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Isolus 2.5 inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

I mis-posted, On further review I see that you indicated that the cover is in fact washable, though you note that it is not water resistant. Where this is a concern you suggest a waterproof cover be used. Would using same not also effect ventilation and have effect on heat retention?


The review notes that the topper cannot be washed, “spot clean only”, but does not indicate whwrher the cover is removable/machine washable. If the cover is not removable, is it recommended to buy a removable cover, or would use of same negatively impact ventilation?

Steve Elliott

Please tell me which is the best mattress topper that you would recommend for it being cool/cold? I’m a traveling therapist, 3 months here and there, always using a different bed. I’ve bought mattress toppers before but can’t always take them with me. I’d really like to find an economical but (cold, most important part) mattress topper. Thank you!



Frank Apodaca

Hey Steve,

You can visit our post here for more information on what we recommend as the best cooling mattress pad. Ones that use phase change technology, like the one by Slumber Cloud is what we recommend. Check this page.



I’m looking for the best mattress topper for back pain. And also hot sleeper. Thank you

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