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Nectar Mattress
TheSleepJudge Editorial Team



TheSleepJudge Editorial Team



I’ve been sleeping on my Nectar mattress for 5 months now, and I love it. It’s probably the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever owned. My body feels well supported at all points, and I’ve slept soundly every night on this mattress. I use it with a Serta Motion Perfect adjustable bed, and the mattress has been a great match for the bed. My experience is that this is a very comfortable mattress, and a good value.

Brad Hatten

Return- They take it to the dump=Great sustainability
I like a firm mattress but this is backbreaking despite saying a 6.5 firmness. My back was aching so I called to get it picked up after 2 weeks use.
I have now just received an email from “Anyjunk” that the company has hired to come dump our mattress rather than at least donating it. You have a sustainability message on your site, but dump on the side of the road a brand new mattress. Your company disgusts me.


Jason G.

We hate our mattress! Initially it was great but after a short period of time, it was causing such back pain. I much prefer the couch to this hunk of junk. 0/10, would not recommend.


I’ve had mine 6 months now and have been waking up with hip pain regularly. This mattress does not stack up to my previous memory phone mattress (BeautyRest Black). Extremely disappointed.

Danielle K Hager

Just got my Nectar mattress and have slept on it twice, but WOW….I’m in love. I think it’s the best relationship I’ve ever had. It was easy to assemble (I bought the base also) and expanded immediately. Took about 2 and 1/2 weeks to get from when I ordered it, but totally worth the wait!!!


Yeah I got to the point where I am taking them to court over their return policy. I mean they avoid you returning the mattresses at all costs including a “final sales agreement” wouldn’t that mean in layman’s terms that the sale is now over and you wouldn’t be charged anymore? Not true at all! Still says I owe over $2500! Does that sound like a final sales agreement to you? After over 20 customer service advocates and 6 months of trying to get Nectar to understand that they made a mistake, they said it is on me and that I owe that money, and even though I don’t used the mattresses and the sit in excellent condition, they still refuse to let me return the mattresses. Hope they are prepared to go to court because I just filed today!



I mean why would I agree to a final sale agreement if it meant I’d still have to pay over $2500 balance? How does that help me? So I keep mattresses I can’t use and still have to pay $2500? Sounds like they scammed me.



I was about to purchase this mattress but I have to reconsider.

Jasmine Lowe

We just got the mattress a month after purchase. Waiting for it was torture. It finally showed up on the porch with no notice. They were supposed to take the old mattress. They didn’t. We haven’t even slept on it yet and its already one of my worst purchases. They make it seem so nice to make that sale but you actually get nothing they offer.


Unhappy customer

They’re awful – it’s been over a month and they still haven’t SHIPPED the mattress. Their customer service is nothing to be happy about and it’s absolutely ridiculous waiting way beyond the range they gave for waiting for a mattress and accounting for nothing. This means by the time it arrives, if it does arrive, it will be closer to two months waiting period. Ridiculous.


Lane stewart

I’ve been waiting almost 3 weeks for a refund of a mattress order I canceled before it even shipped . Their customer service is horrible I wouldn’t recommend to anyone .


Worst idea ever. Mattress protector is an uncomfortable sweat trap- sent wrong sheet size and zero has been done.. I hate this mattress SO MUCH

Robert Lyon

My name is Robert. I was trying to buy one of your nectar mattresses online after researching the best memory mattress for back pain(progressive degenerative lumbar with severe sciatica.) It was supposed to be a life changing purchase, so after waiting a couple of weeks and receiving an email saying my order was on the way I was still very excited. There was only one email with one order #, which was misleading because Ashley said our mattress wasn’t even made yet when we called. The one order number included all items, Ashley acted like I was an idiot who couldn’t read when I was explaining my problem with the dishonest communication from the email. That’s not an honest business practice. My old mattress was a very expensive luxury beast of a bed, old a bit dirty but still very comfortable. The email had a link for the tracking, which when you clicked stated the mattress was on it’s way and to make room by moving furniture and removing the old mattress. Which we did. And it rained for 3 hours before our package arrived and when we opened the suspiciously small box we saw two pillows, sheets, ect….but no mattress. When I called your company and spoke with Ashley, and explained the situation she was incredibly rude and insensitive and unprofessional. I was upset about my mattress and about the delivery instructions, and she had the nerve to be rude. Worst customer service ever. After all this we still wanted to try to work something out, Ashley could only offer $30 off when our mattress was ruined and we would have to wait a whole month before delivery. We spent $400 that day on a different mattress, hoped we could still work something out but apparently you guys don’t know how to run a legitimate business with proper customer service. We went to purple, explained our situation and they offered us a quality mattress for the price we paid for the nectar. So thank you for being so horrible and screwing us over so bad that a different company decided to step in and do the right thing. By the way, we live in grand rapids where the mattresses are made and warehoused. So why couldn’t you figure out how to get us a bed while we’re in the same city that you make them??? Seriously for lack of better wording, what the fuck???
Sincerely, Robert Lyon


Kiye Apreala

Purple and nectar are the same parent company with different brands. Just putting that out there.


How is the purple working for your back pain?

Mark Smith

Add me to the disappointed as well since I just came here from canceling the $1800 Nectar Lush King order I placed on April 10 directly from Nectar’s “Spring Event”. It only leaves a bad taste because I SPECIFICALLY asked when I would have this mattress and would not place the order until I was told at the most, within a week of getting the $400 Sleep Package scheduled within two weeks from the 10th. More than likely, he says, it’ll be there within a day or two of the sleep package possibly SOONER. So of course I placed an order since I was straight up lied to my face, so to speak since I was on the phone. The only good thing is now I know I’ll have a bed by the weekend, and they’re getting their sleep package picked up in the morning. Good riddance. They were having this issue when I ordered on April 10 for sure after finding all these similar cases here, but wouldn’t stop taking orders or even be truthful on deliveries. It’s hilarious that finally today they show it out of stock and are not letting people order. It’s why I canceled because all they did was add another week on when it might ship.

Becky Shebesta

I wish I never bought this mattress. First I noticed that my left side of the bed sagged some. Over the next couple days the wagging got worse. I sleep at the side. I weigh 135, there’s no way I did it by sleeping on the side. In a few days it’s gotten worse. I fell off my bed because of it
I feel like this mattress was used already.I can’t even move around on my bed
It sinks so bad. I have a very hard time getting off my bed. Frustrating..


Ron Schoenherr

My wife ordered this. I like a firm mattress. This one is so soft I can barely roll over. Will try to return. Am not holding my breath. Used it for two sleepless hours. Is this company related to the pillow guy? The frame came a month before the bed and it is the wrong size.

Sarah L Mosley

I wish I’d found this site before purchasing! I would never have. I purchased on 4/8/21, sheets came 4/14/21 and the mattress still is in a holding state. Why does it take so long to ship? Customer service is a joke. I hope it will be worth waiting for.



It took exactly a month from my purchase date for them to ship the mattress. I’m expecting it Tuesday, 5 weeks after ordering.

Lisa Jackson

I purchased a Nectar and it never filled out properly. Puffing up as promised was a joke. I took pictures as proof of quality. Yes, a class action against this company is needed.


