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Leesa Pillow

Innovative advances in technology have resulted in a lot of new material products put to use within the sleep industry. Since searching for a comfortable pillow to aide in a truly restful night can be a challenge, you probably have come across a seemingly endless supply of different pillows from which to choose from. This can become overwhelming very quickly and may leave you with choices that you are still unsure of- especially if you have been trying to choose from more recently introduced products.


Part of our job on The Sleep Judge Review Team is to look over the thousands of products available to consumers. We try and highlight those that seem to be amongst the best in the current market and take a closer look at. The Leesa Pillow is one that stands above many others through the reviews it has gained in the last year it has been in production, and so, in acquiring one, we have provided our honest opinion and breakdown of the quality and product claims for you to review before making a final purchase.

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Leesa Pillow Specs

 Filling – Avena Foam

 Loft – ~ 5 inches

 Comfort Positions – All

 Warranty – 3 year

Leesa Company History

Leesa began as an online mattress startup that applies a universal adaptive feel foam called Avena that is soft, highly responsive, and keeps its shape incredibly well. Their success has led to a series of other sleep products, including differing mattress support, pillows, sheets, and other mattress accessories. The company also is an industry leader in social impact programs. With three separate initiatives, the company believes in giving back through mattress donation, environmental planting programs, and community involvement.


Breakdown of the Leesa Pillow

Considered the pillow that always feels perfect no matter how long you’ve slept on it, The Leesa Pillow combines the foam and comfort technology of The Leesa Mattress to create the perfect surface for your head. With a highly adaptive foam core, it provides spinal alignment support to your head and neck in any sleep position. Plus, it springs back into shape after compression and claims excellent cooling abilities due to the ventilated air channels found along the surfaces of the pillow. The medium firm feel provides an initial soft feel with a supportive underlayment. This means it really does allow for pressure point reduction and can work well under the hips and between the knees. The washable cover is of the same material used in the mattress as well, which is a popular woven knit that is incredibly soft against your skin.




The pillow came in a branded box and arrived in less than a week after ordering. Although I am not always a fan of branded boxes delivered to my porch, it was fairly nondescript overall, and it held the pillow within very well without any sort of compression. It did have a very slight off-gassing odor after removing it from the plastic bag, but it dissipated very quickly and wasn’t even noticeable after a few hours. The pillow also came with a helpful booklet about the sleep trial, warranty, comfort, and ads for other products offered by the company.

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