Original Miracle Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Review

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Original Miracle Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Bamboo has become a popular fiber used in material blends to create a thick, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic pillow casing. Due to the loft of the material itself, it is generally combined with a shredded memory foam, or memory foam blend filling to create a versatile, shapeable, and often adjustable sleeping comfort.

Many of the original bamboo pillow designs didn’t allow for a removal of filling yet they can serve the needs to most back, side, and stomach sleepers with their unique construction.

This is due to their use of shredded memory foam which allows for amazing malleability. The Original Miracle Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is one we’ve researched and decided to take an up close and personal look at. Our honest opinions surrounding comfort and its use can be found below.

Breakdown of the Original Miracle Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

As one of the original designs that don’t depend on upon the addition or subtraction of fill for personal comfort, this pillow takes a simple idea combined with simple materials to create a popular product. The pillow is considered a 3-in-1, meaning all sleep positions can take advantage of it. Here, the fill shapes specifically to your body shape, and it bounces back to its original shape without creating compression sinks.

Bamboo is also hailed as a highly breathable fiber. Plus, shredded memory foam does not have any of the same types of heat retention issues as solid memory foam due to its many open air pockets. This helps create a pillow with good airflow qualities for a cooler night’s sleep.

Unlike many pillows of similar construction, this one does not come tightly rolled or compressed flat. Rather, it was fully plump out of the box it was shipped in. The plastic it was wrapped in wasn’t generic. It provided information on the size of the pillow as well as good markings to know you’re getting exactly what you ordered (since occasionally third-party sellers mix up similarly described items).

The pillow did have a pretty strong off-gassing smell upon opening the bag. This is very common with many materials that have been in storage and wrapped in plastic. Memory foam, in particular, is known for its off-gassing after opening packages it was stored in. The strength of the smell went away almost immediately (not enough to smell up a room, but enough to smell when standing next to it), but an off-gassing lingering smell was noticeable upon the pillow when I placed my head against it a week later.

The information with the pillow does state this is normal, and the smell will eventually disappear over time, but I wasn’t going to sleep like that so I tossed it in the dryer with a dryer sheet and that took care of the issue. You can also place it outside in the sun to help with the process.

Features & Benefits

Pillow comfort and construction are an important quality to consider to help support your body through the night. Many people are unaware of just how important their pillow is to proper nighttime sleep postures, and choosing a pillow that works best for your body can help you get the rest you deserve.

Although simple in nature, this is a pillow that is considered very versatile, and the company also brags about being able to use it as a travel pillow as it will roll up and compress well. No two pillow types are going to be exactly alike, and these details are what helps make it stand above many other comparable pillows. Knowing the differences in pillow construction and use is what can help provide you with the knowledge to decide if this is a pillow worth taking a closer look at.

The Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow comes in one of two sizes: a queen or a king. The queen measures 28 x 20 inches, and the king measures 32 x 20 inches. Both are slightly smaller than standard queen and king measurements, respectfully. In my opinion, these measurements were not noticeably different than wider pillows, which could be attributed to the high loft which redistributes under pressure and makes the pillows seem larger than what they are.

Pillows do need to stay within an acceptable measurement in order to fit within industry-sized pillowcases. Queen-sized pillows usually fit within a standard or queen case, whereas a king-sized pillow usually needs a king-sized case. This ‘king’ size, being slightly smaller than the 36 x 20 inches which they generally are, can fit within a queen-sized case well without it fitting too snug.

Shredded memory foam became a popular filling choice when thicker, more plush pillow coverings began to be used. These thicker cases are what helps keep you from feeling the shredded material when you lay down upon it, but it also allows for easy distribution and compression of the filling.

Memory foam shreds are usually the leftover bits from solid memory foam sleep industry pillows and mattress trimmings. Rather than waste them, they help make up an entirely unique sleep experience that many people have claimed works with their mattress as the solution to neck and back pain through the night.

Memory foam is popular due to how well it conforms to your unique shape and for pressure point reduction, but it often creates heat sinks. It can take on compression sinks and is too firm as a pillow for many personal comfort needs. Shredded foam provides the contouring that is so unique to the product, allows a free flow of air, is much softer (especially when blended with fine fibers), and can often be washed and dried to help it keep its shape through the years.