I also did the mistake to buy this mattress. Delivery was quick but there always a but… in the email I received clearly stated a delivery to the room of choice even with covid going on. How to prepare, keep social distance and so on. I thought it was great because I wouldn’t be able to carry it alone up the stairs. They fool you right there already. Door delivery and they don’t gibe a damn. I nearly fell down the stairs twice the trying to carry it up and hurt my back. Tried to sleep on the mattress and first night couldn’t fall asleep at all. My under 2 year old that sleeps with me was awaking up often and couldn’t get comfortable all night aswell… night two was even worse. It feels like a mattress topper you throw on to the stress and now try to sleep. Not worth the money at all. Problem free refund they say… also a lie. They demand you keep it for 30 days and then first attempt to pick it up. If you are desperate for a really good mattress there is only one choice. Anti Cartel from Germany. Honestly the best thing that’s been invented.

Clic Aquí

Hace años que quedó atrás el colchón de lana, a la inglesa, que era como denominaban nuestros abuelos a un tipo de colchón fabricado con el interior de lana. Esta lana estaba compartimentada por unas cintas, que hacían que el relleno no cambiara tanto de lugar. Pero también estaban aquellos sin cintas, que las abuelas sacudían y ahuecaban constantemente.

John Zidansek

Nectar continues to deceive customers when they promise a 5 day delivery. Then 10 days after order is placed they provide an update that the mattress will not be shipped for another 7 days.
How can a company misrepresent the timelines for delivery.
Huge mistake to go with Nectar when we had such a positive experience last year with Casper. Mattress was delivered in 3 days from a company that has honesty as a core value.
My recommendation is to avoid Nectar as better options are available.



Very disappointed.

Mattress: mattress took weeks to arrive but we could deal with this. Followed instructions but mattress did not expand properly for days. Once expanded, mattress was much more firm than described. We slept on the mattress for a number of days and it ‘moulded to our shape’ although did not rise again and meant that the middle section of the mattress was higher than the rest.

Refund: they scammed us. We have been told that we will receive only a percentage of what we paid as are trying to charge us for ‘two free pillows’ etc which were extras on offer at the time of purchase. Still have not received the refund yet.

Customer service do not answer any questions directly.

Do not waste your money

Chris Connor

I am dismayed too how this company is still in business. Nectar doesn’t tell people that if the mattress isn’t unboxed within 90 days it voids their warranty. Who has a nullification like this? I unboxed it six months after I got it due to having some family emergencies along with a remodel that took too long. Once unboxed and sleeping on it for more that 30 days I hated the mattress…I hurt all over especially my back and neck. I tried various toppers and pillows but no fix. I had to go back to standard queen coil mattress which was better than this. Plus, I sent Nectar photos and measurements and they said the mattress was not defective in any way but still refused to refund. Do not buy, Nectar is terrible!!!


I spent $1200 and everything I got was of very poor quality. I am dreading the return process. If they don’t comply I’m going to complain to the credit card company then go to the BBB. Who is running this company?!


My experience with Nectar has been a whirlwind of low-quality materials, poor customer service, misinformation, and endless waiting.

I ordered a Nectar mattress during the Labor Day sale, along with the King Size headboard bed frame. All my items shipped separately, which was a hassle because I had a giant heavy bedframe box sitting in my living room while I waited for the mattress to arrive so I could set everything up. I was also worried about this, because the headboard/frame had only a 50-day return window, and I had heard it could take weeks for the mattresses to arrive – how would I be able to tell I liked the frame without the mattress? I contacted customer service, and they assured me that my return window would start the day the rest of my order arrived, not the date the headboard arrived, to give me adequate time to try it out.

Fast forward to when our Nectar mattress arrived, so we unboxed everything and set it up. I was immediately dismayed by the quality of the headboard. The materials were flimsy, the upholstery smelled like it had been in a warehouse fire (this lasted for weeks), but it felt sturdy enough when it was all together, and the mattress was on it, so we gave it a go.
After a few weeks of sleeping on it without issue, we started to notice the bed felt wobbly and it was making rickety sounds. So, we determined we would send it back for a refund. I contacted Nectar customer service to process the return, and they told me we were out of the 50-day window. I said no we were not, we had some time left because we were told the 50 days would start when the mattress arrived, but the rep insisted this was not true. I tried to get connected with a manager, and no one would help us. So, we were out of luck. We were told one thing and then another – we were lied to.
A month or so passed and, in the middle of the night, we awoke to a sudden feeling of falling. The center bar had collapsed underneath the bed. It was a terrifying thing to wake up to, but we were fine, we were not hurt, and thank God the cats were not under the bed for once our who knows what might have happened. We tried to fix the bar, but it was clearly twisted and would not align right. We also saw that the thin plastic “guard” on the support posts had worn through and during the fall it had gouged our hardwood floors in a few places.

To their credit, Nectar asked for pictures of the problem and offered to send out a replacement. We temporary cobbled things together as best we could and gingerly continued sleeping on the frame while we waited. Well, the replacement did not show up when it said it was supposed to. And as luck would have it, that night, we had woken up to another even more terrifying collapse, this time with the headboard posts failing too. We were able to see at this point that the bolts had literally worn through the cheap metal of the support beams.

I contacted them again, they said the order had been misplaced, and we should receive the replacement soon. Supposedly, that would be today. In the meantime, we have been sleeping on the floor. But quite honestly, after seeing the way the fame was worn through, I am afraid to sleep on even a new one. These materials might suffice for a twin or even a full bed, but there is no way this thing is made to support the weight of two adults.

We just wanted a refund. But Nectar made it impossible for us and now we are stuck with this cheap imitation of a bed frame.
Also, you should know these “sales” are not sales at all. These are the prices always available. The bedframe, claiming to be worth $650, would maybe be sold for $120 at a discount store. It’s incredibly cheap. Someone else in the reviews noticed that you could order it from Walmart (under a different brand) for $200 (I have verified that this is true).

As for the mattress –it is fine. Not great, but fine.



My husband and I are now waiting for our 3rd nectar mattress replacement. Our first 2 both had flipped up edges and would not lay flat. Nor would they expand completely. SO annoying. The pillows suck. Everything very low quality. 🙄



I’m on my second and it’s looking after a day and half that I’m going to be in the same position you are. Have you requested a refund now?


our frame is doing the same thing!!!! the boards are made of cheap material ive only had mine since 3/29 and the boards are already cracking and breaking specially the middle one


Contact your credit card company. If you’re still within 90 days of the original purchase, they should be able to handle it for you.



Ashley how much do you all weight … it the boards are breaking sounds like you must be to big for the bed it said no one over 250… it sounds like maybe you are exaggerating



Are you serious with this response? You’re lame for this.

Linda P

4 out of 5 stars??? I don’t think so. I, too, learned the hard way and in the process of trying to return this awful mattress. There needs to be a class-action lawsuit. Too many have been deceived by this company and having the exact experiences. I will never buy an online matt, again. Fake reviews. Honest ones taken down. Good thing there’s other websites where people post the truth. Too bad I saw them too late. Wish me luck getting my money back even after being told in an email I will get a full refund.

