My Green Mattress Natural Escape Review - See What’s Changed!

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My Green Mattress Natural Escape - See What’s Changed!

This Mattress Could be for You If:

  • You’re a back and/or side sleeper.
  • You tend to sleep hot.
  • You have trouble getting in and out of bed.
  • You like the idea of having a natural sleep product.
  • You want a product with high durability expectations.

Looking for a mattress that’s eco-friendly, super durable, and an awesome option for people who suffer with painful pressure points and/or back pain? Through a strategic combination of breathable latex and innersprings, excellent lumbar support and pressure point alleviation was achieved in the Natural Escape by My Green Mattress.

Naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and antimicrobial, it’s perfect for allergy sufferers. If you’ve never had a latex mattress and have struggled with issues like a saggy sleep surface, hot sleep, or tossing and turning, it could be time to turn the page with a new approach to quality sleep, so let’s dive in and see if the Natural Escape could be a good fit.

You can watch our review video here

A Look at the My Green Mattress Brand

My Green Mattress manufactures only organic bedding products. In fact, the company was created as the founder, Tim Masters, was exploring ways to help his daughter overcome eczema and environmental allergies, so you know the materials used are the best of the best.

While the company now offers a handful of mattresses to fit a variety of needs, the new and improved Natural Escape is the most luxurious in the lineup and a great choice for adults.

As Masters explored his options in the development of an organic crib mattress, he used only the highest quality materials. Today, their family of five sleeps healthy and happy, and they’ve made it their mission to make their family sleeping solutions yours.

Review Methodology

We strive to provide the most thorough and up-to-date information possible. For every hands-on review done here at The Sleep Judge, each layer is physically inspected whenever possible, and we complete a thorough analysis through careful examination of everything you need to know before you buy including the feel, thermoregulation, edge support, motion transfer, firmness, contour, overall quality, customer service response, and feedback from other users for the most well-rounded overview possible.

— What’s the Natural Escape Mattress Feel Like?

Let’s get straight to the point. What does the Natural Escape mattress feel like to sleep on? With its medium-firmness, it works well for the average shopper and is accommodating for most back and side sleepers.

The coils make up over 70% of the layer lineup, so let’s talk about how they work to improve lumbar support and keep you aligned. We’ll talk about the coils around the edge later in this review, but, in the area you’ll actually be sleeping on, there are two coil gauges.

The majority of the sleep surface features 15 gauge coils, but the center third where the lumbar spine is positioned features 14.5 gauge coils. Slightly firmer, these coils offer additional support to prevent unnatural sagging of the lumbar curvature. If you have lower back pain, this feature can make a notable difference over time.

• Back and Side Sleepers

While the latex provides the contour you need to enjoy a high degree of comfort, its responsive nature kicks in with support you won’t experience in foams. The feel and firmness of the Natural Escape mattress are excellent for back and side sleepers as the balance of support and comfort is most notable in these two sleeping positions.

• Stomach Sleepers

It can be a good fit for stomach sleepers unless you weigh more than one hundred fifty pounds as you’re more likely to experience discomfort as the hips sink into the latex, ultimately leading to back pain.

— Natural Escape Mattress Firmness & Contour Testing

Obviously, since you’re reading this review, you haven’t lied on the Natural Escape for yourself, and it can be difficult to communicate first-hand subjective data. That’s why I analyzed it with our proprietary firmness and contour testing tool. This chart helps us compare how the firmness and contour measure up against other popular mattresses on the market.

  • The products lower on this list are plusher, while firmer products appear higher on the lineup. You can see the Natural Escape ranks about 30% firmer than the plushest products listed. This means, of the medium products you see here, Natural Escape is medium plush.
  • You can see the steady progression of the blue, red, and yellow lines, and this indicates that the mattress provides a very consistent combination of comfort and support even as more weight is added. This is very reflective of the mix of responsive latex and supportive coils.

This particular readout is indicative of a mattress that’s suitable for body types that aren’t particularly top or bottom heavy. This would include women with hourglass and banana body types and men with oval and rectangle body types.

— Natural Escape Mattress Layer Lineup

• The Cover

To get an idea of what’s at play behind the responsive and supportive Natural Escape mattress, let’s take a layer-by-layer look inside. We start off with the quilted cover that’s made of organic cotton with natural wool sewn underneath. Lying on it, I can tell you it’s super soft, and that’s not surprising considering the handpicked cotton is free of polyester fibers and pesticides.

The wool comes from free-range sheep raised on organic farms. There’s a lot of effort and attention-to-detail that goes into the production of the cover, and this certainly comes across as you enjoy relaxing on the finished product.

You’ll notice the intricate hand tufting. Not only does it create a luxurious feel, but it also prevents the need for dangerous chemical adhesives to hold the layers of the mattress together. It works well with the wool since, as a natural fire retardant, wool further reduces the need for added chemicals.

