La-Z-Boy Sleeper Sofa Reviews

La-Z-Boy Sleeper Sofa

When it comes to mass manufactured furniture, we often find ourselves having to compromise on aspects such as originality, quality and variety – there are only so many templates a company can develop and produce after all.

La-Z-Boy stands apart in an industry flooded with generic merchandise with their long tradition of offering a huge variety of stylish high-end sofas, recliners and sofa beds, with ample customizability so you’re able to breathe personality into your furniture without having to go the trouble of finding an expensive craftsman.

I’ve decided to take an in-depth look into the sleeper sofa section of La-Z-Boy’s merchandise, to uncover the truth behind the famed freedom of choice offered by this manufacturer. I’ve included choice Lazy Boy sleeper sofa reviews to give you a direct idea of the extent of their products.

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A Brief Introduction To La-Z-Boy

The story of La-Z-Boy starts with the birth of the first ever recliner: founded on the principles of craftsmanship, innovation and comfort, the company has since diversified into a wide range of stationery furniture alongside their iconic recliner.

Today, La-Z-Boy offers design consultancy services to help you make the right pick from among the hundreds of finishes, mattress types, cushion fills, and technological innovations they offer with each of their products.

Sofa beds are among some of their most popular products today, thanks in large part to the aforementioned autonomous design decisions they afford. The company’s commitment to quality (indicated by their lifetime warranty and their made in the US policy) also plays a role in their sleepers’ popularity.

Besides the US, La-Z-Boy also caters to markets in Asia, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Latin America, which makes them a truly global furniture brand.

Standout Features of La-Z-Boy Sofa Beds

Commitment To Quality

La-Z-Boy guarantees rigorous quality control procedures for all of their furniture, stating that it ‘stands the test of time, not to mention kids.’ The individual components – frames, cushions, sofa bed transformation mechanisms are made out of high end materials, and are covered by their Limited Lifetime Warranty.

In particular, the sleeper sofas bear reinforced steel frames and a special crosswire system to enable them to withstand the wear and tear that results from playing the dual sofa / bed role.

Furthermore, the company also wear-tests their fabrics, and prior to putting their sofa beds on sale, they put them through real life trial scenarios so that anything missed by the generic testing is weeded out.



Are Lazy Boy Sleeper Sofas comfortable? No matter how much troubles the manufacturer has gone through to ensure optimum quality, if you don’t feel relaxed while sitting / sleeping on the sofa bed, it isn’t worth your money. Here’s what La-Z-Boy has to offer in this department:

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Mattress Options

All three major mattress styles are available for La-Z-Boy sleepers:

Supreme Comfort™ Mattress System

This is the default mattress that comes with La-Z-Boy sleeper sofas – it is a simple innerspring core that is topped with an extra layer of padding for comfort. The resulting feel is firm and springy, and should suit back sleepers fine.

Memory Foam

The memory foam option offers superior conformity and pressure relief as compared to the vanilla innerspring. At its center, it sports a 1.8 lb. 3” polyfoam base topped by a 1” 2.5 lb. viscoelastic layer. Not too luxurious as true memory foam mattresses go, but still a marked improvement over an innerspring, especially for side sleepers and / or back pain sufferers.

Comfort is further enhanced through a .5” quilted top supplemented by a further .5” of gel foam.

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SlumberAir® Mattress System

The air mattress option is designed to yield adjustable firmness and conformity. It is a direct augmentation of the 4” innerspring base, upon which a 6” cushion of air is introduced. Inflation is achieved by means of a hand held pump.

Adjustable Headrests

These let you exactly specify the support provided to your head and neck, a welcome feature if you plan to spend long periods sitting on the sofa with a book, or watching television.

ComfortCore® GEL cushions

If you require more comfort than run-of-the-mill polyester cushions, you can upgrade to these proprietary cushions that feature multi-layered conformity and pressure relief through the application of gel-infused and regular memory foam.

Customizable Look

Being able to choose what your sofa bed looks like is an important consideration if you have a particular aesthetic in mind, besides general functionality. This is where La-Z-Boy sleepers really shine:

More than 900 fabric and leather options

Thanks to this incredible range of finishes, you’re able to create a sofa bed that is truly your own, and gels well with the rest of your décor. The patterns and colors are constantly updated, and can be combined with other modifications such as accent pillows, welting, and wood finishes, to match both your taste and your budget.

Lazy Boy’s leather, in particular, deserves a mention: the premium handcrafted leathers that they offer e.g. Full Aniline Leather, are derived from multiple tanning processes and pure dyes, and elegantly capture the timeless aura of luxury and comfort that is typical of the material.

Professional Advice

If all the customizability has made you a bit uncertain, La-Z-Boy also has interior design professionals who can help you make the correct picks for your sofa bed, that suit your style. This is equally useful for those who simply don’t have the time to sift through all the possibilities in accordance with their budget and taste.