Unsatisfied Customer

Nectar sold me a mattress with disgusting red stains on it that look like blood, then refused to give me a refund. Do not trust this company! Do not give them your money!

Joe Mayer

Hands down the worst customer experience I have ever had. I ordered my mattress 22 days ago and the order has yet to be delivered, I have continually reached out to scripted messages and no help other than a comment that they are now delayed. They do promise 5-7 days shipping but that is a flat lie. Only response I have received is that there may be movement on it next week, my guess, another lie. Do not waste your time with this company I have been treated like garbage from day one and been pushed around with little to no help from their employees. They will not allow me to refund because they flipped it to a processing stage after a number of my complaints on the delay but it has now been in that stage for 4 days. I don’t even care about the mattress at this point just give me my money back so I don’t have to sleep on an air mattress anymore.



joe, did you ever receive your mattress? asking because i have beeb waiting over three weeks and it has not shipped yet.


I absolutely agree with your comments, had the same experience, never ever want even hear about this crapy company, waste of money


After doing a comprehensive amount of research on memory foam mattresses for side sleepers, I purchased a Nectar. AFTER purchasing I came across some sites like this one where negative after negative review was posted more specifically about their shipping. After getting over my initial panic I decided that since the mattress itself was what I was looking for, I resigned that it might take weeks to get it delivered. I put through the order on Thursday, October 22 in the late morning and received the mattress and free items (most likely not worth the $300 they advertise — but I’m too realistic to think they would be) today before 12PM. I don’t know if it was luck, location, or the company revisiting it’s shipping standards but that everything got here in less than a week was a very nice surprise. So far, so good.

frances ribaudo

I want to return the mattress it is too soft. They want many pictures of the mattress including pictures some tags that I can not get to as the mattress in a drop-down platform bed. I can not lift the mattress, just lift the corners to change the sheets. Another problem no handles on the mattress to lift. Has anyone been asked for pictures? I do not trust a refund with the return.


Glenn Whitehead

I gave them pictures measurements, images with objects but had ripped the tags off…they then forwarded that to another division that wanted the same thing I had given them. I have a big trough where I sink in and heat up. It sucks.

J green

Purchased nectar never again terrible mattress and shocking customer service


Julie berglund

I’ve had a awful time with Nectar with my mattress promised to be picked up booked in and never turned up they then asked me to send photos of the free bedding now I don’t understand why they never asked that on the 1st contact. I’ve sent photos of the new bedding now and waiting a response but I think a solicitor may need to be involved to get my £649 back. Only had the mattress a month


I contacted them today (10/31) after receiving my mattress on 10/28. My boyfriend did the research on the beds, read reviews, etc and after 3 weeks of having a hybrid mattress on order, with delivery delay after delay, I canceled the hybrid and ordered a Nectar.

I’ve had the mattress for 2 nights of sleep (going on 3) and I’m already frustrated. For me, this mattress retains way too much of my body heat, which I had hopes it wouldn’t. I’m a natural heater and I’ve not slept well because I feel like I’m in a sauna when on the Nectar. I even turned my air down to 65 and am currently in bed with NO covers, but the heat is just right there.

So, I called them today because there’s no way I can go the minimum of waiting 30 days to inform someone this mattress is not working for me. After 1 hour 42 minutes dealing with a representative that kept talking in circles, refused to tell me where the call center was located, I was told they were going to send me a new mattress. I explained that if it was the same mattress, it would still retain my body heat and this wasn’t a solution, it was just extending the problem. She put me on hold 6 times or so to supposedly speak with a supervisor to try and get a resolution, she came back and said her supervisors discussed a topper, but they couldn’t even put the order in the system for another 12 days, had to be a minimum of 14 days according to company policy before they could even attempt to help. Btw, because the conversation seemed to be going in circles I ended up recording on my iPad. So, I said, this company I spent a lot of money with, for something so extremely important to me, is okay with letting me suffer, not sleep because they refuse to process a mattress topper for another 12 days (company policy) which means 3 weeks total with shipping based on previous shipping times.

Sorry for the rant, the purpose was to let you know that they immediately requested I email pictures of the mattress and manufacturer tags. I couldn’t/can’t lift/move the mattress either, I’m disabled so I had to get my son-in-law to do it.

I am not happy with the customer service/policies. Nectar says they have a solution, but they are making me wait approximately 3 weeks to even find out. I believe I’m going to end up requesting a refund and that’s probably going to be an even more challenging process based on today’s call!

PILLOWS ARE HORRIBLE in my opinion! The large King Pillows are like having a large bag of potting soil on your bed. I don’t know what purpose these serve, I’m baffled. The smaller ones aren’t as stiff as the bags of potting soil, but definitely not anything that I can use.

Also, return policy is not that amazing. The free gifts are not free if you need to request a refund, they supposedly deduct the amount of these items before processing the refund.

I hope this helps my fellow natural heaters make a decision, I’d hate anyone else have to suffer because their body produces so much heat.



“like having a large bag of potting soil on your bed”
best description yet! HAhaaaa of my goodness thank you for summing it up so precisely. And yes, the mattress is hot. They are sending us a cooling topper at no cost which should arrive in the next few days. If we’re still not satisfied by that point, then I guess we’ll continue with the return process. But anyway, thanks for making me laugh. Potting soil.

Whitney McClusky

DO NOT BUY A NECTAR! I purchased a Nectar mattress back in April with plenty of time to have it delivered to our new address as we were moving. The website said it would ship in 2-3 business days. after 5 or 6 days still didn’t ship. We moved and were sleeping on the floor. I contacted Nectar and said I just wanted to cancel my order so I can buy a mattress locally and GET OFF THE FLOOR. They refused to cancel my order even though it didn’t ship. I filed a claim with my bank/debit card and the money was refunded to me……… BUT WAIT it doesn’t end there. About a month after my claim the Nectar mattress shows up at my door. Nectar then fought the claim with proof item was delivered and my card was once again charged for the mattress. I then had to begin the returning process with Nectar. They were quick with responding and picking up the unopened mattress. then responses got fewer or just repetitive.It’s now been a month and a half and I still haven’t received my refund. They say the claim is not closed, however I’ve spoken to the claims department at my bank and it was closed back when my card was charged over a month ago. They are not an honest or trust worthy company.


Roxana Campos

DO NOT GET THIS BED. This is the worst customer experience I’ve ever had in my life. The mattress, pillows and sheets are very low quality. Save yourselves the problem and avoid at all costs

Amy Mischler

I bought my nectar mattress in 2017. It is very comfy but hot. I switch bedrooms because I couldn’t sleep where the mattress was so hot you wake up multiple times in night. So my elderly cat got mad at me for getting a new cat and peed all over the bed without my knowledge for awhile. No big deal right? I had a warranty to replace the cover for any reason. Nectar refuses to honor the warranty to replace the cover. So they lied about this; what else did Nectar lie about, maybe the qualities or safety of materials? Very disappointed. I will never buy from Nectar again.


