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Malouf Woven Tencel Sheets

When you shop for sheets, you’ll notice that there’s a huge selection of sheets out there, from materials to styles to manufacturers. The Malouf Woven Tencel Sheets aren’t like any other sheets that may pop up in your search. These aren’t made from high-quality Egyptian cotton, nor do they have a high thread count. Those terms don’t really apply.

In fact, the only one that might is “sateen.” These sheets are made with a sateen weave, which creates its smooth and silky feel. While thread count isn’t all that important, these are a 300-thread count set. That’s right – not 600, or 1,000. So, you may be surprised that these linens are softer and more durable than you’d expect. To get the full rundown on what to expect of this sheet set and what others think of them, keep reading.

What are These Sheets from Malouf Really Like?

My set came in the mail quickly enough. And the packaging is pretty much what I expected. The sheets were neatly packaged in a box with a clear top lid, so I could see the color I chose. I also noticed that these linens are made of 100 percent Tencel. Why is that important? Manufacturers can get away with calling their product Tencel with only 30 percent made from the wood-based fibers.

Wash First

One of the first things I do when I receive new sheets is to get them in the washer and then make my bed. After all, they may feel soft right out of the package, but it matters more to me how they’re going to feel after being washed and dried. I followed the instructions and used the cool water setting and dried them on low. I pulled them out of the dryer promptly and made my bed.

Great Fit

I had no problem getting the fitted one on my mattress. The deep pockets helped, and the elastic band was nice and thick. What I really liked was the flat sheet. Its measurements for a queen-size sheet are 100×106 inches. That’s huge compared to most other flat sheets. No more playing tug-of-war with my partner for the sheet. The pillowcases also fit my standard size pillows well, so I had no complaints there.

Soft but Wrinkled

The linens felt just as soft as they did out of the package – maybe more so. My only disappointment was that they were so wrinkled. Even though the fitted sheet fits snugly on my mattress, I could still see wrinkles throughout. And the flat one was just a wrinkly mess. I have no plans to iron my sheets, so I guess I’ll have to deal with it. Thankfully, my partner and I don’t care that much about wrinkles in sheets.

Keeps You Cool

The first night I slept on this set, I wasn’t sure how they would perform. The manufacturer claims that they sleep cool in the summer and keep you warm in the winter. I was looking forward to testing this because I tend to sleep super-hot, regardless of anything. By morning, I was pleasantly surprised to not wake up a sweaty mess. The sheets stayed cool throughout the night, and the moisture-wicking seemed to work.

Second Washing

To really give these sheets a test, I decided to wash them again, and then inspected each stitch along the edges. There were a few loose threads here and there, but I feel like that has happened with all linens I’ve bought. None of those threads were holding the sheet together, so I wasn’t too worried about it.

Positive Experience

After several nights of sleeping on these sheets, I can confidently say they’ve become a favorite set I own. They stay cool, and they seem to absorb any sweat I produce throughout the night, and they’re so soft. These Malouf Woven Tencel sheets stay soft even after several times it went to the washer and dryer.

Great Warranty

I seem to replace my sheets every couple years or so. There’s only been one set of sheets that I used for nearly a decade, and I paid a pretty penny for those tightly woven cotton sheets. They were also sateen, and I loved them. Malouf offers a five-year warranty on its Tencel sheets, which is more than fair. I don’t even recall if those other sheets I had offered even a one-year warranty. Five years is generous, and the company will repair or replace your set of sheets if there’s ever a manufacturer defect found during that warranty window.

Features & Benefits

It may be hard to consider that sheets have features and benefits, but if you think about it, every set out there does something a little differently. These are meant to be cool to the touch, soft as silk, and durable throughout its lifespan. Let’s see how Malouf achieves all that.

Stays Cool

Tencel is the brand name for Lyocell fibers. This fabric is made out of wood, which sounds implausible, but you should consider how soft certain papers can be – those are made from wood pulp, too. The difference is that these fibers are woven to create a fabric that’s then used for sheets. It’s a breathable material that, like, say, linen, keep you cool in the heat of the summer. It also wicks away moisture, so you’re not boiling hot by the time you wake in the morning.

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Keeps You Warm

Also, like linen, these Tencel sheets can keep you warm on cold nights. The same benefits of Tencel to keep you cool can keep you warm. After all, if you sweat at night, even in the winter, these sheets will absorb the moisture created and keep you dry, which in turn, keeps you warm. And we all know how finding the right temperature for sleeping can be a daunting task.

Stays Soft

Tencel Lyocell fabric can be softer than cotton, and in the case of these Malouf sheets, they’re as soft as silk but not quite as slippery. Even with multiple washes, they stay soft and silky on your skin.


