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Finding a pillow to support your head and upper body to allow for proper spinal alignment and comfort can be a bit of a challenge. But what many people don’t realize is how important your pillow is to your sleep health. A pillow is just as important as your mattress choice to help keep you sleeping through the night.

The Sleep Judge Review Team has had the opportunity to check out both the feather and down, and polyester gel pillows to experience their luxury and comfort claims. Both choices provide a sleep surface designed to support the head and neck properly as you sleep. And are made to work in any sleep position.

Luxe Pillow Specs

 Filling-  Choice of Down/Feather, Gel Infused Polyfiber

 Loft-  ~8.5 inches

 Comfort Positions- All

 Warranty-  100-night sleep trial

The Luxe Pillow Company Story

The Luxe Pillow Company is based out of Portland, Oregon and was founded by a husband-wife team who was tired of not having a comfortable pillow that provided support for a variety of sleep positions. The design uses a 3 layer construction made of a core surrounded by 2 additional chambers to keep the fill from unevenly distributing during use. Originally the pillows used a feather and down design, but they have added a down alternative, cooling gel infused polyester fill model as well.

Breakdown of the Luxe Pillow

As mentioned, the Luxe Pillows are made to work with any sleep position and use some of the most advanced, premium materials. High-quality feather and down, or fine, durable polyester fibers define the pillow comfort and allow for a decent amount of malleability and shaping without any sort of clumping and bunching of the fill. They also are considered highly breathable due to the cotton casings for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.


The pillows came within an unmarked brown box that held a branded box within which both pillows were placed. These were simply wrapped in plastic for protection rather than compressed- which was nice in that it highlights that the pillows are not held in storage under pressure. When pillows are compressed for storage, the fibers within can weaken over time, and having them arrive in this manner ensures I was receiving them in the best quality available.

They also came with an envelope of cards that describe the quality, care, and use of the pillows. Included was a handwritten note from the company owners describing the differences between the pillow models, and contact information if any problems or concerns needed answering.

First Impressions

Both pillows came easily out of the wrapping and had no sort of offgassing. I was surprised at the heft of the pillows, and despite knowing that the feather and down pillow should feel slightly more dense than polyfill model, I could not distinguish between the two based on weight. They felt heavy and of good quality, and the casing material was of a durable cotton feel without sacrificing softness.

I do prefer a softer, more plush pillow, and initially thought this pillow may be too lofty and overstuffed to create a firmer feel than I had hoped for. I could not have been more wrong about that- which serves to help illustrate how a good quality material will feel heavier, and denser, but still be able to provide a luxurious contour when compared to cheaper materials. These details are described below.

Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of a product help detail the quality and use of the claims made for your own comfort. Everything from size to type of stitching used in the making of the pillow can influence its comfort and use. Below are the details of these pillows to help you determine if one might be a good choice for you.


The pillows come in both a standard/queen size, as well as a king size – both which fit well within the standard pillowcase size accepted within the industry. The size of a pillow is mostly chosen due to the size of the bed you have but also can help provide added support to the upper body and shoulders depending on your sleep position preference.

The pillow loft, the height measurement of the pillow when resting on a flat surface, is approximately 8.5 inches. This may seem quite high, but it does not at all reflect the firmness of the pillow. The down blend, and down alternative fill both can be fluffed up rather high, and help represent the support each lends to your comfort.

Filling Choices

Although the fill choices offered by the company both initially feel similar in nature, the company recognizes personal consumer preferences. I was unable to tell which pillow was which based solely on feel until I read the details of each pillow tag. Afterward, I was able to distinguish the very subtle feel differences, but both are made to be similar in nature for what a buyer needs in reference to fill choice.

90% Waterfowl Feather/10% Down

With an inner core chamber of waterfowl feather surrounded by soft down, their original pillow design is made to be malleable with a plush, contouring surface and underlying support. This pillow is very hefty for a feather and down choice, but also provides easy manipulation for head and neck support. Down and feather are very insulating due to how well it allows air pockets to exist even under compression. This also means it is very breathable, to help regulate temperature.

The separation of the feather and down into their own chambers ensures that you get dense, more firm feels of the feather encompassed within the softer down. This helps keep it from shifting or clumping into one area of the pillow to help you have a more uniform feel through the night.

Down Alternative, Gel Infused Polyester Fiberfill

Some people avoid feather and down pillow fills due to concerns with allergens. Even though the company does comply with true hypoallergenic processes in their material use, their understanding of consumer needs is well researched. This is why they offer a down alternative fill choice- which I was initially unable to distinguish from the feather and down pillow choice.