This pillow does have polyfill blended into the foam to provide a softer overall texture and allow for an almost thicker, down and feather type feel. I found this pillow to be very malleable and comforting under my head. At no time could I feel the individual pieces through the pillow while I laid upon it as it is well encased in its own durable cotton casing which is in turn surrounded by the thicker bamboo case. Plus, I found it to contour well without lifting up around my head or face.

Since it is so malleable, you can create the support for your neck, head, or shoulders where you need it through the manipulation of the materials within. The easy movement of the shreds helps you create your own comfort experience. I personally liked how well I could compress or shape the pillow to provide support where I felt was necessary without sacrificing the overall support.

What is usually so great about bamboo pillows is the fact that they are 100% customizable in how much (or how little) fill is used within it to support your sleep position. This pillow DOES NOT have a removable filling, yet it can be used to create everything from a soft to extra firm support depending on how you use it. This has everything to do with how easy the materials within redistribute when pressure is applied.

When laid flat, it can support both back and side sleepers of varying sizes quite well. When turned on its side, it becomes rather softer in nature and ‘squishes’ down to support stomach sleepers, and when folded, it can take on broader side sleepers as well. My experiences with each are more detailed below, but initially, these claims are substantiated.

Read more about the benefits of Bamboo Pillows here.

Zippered, Bamboo Fiber Blended Cover

Bamboo is pulped and then processed to create a viscose blend that can be woven in with other fibers to create a material cloth. The use of bamboo creates a thicker, plush type surface that is also micro-vented to create a very breathable pillow casing. This case is also easily removable for washing and drying as the fill is completely encased within its own secure, cotton cover. The zipper is double stitched to ensure durability as are all the seams.

Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which is what makes it such an ideal fiber to blend into covers. Allergy sufferers are often more affected by their bedding than they realize and having a material that helps combat these symptoms is worth considering.

The zipper of the case is a lay flat design and does not create any rigidity when attempting to shape the pillow. The zipper head lays flat and does not easily stick out, and the durable stitching helps the pillow keep its shape when the distribution of the fill is pressed against it. This is a nice touch as with a thicker material zippers can often become something of a hindrance to the overall design.


At rest or well-plumped, the pillow measures right about 7 inches in height. Loft is not a great indicator of comfort as the fill truly is more indicative of what positions are best supported, but it does provide an idea of how much space it takes up.

This loft is truly created by a large number of air pockets formed by the shredded foam and polyfill blend. This is also what helps create the easy shaping feature to provide various supports. I like an airy, lofty pillow because many times it is a good indication of malleable comfort, and this pillow is no exception. The memory foam provides a firm underlying structure, but the polyfill blend is just enough to allow for a softness where needed.

Not only is the casing machine washable but so is the pillow itself. However, it should be noted that it truly should not be washed unless absolutely necessary as memory foam, even when shredded, does take time to dry completely. The liquid can break down foam over time if not completely dried, and the cover is very protective, so unless you absolutely need to wash the pillow, you probably shouldn’t. And if you do, be sure to run it through multiple low, tumble dry cycles to ensure all the moisture is out of it.

You can put it through the drier at any time to fluff it up and refresh it. In fact, this is not the only great way to help get rid of the off-gassing as I noted above, but also it helps get rid of lingering dust mites or smells that can accumulate through use.

No pillow truly is a one size fits all, and despite the many claims that make this a popular pillow for many, it is important to realize that you can appreciate the quality of an item but not necessarily feel that it is a good match for you. This is a pillow that has very high reviews from hundreds of users across multiple platforms, and most consumers who find it uncomfortable do so due to personal preferences – and not necessarily issues with the pillow itself.

More back and side sleepers find this to be a comfortable pillow to use while very few stomach sleepers chose it due to how you need to use it on its side to get the proper head and neck positioning. It is also liked because of how malleable it is and how easy the memory foam can be manipulated to fill the space between your head and shoulders. Those who suffer from back and neck issues or those who have recovered from surgeries have used this pillow for support and comfort as well.

Complaints do arise due to the off-gassing upon opening. As I noticed, this is a lingering smell, and you can speed up the process of it finally dissipating by tossing the pillow in the dryer for a bit. Some people also make note that it is too firm, but still, others find it softer – so again, this seems to be more personal in nature rather than a description of the pillow.

Sold only through distributors, this is a pillow that has an average 30-day warranty depending on the seller. Most offers some sort of return policy, but the details may vary, so be sure to look over what exactly it pertains to ‘returns’ prior to purchase since it depends on who you buy it from.

