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La-Z-Boy Sleeper Sofa
Maureen McAteer

I am a little surprised at the comments regarding the air mattress. Years ago, I purchased a beautiful sectional sleeper sofa for my daughter and son-in-law. They were going to be sleeping on this nightly, as the bedrooms were needed for their three children, until they purchased a bigger home. I bought the protection plan. After a few years, the mattress started to leak. I called La-Z-Boy and they immediately sent another mattress at no cost. It happened one more time and again a new mattress was sent at no charge and no hassle. I was so impressed with the coverage that I bought a La-Z-Boy sleeper sofa for my home – had it 7 years without a problem and now it is an additional sofa for guests at my daughter’s home. No problems. The pump has always worked perfectly. I do believe it is important to purchase the extended protection plan with a big ticket item like their sofa beds, just as you would with any other big ticket item. Now I am looking for a sofa bed for my home office/guest room and have been looking at several furniture stores near me. The quality I have seen in sleeper sofas at these other stores just doesn’t compare. Honestly, I am afraid to buy anything other than La-Z-Boy.


Chris W

You can buy replacement air chambers/pumps for much much less from the manufacturer
Look for airdream dot net

Val Friskie

We bought this leather sleeper sofa.
The gap between the mattress and the head of the sofa is a problem with the pillows falling down between the gap!
Also the loss of air in the mattress as the guests sleep.
I would not recommend the slumber air mattress if purchasing.



chuck winn

Thank you so much for your info for the manufacturer info.
I will contact them since today is Christmas day, and they are closed of course.
This is so helpful and make me really happy!
Merry Christmas Chris!

Raul Estrada

We are about to replace the air mattress again due to the mattress leaking air. We were told that the cost is 400.00. We have owned the sofa sleeper for 9 years and have occasional use without abuse. We feel that this is not a durable mattress and the cost to replace it is expensive. Thinking about replacing it with one of the other mattress but this review did not offer enough information in order to make a good decision.

Betsy nixon

I bought a sleeper sofa with air mattress several years ago, I found it to be comfortable and was happy with it until the mattress started to lose air, then the pump suddenly stopped working. It had not been used all that much and no abuse to the sleeper so I am very disappointed the mattress has failed. It is not cost effictive to replace the mattress or the pump from Lazy Boy. There is no long term on the mattress or pump. Unlike a spring mattress I did not expect this would fail or wear out. I am going to call lazy boy headquarters and see if I can get a replacement at a reasonable cost. Right now I am hearing 300.00 to 600.00 to replace the mattress and over 200.00 for a new pump.

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