Tufting for Improved Durability

Tufting has been used for centuries by premiere mattress makers as the practice produces more durable sleep products since it prevents shifting of the layers and compresses the innerspring unit.

It kind of works like a shoelace as a thin cord is laced from the bottom of the mattress all the way through to the top layer where it’s then secured with a felt piece like you see on the surface.

• Comfort Layer

Beneath the cover is the first three-inch layer of organic Dunlop latex. You can learn all about the differences in the two main types of latex in our full article comparing Dunlop and Talalay variations. For our purposes in this review, just know that Dunlop is preferable for those on a tighter budget since the flash freeze process is skipped, resulting in a less complex manufacturing process.

Although not as breathable as Talalay latex, Dunlop latex is still superior to most foams in heat transfer due to its structure and responsiveness. It’s also longer-lasting and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites.

• Innerspring Support Layer

Below the comfort layer is the eight-inch pocketed coil innerspring unit. In most innerspring products we examine, we look at coil gauge to determine the degree of support, but the Natural Escape also provides the turn unit.

We’ll get into detail a little later, but, in a nutshell, three types of innersprings are strategically placed along the perimeter, the majority of the sleep surface, and the center third for optimal edge and lumbar support. The total thickness of the Natural Escape mattress is 11-inches.

— Natural Escape Mattress Heat Transfer Capabilities

If you’ve ever had a mattress that sleeps hot, you know how disruptive it is when you wake up sweating. Biology is partially to blame since our body temperature needs to drop slightly to facilitate REM sleep, but a poorly-ventilated mattress is definitely part of the equation. Where the Natural Escape lacked in motion isolation it more than makes up for in terms of cool sleeping.

  • For starters, the cell structure of the latex comfort layer not only keeps your mattress cool in the summer, but it also works to keep you warm when your environment is too cool.
  • The majority of the mattress is made of innersprings, and innerspring mattresses have been shown to sleep up to 30% cooler than their foam counterparts.
  • Even at the surface, the wool cover is known to regulate body temperature.

• Heat Transfer Testing Results

As I observed the cooldown process using thermal imaging technology, I found it returned to room temperature approximately 35% faster than the average mattress I’ve tested. Here’s why I’m not surprised at these results. We already know innersprings in general perform about 30% better in terms of heat transfer. When combined with naturally-cooling latex and wool, that added five percent wasn’t a shocker. If you sleep hot, the Natural Escape is a shoo in.

— Natural Escape Mattress Performance Testing

• Edge Support

If you sit or lie on a mattress that’s not properly supported along the edges, you’ll experience excessive sinkage and run a higher risk of falling off the mattress. Whether you sit on the edge to fold laundry or tend to sleep near the edge, the Natural Escape has you covered with steel springs shown to last up to four times longer than foam edges. In most cases, a strong innerspring unit improves both edge and overall support.

As we were discussing firmness, we touched on how the Natural Escape mattress uses firmer coils in the center third for improved lumbar support. A different measure is incorporated to bolster edge support.

  • The edge coils are denser, and there are more of them for stronger support.
  • The coils found along the perimeter are 10-turn coils, and this means they have 10 loops whereas the coils found in the rest of the mattress are six-turn.

To demonstrate, this is an example of a six turn coil I extracted from another mattress. You can see there are six loops that make up the length of the coil. All of the coils in the Natural Escape are eight inches long, and this means the coils found along the edge are compressed tighter and contain 40% more material, thus creating more support.

For perspective, imagine an additional four loops on the sample coil pictured but without changing the total length. While this resulting increase in support would produce an overly-firm sleep surface, it’s perfect for improved edge support.

You can see this dynamic at play as I explore various positions along the edge. At no point did I feel unsupported or like I might fall off the mattress. The Natural Escape has superior edge support, and, in this respect, I’d recommend it for sleep partners more likely to sleep near the edge and anyone who has trouble getting in and out of bed.

• Motion Isolation

There’s a fine line between good bounce and acceptable motion isolation. You want a sleep surface that facilitates movement, but you don’t want that energy to transfer easily across the sleep surface, especially if you share the bed with someone else. The Natural Escape is highly responsive. If you have mobility issues, you’ll find it easy to get in and out of bed. This is because the entire layer lineup consists of material known for bounce and response.

Although the fabric-encased innersprings move independently of one another, there was still a significant effect on this resting 20-pound medicine ball when I dropped another of equal weight on the other side of the mattress. You can watch for yourself in the video above.

Ergo, if you have a sleep partner who moves around a lot, this could be a deal breaker, and I’d encourage you to check out our roundup of the best mattresses for couples.

Many shoppers out there, however, prefer the increased bounce and responsiveness. If in doubt, you do get 120 nights to try it out, so if other aspects like the zoning and use of natural components are setting well with you, it could be worth it to try out.

You could also consider the complementary purchase of My Green Mattress’s organic plush latex topper that can work to absorb some of the motion transfer produced by the innersprings.

