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Layla Hybrid Mattress

This Mattress Could be for You If:

  • You like options when it comes to firmness
  • You sleep primarily on your stomach and/or back
  • You enjoy springy bounce
  • You want to experience the contour of memory foam without the excessive sinkage
  • You weigh more than 200 pounds
  • You prefer a firmer sleep surface
  • You need excellent edge support

Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a variety of products from Layla Sleep. Today, I’m excited to present their latest innovation. By adding an innerspring unit where their polyfoam support layer is located in their foam mattress, they’ve arrived at a whole new feel for those who like a more responsive and supportive sleep surface.

If you carry a lot of weight or sleep on your stomach, you’ll definitely want to keep reading to learn more about how this dual-firmness hybrid product can reduce aches and pains and keep you sleeping through the night.

About Layla Sleep

Established in 2016, Layla Sleep has quickly risen to the top in the online mattress industry. Founder Akrum Sheikh grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. His family operated a variety store that eventually evolved into a furniture store after a shipment of table lamps was mistakenly delivered.

Sheikh noticed that mattresses dominated in sales, but, due to excessive overhead costs and other expenses, the retail prices were high compared with manufacturing costs. That’s what spurred the idea to start Layla Sleep. Along with his brother, Sheikh designed the original Layla mattress that featured two firmnesses. To keep costs low, they partnered with Gregg Dean to make their products available online.

What started as a single mattress has evolved into several products to meet the needs of a growing customer base. We’ve had the opportunity to test out several of their products including:

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How’s the Layla Hybrid Mattress Feel?

Let’s get started by examining how the two firmness options of the Layla Hybrid mattress feel to

lie on. Off the bat, the variance is much more noticeable on the Layla foam mattress, and this is to be expected considering the innerspring base is more rigid than the foam base of the original option. Therefore, if you’re looking for firmness options that are more obvious, you might want to check out the Layla foam mattress before you make your purchase.

With that being said, the hybrid option is definitely going to be a better fit if you weigh over 200 pounds or prefer something with a higher degree of support. The memory foam works very well with the zoning in the transitional foam to provide pressure relief, especially in the hips and shoulders.

If you don’t like that feeling of sinking into your mattress, you’re going to really enjoy the uplifting feel of the polyfoam and innersprings. Not only does it make you feel well supported, but it makes mobility very easy.

Back Sleeping

This layer lineup is excellent for back sleepers as the memory foam conforms to the lumbar spine while the transition and springs keep it supported. Back sleepers should be pretty comfortable on both the firm and the plush sides.

Side Sleeping

Side sleepers, on the other hand, may find the firm side a bit uncomfortable as the stacked body weight presses more deeply into the innersprings. If you’re primarily a side sleeper, you’re going to feel more comfortable on the plush side. I’d recommend you check out the Layla foam mattress as each side of the hybrid option is on the firmer end of the spectrum for a side sleeper.

Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleepers will greatly benefit from the support of the firm side of the hybrid. As I was researching this product, I saw other sites that didn’t recommend the Layla Hybrid mattress for stomach sleepers because it’s too plush. If you come across these sites, I want you to disregard this. To show you why, let’s take a look at our firmness and contour testing results.

Layla Hybrid Firmness & Contour Testing

Both sides of the Layla Hybrid mattress are on the firmer end of the spectrum. While the side with the thicker foams is a little plusher, the fact remains only 4 ½ inches separate you from the innerspring unit.

Using our proprietary firmness and contour testing tool, we took a look at how varying degrees of pressure interact with both the firm and plush sides. The results were pretty revealing, especially when compared to what we observed with the Layla foam option. Let’s break down some observations based on this graph:

  • Both the Layla Hybrid firm and plush sides occupy the third and fourth slots from the top where the firmest mattresses are located.
  • When you examine the blue and red lines, you’ll notice the plush side is only slightly longer than the firm side, and this goes to show just how prevalent the innerspring unit is.
  • The distance between the firm and plush results of the Layla foam mattress is more prominent than Layla Hybrid. These results tell us a few things that can help you make the right purchasing decision.
    • If you primarily sleep on your side, the hybrid option may be too firm.
    • The hybrid also isn’t the best choice if your primary attraction to the brand is the firmness options as the differences aren’t all that noticeable.
    • Those who need that added support should definitely consider the Layla Hybrid. This would include people who sleep on their stomachs, carry a lot of weight or have trouble with mobility and need added bounce.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Layer Lineup

Let’s take a look inside so you can understand how the layer lineup works to offer two firmness options.