Polyfiber strands are durable to keep their shape and serve as an excellent synthetic option. These fibers are gel infused to provide a cooling feel caused by the conductive properties that help transfer heat away from your skin to a cooler surface.

100% Cotton Pillow Covers

The 100% cotton casings define both the outer case, as well as the thicker more durable inner case. Cotton is highly breathable, and is an excellent choice for pillows to help increase pillow air flow for a cooler night’s sleep. Cotton also is very easy to wash and dry, plus provides an all natural choice for the fabric which lays closest to your skin.

Braided Seams and Hidden Zipper

The braided seams along the outside case provide a nice touch and showcase the attention to detail the company provides. This is a quality touch to provide a bit of weight along the edges for the case to lay flat, plus it hides the zipper well.

I actually had to look for the zipper as it blends in well along one side of the case. It opened smoothly and lay flat, making it easy to use. The only issue I did have with it was how it did not quite reach to the very corners of the case, requiring you to manipulate the pillow through the opening. This made it a little tight to get the pillow out, and back in. It wasn’t a difficult case to remove but did create a tighter feel that I personally like when trying to take my pillow in and out of a case.

Double Stitched Inner Casing Seams

The inner cotton case provides a double stitched seam to keep the filling within the pillow. This is especially important for the feather and down pillow as the sharper ends of the quills can easily poke through loose seams, creating a pillow that ‘sheds’ feathers and may make an uncomfortable surface for you to lay your head upon. It also speaks for the attention to detail and quality I noticed early on about these pillow choices.

Comfort Claims

Traditional feather and down pillows are made to be a soft, plush surface with an underlying support. They are popular due to how they can be manipulated to be used in a variety of sleep positions, be folded, and ‘squished’ for personal preferences. Down alternative choices should mimic this feel, as the Luxe Pillow polyfill choice does well.

I found the pillow to be heavy and overall well made in feel, but also very softly contouring when laid upon- and easy to shape for personal needs. The feather and down choice felt a bit more firm through the center layer in comparison to the down alternative – but both are made to provide a similar feel and are geared to work with all sleep positions whether you need a thinner, more upper body support for stomach sleepers, a thin, soft choice for back sleepers, or a thicker, more supportive feel for head and neck comfort.

Pillow Care

What makes these pillows even more popular is how they are all machine washable and dryable. Feather and down pillows are surprisingly easy to wash and they fluff up as good as new after being dried completely. The gel infused poly fiber also is durable and does not clump or bunch up when washed- and the threads are durable as easily fluff back up after drying. You can also fluff your pillows at any time without washing if you need them to be freshened up.

100-Night Sleep Trial

Each pillow comes with a 100-night sleep trial and guarantee. This guarantee is hassle-free and allows you to return the pillow for any reason within the first 100 days, giving you enough time to decide if the pillow is comfortable and supportive of your sleep. It also comes with free shipping both ways.

Consumer Reviews

This is a very young company, but it has been gathering quite a bit of positive chatter surrounding both quality and comfort. People mention how much they enjoy the personalized touch that came with their pillow in reference to the information about care and use, as well as the handwritten note.

The comfort is very much geared towards those who prefer a more traditional down and feather feel. The easy malleability, plush surface, and supportive firm feel found within the inner pillow chamber are very much appreciated by those who have tried the pillow out. They like how it moves with them while they sleep and does not bunch up into one end.

How easy it is to wash and dry is also a convenient detail that is appreciated by those who have used the pillow.

My Sleep Trial Experiences

I actually prefer a soft, more plush surface I can manipulate. As a stomach and side sleeper, and of a shorter stature, I find many heavier materials and solid foams to not give enough under my weight. And even though this pillow upon the first impression seemed a bit dense and heavy- that spoke more towards the quality of the materials and fill being used than its comfort. Overall,

I considered this a very high-quality pillow, and one of the better feather and down, and down alternative, choices in the current sleep market. Rarely am I able to compare two pillow side by side that claim the same feel, but have two different fill types. Although there were very subtle differences between the two once I was able to determine which was which, overall the denseness, heft, and way it felt when sleeping on them were the same.

They both fluffed up easily, did not stay flat after being compressed and slept upon all night, and kept their shape wonderfully well due to the way the inner chambers are sewn to help keep the filling on its respective sides.