Similar experience. Luxury free items were a joke. Pillows uncomfortable. Sheets like on Amazon microfiber for $20. Mattress pad on Ebay $24. Customer service a nightmare. Tried to cancel after such a screw up with my order, the mattress came next day. Phone hold times over one hour, online chat worse. Email response poor.
Hopeful The mattress will prove to hold up over time. Would not recommend this company. Recented bought out by company called Resident. Buyer bewarw.


Tonya E

I purchased the matress and adjustable bed frameon July 26th, I was told 7-14 business days to ship for the frame website stated 7-21 business days. I have emailed chatted and called numerous times because the mattress was shipped but the frame never shipped, they covered 6+ discounts to which only 3 were ever applied, my frame now shows ship by Aug 23rd and they refuse to answer emails or chat. They removed my review from their website. I have filed complaints with FTC and BBB. FOR YOUR SANITY PLEASE FIND ANOTGER BED TO BUY. They are dishonest, unethical and immoral.


Debi Shaw

OMG, you cannot believe how I wish I’d read these reviews before ordering the adjustble frame, mattresses and mattress cover. The pillows were free. I placed my order on 7/3/2020 and I STILL HAVE NOT received it!!! I’ve been told at least twice that my frame has come in, only to be given to someone else, whose order was placed AFTER MINE!!! The same person wrote that Nectar really screwed up my order!!! They gave me an adjustment of a measly $100, which isn’t even 10%!!! I spent over $1600!!! Just recently, my frame came in but was given to someone else! This is THE WORST customer service I’ve EVER ENCOUNTERED! I’ve made it known that their tiny $100 adjustment to my bill is NO LONGER acceptable!!! I deserve so much more!!! I’ve also told them, twice, that if they ARE NOT going to deliver and set up my orderimmediately, they can just CANCEL IT AND refund my account the THREE MONTHS I’ve already paid!! I, too, will NEVER do business with this rotten company EVER again!!! They just ignore my wishes and demands to cancel my order and refund my account the money they’ve apparently stolen from me! NO RESPONSE!!! Most unprofessional company ever!!! Their continued arrogance and total disinterest in treating their customers well, will catch up to them and bring their business down!! I found the name and corporate address for the President and CEO. I plan on writing to him to see if he has any clue about proper customer service. Or even cares how badly his customers are being treated!!! If I still receive no satisfaction, I’m going to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau AND the State Attorney General’s Office. I’ve gotten all the information I’ll need to do so. I did read reviews about the mattress and adjustable frame in an article about the 20 best mattresses for 2020. I’m so sorry I didn’t read these reviews until now. I learned a very important and painful lesson. I’ve been screwed! I’m angry and feel so stupid!I surely hope they don’t give me trouble refunding my money, as they’ve done so far!! How can this horrendous company receive so many great reviews??? I truly don’t get it! Thanks for sharing your story!!!


Valerie Dunworth

I noticed a different consistency from left to right of mattress after 10 days..called and was asked for pictures etc..did this and showed clearly different measurements. Asked for a replacement ! Told no its within the 1.5′ range of indentation..the fact that one side of the bed is totally softer than the other is my issue but they are simply ignoring that point. DISCUSSION ENDED!


The purchase of this bed has been worst purchasing experience of my life

My first mattress(King)I bought was defective (5 inches too short). and received after weeks

Then my replacement mattress, which i had to buy before my refund(California King) was the wrong bed. They sent me a King!!

I received two wrong/defective mattresses!

I am still dealing with my order for over 2 months with NO END IN SIGHT.



The list of complaints goes on and on. Where to start? Free sheets, mattress cover, and pilows received were from random vendors lol not even nectar conpany. Got all of my items weeks apart, except the foundation. I still don’t have that. They have sales days on end KNOWING that they don’t have the supply for weeks, if not months, NOR do they tell anyone how long its going to take to receive the items. I still dont know when I’m going to get my foundation. This company is disgusting. They dont have a phone line for customers and customers wait online in chat for HOURS before being helped. Today alone, I waited for 4.5 hours to be helped. 4.5 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! The company doesnt give their employees the resources they need to effectively help customers. The reps ARE LITERALLY GUESSING WHEN YOU’LL GET YOUR ITEMS. I am writing a letter to headquarters. If anyone else wants to write a letter too, send it to Resident by Nectar at 2000 University Avenue El Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA. Phone number, 888-863-2827


A. Golding

Thank you for sharing what has happened with your order. I have posted here a few times recently. Please read my experience with Nectar posted under A. Golding.

Christy Vazquez

I ordered a mattress and adjustable bed frame at the end of April. There was no mention of delayed shipping, but it was expected. I received the mattress within a month and it’s comfortable. A little softer than expected, but I’m happy with the mattress. 60 days after the original order was placed I received the adjustable bed frame. In the mean time I had reached out to Nectar by phone/email and customer service is a nightmare. You can’t reach anyone and when you finally do it’s cut and paste responses that don’t address any of your concerns. Each response is from a new rep so you don’t get anywhere. The bed frame I received was clearly a used/returned item. It was terribly scratched up, missing a motor, had snapped leg screws, and missing a power supply. Back to customer service and the run around with them. They tell me they’ll send a new one out and that I should put the old frame out on the curb for the trash service to pick up for free. In my county, there is no such thing. It is expensive to have items picked up at your house so I had to rent a uhaul pick and drive it to the dump to dispose of for a fee. Another month goes by of sleeping on a mattress on the floor (over 90 days total) and I ask about a refund at this point. Nectar eventually replies that I need to be within the 50 night trial window to receive a refund. For an ITEM that I’m currently making payments on and have yet to SLEEP on. This has been an extremely frustrating process. If you’re looking for a mattress, there are a lot of great deals to be had now in brick and mortar stores. Spend in your community and leave this online mattress shopping alone. It’s not worth the hassle. Lesson learned.

B. Trapp

I am having the same trouble with a return that so many gave experience. One stahl tactic after another. I am reporting them to the better business bureau if I do not have a proper resolution to this supposed guarantee. It has taken several emails and with each one they make suggestions for you to buy one of their other mattresses. Now they want me to keep the mattress with an option of a discounted price. I am getting very upset with their tactics.I would not recommend this company.



I am going through these delay tactics right now! I have been emailing since May 2020 and it is almost September 2020. All they do is apologize and stall giving the instructions on how to return their mattress! Why is there no customer service number to talk to a person?!! I do not want the mattress and they wont tell me how to return. Worst experience ever!



I’ve just started to begin the refund process, after reading these comments I’m not as hopeful but I have been talking to a real person in the returns dept. Here is their number 8884254854

Bojan Peovski

If I could give them zero stars, I would. Shady and unethical company and terrible and non-existent customer service. After giving the mattress a try for a couple of weeks, we decided it was not for us and initiated a return. Long story short, they only refunded about 50% of the initial purchase price, because according to them we didn’t return the freebies they included, which we couldn’t opt out of when we got the mattress. What a shady practice. They lure you to buy with their 365 days return policy, and then screw your over with excuses. Stay away from this company. We eventually went with Avocado mattress.