The Cover

The cover is composed of a blend of 65% polyester, 30% viscose and 4% poly/lycra. It’s right here at the contact point where our first cooling property is in place since the cover is woven with a ThermoGel cooling agent. The blend is stretchy and maintains its shape. Thin covers like this allow for very direct interaction with the layers beneath.

Comfort Zone 1

The top and bottom layers of the Layla Hybrid mattress are interchangeable. This means you can flip the mattress for a firmer or softer feel. In our case, we have the mattress set up with the thicker comfort layers on top, thus providing the plusher feel. You can see the bottom two layers are thinner, so, if they were positioned on top, you’d obviously have much more direct contact with the innerspring unit, thus a firmer feel.

With the plush side up, the top layer is made up of 2 ½ inches of copper-infused memory foam. This material conforms well to the body to prevent pressure points. You can see the hundreds of little brown dots on the material, and it’s this copper-infusion that works with the ThermoGel cover to absorb and dissipate body heat at the surface.

This heat transfer-reducing theme continues into the next two inches of Layla Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam. The grooves allow for air to easily circulate, a great tactic when placed directly below memory foam, which is known for its heat-absorbing properties. This material provides quicker response than the memory foam above to prevent excessive sinkage, and it incorporates zoning that targets the hips and shoulders to reduce pressure points and maintain alignment.

Support Zone

Next, we arrive at the core of the mattress with the six inch Infinity Edge Spring System. It works well with the polyfoam in providing additional springy bounce and supportive structure. When compared with the Layla foam mattress, the innersprings add a feeling of buoyancy that helps you stay on top of the mattress rather than sinking into it, and this is true on both the plush and firm settings.

Comfort Zone 2

The final two layers mimic the top two but are thinner to provide that firmer feel. The Tri-Zone Airflow polyfoam shaves a half inch compared with the plush side at 1 ½ inches, and the final layer of copper-infused memory foam is 1 ½ inches thinner at just one inch thick.

As a combined unit, the Layla Hybrid mattress is thirteen inches thick.

Does the Layla Hybrid Mattress Sleep Cool?

From the cover to the inner core, each and every layer of the Layla Hybrid mattress makes considerations for breathability:

  • Externally, the cover is woven with the ThermoGel cooling agent that works to ensure the most direct contact you have with the mattress is comfortable.
  • The copper-infusion of the memory foam works to absorb body heat.
  • The polyfoam in layer two is designed to offer effective ventilation along the memory foam transition point where it’s needed the most.
  • Innersprings are very breathable by design.

I tested the thermal regulation properties of the Layla Hybrid on both the plush and firm sides. Each side produced similar results. When compared with the Layla foam mattress, the hybrid version performed 15% better. This tells us hot sleepers are going to experience cooler sleep on the Layla Hybrid.

If you aren’t significantly bothered by hot sleeping and prefer to sleep on your side, I’d still suggest the foam model. However, if you’re looking for solid support and a cool sleep surface, the hybrid option is definitely the way to go.

Layla Hybrid Mattress Performance Testing

Edge Support

Good, solid edge support is one of the perks of an innerspring mattress, and the Layla Hybrid features a double coil perimeter that ensures you have plenty of support to keep you from slipping out of bed. It also serves to make that transition in and out of bed an easy one. For people with mobility issues, I always suggest a product with a strong innerspring unit first, and you can see how well the Layla Hybrid mattress keeps me supported both when I sit and lie on the edge.

Although you do sink into the comfort layers a little more on the plush side, the innersprings kick in and offer that bounce and responsiveness necessary to give you a little extra boost. Long story short, the Layla Hybrid features great edge support, and, if this is a primary buying point for you, I’d recommend it over Layla’s flagship foam alternative.

Motion Isolation

With all that being said on edge support, those seeking a product with exceptional motion transfer may prefer the Layla foam mattress. Innerspring products are typically bouncier. However, there are definitely efforts made to keep motion transfer minimal:

  • Since the coils are individually wrapped, impact on one side of the mattress is more effectively isolated.
  • The memory foam in the top layer works to absorb some of the shock of impact with the plush side performing slightly better than the firm side where the memory foam layer is thinner.

Overall, motion transfer is low, and unless you have a strong need for absolute minimal motion transfer, the Layla Hybrid does a great job keeping the mattress surface stable.

