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Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Review

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Lullaby Earth Healthy Support

Your child will spend at least two years in their crib, maybe shorter if they learn how to climb out at an early age. My son is a few months shy of two and he is still in his crib. So what does this have to do with crib mattresses? Well, a lot, actually. If your child is going to spend that much time in their crib, they are going to need a mattress that is safe and harmless for them to spend their time on. This is why the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support organic crib mattress is highly recommended by pediatricians and parents all around the world. Let’s take a look at why it is one of the safer choices for crib mattresses on the market.

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Lullaby Earth Video Review

The Lullaby Earth Promise

Mattress companies can make all the promises in the world and most of the time, they don’t live up to those promises. So, what does the Lullaby Earth offer babies, toddlers, and parents? The safest crib mattress possible is their promise to you. By this, they mean a crib mattress that offers physical safety, chemical safety, allergenic safety, hygienic safety, enhanced breathability, and no flame retardants.

This line of crib mattresses, along with all Lullaby Earth crib mattresses, was designed by parents, grandparents, and engineers who made it their priority to create the safest baby crib mattress possible. While in the research phase, health, safety and affordability were the top priorities. It was after everything was thoroughly researched that the Lullaby Earth was born, packed with all kinds of features while remaining affordable.

Presenting The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support

The Lullaby Earth has critical safety support that all mattress should, but sometimes don’t, have. This crib mattress has strong structural support thanks to the rigid core and structural integrity that meets CPSC and pediatrician firmness recommendations. This is one of the ways that SIDS is helping to be prevented with this mattress. The risk greatly decreases if the baby is on a flat, firm surface, such as this one.

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is also hygienic. The easy-to-clean design helps to keep your baby’s crib clean and safe to sleep on. This also helps to avoid mildew, mold, urine vapor, and other bacteria that could be harmful to the health of your child. Also, since it is easy to clean, it will help to make nightly accident cleaning a breeze.

One other thing that I want to mention is that Lullaby Earth contains no harmful chemicals. You will not find any Vinyl/PVC or Polyurethane foams in it. It is also contains no fire retardant chemicals or barriers while still passing all government flammability standards. Unlike other companies who do not disclose what they use for their fire barriers while claiming that their mattresses are perfectly safe, Lullaby Earth proudly claims that the safest flame retardants, are none at all.

Thoughts About The Packaging

As with most of the crib mattresses, the box was just a plain brown crib mattress box. But, once I opened the box, that’s when the magic happened. I was greeted by colorful inserts wrapped around the mattress that gave me loads of information about the mattress.

I got all of the information I needed about the mattress without having to hit a single key on my keyboard, getting lost in the Google world. I didn’t have to research what was inside, or not inside, of the crib mattress. All I had to do was look at the side of it and it gave me an entire list.

On the other side of the mattress, I was greeted by a list of all of the mattresses certifications and awards, one of which being the GREENGUARD Gold certification. I can certainly appreciate this kind of material being included with my crib mattresses. It gives me insight into it without having to research everything. Thank you for that, Lullaby Earth!

Features & Benefits

Are you ready to learn everything possible about the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support and what was responsible for putting it in my top list of organic crib mattress list? Take a seat folks, i’m about to drop first hand encounters and tests on you.

What Sets It Apart?

All crib mattresses have their own unique features that makes them stand out from all of the others. The first thing is that Lullaby Earth is one of the only crib mattresses that I have encountered so far that advertises their sturdy firm edges. They specifically made this feature with your baby’s safety in mind. With firm edges, there is a lower, or no chance, of the child’s limbs getting caught between the mattress and side walls of the crib.
The other thing that I personally think is remarkable is that it is waterproof while containing no harmful chemicals. When we think of something that is waterproof, we think of PVC or Vinyl. Guess what? There is no PVC or Vinyl in this mattress. It is instead, food grade polyethylene. They have made it possible for your child to sleep on a healthy mattress while remaining waterproof for those occasional accidents or leaky diapers.