— Natural Escape Mattress Durability Expectations

While you definitely want to invest time in understanding how a mattress is going to work relative to your needs and preferences, you also want a product that’ll stand the test of time. In terms of durability, the Natural Escape has a lot going for it:

  • The hand tufting keeps the layers from shifting over the years.
  • The use of 100% natural materials in the cover and comfort layer are also predictors of excellent durability.
  • When it comes to the innersprings, we look at coil count to determine durability expectations. A queen mattress needs a coil count of at least 800 for longevity with 400 being a bare minimum expectation. The Natural Escape queen mattress has 1,074 coils, which exceeds our good durability expectation by nearly 25%.
  • My Green Mattress provides a 20-year warranty, which also says a lot about its expected lifespan.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

When properly cared for, there is no reason you shouldn’t get a decade or more of satisfactory sleep on this product, so let’s take a look at some things you can do to make it last as long as possible.

For starters, it’s important to understand that the lofty materials in the cover and comfort layer compress over time. That’s why you should rotate the mattress head to foot once monthly for the first three months of ownership to ensure this initial breakdown is even. After this, you should rotate with the seasons.

This mattress can be used on any flat surface as well as adjustable bases. Just make sure any slats are no more than 3 ½ inches apart. Last but not least, remember the handles are there to assist you with seasonal mattress rotation, not to move or carry the mattress. In doing so, you’ll likely rip or tear them.


Is it sounding like the Natural Escape mattress could be the right sleep solution for you? Let’s break down the cost of the available sizes:

Sizes Cost
Twin $999
XL $1,099
Full $1,299
Full XL $1,499
Queen $1,499
King $1,999
California King $1,999

To ensure you complete your purchase with everything you need for a well-rounded sleep solution, My Green Mattress offers extras upon checkout including their Latex Topper, Organic Cotton Protector, and Organic Cotton Sheet Set.

Who I Recommend the Natural Escape Mattress For

You now have a very thorough understanding of the composition of the Natural Escape mattress along with a good idea of what to expect if you decide to buy one. Considering everything we’ve explored during the course of this review, I recommend the Natural Escape mattress for:

  • Hot sleepers
  • People with mobility issues
  • Back and/or side sleepers
  • People who want to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Anyone seeking out a highly-durable mattress

Natural Escape Mattress: My Final Verdict

If you sleep primarily on your back and/or side, you’ll enjoy the effect of the zoning that works to improve lumbar support and natural spinal curvature. Stomach sleepers who weigh more than 150-pounds may not be well suited for the medium-plush firmness level as the hips are more likely to begin to sink into the mattress and cause lower back pain.

If you have mobility issues, the incredible responsiveness of this mattress makes it very easy to get in and out of bed, and this feature is further enhanced by the increased stability and support along the edges.

Sleep partners, on the other hand, may perceive this responsiveness in the form of excessive motion transfer. If you have a sleep partner who moves around a lot, check the link in the description for mattresses we recommend for sleep partners.

At the same time, however, consider the fact that your partner’s restlessness could be attributed to a poor combination of comfort and support, something that could be remedied by the clever construction of the Natural Escape mattress. It could be well worth taking advantage of the 120-night sleep trial to see if there’s a net positive difference in your sleep experience.

I’m confident in reporting the majority of hot sleepers will be more than satisfied with the ability of this mattress to regulate body temperature, helping ensure you enjoy the most restorative stages of sleep.

My Green Mattress structures their business model around sustainability, and eco-friendly shoppers can rest assured they’re making a purchase that will minimally impact their carbon footprint. I can also attest that customer service is super friendly and helpful. In fact, they’ll even help you customize your mattress to meet specific needs.

Your Natural Escape mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, and you get to try it out for 120 nights to make sure you love it before your purchase is final, so if you’re on the fence weighing some of the pros and cons, you ultimately have nothing to lose by taking a chance to see if the many positive aspects will help you get the best sleep of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Natural Escape mattress if I have a latex allergy?

It’s rare to experience an allergic reaction on a latex mattress, but it can happen. When it does occur, it’s most often associated with synthetic latex blends, so it’s very unlikely. However, if you’re very sensitive to latex, My Green Mattress will send you a free sample upon request that you can tape to your arm overnight with your doctor’s approval. You can also consider the Pure Echo, My Green Mattress’s latex-free option.

Does it work on adjustable beds?

Yes, it works with Platforms, Slatted bases, Adjustable bases, Box springs

Does it need to be rotated?

Recommended to rotate with the seasons

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Free shipping available within the contiguous United States. Shipping available to Alaska and Hawaii for an additional charge.

Is it a plush, medium, or firm?


How long does it take for the mattress to fully decompress after unboxing?

48-72 hours

Is there a weight limit on the Natural Escape Mattress?

No weight limit, but not recommended for people weighing more than 230 pounds

Can you sleep on the Natural Escap Mattress without a cover?

Not recommended.

Can you flip the Natural Escape Mattress?

No, the innerspring unit would be uncomfortable as a comfort layer