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Layla Bamboo Sleep Sheets

Layla’s Bamboo sheets are centered on a material that’s known for being cool, breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic. The hype surrounding the Layla Sleep sheet set seems to be growing, so I wanted to check it out and see for myself. Are these bamboo sheets really worth the hype? Check out my personal review of this awesome bedding.

Layla Bamboo Sleep Sheets – A Closer Look

You may have heard about Layla in the past. In fact, you may own or know someone who uses their mattress. This very same mattress producer is selling a high-quality set of bed sheets. Available in all the standard mattress sizes, the Layla sheet set is made from 100 percent viscose derived from bamboo.

There is an entire process for breaking up and dissolving bamboo in a special solution, which is later turned into actual fibers. Then, through a weaving process, these fibers are used to create the actual fabric. One thing I really appreciated is how Layla is trying to sell these sheets. Through their claim, they present the whole mattress and sleeping sheets combo as the ideal package to complete the sleeping experience. By promising to make sleep better, Layla has expanded the business from offering a mattress, to offering adjacent products, such as a pillow, weighted blankets, and these high-quality sheets.

Of course, one can expect both pros and cons from every kind of product they buy (even the most “perfect” product have flaws, it just depends on who you ask), so let’s go over some of the ups and downs of owning a Layla Sleep sheets set.

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Features & Benefits

Just like every mattress has unique traits and tries to combine different layers to construct a bed that’s suited for a certain category of sleepers, bed sheets can also be different in terms of fabric used, thread counts, feel, colors, and more. So, what exactly can you expect when buying the Layla Bamboo sheet set?

Available Sizes

The very first step before ordering a set of bed sheets is making sure they actually fit your mattress size. If you already own a Layla mattress, rest assured that by simply buying sheets in the same size, you will end up having a perfect fit. I ordered a Queen set and they fit perfectly on my Queen Fleep mattress.

Unboxing Experience

Since Layla is a brand that respects its customers by offering a quality mattress, it was only natural that they would create an excellent purchase experience for their sheets as well.

Your Layla sheets will most likely arrive is a big carton box, ugly and covered in duct tape. You grab a knife and start ripping the package apart. Inside it, there’s this fine gray box. “Fine” is not even the right word: it’s like Layla wanted you to feel absolutely ecstatic about opening this box. And they managed to do that just.

The clamshell closing mechanism, the smooth matter gray paper, and the design and prints found on the upper lid where smooth and amazing. As you open the box, you read this on the inner flap: “Your new sheets have arrived”. Well played, Layla… well played!

Materials Used

Through a carefully supervised process, bamboo is broken up and then dissolved to create a solution which is later pressed into fibers. Then, Layla uses those fibers to create a percale weave that leads to a durable and soft fabric.

In fact, durability is one of the best-known traits of bamboo. When people hear about bamboo bed sheets, they expect to get a long-lasting product, which actually softer compared to cotton. Another natural property of bamboo is its moisture-wicking capacity. As a result, bamboo sheets are highly breathable.

Now, a lot of you might think that the 300 thread count of the Layla Bamboo sheets is pretty low considering all the hype and how this is advertised as being a premium product. What a lot of buyers don’t know is that bamboo sheets have a different thread count compared to those made from cotton.

As a general rule, a thread count of 250 in a bamboo sheet set is the equivalent of a 1,000 thread count in cotton sheets. Basically, purchasing the Layla Sleep sheet set give you three things up until now: a soft fabric that feels pleasant against the skin, one that’s also cool and allows the skin to breathe freely, and a material that’s naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for all those of you with sensitive skin, allergies, or customer that just want a product because it feels good!


Aside from durability, the feel of a bed sheet is the next most important thing that customers want to know before buying such a product. As you first brush your hands against the sheen surface, you will notice a feel very similar to silk. and, as you know, silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.

What’s really interesting is that I rarely find sheets that manage to combine a silky feel, but also be breathable. The set is available in both gray (what I chose) and white, and both choices come with a luminous look that simply exhales luxury through all its pores.

Those of you who are fans of sateen bedding items, but find them to be a bit heavy, will absolutely love the Layla sheets, as they feel so lightweight! Their softness and thickness give
the sheets a sexy look, as they can contour the body almost perfectly.

Durability Expectations

The general rule as far as bed sheets durability is concerned is that they will last as long as you care for them properly. While there are the obvious wear and tear factor to be taken into account, if you follow the given care instructions to keep your Layla sheets in top shape, you will be able to enjoy them for longer.