The last thing I want to mention is that it is super lightweight while remaining sturdy and supportive. Sometimes I come across mattresses that are sturdy but weigh more than I would like it to. This one weighs around 7 pounds while remaining sturdy and supportive.

Construction & Composition

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is composed of just a few things:

The food grade polyethylene core is recyclable and healthy for your child. Don’t be concerned about the polyethylene unless it does not specify that is is food grade. If it is food grade, this means that it is pure enough to use as a food item container and can essentially be eaten off of. So any polyethylene that you find in this mattress is specially formulated to meet food contact standards. It is also very easy to clean and is stain resistant, all while providing a dust mite and allergen barrier.

The PETE cushioning is also recyclable. PETE stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, which is a clear plastic most commonly used for water and soda bottles. It is a safe, non-toxic, durable, flexible, and lightweight material, which is why this mattress is so light. It is the world’s most widely recycled plastic.

So, since the mattress is made with two recyclable sources, this makes the entire mattress recyclable, pretty neat, huh?


When my toddler isn’t comfortable, he whines and cries until he is comfortable, which sometimes means being in my bed or laying on me. So what do you think is going to happen if your child is on a mattress that is far from comfortable for them? They are going to make your night very long and tiring. This is where Lullaby Earth comes in handy.

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is very comfortable, in my opinion. I was able to get my son to sleep on it with no issues. I also took it for a spin, and by that I mean that I put it on the floor and laid on it myself. I know i’m a little heavier than a toddler, but it still had comfort to it for me.

This mattress isn’t specifically made for comfort, so there really isn’t too much to say about it. The key points here are that my son slept through the night on it and he wasn’t tossing and turning as much as he was on some of the other ones I have tested.


One of the key features of the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is, well, its superior structural support. They designed their mattress with a unique core that is filled with structural integrity while meeting the CPSC and pediatrician firmness recommendations. You aren’t going to find a floppy or flimsy mattress made by Lullaby Earth.

Support is the key to reducing the risk of SIDS. It helps to prevent suffocation, especially if you are putting your child to sleep on their back on a nice, firm, flat mattress. If your child has an issue with sleeping on flat on their back, I suggest a crib wedge and sleep positioner. This will elevate your baby while they are sleeping. This is really helpful if they have a stuffy nose or are having issues breathing while laying flat.

I placed a 16 pound bowling ball on the mattress to simulate a child sleeping in that spot. As you can see from the picture, the ball hardly sunk it, less than it would on a regular foam mattress. This is ideal for your child to be sleeping on. We don’t want any kind of sinkage that could cause a health hazard.

Two-Finger Test

As with all of my mattresses, I do a two-finger test. This is a test used by pediatricians, researchers, and parents all around the world. The general rule of thumb here is that if you can fit more than two fingers in the space between the crib mattress and crib rails, it is unsafe and poses a suffocation or entrapment hazard for your child.

The Lullaby Earth passed the test, only allowing one finger to fit in that space. I want you to remember, though-not all crib mattresses are made to fit in specialty designed cribs. You should always make sure that the measurements of the crib mattress fit with the measurements of the crib. Certain cribs only take certain mattresses.

Edge Support

I have to say, I am impressed with the edge support. To some, lack of edge support may not be an issue, but to me it is. My whole reasoning for this is that if there is a lack in edge support and you have enough space between the crib and the mattress, the baby can become entrapped between them. If the mattress is too small, there is a risk of the same thing, but having no edge support increases that risk.

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support has exceptional edge support. I would honestly have to say that is has just as much edge support as a crib mattress that has coiled edges. I was able to put that same 16 pound bowling ball on the edge of it and it hardly sunk. This will also help once your child is starting to use a toddler bed. If they get too close to the edge, they won’t get sucked off of the side from that lack of support.