Jim Bowen

Purchased a nectar sleep king-size and it didn’t work out due to the uncomfortably warm memory foam. When I contacted Nectar, the agent on the phone implied that my bodyweight was possibly the cause of the excess heat – I’m a 160lb male! I’ve now started exercising on this mattress and using it as a trampoline – with the full intention of returning it.

My personal suspicion is that this company, like many other new mattress kids on the block, will pocket as much money as they can, before collapsing and circumventing any 365 day refunds.


Wow. Really wish I read all this before buying. Will never go through them again. $1100 spent to receive a bunch of extra items, got NO items, and we didn’t even get the bed we ordered. They actually sent us a dreamcloud instead, which we happen to love and will keep, but I don’t recommend buying a dreamcloud because it’s owned by the same company. Worst customer service. Wish we had stuck with Nest Bedding. Had zero issues with them. Hard to believe a company like this is able to keep these negative experiences under wraps. DO NOT BUY.



I purchased a queen size mattress along with the foundation. The mattress works well, but the foundation is very poor quality. It did not even last 2 months before completely falling apart! These foundations are NOT covered with the lifetime warranty. And, the customer service is currently giving me the run around on a refund.



Wish I’d read more customer reviews before making this purchase. We too got the foundation which makes the motion aspect of this mattress a joke. Not sure what it’s made of but very flimsy and flexible which I know it is not supposed to be. I expect I will have a difficult time getting a refund for the foundation but will certainly pursue it. Too late to bring in our credit card company as we’ve been at this since June and it’s now August. The foundation just arrived last week. They’ve been paid so likely will not care one way or the other about any of this. When the mattress took over a month and then no frame for another month the fact that my pregnant daughter-in-law (due in Sept) could not sleep on the floor – it didn’t motivate them one bit. Not to mention getting through to customer service is a nightmare. Guess we have no choice at this point to pursue satisfaction but will advise against this company to every one every where.

Thomas Swales

The customer service is terrible!! Ordered a superking mattress and get delivered a king size TWICE!! The third time the van “broke down” requested to cancel the order and they collected the next day. Still waiting for a refund and have no mattress. Do not buy unless you want to sleep on the sofa for a week or two.


Nectar mattress is worst. Do not waste your money. Trust me I bought one but I can’t sleep on it.


Faiyaz Siddiq

Nectar is very honest. I bought a mattress but it was soft, I sent email them than they returned mattress and refund my full amount of money so thanks Nectar.



How long did it take to get a refund and did they pick the mattress up. I’ve been trying to deal with this for 3 months now.



Hey Aimee did anyone ever contact you and were u able to get your refund? I’ve had mine for two weeks and these return reviews are giving me nightmares. I hope it worked for you! I just want some hope in getting my money back



Hey I am curious about this also? I just submitted my return claim as well


I saw so many negative customer service reviews and was very hesitant to contact them but they were actually really great?? My partner thinks the mattress is too soft and wanted something firmer (im not picky I can sleep on anything) I contacted nectar for a return and they sent us a free firm mattress topper and told us if it was still an issues it would not affect our refund. Very very happy with this!


A. Golding

Yes, I have read that they will send out
a “topper” at no charge to keep the original purchase price of the mattress.
Do us readers a favor…if you end up still “not” liking your mattress and then ask the company for a complete refund, please let The Sleep Judge customers know how many weeks it takes for your complete refund, and also how many emails back and forth you have to go through, BEFORE they finally arrange for a local
non-profit charity to come pick it up from your location, OK? Thanks!

A. Golding


What gets me is that Dreamcloud and Nectar are owned by the same company, “Resident” in San Francisco, CA.
Over a year ago I bought their Dreamcloud mattress and knew pretty quick it was on the hot side and just too hard for me…their customer service was nothing but nice, quick to respond, and after I had to arrange for the Salvation Army to donate the bed to, I received my money back. They were true to their claim of a customer being satisfied. I was thrilled and told them how impressed I was with their honesty.
Ended up buying a hundred dollar bed on Amazon that was harder than Dreamcloud and had to buy a topper for it. Fast forward a year and thought I would try again with getting a better mattress.
I was totally 100% conned by the advertising and reviews on the NECTAR website. Yep, this bed is also hard. I have sent several emails and getting the run around.
The sheet set arrived 3 weeks after the mattress and I did not open it. Troubled that on my Confirmation of the order, they listed a full size set would be sent, but, I ordered a Twin XL size mattress. So I emailed them to please send the full size. Never got a response.
One day AFTER receiving the wrong size set (by the way, th he return address is Dreamcloud, LLC with a Long Beach CA. address), I received a 2nd package (I did not open), from GBS Enterprises in Pooler, GA. Although I have not opened it, I am sure it is the full size set, as I have not ordered anything since the upsetting purchase of this NECTAR mattress.
I read something about the FTC demanding Resident answer their inquiry in 2019 and RESIDENT did not even bother to respond to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION?
You have got to be some pretty arrogant confident (or, cocky, rather), to blow off the agency who can and just might sue you for millions to help us, the lowly consumers who have been or will be or are going to be 100% ripped off by this company!
Please. Please file a letter, note, a tweet, a Facebook post; and get the word out about this powerfully. D E C E P T I V E
company whose only goal via at least their NECTAR product is to get your money and fight you as long as they can to not give your money back to you.
Told them in my email that I will contact the CALIF. Governor Newsome, the CALIF. Attorney General and the FTC.
If enough of us consumers voice what is going on, there will eventually be something done to stop this flagrant type of consumer FRAUD and we will be reimbursed for what they have taken from us illegally.


A. Golding

I am replying with an update to my own review just in case this helps a customer who also got ripped off. Today is July 23, 2020, and I received 3 different emails a few days ago, informing me that a complete refund has been sent back to my card. I did not trust them at all and waited until I checked and saw that it was deposited back. For what they put me through and how deceitful they purely are, I can not even muster up a “thank you” email as they do not deserve it. I hope someday we learn the full story of Resident; Nectar and Dreamcloud. I am sickened by how many customers they have swaddled and continue to, I am nearly sure. I will be overjoyed when I read one day that their perpetual SCAM was revealed and the 3 owners were fined billions by the FTC.
Or, something very close, and all customers were immediately reimbursed for their losses.



Thank you for this useful information. I’m currently trying to return my mattress. I’ve asked in multiple emails the exact amount they plan to refund me, but they keep avoid this question. They’ve offered for me to keep the mattress with a $150 refund. I’ve declined the offer as the mattress is just way too uncomfortable for me. I also find it unusual that they are setting up a donation company to pick up the mattress and will then supposedly give me a full refund 1-3 days later. How am I to be sure that I won’t be left without a refund and without a mattress? Ridiculous.


Absolutely worst experience ever. Customer service spends weeks ignoring emails. Finally got a return approved, however they didn’t attach the community donation form (pretty sure it was intentional to drag this out further). DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY.

Bought a frame, mattress, cover, and got promo pillows. Literally everything arrived at least 1-2 weeks apart so even if you receive the mattress you will have nothing to place it on or cover it with up to 4 weeks before you receive everything.

You will contact customer service and get continual run around, primarily by NO response for ages.