Back sleepers need a thinner, softer pillow that allows the head to sit level between the shoulders, and the neck to be supported with enough material to properly relax. Shapable materials are usually good choices for back sleepers as the fill can be manipulated, folded, or rolled to fit these needs without creating a pressure point.

Although I am not a back sleeper, I do like to relax this way and often drift off to sleep before moving into my preferred position. I found this pillow easy to shape under my head to provide a comfortable surface. Overall it may be a bit too tall for my body type for an all-night position, but it was initially comfortable.

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I often sleep on my side, or in some sort of side and stomach hybrid position. I loved how I could tuck this pillow up under my neck and head, and even get my arm underneath for mu support without meeting any resistance. Side sleepers need the ability to have a more firm, lofty choice to hold the head above the mattress for spinal alignment, and also support the neck.

This pillow worked well for me on my side and provided the soft support I prefer. It also was easy to fold to create a more firm surface if needed without sacrificing the plush feel. This underlying, core support is important, especially inside positions, or for heavier sleepers to keep from flattening when in use.

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Although stomach sleeping is my preferred position, it also is not a feasible one for all night comfort. Stomach sleepers need a thin, almost not existent pillow to help the spine settle into a neutral alignment. This is a hard thing to do when your head is twisted to the side, creating a break in the straightness of the spine.

As a stand-alone stomach choice, this pillow probably is too thick overall. I found that it raised my head too far off the mattress, placing a strain on my shoulders and lower back. This is typical of most pillows, and only the thinnest work for stomach sleeping- so I wasn’t surprised.

The feel of these pillows lends themselves well to help support the shoulders, head, and neck if you are a stomach/side hybrid sleeper who likes to hug or lay upon the pillow. Sleeping this way helps support natural stomach sleeping tendencies, but allows the spine to more gradually straighten without placing undue stress on the shoulders and lower back. Personally, I found it to be very comfortable.

Second Opinion

Since this is a new pillow, and there are not hundreds of reviews around to back it, I decided to share the pillow with a back and side sleeper of a much different body type than myself. I was curious to know if a larger, broader, and taller body would be as comfortable with this pillow as I was. My second review prefers a thick, soft foam to feather or polyfill pillows as well, so I was interested in trying to convert them with this pillow.

Their comments are bulleted below:

  • Very comfortable back sleeping choice. The pillow tucked under my neck and head very well and gave me the support I needed. I was told I did not snore as much – probably because my head was not pushed forward due to too high of a pillow.
  • Not high enough for side sleeping. I even folded and bunched it. I finally layered it on another pillow and that worked. It was comfortable, but I don’t think it was thick enough for me on my side.
  • I don’t sleep on my stomach, but I loved laying on this pillow. It was comfortable and didn’t even flatten under my weight!

Overall Sleeping Rating: 4.8

Even though I was unsure of the pillow upon initial investigation, and wrongly assumed the heft of the design was due to a thickness- I was pleasantly surprised to discover how reactive and supportive these pillows truly are when used. The company claims they are for everybody, and for every sleep position, and they do try their best to make this statement true.

Of course, no pillow is a true one size fits all product, but there is no question about the quality of these pillow choices- and the fact that the down alternative is a very close carbon copy to the feather and down pillow is a great detail worth mentioning. I found the pillow to be comfortable in all positions, but I am partial to a softer, more shapable pillow choice, plus my smaller stature lends itself well to this type of design.

But even in sharing the pillow for a second opinion, it was found to be comfortable in at least 2 out of 3 positions- and was favorable to a peaceful rest. Overall, this is a great choice for anyone on the hunt for a new pillow. It ranks high in our own reviews and findings, and the quality speaks for the effort that is placed on the design. Plus, it is machine washable and dryable!


The struggle to find the perfect pillow is a real one, that can cause quite a bit of frustration and nights of tossing and turning. Since your health is dependent upon your body’s ability to rest and rejuvenate, it is important to find a product that works with your body type, and sleep preferences to get the rest you deserve. The Luxe Pillow Feather and Down, or Down Alternative, Pillow are both excellent choices to consider if quality, plush support is needed.

Malleable, yet supportive, these pillows keep their loft well all while providing a soft, contouring feel. They sleep cool and are very easy to wash- all without flattening out due to how their chambered design allows for even distribution of fill.

If you have any questions or comments about these pillows, please let us know below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sleep position is this best suited for?

All three! Side, Back, and Stomach.

What is the loft?

8.5 inches.

Will I experience a lot of offgassing?

Wears off in around 24 hours.

Is it organic?


What’s the warranty?

100 nights.