Square or round? That is the question. Crib mattresses either have round or squared corners and it can be a deal breaker for some parents, here’s why. Round corners are less sharp than some square corners, but they also can create a gap in the corners of the cribs. Square corners, on the other hand, fit well in cribs but can sometimes be sharp, as mentioned above, depending on how the seams are sewn.

For the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support, I wasn’t impressed with the corners. The ends of the mattress are melted together and create a sharp edge and corners. This may not be a problem if you have the right sheet on it, but I would just be careful taking the mattress out of the crib.

This is the only flaw I have seen so far with the mattress. If the edges were a little smoother it would be alright. Like I said above, if you put the right sheet on, it probably won’t be too noticeable. Check out the pictures to see what I am talking about with the sharp edges and corners.


The seamless crib mattress models are my favorite because there is no chance of my child pulling on a loose seam and eventually exposing the core of the mattress.

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support doesn’t really have seams, it is more like the material is melted together on the top and bottom to prevent it from opening. Although this process made the edges sharp, it seems like it would hold up for a while.

The reason I check seams is because if a crib mattress is going to last for a long time, it needs to have solid seams. In this case, there are no seams, so other than the melted parts, there was really nothing to check.

Ease Of Transport

It’s late, you’re tired, and uh oh, the baby just threw up. Every parent will experience this and it can be extremely frustrating, especially in the middle of the night. You have to get the baby changed, clean up the mess, and before you realize it, the mess has soaked through the sheet and on to the mattress. So what do you do? You take the mattress out to clean it off.

The great thing about the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is that it is very lightweight. It weighs around 7 pounds and can be picked up with just two fingers. This will make those middle of the night leaks a lot easier to deal with. Not to mention, the lighter the mattress, the quicker you will be able to get it out of the crib before you completely void the warranty.

How Does It Feel?

There are going to be some days when you are out of crib sheets to put on the mattress. Maybe it’s laundry day and the baby really needs a nap, or they soiled through the last clean sheet they had thanks to a virus. Either way, the way a mattress feels could be the difference between peacefully falling asleep or fighting it until they give up completely and just pass out.

The Lullaby Earth has that Vinyl feel without the actual Vinyl. It makes a scratchy noise, like the noise you hear from rubbing your hand on a tent. It isn’t soft, but it doesn’t feel like a sheet of plastic. It may not change the way your child sleeps, but they noise it makes may aggravate them. Or, they may think that it’s fun to make the noise and just do it the whole time they are “taking a nap”.


I was recently asked why bounce mattered for crib mattresses. I feel like a lot of people have this question, so i’ll answer that for you the best I can.

If a crib mattress has too much bounce, it probably means that the mattress isn’t firm enough for an infant to sleep on. The firmness should be, well, firm. It should support the baby without sucking them in.

Usually, if there is bounce, that means that the baby may sink in a little. Also, if there is bounce to a mattress on the toddler side, they may have issues sleeping because it. It may end up feeling like a waterbed to them, which may make them sleep poorly.

So how did the Lullaby Earth do with bounce? Well, it did pretty well. There wasn’t too much bounce, especially for tossing a 16 pound bowling ball on it. If you check out the video, you can see the results of the test.

Temperature Regulation Features

Lullaby Earth did not make this mattress with temperature regulation features, unfortunately. To me, I think that temperature regulation is important, especially during those warmer months. It is easy for a child to sweat in their sleep, trust me, I know. My son sweats a lot, especially when he isn’t on a mattress that helps to regulate temperature.

With that said, let’s take a look at the heat retention test.

Heat Retention

Heat retention tells a lot about a mattress. If a mattress holds heat, your child is probably going to sweat in their sleep or they are going to get so hot they aren’t going to be able to sleep comfortably. This is why I do the heat retention test. How I do this is with a heating sock and an infrared heat gun. I get my sock up to 130 degrees, get a spot on the mattress up to that temperature and then use my gun to measure how long it takes for the mattress to cool down to 98 degrees.

