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IDLE Sleep 14-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress

IDLE Sleep offers the best of both worlds with their Natural Latex Hybrid mattress. This combination of coil and all natural latex foam provides a luxurious sleep that neither material could match on their own. Additionally, IDLE Sleep mattresses can be used on both sides and owners can choose a different feel on either side or the same feel on both. That means IDLE is essentially giving customers two mattresses for the price of one from the competition.

Anyone with a mattress knows that impressions and indentations will appear over time as the structure of the foam weakens and begins to sag. By having two sides to your mattress, you can basically double its lifespan by periodically flipping it. The Latex Hybrid also benefits from the company’s proprietary IDLE Foams, which won’t stretch or contract with temperature changes. Much like how a wooden floor reacts to cold and warmth, a traditional memory foam mattress tends to stiffen in cooler conditions and soften in warmer rooms. Not IDLE Foam, which will stay the same shape regardless of temperature changes.

This plethora of features makes the Latex Hybrid from IDLE Sleep an intriguing prospect, but there’s only one way to be sure that it lives up to the hype. Read on to find out…

IDLE Sleep 14-Inch Latex Specs

Free Shipping (Lower 48 States)

120 Night Trial Period


All About IDLE Sleep 14-Inch Latex Mattress

• Comfort and Feel

The IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid is double-sided and offers two different comfort options: medium and luxury firm. The hybrid nature of this mattress means there is a combination of both foam and coils inside.

The use of 100% pure Talalay latex provides more firmness than typically found on traditional foam mattresses, making it ideal for those who want to sleep on their bed rather than in it. With 3-inches of Talalay on both sides, the mattress has excellent spring and support.

That said, the Latex Hybrid still provides a solid night’s sleep with its combination of pocketed coils and latex foam. The medium comfort option does allow for some snugness. You can sink into the top layer of organic cotton and quilting foam, but the bed truly excels in delivering a serene, equilibrated, and cool night’s sleep due to the aerated latex foam. This will be much appreciated by firm sleepers and is also a great choice for folks of heavier stature.

Use the softer side of the mattress if you’re a side or combination sleeper. Use the firm side if you sleep flat on your back or front. Either way, you’ll sleep soundly and comfortably on the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid.

• Motion Reduction

The general consensus is that hybrid mattresses don’t offer the best motion reduction, typically outperformed by memory-foam mattresses in that regard. It’s true that memory-foam excels at isolating movement, but that comes at the cost of bounce and overall support. This particular hybrid mattress handles motion competently, but you’ll likely notice when your partner gets in or out of bed. Absolute motion reduction is impossible, but this Latex Hybrid does well considering its materials. If motion reduction is of the upmost important, you might prefer a memory-foam mattress. Otherwise, the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid works well enough.

• Delivery and Set-Up

IDLE will ship your mattress for free within 7-18 business days, depending upon your location. The extended delivery time is because of the weight of the natural latex. UPS Ground cannot handle such weights, so the delivery is handled by UPS Freight which takes a little longer. They will keep you informed of your delivery’s progress and notify you of any changes. There is also the option to pick up the mattress yourself.

IDLE mattresses are made-to-order in 3 factories across the U.S, so nobody should wait too long. When the mattress arrives, move it into your desired room before opening as it will expand quickly and may become difficult to maneuver. Hybrid mattresses are heavy at the best of times and the latex makes this model even heavier (about 220 lbs for a king size), so it is a good idea to have people to help you out.

Overall, the Latex Hybrid is simple to set-up. Sure, the delivery time is lengthened due to the weight, but this cannot be avoided and at least delivery is free of charge.

• Off-Gassing

As with all the mattresses, when you open the Latex Hybrid you may notice a faint ‘new mattress smell’. This is common and should not be cause for concern. Natural and organic mattresses are known to have more pungent smells, even though people often associate them with less off-gassing. The Latex Hybrid does off-gas, but the scent is completely harmless and will dissipate in a few days.

If you are concerned, stand your mattress up on its side and allow it to ‘air out’ for 24-hours before you use it. We recommend applying a mattress protector after the airing out process. After you lay your bed sheets on top, the smell shouldn’t be noticeable.

The ‘new bed smell’ is a normal part of buying any mattress. The Latex Hybrid gives off no worse of an odor than any other mattress on the market.

• Temperature

IDLE made the bold move of avoiding gel-infused cooling layers and claim that such materials are overrated. Instead, they utilize their own IDLE Foam technology which is both natural and highly aerated for maximum airflow. The foam used in the Latex Hybrid is pocketed with holes that allows air to flow, while remaining strong enough to provide ample support.

The cover is made from breathable materials and since it’s organic, it won’t be plagued with industrial chemicals and adhesives. Likewise, the latex is completely natural and breathable. This hybrid also has an advantage over traditional memory foam mattresses, because the coil-springs in the middle provide an escape route for any heat trapped in the foam layers.

You’ll never have to worry about the Latex Hybrid trapping heat or causing any other temperature problems.

• Edge Support

The Latex Hybrid excels at edge support thanks to its Quantum Edge technology. The edge-to-edge reinforced coils form a structured frame around the outside of the mattress, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about sinkage on the edges. Many hybrids do not reinforce the edges of their coil system, yet hybrids still provide better edge support and stability than pure memory-foam mattresses. The Latex Hybrid doubles down on its edge support with its Quantum Edge construction. This design is shown to be 26% more durable than foam models and 24% more malleable at the same time. This further reduces wear, tear, and edge-warping over time.

In other words, if you ever roll off of this mattress, it’s your fault!