The brand advertisers the sheets as being able to maintain their first-time quality for up to 1,000 washes.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Caring for your Layla Bamboo sheets is not complicated at all. The important things to keep in mind when cleaning the sheets is to avoid using bleach and fabric softeners. Simply wash them in your home washing machine using cold water, and tumble dry them at a low heat setting.
While these are quality sheets, because they don’t use any chemicals in the manufacturing process, they are also very prone to wrinkles. After an initial wash, mine was still wrinkly.

Sleepers that are bothered with the aesthetics of wrinkled Layla sheets can always iron them (but, again, keep the heat to a minimum setting).

It is recommended that you wash the sheets after receiving them, prior to the first use. This will make the sheets softer.

Shipping Info

Every time you purchase a product online, you first want to inquire about the shipping and delivery fees. It so generally happens that most premium products sold online come with free shipping, and the Layla Sleep sheet set is no exception to that rule. However, there are some things you should know about shipping before hitting that “Add to Cart” button.

You can order the Layla bed sheet set from both US and Canada. However, shipping is only free in the 48 contiguous states. All orders delivered to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, will cost the buyer an extra $45.

Canadian buyers, beware: you will also have to pay the Canadian goods and service tax, which is collected upon delivery by the shipping company. This tax is a percentage of the product’s value which differs from one Canadian region to another (but varies between 13 and 15 percent).

All the Layla bedding sets are delivered from their Californian facility. It takes about one or two business days for Layla to ship your orders. However, due to transit and depending on where you live, it can take up to five business days to receive your order.

Layla also offers to track information for every package they sent. When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number, so you will always know the status of your order.

Warranty & Returns

Ordering online has always been a risky process, but when you’re dealing with a huge brand name such as Layla, you can rest assured that they stand by their products. All the sheet sets they sell are backed up by a five year warranty period. You can expect the warranty to cover issues such as manufacturing defects, but it obviously doesn’t cover any man-made damage.

What’s really important at this point is that you get 120 nights of free trial with your Layla Sleep sheet set. This means that you get 120 nights to test these sheets and, if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return them for a full refund.

The company does request that you try out the sheets at least a couple of weeks before returning them. And, if you do decide these aren’t what you were looking for, you don’t even have to pay any shipping fees: Layla has got you covered.

Those of you that decide to return the sheets, have to email the order number and the return reason to the official support email address of the company.

Customer Opinions


Considered as one of the main selling points of the Layla Sleep sheet set, I wanted to get an overall idea of how other customers feel about this specific trait. As I’ve mentioned before, hearing about bamboo sheets really raises your expectations, and I was thrilled to see that other people find the Layla sheets exceptionally cool. They are indeed a customer favorite when it comes to people that tend to sleep hot.


As you can imagine, there is no product in this world that suits everyone. While I’m a fan of the softness of the sheets, there are customers who feel that the sheets are way too silky. Not everyone enjoys the feel of silk, so it’s only natural to discover that opinions are divided on this topic.

Oddly enough, some customers purchased this product with expectations for a warm and cozy feel. The Layla Sleep sheet set is not your average winter flannel option, so if you’re looking for that warm and toasty feel, you might want to consider purchasing another set.


This is one of the most common complaints I’ve witnessed in regards to these sheets. I myself see this as a good sign because sheets that wrinkle fast are not treated with any sketchy substances, so I know I’m resting over and under a more natural product. But some customers care about bedroom aesthetics a lot and having to iron these sheets after every wash is no one’s favorite activity.


Buying an expensive set of bed sheets also raises expectations as far as durability is concerned. While some customers were about how this premium product only has a 300 thread count, they were also happy to discover that the average lifespan of the sheets is considerably higher compared to what you’d get from a set of polyester sheets.

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Everything about the Layla Sleep sheet set is absolutely awesome. The bamboo that’s used to make them is processed to create fine fibers, with a weave that creates a durable fabric, and one that’s very pleasant to the touch. The naturally-breathable fabric makes them perfect for people that tend to sleep hot.

Despite the fact that they wrinkle easy and some of you may want to iron them after each wash, they are easy to care for and don’t require dry cleaning as other pretentious materials do. It’s true that their price is a tad spicier compared to other sheet sets, but the price is totally worth it considering the of the product.

And, if you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, you can always benefit from the 120 nights free sleep trial and return them. Returns are free of any shipping costs, and that’s something that you don’t see quite often.