Layla Hybrid Durability Expectations

The Layla Hybrid mattress is in the $1,500 price range. It’s about double the cost of the foam option, so, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to check out Layla’s foam mattress. However, remember, you get what you pay for. Put simply, the hybrid option is likely going to last longer, and we can get an idea as to why by comparing the layer lineups and their properties.

The Memory Foam

Right off the bat, the Layla Hybrid includes an extra layer and an additional 2 ½ inches of total thickness. Both options feature copper-infused memory foam on the top and bottom layers, and the density is 3.5 pounds per cubic foot. In memory foam, this is an excellent density, and, since it’s located closest to direct impact, this works to prevent premature sagging.

The Transition Foam

We do notice the transition foam on the plush side of the foam option is 1.8t pcf, and this is a great number for polyfoam. However, notice the firm side doesn’t include any transition foam. Rather, the lineup goes straight from comfort to support. The hybrid option features the Tri-Zone Airflow foam on both the firm and plush sides. Each of these layers has a density of 1.65 pcf. Yes, this is slightly lower than the foam option’s single transition layer, but let me give you a couple of reasons why this is of minimal importance.

  • The additional layer in the hybrid option works to reinforce the other.
  • The core support of the hybrid works to make up for the slight density compromise with monumental significance.

The Support Layer

In a queen mattress, a coil count of 800 indicates good durability. The Layla Hybrid features an incredibly impressive coil count of 1,041. The coil count combined with the great densities in the memory foam layers indicate you can expect excellent durability in the Layla Hybrid mattress.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

With proper care, you should expect the Layla Hybrid to last at least seven to eight years, and you’re covered by Layla’s 10 year warranty that protects you against manufacturer-related issues. To ensure yours lasts as long as possible, I’d suggest:

  • Rotating it once every three to four months
  • Flipping using the sturdy handles periodically, although this is up to you and your firmness preference
  • Using a mattress protector (Layla sells one made specifically for their products).
  • Staying within the 1,000 pound weight limit


Impressed with the many features of the Layla Hybrid mattress and ready to buy one for yourself? Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Size Price
Twin $1,199
Twin XL $1,299
Full $1,499
Queen $1,599
King $1,799
California King $1,799

Who We Recommend the Layla Hybrid Mattress For

We’ve covered everything you need to know about the Layla Hybrid mattress, so let’s consider all that we’ve learned to answer the big question… is this the mattress for you? I think it could be an excellent fit if you:

  • Want a product with firmness options
  • Sleep hot
  • Sleep primarily on your stomach and/or back
  • Enjoy springy bounce
  • Want to experience the contour of memory foam without the excessive sinkage
  • Weigh more than 200 pounds
  • Prefer a firmer sleep surface
  • Need excellent edge support

Layla Hybrid Mattress: Our Final Verdict

If you sleep primarily on your stomach or back and need something with solid, durable support, this is an excellent choice. It can also prove beneficial for people who need added bounce for mobility. Edge support on the Layla Hybrid is excellent, and it performed better than its foam alternative in our heat transfer test.

If the firmness option is your primary point of interest, you may prefer the foam mattress as the difference in feel on each side is far more notable. This can also be a better option if you’re a side sleeper since the plusher overall feel and increased hug is better suited for this sleep position. The foam option is also a better fit if you’re on a budget under $1,000.

With all that being said, anyone looking for a buoyant, responsive sleep surface that still captures the contouring hug of memory foam complete with a super-supportive core should definitely consider the benefits of the added investment in the new Layla Hybrid mattress. It’s also the better choice if you weigh more than 200 pounds.

If you decide to make a purchase, Layla gives you 120 nights to try it out. It can take up to 30 days to adapt to a new mattress firmness. To maximize your sleep trial, I’d suggest sleeping on each firmness setting for 60 nights before you make your final decision. If you do decide to return, Layla will arrange for a pickup and donate the mattress to someone who really needs it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on adjustable beds?

Yes, it works with: - Platform and slatted bases with no more than four inches between slats - Adjustable Frames - Box Springs

Does it need to be rotated?

Recommended to rotate 180 degrees every three to six months

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

- Free shipping in Canada and the United States - Additional shipping fee of $250 applies for orders in Alaska and Hawaii

Is it a plush, medium, or firm?

Two option, both relatively firm

How long does it take for the mattress to fully decompress after unboxing?

24-48 hours

Is there a weight limit on the Layla Hybrid mattress?

1,000 pounds combined weight

Can you sleep on the Layla Hybrid mattress without a cover?

You could, but it’s not recommended.

Can you flip the Layla Hybrid mattress?