• Trials and Warranty

IDLE Sleep offers a 120-night free trial to give you the opportunity to try the mattress before you commit to buying. They recommend sleeping on the mattress for at least 30-nights before making your decision. If at you decide that the bed isn’t for you at any time during those 120-nights, they will refund your payment and donate the mattress to charity.

Another vote of confidence in their product comes from IDLE Sleep’s 10-year warranty. If you find a defect or fault that is the result of manufacturer error, they will repair or replace the mattress. If a fault is found beyond a 10-year limit, they vow to give you a replacement model at half price.

A trial sleep period is standard with premium mattresses these days and a 10-year warranty is shorter than most competitors, so the Latex Hybrid achieves the basics here without standing out. A dedication to giving customers a half-price mattress beyond the 10-year warranty is a nice touch though.


One of the primary reasons why we chose to review the IDLE Sleep Natural Latex, along with every other product on this site, is because it utilizes organic, natural, and CertiPUR-US Certified foams. This mattress has both organic cotton and natural latex. CertiPUR-US is a certification program administered by a not-for-profit organization.

CertiPUR-US certified foams are:

  • Made without ozone depleters.
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (”Tris”) flame retardants.
  • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.
  • Made without formaldehyde.
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Made with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality.

IDLE Sleep employs five distinct layers of sleep technology in the Latex Hybrid. Let’s take a look at these materials in-depth:

1. The cover is made from an organic cotton material that is environmentally friendly and allows for exceptional air-flow.

2. The next layer is 1-inch of IDLE quilting foam, which is quilted into the cover to provide a lush and comfortable surface.

3. Next comes a layer of 100% natural Talalay latex that provides excellent pliability and responsiveness. This material is also highly breathable due to its open cell technology, while also being hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. This makes the Latex Hybrid a good choice for those who suffer from allergies.

4. The middle section is a 6-inch layer of Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils. This layer provides sturdy support to the latex and foam on top, while supporting the edges of the bed. The coils react individually, meaning that isolation of movement can be achieved with optimum motion reduction.

5. From here, the first three layers repeat themselves, since this bed can be flipped both ways. The difference in firmness is achieved by using different strengths of latex on either side.

IDLE Sleep states that their aerated IDLE Foam technology is superior to ‘gel-layers’ often found in other mattresses. Gel-infused foams are marketed as cooling-layers. However IDLE stand by their own process and see no need for such materials.

We can’t argue with IDLE’s taste in materials. Their Latex Hybrid mattress is a beautiful piece of work that should satisfy even the most demanding sleeper.

Customer Reviews

Nikolai B. in Ohio gave it 4 out of 5, and says:

“This is a great mattress. It is on the firmer side, which latex usually is and that’s what we like. The softer side is what we like best. Overall it is a very nicely built mattress. It was very heavy so it did take both of us to move it into the bedroom, but once open its easy to spin around and flip with the handles. We have been sleeping great and the only reason I didn’t rate this mattress 5 stars was because there was a little shipping hiccup. It was one of their 1st latex shipments that went out since they made the mattress heavier and they didn’t realize it was going to be too heavy for UPS ground. They quickly lined up a new shipper but it took a bit longer since it was not regular UPS. Thank you [email protected]

Mark in Illinois says:

“I bought this bed primarily because it is two sided and they are nowhere to be found online. It is very solid and heavy and a fantastic mattress overall. I typically sleep on my side and back and found the Hybrid in the medium feel was a perfect match for me.”

While Bethany in Maryland rating the mattress 5/5, and says:

“I have always slept better on a more firm mattress. After talking with Chelsey from customer service we decided the latex bed would be a good fit for me. It was delivered on time but I needed my son to come over and help get the bed into my room as I am not the young song bird I once was. It has been everything and more that Chelsey told me it would be and I am very pleased with the quality and support I get from this bed.”

Overall Value and Recommendation

The Latex Hybrid comes with a price representative of the luxury bedding market, but is the mattress worth the money?

Well, a queen-size bed comes in at $1,799, so it’s probably not for the casual shopper. But if you want a natural and organic modern hybrid mattress made with latex, coil, and foam technology, then there’s no way you’re paying less than $1,200.

This product’s price is comparable to the industry average, so this is worth keeping in mind. Especially considering that the mattress is two-sided and 14″ thick (which is thicker than almost every latex mattress on the market). Don’t forget that you can flip this mattress. By using both sides, you’re basically getting two mattresses for the price of one.
We recommend this mattress if you:

  • Want to stay cool during the night.
  • Prefer a firmer sleeping surface.
  • Desire a natural and organic mattress.
  • Need the support of coils and latex.
  • Want a mattress with excellent edge support.
  • Want a long-lasting and double-sided mattress.

Overall, the IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid offers many little quirks and features that make it stand out from the pack. The double-sided feature alone makes it unique. This is a great luxury mattress. It might be expensive, but it’s worth every penny. This IDLE Sleep Latex Hybrid easily earns our highest recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this mattress take to ship?

7 – 18 Business Days. The Latex is too heavy to ship with UPS ground so they take longer to ship than the other IDLE products.

What is I don't like my IDLE Mattress?

You will have 120 days to decide if its right for you. Try it for 30 nights because it can take your body time to get used to a new mattress. If you don’t like it, they will refund all of your money and donate the mattress.

Do IDLE Mattress have off-gassing?

These mattresses are made in the USA and are not roll packed long so off-gassing is minimal. You will experience a “new” smell which is normal for any mattress, even all natural since latex has its own smell. Any smell will dissipate within a day or two.