Having reviewed multiple bamboo pillows and other various shredded memory foam filled choices in the past, I had an idea of what to expect with this particular pillow- but despite that, I was pleasantly surprised by how it approached varying sleep positions since it wasn’t filling adjustable.

I have become a fan of how shapeable shredded memory foam is for various comfort needs, so I did approach trying this specific pillow out with a positive outlook, and I was not disappointed with the overall experience.

I naturally lean towards sleeping on my stomach, so I was curious to see how well the unique positioning of this pillow accommodated this position. I will admit that I was actually surprised at how soft the pillow felt when used like this. With some adjustments, I was able to get it even thinner than the picture shows, and I am happy to report that the ‘lifting’ of the sides of the pillow didn’t get in my face at all.

For me, however, other than initial comfort, this was not the best use of the pillow. I can see it working well for broad-shouldered stomach sleepers or stomach sleepers larger than myself, but it wasn’t sustainable through the night. It was a bit too high even with it being thinned out, and it created stress on my upper and lower back over time.

I can often drift off to sleep while on my back, and this pillow choice was created for this. As my body warmed the pillow, it provided even more contouring without sacrificing support. Since back sleepers need a thinner pillow to help align the spine, this is a great pillow choice as it contours nicely under the weight of your head and fills the space between your neck it creates very well.

It does take a bit of shifting and adjusting to get it just right at first, but I was able to fall asleep this way multiple times despite shifting to my side to finish out the night in a more natural position for me. It also worked great when folded as a back support when up reading in bed or watching television.

Side Trial

This is a great side sleeping pillow. The malleability makes it awesome for those who like to place their arm under their heads while they sleep as well- and quite honestly, I can’t finger a better type of fill or comfort for side sleepers.

The pillow provides amazing neck contouring to allow for a true rest of the soft tissues that support your head and neck through the night. And the soft contouring with underlying support gets your head in proper cervical alignment for a restful night. I often sleep on my side (in fact have been trying to influence it more as it is a healthier position), and I was able to sleep through the night with no comfort interruptions with this pillow.

Curious to see how well this pillow held up another viewpoint, I passed it off for a second trial run to a larger and heavier back and side sleeper than me. I’ll just start out with the fact that they felt this pillow is an immediate success. But when pressed for details as to why it was loved, I received the following breakdown:

Immediately noticeable was how easy it was to shape and form to fit perfectly under my head. It was perfect for my shoulders to rest upon slightly when I laid on my back and still had enough fill to hold my head at a gentle slope like I prefer. I also like to sort of ‘hug’ my pillow when I sleep on my side, and this pillow was very ‘huggable’ and provided a great place to lay my head upon. I did think it was a little weird to try and use on my stomach since it is such a strange shape, and you have to kind of use it at an angle to keep your face from the side of the pillow. But maybe, that is because I’m kind of big- so for smaller people, it might work.


Going solely off the claims made about pillow comfort, this pillow does seem to deliver well in all areas but one- which really is dependent upon body size and personal preference. As a back and side sleeping choice, it works extremely well, but it may not always be the greatest stomach sleeping choice- although, the change in softness is remarkable when used in this position. It also hails as a machine washable and dryable pillow- but it isn’t suggested except in extreme cases. So, this is slightly misleading overall.

Those really are the main point deduction details as everything else seriously stands up to the hype. For a pillow that is not truly adjustable through fill addition and removal, the pillow is very versatile in its use both for multiple sleep positions as well as body types and sizes. The case is thick and plush, but it’s also breathable as heat retention was never even brought up through our trials. The shredded memory foam and polyfill blend are also excellent to provide a malleable surface that provides support and soft contouring.

If you’ve been intrigued by or have been hearing about bamboo pillows, the Original Miracle Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is one you may want to consider taking a closer look at. Useful for multiple sleep positions, the soft polyfill and shredded memory foam creates a pillow you can shape to best fit your head and neck for personalized comfort. Combined with the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties of the thick bamboo fiber casing, this is a choice many allergy sufferers often pick for nighttime relief from symptoms.

Original Miracle Bamboo Pillow Specs

Filling Loft Comfort Positions Warranty
Shredded memory foam 7 inches Back and side sleepers, some stomach sleepers 30 day

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

Back and side sleeping.

What is the loft?

7 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Yes, due to use of memory foam.

Is it organic?

Uses cotton and bamboo.

What’s the Warranty?

30 days.