Made To Stay Clean

All La-Z-Boy sleepers are available in iClean™ fabric finishes. This is their proprietary stain-resistant, easy to clean technology designed expressly for protecting furniture in environments where spills, leaks and other such incidents are probable.

iClean™ fabric can be cleaned on-spot by simply using a mixture of mild soap and water, without having to remove the entire cover. In spite of their utility, they still retain a feel of comfort and luxury, and are available in vast selection of textures, patterns and colors.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can also go with their Performance Fabrics – tough microfiber that is resistant to stains and fading, and can be cleaned easily – great for those who get a lot of guests at home.

Top Rated La-Z-Boy Sofa Bed Reviews

1. Amy Queen Sleeper Sofa


Total Cover Options Available: 398
Mattress Options: Innerspring (default), SlumberAir®, Memory Foam
Cushion Options: Standard, ComfortCore(R) GEL
Pillow Options: Standard, FeatherLite
Body Dimensions (d x h x w): 39 x 38 x 80.5

Looks and versatility aside, the Amy Queen Sleep Sofa can effectively transform your spare room into an inviting and stylish guest room. It features a sophisticated design that’s easy to incorporate with most décor, and the included 20” accent pillows complete the look. You also enjoy

  • Excellent balance of support and comfort
  • Welt trim
  • Multiple upgrades to customize your purchase

Whether used to sit on for a couple of minutes or rest after a long day, the ComfortCore® cushions provide perfect surface for rest and relaxation.


2. Natalie Queen Sleep Sofa


Total Cover Options Available: 396
Mattress Options: Innerspring (default), Air Mattress, Memory Foam
Cushion Options: Standard, ComfortCore(R) GEL
Body Dimensions (d x h x w): 38 x 39 x 86

You can rest assured knowing every body type is covered with the versatile design, and the premium fiber fill retains shape to ensure excellent durability expectations. As with other La-Z-Boy sleepers, this one is available in innerspring (default), air mattress, and memory foam variants.

You can also opt for gel foam cushions, and, with nearly 400 color options, it’s almost impossible to find the perfect match for any room.


3. Kennedy Premier Supreme Comfort™ Queen Sleep Sofa


Total Cover Options Available: 866
Mattress Options: Innerspring (default), Air Mattress, Memory Foam
Cushion Options: Standard, ComfortCore(R) GEL
Pillow Options: Standard, FeatherLite
Body Dimensions (d x h x w): 38 x 39 x 77

Putting aside the typical roundish look found in its siblings, the Kennedy uses a dull green color to promote its aura of formality. The legs come with a brown mahogany finish, but you can modify it to coffee for an added price.

The sofa sleeper has all three mattress options available, as well as the flexibility to upgrade to comfier GEL cushions and FeatherLite pillows. If you wish for a jazzier touch, you can opt for contrasting welt on the upholstery, which is itself available in 120 different variations!


4. Leah Premier Supreme Comfort™ Queen Sofa


Total Cover Options Available: 917
Mattress Options: Innerspring (default), Air Mattress, Memory Foam
Cushion Options: Standard, ComfortCore(R) GEL
Pillow Options: Standard, FeatherLite
Body Dimensions (d x h x w): 38.5 x 38 x 82

The curved arms, pillow backs and box seats give the Leah a welcoming quality whether you’re in need of a place to sit, or a place to sleep. As usual, the innerspring mattress can be upgraded to an air mattress or a memory foam mattress if you want to focus more on sleep.

The cushions can be filled with gel memory foam too, if you expect to sit for longer periods of time. An especially thoughtful touch is the option to upgrade to four caster wheels instead of regular legs – so that you can move the sofa around in your room as needed.


5. Mackenzie Premier Supreme Comfort™ Queen Sleep Sofa


Total Cover Options Available: 988
Mattress Options: Innerspring (default), Air Mattress, Memory Foam
Cushion Options: Standard, ComfortCore(R) GEL
Pillow Options: Standard, FeatherLite
Body Dimensions (d x h x w): 38 x 36.5 x 82

If you wish to up the luxury, it can also be customized with leather upholstery. Combine this with a memory foam mattress, and you’ve got a sofa bed that is bound to wow your guests with its stylish comfort – in fact, it wouldn’t look out of place in your personal game room either.

The rest of the customization features available with the Premier Supreme Comfort series are included with the Mackenzie as well.



I won’t pick a favorite from among the La-Z-Boy products I’ve covered above – it is especially hard given that they all stick to a casual, homely appearance that is diversified at the time of purchase through various customizations in finish, mattress type, cushion type and so on.

In other words, their sofa beds target largely casual contemporary interior designs, staying away from the ultra-modern, minimalistic trends that have recently gained popularity. Thus, while their claims of customizability are very much true, they are only relevant to those who are okay with sticking to the former.

However, if you’re part of this crowd, you can rest assured that the slightly expensive price tag on these products is justified by the comfort, reliability and durability you get in return; this has also been supplemented by the vastly positive consumer feedback that I’ve come across.