Dynamic Support foam kicks in to start adding tailored bounce back. It’s also in this transitional layer where the firmer support of the base is buffered so heavier areas of the body don’t experience excessive pressure. The Dynamic Support foam does a great job aiding in mobility and helping sleepers get in and out of bed and switch positions.

At the time of writing, Nectar’s website lists the Dynamic Support Layer as being two-inches thick. However, you can see here it’s definitely three inches, so don’t be confused if you see that on the website.

Finally, we get to the seven-inch base layer that works to provide overall stability and structure to the mattress. The old Nectar Lush mattress was only 12 inches thick where the new and improved Premier model was 13 inches thick.

Nectar Premier Mattress Heat Transfer Capabilities

Aside from the change in the layer lineup that was likely prompted by the complaints of back pain reported by people who used the Nectar Lush model, the other primary change has to do with heat transfer. With the Premier layer lineup and composition, you still get to enjoy the memory foam contour with the added benefit of phase change material infusion. Without getting too scientific, this technology allows body heat to transfer from areas with higher temperatures like the torso to the cooler areas like the hands and feet.

— Heat Transfer Testing Results

I expected the heat-wicking polyblend cover to yield positive results when I tested heat transfer capabilities using thermal imaging technology. The Premier mattress performed around 30% more effectively than the original Nectar mattress we took a look at a few years ago. If hot sleeping is a big issue for you, I think you’ll really appreciate the efforts Nectar has made to keep you sleeping cool.

— Three Levels of Cool

Based on how much you’re willing to spend for cool sleep, Nectar offers “three levels of cool”:


a. Cooling, heat-wicking, polyblend cover

Nectar Premiere

a. All of the above PLUS

Dual-acting cooling technology with inclusion of PCM-infused foam in top layer

Nectar Premiere Copper

a. All of the above PLUS

Triple-action cooling technology with inclusion of copper in cover

Nectar Premier Mattress Performance Testing

• Edge Support

You can see when I sit on the edge applying all of my weight into a concentrated area, I sink in pretty deep. If you sit on the edge often, you may want to consider a mattress with an innerspring unit. However, check out the degree of support when I lie on the edge. Edge support on the Nectar Premier mattress has improved over the previous version with the elimination of some of the memory foam layers and the extra inch of overall thickness.

For an all-foam mattress, edge support is pretty good. So, if you’re seeking the memory foam feel and want a mattress without the excessive bounce of an innerspring unit, the new Nectar Premier mattress is a great choice.

Edge support can be easy to overlook, but it’s an important consideration. Low support on the edge can be an issue for sleep partners who sleep closer to the edge, and, for those with mobility issues, it can be difficult to get in and out of bed when you sink in too deeply. Anytime you’re dealing with an all-foam mattress with an emphasis on contour and a feeling of coziness, you’re typically going to compromise in edge support, so let’s take a look.

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• Motion Isolation

Few things are more annoying than someone tossing and turning next to you on a bed that accentuates every movement. When seeking a mattress with great motion isolating properties, memory foam is your best bet as are mattresses made entirely of foam.

While the change in the layer lineup has been beneficial for issues like low edge support, back pain, and heat transfer, it has created a slightly less stable surface. However, the increase in motion transfer is minimal. As you can see in the video above when I drop a 20-pound medicine ball next to another of equal weight, the impact on the resting ball is minimal.

So, is motion isolation slightly compromised when compared with the old version of the Nectar mattress? Yes, ever so slightly. However, life is all about give and take, and, considering the many improvements over the old version, this was a very minimal price for a very worthwhile return on investment.

Nectar Premier Mattress Durability Expectations

Does the Nectar mattress offer good value? Since the Premier model hasn’t been out long enough to assess actual durability experiences, we have to take a look at physical indicators that determine what we can expect. Before getting deep into analysis, there are a couple of things to consider off the bat.

For starters, this product isn’t made in the USA, and this is often an indication of lower quality. Some of the foams in the Nectar mattress are advertised as being “high density.” However, these densities aren’t revealed, and customer service didn’t even know what mattress density was when I reached out.

• The Sleep Judge Density Investigation

To solve the mystery, I extracted square inch chunks of each layer to see for myself how they measured up compared with industry standards, and the results shed some very positive light on durability expectations.

The Nectar Premier contains two foam types, visco and poly foam. In visco foam, we like to see a density of three pounds per cubic foot for decent durability, and this is pretty standard of products in the Premier price range. Four pcf indicates great durability, and five is the best of the best. Before we break down the results, here are my calculations for those of you out there who like to check the math.

1. 0.00317575889 lbs. / 5.78703 ft3 = 5.48 pcf
2. 0.0018975187 lbs. / 5.78703 ft3 = 3.27 pcf
3. 0.0011871893 lbs. / 5.78703 ft3 = 2.05 pcf

• Memory Foam Durability

Considering the mid-range price of the Premier mattress, I was surprised to find the premium-range density of five pcf in the memory foam (calculations rounded to the nearest tenth).

• Support Foam Durability

Equally impressive was the density of the polyfoam layers where we like to see a density of at least 1.8 pcf. The transitional support layer features a pcf of 3.0, which is very high for a polyfoam. In the final support layer, the density is right around the 1.8 pcf mark, which is excellent. While lower than the transition layer, you have to keep in mind that your body weight doesn’t have the same level of impact on the base layer as it does the comfort and transitional layers, so 1.8 pcf is appropriate in the final layer.

• Nectar Premier Foam Durability in a Nutshell

Nectar’s regressive density lineup makes complete sense when you think about it. The top layer gets the most wear and tear, and that’s where they really amped up the density, and, to make the most cost-effective sense, they slightly decreased density the further you get from the surface without going below the standards for excellence in durability at any level.