The Lullaby Earth was in the average range. It isn’t too hot, but it isn’t the best out of all of the ones I have tested. It took about 25 seconds to cool down. Most of the other mattresses I have tested had an average of 20-25 seconds, so this one falls in that range.

This does not mean that your child is going to sleep hot, it just means that it is going to do a better job of keeping them warm during those cooler months. If they do happen to sleep a little too warm on it, I suggest a cooling mattress pad.


I have encountered multiple mattresses that have had a chemical odor. Obviously, these ones aren’t organic. They usually have some kind of memory foam in them filled with harmful chemicals. Since this mattress is 100% natural, there was no odor to it at all. I was able to put my son on it as soon as I removed it from the packaging.

Feedback From Other Consumers (Parents & Caregivers)

Here is what some other people had to say about the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support.

Construction & Composition
  • Seems durable upon use
  • Seamless design is nice
Comfort For Baby
  • Some say it was too hard for their baby
  • Others say their baby slept comfortably on it
Water Resistance
  • Mattress is easy to clean
  • Waterproof design lives up to the expectations
  • Spills and leaks generally stay on top of the cover
  • Doesn’t breathe well
  • Issues with indentations after a few months
  • Great support for infants
Comfort For Toddler
  • Toddler sleeps well on it
  • Still offers support while being comfortable
Ease Of Movement
  • Sheet changes are easy
  • Mattress is really lightweight
  • Easy to lift and move

Is The Lullaby earth Healthy Support The Right Fit For Your Baby/Toddler?

This crib mattress has a lot of nice features that can appeal to any parent who wants an affordable and safe crib mattress. But, if you are still having some second thoughts, check out these categories. If you fall into any of these, or all, it may be the right mattress for your baby/toddler.

Are You Looking For Optimal Support?

The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support is specifically made with the health and support of your child in mind, hence the name “healthy Support”. They created the mattress with materials that are sure to support your child in all of the right areas for years to come.

Do You Like To Recycle?

The mattress is 100% recyclable. Instead of tossing it in the trash for it to sit in a landfill somewhere, it can be recycled. This is a good option for all of you eco-friendly folks.

Do You Dislike Harmful Chemicals?

The healthy Support mattress is made with all healthy materials and food-grade plastic. There is nothing harmful in this mattress that is going to make your child sick or have an allergic reaction.

Are You A Fan Of Waterproofing?

This is one of the few waterproof and organic mattresses I have come across. The waterproof feature makes it easy to clean and maintain the mattress. No more worrying about moisture getting into the mattress causing bacteria and mold buildup that could potentially be harmful to your child.


I can say with 100% certainty that this mattress would be an ideal fit for anyone looking for something that is affordable and healthy. It is tough to find a mattress that isn’t going to cost you a month’s paycheck that healthy for your child. The Lullaby Earth Healthy Support has the proper support needed for your growing infant and all the way up to their toddler years. This mattress has no hidden chemicals, pesticides, dangers or concerns. It truly is a 100% eco-friendly crib mattress.

The Lullaby Earth Specs

Material Organic Degassing Period
100% food-grade polyethylene core and surface and 100% PETE Cushioning Yes None


Firmness Level for Baby Firmness Level for Toddler Weight Warranty
9 8 6.8 Pounds Limited Lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work in all cribs?

It will fit in any US standard sized crib. This mattress measures 27.8” x 52” x 6”.

Is a protector needed?

Since the mattress is waterproof, it isn’t really necessary, but if you want to protect the warranty, Pads/protectors may be a good option.

Does it work on convertible cribs?

Yes, this crib mattress will work on a convertible crib, as long as it is a USA standard size.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. You get a lifetime limited warranty with the mattress.

Is it dual sided?

Unfortunately, no, but it can be used for toddlers.

How easy is cleaning?

You can wipe it clean with a mild soap and a damp cloth.