Nectar Adjustable Base Review

Nectar Adjustable Base

The Nectar Adjustable Base Could be for You If:

  • You suffer from issues like back pain or mobility limitations.
  • You like the idea of a head and/or foot massage while in bed.
  • You need a product that’s easy to put together.
  • You charge your mobile devices while you sleep.
  • You sleep in a dark room and could use a flashlight to see when you get up.
  • You frequently sit up in bed to watch television, read, etc.
  • You like to sleep with your knees bent.

An adjustable base brings new life to your mattress. While lying down flat is accommodating for restful sleep, the ability to move the head and foot of your mattress up and down can bring brand new possibilities in terms of comfort including:

  • Reducing back pain
  • Improving mobility
  • Reducing acid reflux and heartburn
  • Improving arthritis symptoms
  • Reducing leg swelling

Whether you’re buying a new mattress and need a frame to go with it or just aren’t happy with the way your current foundation is holding up, keep reading to see how the Nectar adjustable base could transform your sleep experience.

About the Company

Nectar has a goal to provide the “best sleep of your life,” and they offer a number of products to help you achieve this. If you’re interested in their mattress, I recommend checking out our review for their memory foam product. It’s a good fit to be used with an adjustable base and works well for stomach sleepers, sleep partners, and hot sleepers.

Their adjustable base is manufactured by Classic Brands LLC. Nectar makes it available through their website. If you think you may have trouble getting it set up, they do offer white glove delivery. Just make sure you select this option during checkout.

A Look at the Features

Most associate an adjustable base with the ability to raise and lower the head and feet. While this is definitely true of the Nectar adjustable base, the features go much further than that. Let’s take a look at each and how they can improve your sleep.

Pre-Set Positions

Of course, you can play with the positioning of your head and feet at will. However, Nectar has programmed some popular configurations that make life easy:

  • TV
    • Just press the TV button on your remote, and the head will move up to just the right position to make watching your favorite programming comfortable.

  • Anti-Snore
    • This position prevents you from snoring by elevating the head and opening the airway.

  • Zero Gravity
    • The base creates the feeling of weightlessness by raising both the head and legs at just the right angle to:
      • Reduce neck and back pain
      • Reduce heartburn and acid reflux
      • Minimize snoring
      • Reduce swelling of the legs

  • Flat
    • Just press the Flat button once, and the base will resume a neutral position.
  • M1, M2, and M3
    • You can save up to three of your favorite positions using these buttons on your remote

Head and Foot- Independent

You can position the head and foot independently of one another. Just press either “Head” or “Foot” until you find a position that suits your fancy.

Head and Foot Together

If you want both the head and foot to raise at the same time, just press the double arrow up button located between the “Head” and “Foot” buttons. The double arrow down button will lower both the head and foot at the same time.

Head and Foot Massage

My favorite feature is the head and foot massage. Near the bottom of the remote, there’s a button on the left side that says “Head” and on the right that says “Foot”. They sit on either side of the “Flat” button. There are four options for each:

  1. Press once for low intensity
  2. Press twice for medium intensity
  3. Press three times for high intensity
  4. Press four times to turn off massage


The massage works using various intensities of vibrations that are very relaxing. If you want to fall asleep to a massage, use the “Timer/All Off” button to set a timer:

  • Press once for 10 minute timer
  • Press twice for a 20 minute timer


Finally, you can program five modes for your massage setting:

  1. Press once for consistent vibrations
  2. Press twice for a slow pulse
  3. Press three times for a fast pulse
  4. Press four times for a slow wave
  5. Press five times for a fast wave


On one side of the mattress is a USB charging port. You can charge up to two devices at a time. If you have a sleep partner and use the queen option like I have, both people will have to use the same side for charging their devices.

Note for Split King Users

If you’re buying a split king, this consists of two Twin XLs placed side-by-side. Ergo, one of the charging ports will be stuck in between the two. You can still access it, but it will be covered. This could cause connection issues and/or damage your charging cord. I reached out to Nectar to check on this issue, and they said, at the time of this review, they are working to resolve this issue.

Great News for Sleep Partners

If you have a sleep partner, you may be considering the fact that you may not like the same adjustments. One person may want to sit up and read while the other wants to lie with their head flat and feet up.

The great news is that there is the option to purchase the Split King base. This option comes in the form of two Twin XL frames that, when placed side-by-side, become a King size mattress. This allows each person to make the necessary adjustments independently of their sleep partner.

Remember, if you do decide to go this route, you’ll need to buy two Twin XL mattresses. If you place a King size mattress on this setup, you won’t be able to move the two sides separately from one another.

Mattress Compatibility

It’s important to keep in mind that not all mattresses will be a good match for an adjustable base. If you’re going to be buying a mattress to go with your base, make sure you check out our top picks for the best mattresses for adjustable bases.