This is one of the more clever strategies I’ve seen to balance cost and longevity. With numbers like these, I’m not surprised that Nectar backs their products with their Forever Warranty™.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

You can do your part in preserving the integrity of your Nectar mattress by spot cleaning the cover ASAP in the event of spills using a damp cloth and mild detergent. Just make sure not to allow the liquid to seep into the foams.

Keep in mind, removing the cover voids your warranty. For deeper stains, you could consider an upholstery cleaner, but this could put the foam layers at risk of damage. To play it safe, always use a fitted sheet, and it’s definitely worth the added investment in a mattress protector. In the event that you are warranted a replacement cover, it’s best to wait to remove the current cover until the new one arrives, and make the switch quickly.

The weight limit on the Nectar Premier mattress is 600 pounds. If you and your sleep partner have a combined weight that exceeds this limit, not only will comfort be compromised, but so will durability. If that describes you, these options will be a better fit.


Is the Nectar Premier mattress sounding like it might be the one for you? It comes in all the standard sizes, so let’s take a moment to break down the cost and other factors to consider at checkout.

Twin: $899
Twin XL: $949
Full: $1,199
Queen: $1,299
King: $1,599
California King: $1,599

If you don’t have the full amount now, you may be able to finance your purchase through Affirm or Splitit. You’ll have the ability to add on a few extras to complete your sleep system. Purchasing them with your mattresses is cheaper than ordering separately, so now’s the time to do it if you need the following:

Frame and Headboard- $350
Foundation- $250
Adjustable Base– $699

Unboxing is pretty easy, and you can check out our Youtube channel to see how it’s done. However, if you don’t feel like being bothered with the task or the trash it leaves behind, white glove delivery is available for $149 and an additional $45 for base or other furniture setup. These fees aren’t refundable if you return your Nectar mattress during the sleep trial.

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Who We Recommend the Nectar Premier Mattress For

We’ve taken a deep dive into everything you need to know about the Nectar Premier mattress. All things considered, this quality sleep product has The Sleep Judge seal of approval for:

  • Hot sleepers who like the feel of memory foam
  • Side and/or back sleepers
  • Those weighing between 120-250 pounds
  • Sleep partners who need great motion isolation
  • Anyone who has struggled in the past with overly-sinky memory foam.

Nectar Premier Mattress: Our Final Verdict


So, at the end of the day, is the new and improved Nectar Premier mattress right for you? If you have issues with hot sleeping, it’s definitely a step above the standard Nectar mattress since you get to take advantage of the phase change material that stood up to our thermal testing. Considering how important cool sleep is in the ability to enter the REM stage, it’s definitely worth the extra $400 investment. For those who sleep extra hot, another $400 will score you the Nectar Premier Copper mattress.I think you’ll really appreciate the classic memory foam feel Nectar was able to maintain without feeling overly sinky. Side sleepers will get to enjoy contour that prevents pressure points in the hips and shoulders while back sleepers can take advantage of great alignment that’s heavily facilitated by the dual-acting support team offered in layers two and three.

If you tried out the Lush mattress and experienced back pain, the Nectar Premier could well be worth a second try since it’s less memory-foam focused but still offers a very similar feel. Sleep partners can expect excellent motion isolation, and the Premier is very easy to move around in for those with mobility issues who want to enjoy the memory foam feel.

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Who Shouldn’t Buy the Nectar Premier Mattress

If you sleep primarily on your stomach, you may find this mattress to be too sinky. For you, I think the standard Nectar mattress would be a better fit. Furthermore, edge support is low, and that’s pretty standard when it comes to mattresses made entirely of foam. If you have trouble getting in and out of bed, check out our list of best innerspring mattresses. People who weigh more than 250 pounds won’t experience the contour and firmness in the way we’ve described in this review as they’ll be sinking too deeply into the support foam.

In the event you need to contact customer service, it doesn’t take long to get connected using the online chat option. However, much like the mattress isn’t made in the US, I get the feeling customer service is outsourced. In my experience, they didn’t seem to understand the difference between foam densities and mattress dimensions, and there were also long wait times in-between responses. At a certain point, one agent I spoke with stopped responding completely when I was asking her about the material types in the three layers.

On the other hand, the outsourcing has made it possible to provide higher-than-average foam quality for the price. Each of the three layers feature excellent densities without breaking the bank, making the Nectar Premier a top pick for the mattress shopper on a budget with no compromise on quality. If you think this sounds like the right mattress but you’re worried about making such an important decision without actually trying it out for yourself, Nectar does offer a 365-night trial, and you’re protected against defects in material and workmanship forever.

What’s New with Nectar Mattress? Recent Changes

April 2020

  • New 3.0 version released featuring 12” thickness instead of 11” (specifically, layer three increased from 6” to 7”).
  • Tencel in cover removed and replaced with polyethylene for improved breathability

August 2020

  • Width of Twin and Twin XL sizes decreased from 39” to 38”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on adjustable beds?

Yes, it works with Platforms Slatted bases Adjustable bases Box springs

Does it need to be rotated?

Recommended to rotate with the seasons

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Free shipping available within the contiguous United States. Shipping available to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional charge.

Is it a plush, medium, or firm?


How long does it take for the mattress to fully decompress after unboxing?

48-72 hours

Is there a weight limit on the Nectar Premier Mattress?

600 pounds total

Can you sleep on the Nectar Premier Mattress without a cover?

Not recommended.

Can you flip the Nectar Premier Mattress?