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My Snoring Solution
Overall Functionality
Professional or Home Fit
Not Applicable
Airhole is included
Soothing and antiseptic properties
BPA Free


All: Breathable Spandex and Nylon


* Comfortable
* Don’t have to wear anything in your mouth
* Low off-gassing
* Keeps mouth closed for those who snore when their mouth is open
* Machine-washable
* Minimal soreness as you adjust to the product
* Product is clinically-tested
* Product stays in place
* Works well in conjunction with MADs to keep them from falling out of the mouth
* Prevents drooling
* Seems to work well for people who don’t have success with MADs
* 90-day money-back guarantee plenty of time to see if it will work
* Three sizes help customize


* Hard for those who rely on mouth breathing to do so
* Doesn’t completely stop snoring if you don’t struggle primarily with snoring with your mouth open
* Pricier than other options
* Some complaints of tightness causing headache
* Not always effective if you naturally sleep with mouth closed and still snore
* Not cleared by FDA