The mattress was horribly hard from day one and never really improved but i had to suck it up and sleep on it for at least 30 days before i could return it. By the way they say there is a break in period…LIARS…i ended up buying a conventional/hybrid mattress with pillow topper (Stearns&Foster) and have loved every night on it since the the first night.

Based on the other reviews…which by the way i should have read more in depth before purchasing from this company as ALL of it is true…they are HORRIBLE as are their products), who knows what difficulty i will have to donate this horribly HARD mattress to retrieve any part of the funds put out.

Delays are their best tactic so be persistent. No matter what the outcome i will be reporting them to BBB and PA State Attorney General.


For those who have bought, or who are interested in buying an online-mattress, you should be aware of a scam being perpetrated by Nectar Sleep that is as clever as it is devious and fraudulent.

Nectar Sleep, as do all online mattress companies, offers a risk free trial period during which you can determine whether or not you like their mattresses. Their website advertises this as, “Our 100% Risk-Free 365-Night Home Trial”.

When you go to their website to purchase a mattress, they advertise a promotional offer of $499 of free accessories with every mattress purchase (sheets, pillows, mattress protectors). This appears to be a limited time offer, with a countdown timer on the site, but it’s been present for several months. It also is made to appear to be voluntary, something you must opt-in to, and they’re quite aggressive about you doing so, with multiple pop-ups and forced clicks to avoid. But even if you don’t click on the offer your check-out cart is pre-populated with these items. Beyond that, it is impossible to fully remove all of these items from your cart even if you wish to. You might think, how generous. They assign inflated, arbitrary values to these promotional items and inform you that you’ve saved $500 by getting these items for free. However, buried in the fine print of their terms and conditions is the following line, “Included promotional items are not eligible for return. Upon return of the mattress, the value of the included promotional items will be deducted from the total return amount.”

The scam works as follows: Nectar forces you to accept cheap, poor quality “promotional items” with your order, which they assign arbitrary and inflated values. When you then try to return your mattress during your trial period, they deduct that value and keep that money. Thus, there is never any way to get the full refund that is implicitly promised in their risk-free trial.

In the end, it is indeed a risk-free trial, but only for Nectar Sleep and not for the consumer. Either way, they will be pocketing $500 of your money, regardless of whether you like their mattresses or not.

Forewarned is forearmed.


Lindsy Hively

Agreed. Cheap products in a pathetic ploy that we have fallen for.

Emily Joyce-Brady

Customer service is AWFUL. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with someone on the phone, I was waiting an hour and no one answered. I tried sending an email and no one has responded. I am now waiting to chat online and am “95th” in line, no one has time to wait that long. Feeling extremely frustrated and all I am trying to do is change my shipping address.

Emily Joyce-Brady

I have not yet received my mattress, will provide a review once I have. I do want to comment on their customer service though. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get in touch with a customer service representative. I was on hold for an hour and no one answered. I sent an email to the email address provided on their website and no one has responded. I am now waiting to chat with someone and am “95th” in line. No one has time to wait that long. Extremely frustrated, and all I am trying to do is update my shipping address!


How can you rate a company 5 stars when there are laterally thousands of complaints? I do applaud you for allowing comments because I dont know if anyone noticed the public reviews are being censored. How does every single review result in 4 stars or better? I bought one of these from a retail store listed on their website as an authorized dealer. I can’t register the bed so I have basically a very expensive mattress that just a well be use because there is no warranty. Everyone here is correct if you cant contact the company…there is no warranty!

Patrick Rose

Don’t waste your money!!! I spent $1200 on foam that sinks in and top bottom end goes up when I’m on the bed.

Roxana Campos

DO NOT BUY PLEASE!! We ordered ours 3 weeks ago and it arrived yesterday without the pillows, the mattress protector and the sheets we ordered. We were so bummed and have left it expanding for 24 and it is still only 9 inches. Getting it was so hard, the refund will be a nightmare. Im so sad and disappointed and angry. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER


Horrible customer service. Order was made in error,I reached out immediately to try and cancel. Their phone service is suspended due to covid19 and they did not reply to my multiple emails. I spoke on the chat( had to wait half hour) and they did indeed “play dumb” to quote another review. My bank will be protecting us from full charges but what an awful experience with Nectar. I never write reviews, but I felt like I needed too.

Brett purtell

I would never recommend this company to anyone. Multiple phone calls and multiple emails and an ongoing issue for a month now has not been solved.

Placed order, mattress came in a timely manner. Allowed mattress to expand for a week, defective. Mattress had a date on it that it had been sealed since 12/2019… 5-6 months vacuum sealed, no wonder it didn’t expand correctly.

Called customer service. Waited 2 hours to get someone on the phone
This was after waiting over an hour on the online chat just for the customer service rep to disconnect on me.

Finally speak to someone, they made me jump through hoops sending all types of different photos.

Original mattress didn’t come with any warranty information like I’ve seen in unpacking videos, there was no blue duffle.

Fast forward to a few days ago now, replacement mattress comes in, terrible condition. Box looks like it’s been thrown through a woodcutter. I’m not opening this mattesss, I don’t want it. They need to take this back. They are now ignoring my emails on a daily basis and the chat online is playing dumb. I have emailed them photos of the way the box arrived.

They also send me the incorrect size sheets, they aren’t replacing them either.

Moral of the story, don’t waste your time with this company.

I’ll be calling the BBB as well as charging back through my bank, I’m not wasting anymore energy on them. They’re incompetent in every way shape and form.



Do you have their return address? I purchased a pillow from them. I didn’t like the texture and decided to return it the customer service has been awful. I wanted to just get their address for the return. Even though it says free trial and returns. Thought they would just shoot me an email with a return label. Really bad PR 😬


You better hope you enjoy your mattress, because it is nearly impossible to return a mattress or frame to nectar mattresses. They love to give you the run around.


I have never in my life experienced such terrible customer service, they are deceitful and refuse to give your money back. I have 2mths of documented calls to try to get my money back for the frame that came broken and the mattress which I returned within 1 week…still no refund and no answers


Horrible mattress!! Felt ok 1st month.Then like quicksand or mudslide. Then started waking up with numbness in calves and feet. It was cutting off circulation. It is finally out on curb. And we have mattress that isn’t made of memory foam. And we can sleep.



DO NOT BUY!!!!!! Nectar is a joke of a company. I have been waiting over 40 days for my mattress. Customer service dose not exists, you call or send emails but never get a reply back. I really wish I wouldn’t of bought this online. Better off going to a furniture store for a better result.


Buyers beware I receive my box completely beat up the mattress is exposed I’m trying to return it there doing everything but returning it. I’m going to have to find the address pay for the return myself and call Amax to have it taken off my bill. Nice customer service

Tere Hidalgo

Wow. This is an awesome mattress. I am in dire need of a new mattress. Just had my 65th Birthday and thought my kids could chip in and get me one, but the couldn’t. Thanks for this opportunity.

Bobbie Siewert

[email protected] I need to get a better night’s sleep and a new mattress can make a big difference.

Bobbie Siewert

[email protected] Everyone should get a new mattress every 7 years.

