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Logan and Cove by - Mattress

We’ve had our Logan & Cove mattress (king size, luxury firm) for only a bit over 2.5 years now. It has lost support badly on one side. Having bought several mattresses in the last 20+ years for myself, wife, kids, parents etc. this is definitely not a high quality well constructed mattress. It’s so bad that it is giving me noticeable pain in my middle back while sleeping. Will be calling them to submit a warranty claim and fingers crossed I hope they don’t give me the run around 😐

Frank Philcox

I’ve had this mattress for maybe 6 months. It sags badly on the side I sleep on. Really overrated mattress. I’d get a good Serta mattress if I was to do it over. I think these bed in a box mattresses are a fad.


Hello! I noticed Logan and Cove have two different mattresses for sale. Did you review the Luxury Firm or the Medium Plush?


Jess RJ

I tried out the luxury firm model.


Susan Milic

Do you think the Luxury firm would be good for people with soreness and soreness on the hips ( I have wide hips)? I was told to get a medium firm but the sales rep said they only have a medium or firm no medium firm. If I buy one of them, I cannot try out the opposite one.Very torn but want to get this one.


Susan Milic

They did not say they have a kit to adjust the firmness. Do they?


I just got this mattress thanks to this review. A week in and I love it! It’s really supportive but the plush top is so soft. Thx jessica for the review


Danuiel Nickel

Are you still happy with your mattress

Danielle Trehan

LOVE this mattress!! It looks really sexy. I’ve clicked your link and will look into logan and cove more. THanks for the review. The videos really helped me.
– Dani


My absolute favorite mattress. Novosbed is growing nicely and i like the options now. logan and cove is a really comfy mattress.

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