Not a Great Fit If:

  • You have a mattress with a very strong, firm support base as it can make it difficult for it to conform with the adjustments. This is often the case with a continuous coil innerspring mattress.
  • You have a very thick mattress as you will have the same issue. For mattresses more than 15 inches thick, it’s often better to go with a standard base. If this is true for you, make sure you check out 1-4 on our list of best bed frames.

Excellent Choice If Your Mattress Contains:

  • Memory foam
  • Latex
  • Polyfoam
  • Combination of any of the three above
  • Independently-wrapped coils

Assembling the Nectar Adjustable Base

It’s pretty simple to put your Nectar adjustable base together. Everything comes in one box, so it is a little heavy. I’d suggest having at least two people to avoid injury or damage to the base. However, I was able to put it together on my own, so it is possible.

When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed is that the boxes containing the hardware had fallen from the zip ties that help them to the base. They were also broken open, and the hardware had spilled out. Furthermore, one of the corner brackets that the legs screw into had popped out, so I had to manipulate it back into place.

I am very aware of the horror stories with shipments gone way wrong, and I am thinking this damage was incurred in transit. To me, this is good news because everything still worked, so the base is of high quality. However, if it occurred at the manufacturer’s facilities, I am very disappointed!

Let’s go ahead and take a quick look at what you need to do to get it all set up.

Time: 30-45 Minutes

Inside the Box

  1. Center tube
  2. 2 center legs
  3. Allen wrench
  4. 4 center bolts
  5. Head and foot motor
  6. 2 sliding pins
  7. 4 corner legs
  8. 1 mattress retainer
  9. Remote
  10. 2 AAA batteries

7 Step Assembly Instructions

  1. Open the box and carefully remove all contents. Place the top and bottom pieces of the base next to one another on the floor with the bottom facing up.

2. Using the Allen wrench and four bolts, attach the center tube and two center legs.


  • TIP- When you’re done with the Allen wrench, store it underneath the base so you have it readily available if you ever need to disassemble!

3. Identify the head and foot motors using the small icons on each. The head motor has a longer shaft than the foot motor. Attach each to the base using the sliding pins. Make sure the motor label is facing up.

4. Locate the control box. You’ll need to plug all the cables on the base into the port that corresponds with its label. You’ll first need to remove the plug lock by pressing each side with your thumb and forefinger. Once all 5 cables are plugged in, replace the plug lock to keep everything secure.

  • When working through step 4, I was unable to locate the yellow cable. However, when I lifted the base to turn it right-side-up, I found that it had gotten caught in between the top and bottom sections of the frame.

5. Locate the remaining legs and decide on a height you like. Attach by screwing them into the corner brackets.

6. Flip the base over ensuring you don’t use the legs as leverage as this can damage the unit.

7. Insert mattress retainer at the bottom of the unit.

Syncing the Remote

The remote should already be synced up to use as soon as you get everything set up. However, this isn’t always the case. In the event yours doesn’t work immediately, you may need to connect the remote to the base manually. It’s a simple process that’s outlined in the instructions. Point being… if your remote doesn’t work when you plug in the mattress, it isn’t necessarily broken!


In the world of adjustable bases, things can get pretty pricey. However, Nectar’s product is very affordable, especially considering all the special features. If you can’t come up with the money now but really need a new base, Nectar does offer financing through Affirm. Qualified customers can enjoy 0% financing and up to 24 months to pay it off.

If you do decide to buy, here’s what you can expect to pay:

Size Price
Twin XL $649
Full $699
Queen $799
King Out of Stock at the time of this review
Split King $1,298

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Our Final Verdict

I think you’re getting an excellent overall value with the Nectar adjustable base. Compared with others on the market that offer features like the pre-settings and massage, the price is very low. I think it’s great for anyone who:

  • Suffers from back pain
  • Has mobility limitations
  • Enjoys watching television or reading in bed
  • Has a sleep partner
  • Charges their mobile device while they sleep
  • Likes to sleep with their knees propped up

I’ve come across a couple of complaints of folks losing their remotes and then never being able to contact customer support to order a new one.

I spoke with customer service about this possibility, and they said all you have to do is call, chat, or email, and they will send you a replacement. I had a very responsive experience with Gina D via chat, and I don’t foresee getting a new remote to be a hassle. The only issue would be that they aren’t available 24/7, but you can reach out between 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. PST.

Considering you do get 50 nights to try it out, I think the Nectar adjustable base is a budget-friendly option well worth putting on your list of top contenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other products does Nectar offer?

Nectar mattress Nectar foundation Nectar metal frame Nectar metal frame + headboard Sheet set Nectar pillow Nectar mattress protector Nectar weighted blanket

Is there a physical store in which you can try this out?

No, but you do get a 50-night trial

Is the Nectar adjustable base made in the USA?

No, it’s made in China