Pamela Gard

Excellent quality and design. I would love to sleep on nay of these high quality mattresses! Thank you for the opportunity!

Marlene burkett

a new mattress would be a dream


My recommendation please be sure when buying this product is not for everybody the return process is a joke a pain in the ass they told me in order to return my money I had to donate the mattress to a charity well nobody wants a used MATTRESS only one place said yes but I have to pay $50 for them to have it pick up and cleaned I end up keeping this piece of crap. Hassle free returns I dont think so.


Mattress: 3~4 stars
Customer Service: Rude to Friendly. Actual service? Poor.

About a couple of weeks now since I’ve been sleeping on the nectar mattress. So far, the experience is fine. But service.. I had two same mattresses came by accident, that’s where it all started. Took forever to be connected to a customer service rep. Chat, waited for hours, never got connected. Phone, after an hour, finally got one. He hung up on me. Called in again, after waiting for about another half an hour, got connected. He was friendly. But took also forever to get things straightened out. The refund, I had to contact again after a week went by from when the mattress arrived to their facility. And it will take another week or so to be reflected on my account. Oh well.
And one of the other mattresses I ordered had a rip, must’ve got punctured in transit. The same rep said “we’ll send out the new cover for the mattress right away!” …apparently didn’t send out for another few days. A different rep responded after a few days saying “I’ll get this sent out right away!” Hold on.. I was told “right away!” a few days ago. And they are not sending it in expedited shipping after all this.

John H

My wife and I have had our Nectar queen mattress for two weeks. The mattress is much firmer than we anticipate and we still are experiencing offgas order. From your experience will the mattress soften up a bit overtime and if so how long will it take? Same question with the Offgases, how long does it normally take them to go away ?

Jack Schneider

Beware the “100%” refund policy. It is deceptive and misleading. My wife did not care for the memory foam experience, and when I “returned” the mattress via their donation connection with Salvation Army, I found the “discount coupon” had been deducted from my refund. Even though we like and kept the flexible foundation [over half the total purchase price of the set], the “discount coupon” was tagged totally against our mattress return. Out $250 in spite of the “100 days trial period, 100% return.” Nowhere on their website nor in conversation with customer service prior to purchase was this made apparent. When I discussed this afterward with customer service, the person simply kept repeating, “You received your 100% refund.”



Maybe you should have read the return policy.


I end up keeping this mattress shit they told me in order to get my refund I had to donate to a charity well nobody wants a used MATTRESS one said yes but I have to pay $50 to have it pick up be careful when buying this crap and it’s real firm back hurts sore feet I would not recommend this product.

Kevin Mountain

It is the worse mattress I have ever had. My back is always sore and was never an issue before. I tried to return the mattress and their support team guessed it was WAY TOO HARD before I even told them why I was returning it. It’s like sleeping on bricks. They are ignoring my request to return the brick instead they keep trying to sell me a mattress pad.

Doing some research Nectar blicks or removes negative reviews but they know the mattress is junk. Do not waste your money and they will NOT let you return it, the warranty they promise isn’t real.


Phyllis Kvinsland

Exactly…. try even getting a mattress donated in the COVID CRISIS. Time to contact BBB and then the states poor business practices, a lawyer and whatever else. What s SHAM of a business let alone a mattress that is too hard to sleep on! How do they manage to even get in a top rated mattress recommendation?

Lisa Fioretto

I purchased this mattress but we feel it’s alittle to firm what can we do about it?



I just purchased this mattress a week ago. I am pleased I weigh 200 and it is very comfortable for me, but I can see it being uncomfortable for someone who is on the thin side. When I first laid down I didn’t understand it being on the firm side because it felt as if I sunk in and it was soft but as I laid there I began to understand the “firmness”. I heard complaints about the smell but honestly there was no smell at all with my mattress and it got to size within a few hours, though it says 11 inches mine is not 11 inches its about 9 1/2. I am very pleased it was well worth the money. It was delivered in 7 business days which was also nice since I was hearing complaints about slow delivery. I would definitely recommend this for people of weight.

Billy Knoth

Ordered a Nectar mattress a week ago and it still has not shipped. More transparency would be wonderful. Hopefully the mattress arrives by Tuesday which will be 10 days. If not, I will be updating this forum and I will be even more disappointed.

Robert Berger

We got our first King Nectar Mattress and it did not expand fully, especially at the top and bottom (Only 8″ at the bottom and 10″ max anywhere else). Nectar promptly sent another one. It did expand fully within a few hours.

But we’re finding it way too soft. I was surprised since most of the complaints have been that its too firm. But we both sink into it enough that it’s a bit tough to move around. And my wife’s back is hurting. She’s threatening to sleep on the floor tonite. Its been about a month since we have been sleeping on the properly expanded one.

I am about to contact Nectar to see what they have to say.


Jess RJ

Sorry to hear you’re having a negative experience. We’d love to hear how this issue is resolved.

John B

My wife and I tried Nectar for just over 30 days. We retuned it. I’m not one to write negative reviews, but feel this one is important. We felt the Nectar mattress outgassed far too long and far too much. While it started out as feeling comfortable, it quickly became less so and the motion transfer was noticeable after 3 weeks. It sagged and felt like it was hard to roll over within a two weeks. The cancellation and return process was terrible. It took over a month and I just now am getting my refund. While the idea of donating your mattress sounds good, it is not so easy as nearly zero charities want the liability. For us, giving away a king mattress was not easy. Nectar both questioned why (not cool when you claim no questions asked) and did not provide the option of having the mattress (which is very heavy) picked up until 4 emails into what became a overly complicated process of having to take pictures and fill out forms as well as having my new mattress company sign the form. I’m completely unhappy with my Nectar experience. If you had a star rating it would be a 1 or 2.

Randy allen

We received a king size mattress on August 30,2018.on sept1,we opened it and have let it do it’s thing,it has been 72hours like they say to let it fully expand the mattress has not fully expanded where we lay our heads and feet,so we’d be sleeping very uncomfortably with our necks!! Not happy and the smell from the off gassing is horrible and has not subsided at all it’s in a very ventilated room we would like some answers as to why these issues have not resolved yet, we paid almost 900$ and want answers ,please respond back to us nectar because it will be going back to your company if you cannot fix this problem!!


Jess RJ

Did you ever hear back from Nectar?


I ordered a mattress on 8/4/18 and it still hasn’t shipped. The only company initiated communication was my order confirmation on August 4th. It has taken numerous Emails to get a response, and they never answer the question of when is my mattress going to ship. You can reach someone on chat, but all they do is tell you a lie. 3 “absolute” ship dates have come and gone. They grab your money right upfront, however they don’t tell you they have no stock. Instead of living up to their website advertising, “order today delivery in 2-5 business days,” they deceive you and then provide you with no information. The latest chat lie for me is that my mattress will ship on 9/7/18, 49 days after it was ordered and they were paid. Don’t believe any of the Nectar website reviews, there is no way to even leave a review. Those are bogus, which explains all the 5 star reviews. This company operates like a scam, and what passes for customer service is pathetic.