Lyocell is as natural as cotton, but it’s a more eco-conscious fabric when you consider its source. The fibers are made from wood pulp, and the eucalyptus wood that’s used is a sustainable source. Plus, there’s very little waste product when Lyocell is manufactured, making this an eco-friendly process.

Easy to Maintain

Almost any fabric made of a natural material is going to shrink after being washed, but Tencel has noticeably less shrinkage compared to cotton. It also wrinkles less than cotton, but it is quite noticeable. It wears well over time, and even after multiple washing, it holds up and colors don’t fade as readily as in cotton sheets.

Fits Mattresses

The thick elastic on the fitted sheet ensures a good fit on almost any good mattress. If your mattress thickness falls anywhere between 6 and 22 inches, these sheets will fit. The deep pockets make it possible, along with that thick elastic band.

Five-Year Warranty

Malouf guarantees your sheets are free of any craftsmanship or material defects, but if you find them, you can get a repair or replacement. Of course, that warranty doesn’t apply to regular wear and tear, stains, misuse, alterations, or damage from shipping.

Consumer Reviews

Clearly, I’m a big fan of these sheets. I can see these being my next long-term set of sheets that I won’t replace for years to come. However, I’m just one voice in a sea of opinions. So, read through what others had to say about their experience. You’ll be able to better make a decision based on the overall findings listed here.

Sleeps Cool
The majority of customers who reviewed these sheets agreed with the manufacturer claims of keeping them cool at night. A few outliers mentioned that they did not feel as cool as they’d hoped, and fewer still said they slept warmer than ever with these sheets.

Silky Soft
Buyers who got these Malouf sheets overwhelmingly agreed that these sheets are soft to the touch. Even those who decided these sheets weren’t for them said the sheets were soft, so there’s no argument about the feel of these sheets.

Fits My Mattress
The fit of these Tencel sheets is a bit hit or miss. Those who own thick mattresses were quite pleased with the deep pockets, as it can be difficult to find sheets to fit pillow-top mattresses or extra-thick beds. Those who had smaller mattresses were a little less thrilled about the extra fabric. The loose fit wasn’t enough for most people to return the sheets, though.

The jury is still out on the durability of these sheets because there isn’t really a consensus that would satisfy most of you. Some say the quality of this set of sheets is high, and it seems durable. However, many more pointed out that the fabric snags easily, and one snag can turn into a rip quickly. Many noted that these sheets seem thin right out of the box, and after long use and multiple washings, people noted that the fabric began to wear and thin more, and it even tears in some spots.

The Look
Tencel is supposed to be wrinkle-resistant, and in many applications, it is. As a set of sheets, though, it is wrinkly to some, and not to others. Compared to cotton sheets, Tencel may seem to wrinkle less, but they still hold on to wrinkles – especially if you take your time getting them out of the dryer.

Overall, most people agree that these sheets are pricier than they would like. However, buyers also pointed out that there are luxury sheets out there that cost twice as much as these, and they prefer the Malouf sheets – even for the price.

Yes, these sheets absorb moisture, which is a good thing, but some customers pointed out that they also seem to absorb oils and body fluids more readily than other fabrics. Oils from your skin may leave dark marks on some sheets, and stains, as you know, will void the warranty.


The Malouf Woven Tencel sheets are luxurious to the touch. The natural fibers are woven together to create a silky soft texture that has a bit of a sheen to them. They feel like silk, but they breathe like linen. It’s a combination that many people have longed for in sheets. On a warm summer night, these sheets let air in and out, and they wick away moisture, which helps keep you feel cool. Colder nights are warmer for you under these sheets because they keep you dry, so a chill doesn’t set in.

These are easy to care for, but you may notice some wrinkles. If you don’t mind that lived-in look, it shouldn’t bother you much. You can throw these sheets in your washer and dryer, and they’ll come out feeling as soft as they did on day one. You’ll have to treat these more gently than cotton, though. Many consumers noted that this fabric snags easily, which could lead to rips and tears early on.

You shouldn’t have to handle these Malouf sheets with kid gloves, but it should be pointed out that stains can cling to this fabric, and it may be difficult to get rid of those stains. The good news is that colors don’t fade very quickly, so your sheets should look new for a long while.

If you have a thick mattress and find that sheets don’t fit very well, you shouldn’t have an issue with these Malouf Woven Tencel sheets. The fitted sheet has deep pockets and a thick elastic band to help the sheet fit snugly on your mattress. Thinner mattresses may have excess fabric, though, which could be annoying.

Overall, the Malouf Woven Tencel sheets are a luxurious option that has a silky feel, keep you cool at night, and fit most mattresses well. They are a bit pricey, but you may find them worth the cost because these sheets may become your favorite ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash them?

-Pre-wash before using -Wash in warm water with non-chlorine bleach -Line drying recommended or tumble dry on low heat

Do they include organic materials?


What sizes are available?

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, King, California King, Split California King, and Split King.