I ordered a mattress on 8/4/18, the website said “order today delivery in 2-5 business days.” 26 days later and I have no idea if this will ever ship. Other than an order confirmation there has been no company initiated communication about my order. They grabbed my money immediately and never indicated it was out of stock and they had no idea when it would ship despite the 2-5 business day delivery advertising on the website. Instead, after multiple Email attempts and using their chat feature, 3 supposedly absolute ship dates came and went. Plain and simple, they lie. There is no way to leave a review on their website, so where are all those reviews coming from? You know, all those 5 star reviews? The only explanation is they are bogus. Be careful, this company has been a scam.



First off, other than the confirmation Email, Nectar has NEVER reached out to me with any information or status updates. You have to initiate the contact, and they are very slow to respond. Numerous times they told me my mattress would ship on 9/7, then it became 9/7-9/13, and now it is not before 9/20. Nectar clearly doesn’t have a clue, and they are not even remotely honest about it. I have been given so many ship dates its laughable. Nectar deserves to be sued. If I am lucky maybe it will arrive in time for Christmas.


What about using an adjustable base?

Steve C

You definitely need to say something about their incredibly SLOW ship times. It took 6 weeks to get the two I ordered. Very cheaply made. Was breaking down significantly after a month. Slept VERY hot, and had a very distinct foam/chemical smell. When we decided to return them, the nightmare continued. Took weeks to get them to pick them up and issue a refund. If it sounds too good to be true at this price, it’s because it is.


Tim Q

Exact opposite experience from SC. Received ours in 5 days (MN). No off-gassing, but it is on the (close to very IMO) firm side, so we will be returning. Customer service pre-purchase was top notch.


Jeesh Wish I would have saw this review before I bought mine. It’s like sleeping on a board for me. I was so excited I thought this would be the bed of my dreams. So disappointed.

Tom Mills

I am extremely impressed with the quality of this review. As engineer, I was pleased with the way you quantify your tests, for example with the firmness test and the thermal imaging. Thank you, i hope to see more of your reviews.


I purchased a Cal King but unfortunately, I am returning it due to it being way to firm. I am 5’10” 180 pounds. When I laid on it, I seriously thought I was laying on a piece of plywood. It is definitely a quality built mattress there is no doubt about that and has a very lucrative price point. However, if you are looking for that mattress that you fall into and it swallows you up and feels plush do not buy this. If you like firm then this is the mattress for you! I personally feel the firmness rating should be higher than a 7 more like a 9 to 10.

Liz Carey

too firm for me. laid awake on it….

Cathy Fields

Just wanted to caution you before you buy a Nectar. The first one I ordered did not fully expand. The middle expanded to 6″ but the head and foot expanded to 9″. I notified Nectar and they sent another. This one, after 3 weeks still has not expanded fully. It looks like a hammock. I am currently trying to get my money back but very little progress. Good luck if you buy.

Sue Strosky

I ordered the Nectar and it’s much too firm for me. I weigh 150 Lbs. I can’t seem to find a review that offers a medium to medium soft firmness. Can you help?!

Amy Nuckols

I just ordered a twin bed to see if i can sleep on it, if i can, i will order a larger size. Thank you for your review, it was very helpful. I’m one of those people that have pressure points on shoulders, hips and knees and hoping this mattress gets me back into a bed. will update .


Thank you for this in depth, honest review.


mike hohmann

If you like Firm then this is the mattress for you. I posted a review of my experience on here and they didn’t approve it. So I I am guessing they don’t want honest feedback from people that have actually tried the product. I am sure they are compensated for swaying their opinions to favor the companies they review.


Lynne Sciandro

What was your review? My husband and I are not small people and he has a bad back. We have been mattress shopping for almost a year. We have tried all the Saatva and Loom and Leaf and none of them were comfortable for him. Please let me know what you honestly thought of this mattress

Sharon Gibson

Greatly appreciate the in depth review.



Sharon, just wanted to caution you before you buy a Nectar. The first one I ordered did not fully expand. The middle expanded to 6″ but the head and foot expanded to 9″. I notified Nectar and they sent another. This one, after 3 weeks still has not expanded fully. It looks like a hammock. I am currently trying to get my money back but very little progress. Good luck if you buy.


I ordered my queen-size nectar mattress last Sunday (2/25/18) and was told it would arrive the following Friday and it did. I couldn’t be happier with the tracking system that always kept me apprised of its journey to my house. In five days (3/2/18) it was on my front porch. Perhaps there weresome delivery problems in the past , but if I’m any example, Nectar has fine-tuned it’s delivery system and the glitches have been resolved.

Unpacking the mattress was a breeze and it was bed-ready on top of my box spring in ten minutes.

I have never had a better mattress than this one!

mae dea

Well, Nectar has me in a tight spot. They only allow positive comments on their website so I have little recourse as a consumer. Lots about their long delivery times and poor customer service on various you tube type sites.

Mattress arrived a few weeks after ordering. Just in time for out of town house guests. It turned out to be defective with large concave depression in the center. Took 24 hours for customer service to respond to my emails and calls. When they did respond, they had me jumping through hoops and kept changing the hoops. For example, they wanted four pictures of the defect and one of the label. Then they asked me to get a ruler and show the indentation. I don’t have a rigid six foot ruler to do that. Also, I am a 73 y.o. grama and not that tech savvy so getting pix from my phone to Nectar email not that easy.So I’m stuck!!!! Very unhappy with Nectar and have asked my credit card company to start dispute of charges process. Now I should send my house guests to hotel???? Big savings!

Kristi McDaniel

I received my Nectar mattress 9 days ago and it has HEAVY off gassing. I have it well ventilated and the odor has dissipated some, but he mattress still has a strong odor. Because of this I am unable to test the bed for comfort. I was told to wait another week. I have read MANY reviews and NONE of them mention how bad the off gassing is, I am truly disappointed. I haven’t had a bed to sleep on since Novembers 29th. Any suggestions?


Sarah J

I am dealing with the same issue! Im at week six and still have the musty heavy odor. Im trying baking soda and frequent washing of my bedding. The customer service line for Nectar had no added advice. I dont want to return it because I sleep so well but if it doesnt improve I will be returing my mattress.


I forgot to ask on last question. I wanted to understand specific measurements for a queen size mattress. Especially, the pocket size to buy sheets. Thank you for the dimensions.


Thank you for your review. I was wanting to look at exact dimensions, especially the pocket size to buy sheets. Can you please provide? Lori


The mattresses are good, but the shipping times are atrocious. It will take 30 days or more before they will ship, and then add 4 or 5 days for the shipping itself.


Radiah S

Well I ordered mines last Saturday and it says takes up to 3 business days to ship, a week later I am currently on hold now waiting to speak with someone about my order being shipped.

David Nolder

I ordered mattress just over 2 weeks ago and had mattress in my house in 4 days



Me too. I received mine in less than a week.

Carly Swan

Would this be too firm for a 250 lb single sleeper?
Also,does Nectar have a Canadian distributor?



It’s perfect for that weight. I’m approximately the same weight s you and I’m very pleased.


Jess RJ

So glad to help!

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